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    The tall apprentice dropped back so that he walked next to Applepaw and Foxpaw. Noting her glare, the apprentice nudged her gently, his usually open, happy smile replaced by a tight, thin line that showed how stressed he was.

    “We can’t afford to make enemies right now,” he murmured to the other apprentices, his stance remaining confident though his muscled ached and Juni would’ve killed to just lie down. Turning to the Shadowclanners, Juniperpaw managed a few respectful nods and a smile or two.

    To say the black tom was worried would be an understatement. The tight ball of worry that’d begun to form in his gut had quickly spiralled into its own huge boulder, a weight that was too heavy to go unnoticed. The tom’s eyes flickered around and his paws itched to do something, what it was he wasn’t sure. He was tired and that didn’t help his anxiety, but Juniperpaw took one look at Hornetstar and the other Shadowclanners and he knew that SkyClan was in for a long night.


    Saffrongaze, with her jaw slightly open, panted with a slightly lolling tongue. The journey to Shadowclan was hard enough, then they find their camp empty. It didn’t surprise the Peach molly but it turned her stomach. Where could they have gone? Blinking, she faced the large mountain to the distance, lightning crashing near it to shed some light onto it. She shivered, back to the present. She stood between Firebird and Blazestar, her two beacons of hope flames and watches Hornetstar through one eye as the other was closed from the water raining down on all cats.

    Shadowclan was the meanest of the bunch but with Hornetstar’s leadership, they’ve loosened up. However, she could sense the Shadowclan blood ringing in the air as the yellow tom practically announced loudly for both clans to hear. Irises narrowed as she curled back her lip. Saffrongaze had NEVER shown teeth or gotten angry but at this moment, the nerve Shadowclan had to try and cut a deal in such a dilemma and emergency as this, it was uncalled for.

    She stepped forward, stomping her paw against the wet muddy grounds. “See here now, Hornetstar, I know you’re of Shadowclan but this is NOT the time to try and have us in your debt. The more cats, the more can get done. We have more a chance surviving with three medicine cats and more warriors for we can catch more prey and tend to the elders, queens, and kits. This is hardly the time to do such ghastly things. It’s unfair to us to try and have us in a hole and while I get it’s unfair to you to throw more cats in your territory and wake but with two leaders and deputies, things can run more smoothly. We don’t have as many Queens so perhaps we can set aside our differences and work together. This storm has no plans to show mercy and only plans to get worse.” She spoke, her stance firm despite it all and her brows furrowed with discipline. Blazestar, while firm, hesitated and Shadowclan’s noses has a way of sniffing weakness. While Skyclan was at a disadvantage, they wouldn’t give in to such stature. It was just of the Shadest of Clans to try and pull this card but at this point, Saffrongaze had enough of being someone’s chew toy. If Hornetstar couldn’t see the value of having more claws and warriors at his call then so be it.


    Wait a minute,’ Smokewisp paused, ears swiveling to hear Hornetstar’s roughened greeting. A smirk curled her lips, appreciating his pointed retort. ‘Of course, surely Skyclan didn’t expect to join us without sacrifice? This is our territory, after all. They’re as starved as we are, and sharing prey is no small request.’ She took a seat, sitting behind the rest of her anxious clanmates. Although her paws itched to hunt, she felt obligated to stay. She doubted the situation would escalate, but she might need to mediate.

    She suppressed a chuckle, noting the fiery ginger tom that stood a little too vigilantly at Blazestar’s side. ‘I suppose they’re Skyclan’s new deputy,’ she hummed to herself. ‘Rushing to her aid, how noble,’ she silently mocked. Hornetstar would likely chew her ear off if she clung to him in such a manner. She sat back on her haunches, her sore muscles stinging in protest. Of course, she cared for her leader. But, he could stand proudly upon his own four paws. Skyclan wouldn’t be enough to scare him. However, she noticed something oddly terse with Hornetstar’s tone. Perhaps it was his empty belly, or sore paws. But, he seemed particularly harsh towards the Skyclan leader.

    She listened quietly as Saffrongaze, the petite Skyclan medicine cat, spoke up. She nodded along, mostly in agreement. ‘I concur,’ Smokewisp thought. ‘However, they’ll still be in our debt. Should our clan meet a similar crisis, they’ll be the ones we call upon.’ She flicked her tail indecisively, considering sharing her own thoughts. However, she couldn’t speak with Hornetstar and would rather avoid the embarrassment of contradicting his opinion. He’d be able to handle himself, as long as he kept his temper in check.


    Speckles, a petite five moon old she kit, at Silverpelt’s threshold, laid on her side frightfully still, in the woven basket that Saffrongaze carried along with her. 

    Though, at current moment, the Skyclan medicine cat had placed it down, to speak her mind brazenly at the Shadowclan leader.

    The only indication she was still clinging to life was the faint raise and fall of her chest. The kit was one none of the Skyclanners had seen before.

    So, they assumed she could be a kit from one of the other clans. Yet, they couldn’t be certain until they met up with the other remaining clans to ask around.

    A frail whimper left the little kit, as her ears flicked, the tension around all the cats putting stress on her already fragile state of being.

    Sluggishly she curled up even more in the basket, shivering with the chill.



    Saplingskies ~ ShadowClan Medicine Cat

    The brown tom listened as Hornetstar spoke, his jaw dropping slightly at the hostility Hornetstar was showing to other cats in a time of such great suffering. He knew Hornetstar was cold, but such heartlessness was shocking. The medicine cat bristled , tail swishing from side to side. He looked to Smokewisp, rolling his eyes when she didn’t dare speak her mind. The medicine cat cleared his throat, eyes narrowing coldly.

    “If I may,” he began, casting his gaze to the the leaders and deputies. Everyone that knew Saplingskies knew that the tom was not actually asking permission to speak. “I believe it is my duty as ShadowClan’s medicine cat to give my thoughts. Hornetstar-“ His ice-colored eyes met the leader’s green before he continued. “How dare you try to shame another clan for asking for asking for help in these times? These cats have lost their home, as have we, and they came to us. Is this the hill you wish to die on, Hornetstar? Do you really want our clan to be known as monsters who starving cats away? If, StarClan forbid, something worse was to happen and we needed to take refuge with another clan, why would any of them want to take us in after you’ve tried to publicly shame Blazestar? Now is not the time for such selfishness!”

    Saplingskies looked to the mountains. They were so high, he couldn’t even see the top. He gestured with his tail towards the way the clan would be taking eventually. “Once we enter those mountains, we will no longer be in our territory. If we allow SkyClan to take refuge with us, we will have more capable warriors, double what ShadowClan has alone. That means more cats for hunting patrols and more cats to defend our temporary home from any predators we may run in to up there. And with Saffrongaze to help out, Harepaw and I will have a much easier time keeping track of sick cats and making sure disease doesn’t spread. The mountains will, without a doubt, be cold. More cats means more warmth, and more warmth means cats are less likely to get ill.” He looked to the warriors of both clans, all so skinny and melancholy. Every cat in this clearing was suffering, whether they admitted it or not. “Instead of sitting here arguing while the cats of ShadowClan and SkyClan wither away to nothing, why don’t we all swallow our prides and work together? All we’re doing now is wasting valuable time.”

    Hareflight [Mel]

    Harepaw – Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Harepaw’s ears flicked as the conversation progressed between the ranks of ShadowClan and SkyClan, though her eyes remained fixed forward, staring blankly ahead of her. As much as she wanted to give her own thoughts on the matter, she knew Hornetstar would not be pleased with that, and she simply didn’t have the energy. As Saplingskies spoke up, Harepaw’s head twisted and her exhausted gaze fixed on her mentor. His words and his confidence made her smile, but only for a moment. Her claws tried to dig into the ground beneath her as a wave of dizziness hit her. She squeezed her eyes shut as the world swayed, her ears pinning back against her head. To try to regain some semblance of balance, Harepaw leaned into Saplingskies, letting out a shaky breath.


    Scarletflood – ShadowClan Warrior

    Scarletflood’s pupils narrowed at the approach of the other Clan. She had been about to approach her brother about being apart of the exploration party, but instead, SkyClan had trespassed on their territory and now expected help. The russet she-cat scoffed, golden eyes pinning on Hornetstar as he spoke, and then to the SkyClan ranks as they each took a turn making useless noise in an attempt to make things peaceful. As Saplingskies spoke up, Scarletflood scowled, her brows raising in surprise. Seriously? Didn’t the medicine cat know that providing a united front was more important than his morals at this point? If ShadowClan appeared weak to these fleabags, things could get much worse for all of them. The warrior bared her teeth in frustration, her tail swaying as she glared at Saplingskies, and then at the two fiery cats standing at the head of SkyClan.



    “ShadowClan wouldn’t have been taking care of you,” he replied hotly, rolling his eyes. How presumptuous of her, to think he’d expect his Clan to help take care of hers. Oh no, no. If he was going to allow SkyClan to take shelter with them, he fully expected the tree-huggers to pull their own weight. Every last pound. No one cat, or Clan, was going to be putting more work into this than the other. For the moment he was satisfied however, deciding he could at least indulge in her request. “SkyClan may -“ He was broken off by Saffrongaze stepping up, green gaze narrowing onto the medicine cat as his jaw snapped shut. Were all medicine cats like this? They were damn annoying pests, when they decided to try and do a leaders job.

    Once he tirade was over, he seemed to draw himself up even taller, scowling down at the pitiful looking she-cat. “Charming speech, Saffrongaze. But did the thought ever once cross your pea-brain that perhaps so many cats together could be less beneficial?” Then Saplingskies was speaking up, berating Hornetstar, his leader, and the golden tom had enough. He whirled on the other tom, teeth flashing. The ShadowClan leader had never physically lashed out at a Clanmate before, so it was obvious now just how much everything was grating on him as well. Tensions were high, bellies empty, attitudes highly sour. They had been for a while now, and Saplingskies berating Hornetstar in front of SkyClan was the last straw. Licking his lips and forcing himself back into a controlled calm, he positioned himself so all the gather high ranks were in his view.

    “Our charming medicine cats are correct, in a sense. However,” his upper muzzle twitched a bit, lips threatening to draw back into another snarl. “Did it ever cross their idealistic, idiotic minds more cats gathered together can be a problem? Sickness will spread faster, predators will have a bigger scent to lock on and more weak cats to try and pick off. More mouths will mean more bellies, which means we’ll have to start pulling prey out of our asses if we want enough to feed everyone! Sickness spreading faster means more herbs. Can you magically conjur up herbs, Saplingskies, Saffrongaze?” His gaze swung between the two, tail shaking with his anger. Later, he’d be wanting a word with his high ranks. But, for now, he finally managed to shove his anger back down.

    Taking a calming breath, he turned to Blazestar. Curse her for starting all this trouble. She should have gone to ThunderClan, if they all seemed to believe ShadowClan was so terrible. “As I was going say ages ago, SkyClan may stay. Smokewisp is working on hunting patrols, the medicine cats are free to gather herbs and start healing those who need it. I’m taking a patrol into the mountains to find shelter before dragging everyone else up there. While on official ShadowClan territory, I expect SkyClan cats to defer to my warriors.” He turned with a flick of his tail, ending the conversation. Nodding at Snappingfox, Roachpaw, and Scarletflood was he started to stalk off. “You three with me. Hollowflame, you can help Smokewisp with the hunting patrols. Any SkyClan cats are welcomed to join us, but don’t expect my warriors to save your asses if you mess up,” he tossed over his shoulder, leading the way up the mountain without a pause.


    The trek from SkyClan camp to ShadowClan territory had been absolutely grueling, especially carrying a wriggling kit the whole way. His jaw was sore, his teeth ached… He didn’t even know before now that teeth could ache. They felt like they might fall out of his mouth! So when they had made it to ShadowClan’s camp and been met with abandoned nests, he about lost it. All this walking just to be met with thin air? And then they were going to walk some more, just to follow some darn pawprints Blazestar saw in the mud? Plain stupid, if you asked him.

    But nevertheless, he had followed. And of course, once they did find ShadowClan, they were threatened with having the door slammed in their faces. Damn StarClan, damn ShadowClan, damn RAIN! With a growl he had settled the kit he had been carrying between his paws, plopping onto his haunches with a sigh as he glanced at Applepaw. “They’re all mousebrains, huh? Hornetstar looks like he might blow a gasket,” he commented with a chuckle, straining to keep his rough voice quiet. He rolled his eyes at Juniperpaw however, finding himself already disliking the other tom.



    Blazestar flinched slightly as Hornetstar began to lose his temper. First he was acting rude towards her, which she was okay with. She’d had worse. However, as soon as he began having attitude towards Saffrongaze, her lip curled in the beginning of a snarl and the wet fur on her neck made a feeble attempt to stand up against the weight of the rain. This was her medicine cat he was calling a pea-brain. One of her most trusted clanmates. She bit back an angry response and jumped back as the other leader suddenly lashed out at Saplingskies, not wanting to be the next one to experience his wrath. Every clan cat knew that medicine cats were one of the most important cats in the clan, and for a leader to have such disrespect for them… She found it reprehensible. His anger was practically radiating off of his pelt at this point, and Blazestar was surprised he hadn’t completely lost himself.

    She had to agree that both sides had good points, but there was no changing the fact that SkyClan had nowhere else to stay. Blazestar straightened up her posture as Hornetstar turned to face her, and swallowed down some harsh words. “I understand, but don’t forget that I’m just as much of a leader as you are. We will defer to your clan, but don’t expect me to just follow you blindly.” The molly replied through gritted teeth before turning to Firebird and Saffrongaze with a furious look when the other leader was far enough away that he wouldn’t hear her. “He thinks he can just act however he wants!” She spat, starting to shake with anger. “Everyone is exhausted. Everyone is hungry. And yet no one else is yelling at cats left and right, aren’t they!?” She took a few calming breaths and regained her composure before turning her attention to the rest of her clan. “Okay SkyClan, I know this isn’t an ideal situation, but as long as we’re sheltering with ShadowClan, they will be the ones in charge. It’s their territory, so we have to play by their rules.” And with that, she sat down in place and started to lick her aching, bleeding paws. It hurt, but it was a welcomed distraction from everything else that was screwing her and her clan over.


    Firebird ~ Skyclan Deputy 

    ‘This is getting us nowhere’ he couldn’t help but think as he eyes the felines before him, it was strange at how differently each one held themselves, for being the same species, they couldn’t be more different. The Skyclan Deputy could care less about shadowclan itself, though he understood Blazestar’s reasoning for seeking out Shadowclan, but he couldn’t help but think that everything could have been avoided if Skyclan had just continued their trek through the mountains and ignore the other clan altogether. Giving a brief glance at Saffrongaze, noting the stiffness of her posture, obviously not taking Hornet’s reluctance well. Sighing softly through his nose as he watches Saffrongaze uncoil whatever composure she had left as she snapped at the Shadowclan leader. Arching a brow as he couldn’t help but be surprised at the usual mellow Medicine Cat rising her voice in such a manner. Grinning down at the peach Scottie as he couldn’t help but reveal his amusement of the situation.

    It would seem that the Medicine Cats have something against the way Hornetstar was handling the situation. Snorting as he listens to Saplingskies reprimand the golden tom for  his attitude towards the sudden appearance of Skyclan. ‘Now this is interesting…wonder how Hornetstar will react? Will he continue with being an ass and try to make his ego grow even bigger? Or actually listen to some reason?’ He mused within himself. Straightening his posture as he watched Hornetstar carefully, narrowing his eyes as he watched the tom before him snap like a twig. Masking his anger as the leader of Shadowclan mocked and insulted their Medicine Cat. Running his rough salmon pink tongue against his fangs as he swallows some very choice words that itched within his throat to be let free. Yes, Firebird could be considered cold to others around him but the tom was loyal and hated seeing those within his clan disrespected. No matter how much he wanted to snap back and ridicule Hornetstar, he needed to think what was best for his clan and not his own ego.

    He would have to say this is the most emotion he had seen expressed on the usual emotionless mask that made up Hornetstar, though it seemed the only emotion he could conjure up was anger that should not be taken lightly. Looking away as he couldn’t help but silently agree with him, the more cats together the bigger targets that will be on their backs whether that be from predators or an epidemic of sickness. Grunting as he watches the majority of the Shadowclanners turn away as their leader oh so gracefully and dramatically ended the discussion. ‘I would say that ego just got ten times bigger than his head’ Firebird silently mocked with a roll of his orange eyes.

    Shifting his position with a slight grimace before looking down at his leader as he listened attentively to her vent off her frustrations and anger. That could have gone better” he sarcastically hummed before adding, “At least all the bickering is over with. Now time for the real fun Firebird grunted as he knew that he would need to organize who was doing what for the time being within Skyclan. “Oh, Saffrongaze? I thought you did pretty good. Don’t let him tear you down. Just remember…it takes a pea-brain to know one” the fiery Maine coon snickered before turning his full attention towards the rest of Skyclan that looked weary of what had transpired not moments before.

    Clearing his parched throat before speaking up for all to hear; Okay I want those who helped the queens, kits, and elders to move them into the brush for some shelter! Those who are feeling ill need to seek attention from Saffrongaze if it is emergent! I would like at least two warriors and an apprentice to join me along with Shadowclan for a hunting patrol!” His gravelly and hoarse voice echoed within the open area, taking a deep breath before adding; “I would like the rest to try to begin setting up a make-ship camp for the time being. We do not know how long Hornetstar and his group will be on finding adequate shelter” he hummed his last words out with a slight grimace on how his voice cracked and wavered due to thirst, hunger, and exhaustion.


    Roachpaw ~ Shadowclan Apprentice

    The tall lanky black tom smirked ever so slightly as he watched the tension unfold between Hornetstar, Blazestar, Saffrongaze, and even Saplingskies. The apprentice already knew how this was going to end, and it wasn’t going to be pretty…for those on the receiving end of the angered felines wrath. Roachpaw couldn’t help but feel somewhat proud yet insulted that he was not the one to rise such a reaction out of his mentor. Though he knew that knowing his luck or rather say lack of, there would be plenty of chances along the way.

    Letting a soft grunt escape his sand paper mouth, clacking his dry tongue against the roof of his palate to create some moisture within the Sahara Desert that was residing within his mouth. Silently following after his mentor as he could practically see the steam flowing out of Hornetstar’s ears and was not in the mood to be lectured or scolded, his head hurt enough then to listen to anymore idiotic words from felines he could give a rat ass about at this very moment. All Roachpaw wanted to do was get the exploratory patrol finished with so he could eat, drink, and sleep the rest of this experience away before having to start all over the next day.



    Unaware of the eye roll directed at him, as his focus was on his mentor and leader as they spoke to the Shadowclan highranks, the black tom let out an irritated huff. Of course, he quickly covered it up with a cough, trying to remember his own advice, “We can’t afford to make enemies right now.” One could argue that Juni often thought like this, so really it was no different than usual. One would be right, but you also had to account for the added pressure being shoved in a tight situation with Shadowclan (Shadowclan!!) and their grouchy warriors and their even grouchier leader when there was rain beating down on them and the world around you had suddenly become a wet wonderland.

    Juniperpaw hadn’t been paying attention and he paid dearly for it when he missed the snappy remark his own mentor made, which undoubtedly would’ve made the passive tom frown. Sitting up when he finally did zone back in, the apprentice’s ears perked up to hear his mentor calling for a patrol. Rising to his feet, the apprentice wove easily through the crowd and stopped at Firebird’s side.

    “I can go,” he offered, blue eyes shining and tail held high with confidence. “Applepaw or Foxpaw could also use a break,” Juni added quickly, “They’ve been carrying kits and helping queens the entire trip.”


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Hornetstar left brusquely, taking his patrol towards the mountains. ‘Good luck,’ Smokewisp thought, watching them leave. She doubted they’d encounter anything dangerous, but the mountains were uncharted territory. Inhospitable and difficult to navigate, they were avoided by most clans. She stood, watching as her clanmates dispersed. The roiling, enraged tension dissolved from the air. Shadowclan, as a whole, had nothing against Skyclan. They were just exhausted and hungry. She silently wondered what provoked Hornetstar’s fiery response. She’d speak with him later, curious to hear his reasoning.

    Stepping lightly, she approached Blazestar and the other Skyclan ranks. She studied them for a moment with unwavering amber eyes. She needed to measure her words carefully, bordering between politeness and command. She greeted them gruffly, dipping her head as a sign of respect. “Blazestar,” she began. “Have your clan shelter with us, it’s better than nothing.” She gestured with her tail towards the nearby treeline. Cats could be seen milling about beneath the shadows of the scrawny, mountainous trees. “But first, I need you to do something,” she mewed, turning to Skyclan’s peachy medicine cat, Saffrongaze. “Send your ill cats to join our own. Then, please speak with Saplingskies and Harepaw. Perhaps together you can keep the illness from spreading.” Her amber gaze rested on Firebird, who stood vigilantly nearby. He already seemed to be organizing his own hunting patrol. “I imagine you’re Skyclan’s new deputy,” she mewed, nodding in acknowledgement. “I’ll begin the hunting patrol immediately. Join me, if you wish.” She dipped her head, quickly leaving the Skyclan ranks behind. She had precious little time, and had to make the most of it before the storm worsened.

    She quickly began to seek out a hunting party. Yet to her dismay most of her clan seemed to be exhausted or ill. She frowned, turning to Hollowflame. “Seems we’re out of luck,” she mewed. She looked around once again. This time, she noticed Skunkpaw near the medicine cats. ‘Hunting would do him some good,’ she thought. She trotted over, calling his name. As she drew closer something felt off about her apprentice. He looked exhausted, as if he had just returned from a long day of training. ‘This won’t do,’ she thought. “Don’t push yourself too hard, okay? I’ll need you later, after you get some rest.” She gave him a gentle tail flick, about as affectionate as the grey she-cat could be. “I’ll be back, hopefully with something to fill your belly.” She turned, prepared to leave.

    Honeysplash – Skyclan Warrior

    Honeysplash watched the proceedings silently, exhaustion numbing his mind. He gazed up at the sky, watching the swirling clouds above. His injury had long since healed, and he’d returned to normal warrior duties. Up until now, life had been fairly peaceful. Although, his differences with SnowyOwl had never been resolved. Even now, his gaze drifted over to the strikingly white she-cat. He frowned, mixed feelings tugging his heart. ‘I’m a mouse-brained fool,’ he thought. 

    He snapped to attention as Hornetstar and his patrol began to move away. “Firebird!” He called out to his brother, trotting over. His battered pawpads had numbed, although little spots of blood speckled the grass. “Shall I go with the bee-brains?” He mewed, gesturing towards the leaving patrol. “I feel like having a cat or two to represent Skyclan might be wise. Else, Hornetstar will add one more debt to his list.” His lips curled, feeling disgusted by Hornetstar’s behavior. “I’ll be on my best behavior, I promise.


    Firebird ~ Skyclan Deputy

    Lowly growling in irritation as the rain continued to poor down as Starclan released it’s wrath upon the clans with thunder, strong wind, and icy cold rain. What a lovely combination. Firebird had long since become accustomed to the coldness as his body was borderline numb. Turning his head towards Smokewisp as he heard her approach to speak to Blazestar. Furrowing his brows skeptically as he still did not trust the Shadowclan cats, though he was certain that the feeling was mutual. Firebird couldn’t help  but lightly glare at the Shadowclan deputy as she started throwing out orders towards Skyclan on what they could and should do. Masking his irritation as he stared down blankly at Smokewisp, giving a tight-lipped smile, “That was the plan” he coolly responded before turning briskly away to finish what he started before being interrupted.

    “What now?” He sighed, frustration coating his words as he turns in the direction that he heard his name being uttered. Rolling his ember eyes as he watches his brother make his way. “Oh so now you need me huh?” Firebird hummed as he turns to fully face Honeysplash. Cocking his large wedged cranium to the side as he takes in his words, nodding his head in agreement before shooting a warning glare, “Fine, but I am trusting you on this. I don’t trust any of them but we do need to work together. Sadly. Though I don’t want you going alone with Shadowclanners” he sighed before glancing around. Pondering on who would be the best to accompany Honeysplash. ‘Bingo’ a mischievous grin appears on his sharp features. “Snowyowl!” His voice boomed as he had to project his tone to make sure he could be heard against the raging storm. Once getting the White she-cat’s attention, he gestures toward Honeysplash; “I want you to accompany Honey with Hornetstar and the rest of his group to seek shelter. No ifs, ands, or buts” he commanded.

    “Foxpaw, Applepaw, and Juniperpaw! You three are with me. Don’t go feeling special, just so happens that the rest are too mentally and physically exhausted. So it’s all your lucky day. Time to hunt for our clan” Firebird  states as he heads toward Smokewisp and Hollowflame with a permanent scowl on his handsome features.


    HollowFlame ~ ShadowClan Warrior 

    Emerald green eyes watched the cats before him silently, chin tilting slightly as the warrior watched the high ranks speak with one another. Their facial expressions and their body language was clearly not the most friendliest, but he wasn’t getting the senses of full on aggression. Tension was heavy in the air as ShadowClan cats and SkyClan cats flared and sized each other. HollowFlame found his eyes landing on Snappingfox as his son hissed and his fur tried to feebly bristle in this rain. We should be working together, not against one another. He thought to himself, a wiggle of his pink nose tossed his whiskers. Rain water dripping endlessly from his chin as he looked among the SkyClan cats, glancing sideways from his vision to see that HornetStar had turned around and bared his teeth at SaplingSkies. Muscles tensing slightly as he watched the encounter, he knew his step son could handle himself, but he wasn’t exactly comfortable with Hornetstar showing such aggression to their own medicine cat. 

    Slowly he stood up and looked towards Snappingfox, taking hauntingly heavy steps into the mud as he gently bumped his shoulder against the tomcats shoulder. “Try to be a bit more friendly. These cats are struggling just as much as we are. They have kits and queens as well.” He whispered softly to his son, looking at the dark red and black spotted Tom that looked so much like himself, giving his son a small and suggestive smile before he heard the sound of paws moving in his direction. Ears swerving as his head turned as well, spotting Smokewisp finally moving in his direction while he opened his mouth, speaking to Snappingfox. “Be careful out there. Come home to us in one piece or else your mother with have both of our pelts for nest liners.” HollowFlame meowed, giving his son another affectionate bump of the shoulder before he stepped forwards to meet his deputy half way. 

    “Two of us will work.. once we feed some of the cats after they rest we will be able to find more cats able to hunt.” He meowed to Smokewisp, her face Stoney and void of the worry and perhaps irritation that he could see in her eyes before their gaze was caught by FireBird and the three apprentices that tailed behind him. He took in the sight of the new SkyClan deputy, of course he knew of FireBird as he had seen him here and there at Gatherings, which how large the firey ginger Tom was it was hard not to notice him. “Firebird.” He greeted, giving a faint nod of his head to the SkyClan deputy. Pupils narrowing as he looked towards the young apprentices that followed Firebird, although he kept his facial expression relaxed. They are so young.. apparently they are stretched just as thin as we are. He thought silently to himself, looking between the two deputies and arched an eyebrow at the tension between the two cats. 

    SnowyOwl ~ SkyClan Warrior 

    Grunting softly from the weight that was leaning against her as the grey tabby queen was struggling to stand. Slowly she turned her chin to rasp her rough tongue over the grey tabby queens forehead. “Why don’t you go ahead and lay down? You are just going to get sick if you don’t rest.” SnowyOwl spoke softly, watching as the queen nodded and began to lay down, although movement at the corner of her eye caught her attention. Chin turning slightly as she spotted the honey colored tabby pelt as Honeysplash walked past her, heading towards the rich ginger pelt of Firebird. She sighed softly and quietly, he hadn’t even spared her a moment of hesitation nor a glance. Although, she had no idea that he had been glancing at her behind her back, she still felt an ache in her chest before she looked back down at the queen.

    Applepaw caught her attention as Firebird had requested the young apprentice to join the hunting party, ears perking up as she smiled towards her apprentice. “Be careful and make sure to listen to Firebird.” She commented with a grin, although her bright yellow eyes flashed towards Firebird as he called out her name through the rain, leaning down as she excused herself from the drenched queen. Although her smile began to falter when her eyes moved slowly from Firebird to Honeysplash. Honeysplash

    She found herself frozen in place as she looked back towards Firebird, lips parting to argue back with Firebird but she was instantly shot down before she could get a word out. Oh, just wonderful. She thought silently to herself, before taking a deep breath and nodding her slim head. Slowly the tall and white furred she-cat stepped away from the queen, her paws sinking into the mud while her facial expression was stoic but her heart was beating a mile a minute as she got closer and closer to Honeysplash. “Well.. I guess we should meet up Hornetstar and his crew.” SnowyOwl muttered, averting her gaze for a moment before her slim figure started to move towards the patrol in search of an appropriate shelter for all the cats. 



    Trailing after Firebird, the black furred tom managed a sweet, pleasant smile to the Shadowclan warrior. Sure, he was tired an the hostility he felt prickling beneath the pelts of Shadowclanners and Skyclanners made him uneasy, but Juniperpaw had always been good at socializing. In fact, he found comfort in avoiding conflict and choosing to know his “enemy” so that they wouldn’t have to be enemies. Too bad that’s not how life worked…

    “I’m Juniperpaw,” he meowed respectfully, blinking away tiredness as he met the emerald eyed warrior’s gaze. Glancing to the Shadowclan deputy, Juni hadn’t quite got her name yet, the apprentice took note of her serious air and decided it probably wouldn’t be wise to try to talk to her while she was in “deputy mode”. In fact, Juniper could see that Firebird, like the Shadowclan molly, was in “deputy mode”. Great. He thought, shoulders sagging. Juniperpaw liked Applepaw and Foxpaw, but they seemed like a happy duo. He didn’t want to bother that…



    Blazestar looked up from her paws when a voice said her name nearby. Looking up, she noticed Smokewhisp standing next to her. So this is ShadowClan’s deputy, she thought, dipping her head back to the other molly. Her quick rise to leadership meant Blaze didn’t have much time to learn the names and identities of many of the ranks of other clans, but she could tell by the way Smokewhisp addressed her that she had some sort of authority in ShadowClan. The deputy wasn’t exactly treating her with much kindness, but it was far better than how Hornetstar had treated them. “Of course, thank you.” Blazestar responded, guiding her clan over to where the rest of the cats were sitting with a flick of her tail.

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