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    Finally, after a long and grueling trek, ShadowClan had made it to the bottom of the mountains. Crossing the whole of their territory, from one end to the other, had been no easy feat, but his Clan had done it. Going up the mountain they were at to find shelter seemed the most reasonable course of action, but looking over his Clan, he could see how worn out they all were. They looked miserable, soaked to the bone and hungry as they were, so he called a halt.

    After instructing the queens, kits, elders, and anyone too weak or sick to be of much help to shelter in the foliage of the nearby forest, he called for those strong enough to be of help to gather before him. “The following patrols will be formed by a volunteer basis. Only volunteer for what you think you’ll be able to handle, and nothing more. We don’t need anyone attempting to be a hero and then being injured or killed in the process,” he warned, voice firm but raspy. He glanced at each cat gathered before him, pinning them beneath his piercing green gaze to warn he was deadly serious about all of this.

    “I will lead a patrol into the mountains, to see if we can find a cave or another rock formation to find shelter in. Smokewisp, you’re in charge of hunting patrols. Those of you who think yourselves unfit for either of these jobs, guard your remaining Clanmstes here.” The golden tom glanced at Saplingskies and Harepaw. “You may request the help of any warrior or apprentice for any of your needs, unless they’re hunting. We need as much prey as possible for all these hungry bellies,” he mumbled, ignoring his own hunger. On the way to the mountains he had caught a scrawny mouse and ate that. Whatever else was caught today would be for his starving Clan.

    He rose, ignoring his shaky legs and weak muscles. “Those fit to join me in seeking shelter, step forward. We’ll leave very soon. We can’t afford to be out in this rain much longer.”


    SkyClan’s evacuation wasn’t easy. In fact, it was probably anything but easy. Blazestar had tried to travel to ShadowClan, only to be met with abandoned, flooded tunnels with nothing but the storm in their territory. It was a miracle that there were paw prints left in the muddy ground that gave them a clue on where to go. The rain had washed almost all the scent out of their camp.

    And so they traveled farther. After what felt like moons upon moons of traveling, they reached the base of the mountains that ShadowClan had set up camp. “I hear voices, we can’t be too far now.” Blazestar murmured before letting out a sigh of relief after spotting an unmistakable golden figure standing amongst the gray surroundings. “Hornetstar!” She called out weakly, speeding up her pace to a slow run despite the pain in her paws and the weakness of her body. No one in her clan had had a good meal in a long time, and it was certainly starting to show. “Oh, it is so good to see you.” The ginger molly wheezed, a look of desperation in her eyes. “Our camp was torn apart by the storm and we had tried to go to your camp, only to find that there was no one left. We found you though, so it seems as though luck was on our side, eh?”


    Firebird ~Skyclan Deputy

    Dull amber eyes flickered around tiredly as the fiery Maine Coon stayed to the back, making sure no feline fell behind as that was his duty as deputy after all. His black padded paws were rough as sandpaper and sore with every step he took. The treacherous journey had been going on for so long that Firebird had lost count as he was just focused on keep moving. A permanent frown graced his masculine features since they came upon an abandoned Shadowclan, but luckily enough there were faint tracks through the muddled earth that gave Skyclan a clue as where they needed to go. He slowly followed behind his clan mates, helping a few apprentices and elders that slowed down along the way. Semi damp fur rose along his shoulders and spine as thunder rolled angrily through the darkened sky.  It took all in him to control his body from shivering by clenching his jaw until it hurt. He kept to himself as he didn’t want to waste energy by mingling with others, his eyes would ever so often flicker toward his brother, Honeysplash, as he made sure his younger brother was doing well.

    It was definitely an odd sight to see such a large group of once joyful clan look so withdrawn and solemn. They have lost everything that some have ever known and the unknown was frightening. Blinking out of his stupor as the scenery around him differed. Ears perking up as he heard Blazestar’s voice further ahead mentioning that they were close. ‘About time’ he couldn’t help but think as he tilts his head upwards to stare at the intimidating mountain before them. Sigh a sigh he swiftly maneuvers through his clan mates, tilting his head in apology as there were multiple times where his broad shoulders lightly bumped into others around him. Pausing at the front as he eyes his leader making her way towards none other than Hornetstar, Shadowclan’s leader. Eyeing the vaguely familiar tom before letting his gaze take in a few other Shadowclan felines with interest before zeroing on Blazestar’s and Hornetstar’s conversation that would determine the fate of his clan.


    Roachpaw ~Shadowclan Apprentice

    Groaning quietly to himself as he follows along with his fellow clan mates and they trekked through what was left of Shadowclan territory. His canary yellow eyes flickering about as he took in the fallen trees to the puddles of mud beneath his dark paws. Scrunching up his nose in distaste as the mud that caked his paws, he could only imagine what the rest of his once glossy obsidian pelt looked like. Grumbling profanities under his breath as he was tired of this journey and this storm, he was just tired of everything in general. In Roachpaw’s opinion he more than likely looked like a drenched rat, which was amusing considering that his name is Roachpaw not Ratpaw. Twitching his black ears as his mentors’s and Leader’s voice reached his ears. Pausing in his movements at the bottom of the mountain, narrowing his eyes in distain as he knew what was to come. ‘Climbing’ course the tall lanky black tom knew that finding shelter within the mountain would be Shadowclan’s best best against the chilling rain but it didn’t mean he had to like it.

    Silently Roachpaw makes his way towards Hornetstar as to join his mentor in finding shelter, ‘Might as well get the climb over with’ he thought with a small smirk before stopping beside the tall golden tom with black markings along his face. Blinking at Hornet’s warning, turning his wedged cranium to the side, yellow clashing with green as they stared at one another. Of course he wouldn’t consider himself an hero, far from it but he did know that he had a tendency to be reckless and not care what others say. Scoffing as he lightly rolls his eyes at Hornetstar as he ignores his warning altogether. “I’m coming with you. I know you would be bored without me” he grinned toward his mentor, knowing it would irritate him, that was something he lived for. Peeking up at the unknown voice causing the black tom’s yellow eyes to snap over to the unknown ginger she-cat. Furrowing his brows in distrust as it was obvious that this feline and the others trailing behind her were from another clan affected by the horrid weather. Eyeing his leader in the corner of his eye as he wondered how Hornetstar would handle this unexpected situation.


    The journey from Skyclan to Shadowclan wasn’t an easy one. Cats feeling fatigue and coming to her for the energy. While she had the herbs, the peach Scottie tried to refrain from feeding them too much. Her fur soaked and her body freezing, the cats stayed together to try and keep warm. It worked, to some extent. Her ears pricked upwards as Blazestar announced Shadowclan didn’t sound too far. She thanked Starclan, traveling with a near-death kitten in jaws was just as tiring as the journey itself.

    Treading forward, helping a warrior walk on, she placed the kitten within an empty side of her basket. Hope glistened in the feminine eyes as she spotted the Shadowclan Leader, Hornetstar. She stayed quiet for the most part but she needed to aid her clanmates quickly. Torn pawpads and aching muscles, possible catching a Cough of sorts. The storm being intense, she prayed they didn’t lose anyone during this somewhat short but long trip.


    Come on, we’re almost there,” Smokewisp mewed softly, attempting to coax a haggard elder. She leaned forward, gently prodding their flank with her muzzle. During the trek she had followed closely behind her clanmates, urging stragglers forward and carrying the weak. Her muscles burned, and her head throbbed with fatigue. The clan was in rough shape and desperately needed food and shelter. The scraggly elder grunted, quickening their pawsteps as they followed their exhausted clanmates.

    She paused, taking a moment to catch her breath. An unfamiliar scent, carried by the storm’s violent winds, reached her nose. ‘Skyclan! What are they doing here?’ She hurried to Hornetstar’s side, as he had begun to address the clan. Moments later the scent of fear grew stronger as Skyclan drew near. ‘They’re terrified as well,’ she thought. She stood to her full height, watching closely at Blazestar approached her leader. Her ears twitched in surprise, ‘What do they want with us? We’re struggling on our own, the last thing we need is more mouths to feed.’ She sighed, knowing without a doubt that Hornetstar could agree to help them. He was a kind, upstanding cat who always strove to do the right thing. They couldn’t just turn Skyclan away, but the difficulty of their situation had just multiplied.

    She dipped her head, heeding Hornetstar’s orders now that she was confident Skylcan wouldn’t be a threat. “Alright,” she mewed. Her amber gaze roamed the clearing. “We’ll be heading over there,” she gestured with a flick of her ears. “Spread out, keep low, and stay silent. Prey is scarce, don’t chase away the few opportunities we have.” She shook herself, scattering glimmering droplets through the air. She tried to find her apprentice, Skunkpaw, amidst the crowd. She was worried about him, he had a tendency to push himself too hard. But, she was sure he’d be safe as long as he was with Harepaw.

    She turned to leave, giving Hornetstar a friendly flick of the tail. “Stay safe,” she murmured softly. “Who knows what roams the mountains.”


    Saplingskies ~ ShadowClan Medicine Cat

    Saplingskies padded silently alongside the rest of his family, carrying one of his mother’s five young kits. He pitied the poor thing, surely his scruff was beginning to hurt by now. The clan had been walking for what felt like ages. His paws were horribly sore, his pelt was heavy with water, and his belly was empty. The small medicine cat sighed around his young sibling’s fur, keeping his eyes straight forward, praying that they would be at their destination soon. He was sure his paw pads were cracked and bleeding, he could tell just by how badly he was hurting. His clanmates weren’t doing much better, he assumed. Everyone had paws caked with both dry and fresh mud. He wanted nothing more than to curl up in a warm, dry nest and sleep, but he didn’t have the time. He had duties to attend to.

    Soon he heard Hornetstar’s voice from the front of the group. They were finally stopping to rest. He gave a sigh of relief, feeling his shoulders loosen and relax. He walked with the rest of his family over to a suitable bush to help Briarfeather and her kits settle in for the time being, then left to join Hornetstar, Smokewisp, and Harepaw. He walked up just as Hornetstar began organizing different groups. When Hornetstar met his gaze and told him he had permission to gather a group for any reason, the medicine cat nodded, ear flicking gingerly. He waited for Hornetstar to finish speaking, then hopped up onto a nearby rock. Saplingskies was a small tom, so he wanted to make sure everyone could see and hear him.

    “Attention, please!” He called out, waiting for the clan to settle down. When the crowd was orderly, the tom cleared his throat and began to speak, making sure to be loud and clear. “I need volunteers to help collect herbs. I fear an outbreak of illness may come about due to the cold and rain, with our young and elderly being most susceptible! Harepaw and I must start taking preventative measures to make sure we don’t get wiped out by an epidemic. If you fear you may be getting sick, please step away from the rest of the clan now! Once we have a decent collection of herbs, I will be seeing to every single cat in the clan, whether you admit that you feel ill or not. If any warriors or apprentices who don’t wish to hunt are able to walk further, please come see me at once. I wish to get moving right away!” After his speech was over, Saplingskies searched the crowd for Harepaw. Once he spotted her, he beckoned her forward with his tail then jumped from his perch to meet her. He looked the young she-cat over, a look of pity and concern crossing his face. She looked so tired.

    “Can you handle anymore walking?” He asked her gently, rasping his tongue over her head. “If you need to stay here and rest, you’re more than welcome to, okay? I don’t want you overexerting yourself.”

    Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice rang through the area, calling out to Hornetstar. When he saw the large group of unfamiliar cats, his primal instinct caused him to defensively position himself in front of Harepaw, ready to defend her in an instant from attackers. The tom wasn’t typically so quick to be hostile and defensive, but everyone was on edge due to the storm. His tail lashed a bit, and a low growl rumbled in his throat, until… the scent of SkyClan gently wafted towards his nose. His ears twitched, and he relaxed. SkyClan was probably the most friendly and easygoing of the five clans, and they looked just as, if not more pitiful and demoralized than ShadowClan. This would not be a hostile meeting, he was sure of it. He stepped away from Harepaw and cautiously wandered towards Hornetstar. He wanted to hear what the SkyClan leader had to say. Apparently, the other clan’s camp had been destroyed as well.


    HollowFlame ~ ShadowClan Warrior

    Pupils narrowed in order for the tomcat to see through the rain as he walked, his paws aching and sinking into the mud the further that they walked through the pine filled forest of their territory. Water dripping off of his chin was making its way down the back of  his small kit, the wee thing meowing in protest of being carried for so long and being drenched from the never ending rain that poured from above. I know… it’ll be okay. He thought silently to his kit, emerald green eyes momentarily lowering to see the small kits hind legs and tail every now and then, swinging from the movement of HollowFlame walking. Grunting slightly, he willed himself to ignoring the burning sensation he felt every time he stepped, surely his paws were softened and cracked from the moisture in the ground. Lifting his head slightly, he looked towards the front of the traveling mass of cats, watching as HornetStar and the new deputy.. Whats her name.. He thought silently to himself, but didn’t bother with troubling himself to remember. 

    Grunting in relief when he heard Hornetstar’s bold tone echo over the rain and reach his ears. They had finally found a place to rest and perhaps find more suitable shelter for the many cats. About time. He grumbled softly, following the brown pelts of Saplingskies and Brairfeather as they moved towards the bush that they had chosen to give the wee things and their mother suitable shelter. Lowering his head, he gently placed his kit near Briarfeather’s stomach, the warmest area of her body. Lifting his head, he opened his mouth and wiggled his jaw back and forth to stretch the muscles. “Thank you, SaplingSkies.” He croaked, his voice breaking, due to the rain and the cold. Looking towards his mate, he gently licked her ears and gave her a soft muzzle to the side of her head before he slipped out from the bush, walking towards the gathering cats as Hornetstar spoke, allowing those to volunteer. Giving a small nod to himself, HollowFlame knew he was tired, his paws aches terribly and his throat was becoming raw. However, he still felt himself fit to join a patrol here and there before he fully rested. Lifting his tail, he weaved his way through the ShadowClan cats as he stepped towards Hornetstar and Smokewisp, eat twitching as he cleared his throat. “I can join either patrol.” He declared, his voice cracking slightly and his green eyes tired but other than that he seemed well enough. 

    Nose twitching as the scent of SkyClan began to catch his notice, causing him to turn his head and peer towards that of the trees as a soaked ginger figure of Blazestar came into view, although HollowFlame did not flare his teeth as her facial expression was contorted with relief. Taking a step back, he allowed the leaders to converse while his green eyes took in the sad looking group of SkyClan cats as they followed hesitantly. SkyClan wasn’t necessarily a clan that was a threat, and looking at how skinny and depressed they all seemed.. they honestly looked worse. Slowly he turned his head to looked towards Hornetstar and Smokewisp to see what would be the final decision.  


    SnowyOwl ~ SkyClan Warrior

    Muscles ached and trembled as the young feline walked with an elderly queen, she was heavily pregnant and was having a rough time with walking along the muddy terrain. The two were tagging more towards the back of the clan as they walked, her muddied white pelt gently pressed along side the grey tabby queen as they walked. There was no need for conversation, the howling winds and the wild rain made it almost impossible to hear unless one was shouting. Ears twitched slightly as she kept an eye on the two ginger pelts ahead of her, marking the young apprentices Applepaw and Foxpaw as they helped another queen carry her two kits. 

    Bright yellow eyes flickered towards the queen she was currently helping, noticing that she was slowing her pace because of her bleeding paws and the ache of carrying so much extra weight over a long distance. “We have to keep going!” SnowyOwl yelled over the wind and rain, watching as the queen nodded wordlessly, clearly out of breath. Since arriving at the ShadowClan camp and finding no one at home, their spirits had been dampened. Seeing how dampened and over exhausted the queen she was helping really was, SnowyOwl slowed their pace so that she wasn’t pushing the grey tabby into an early birthing. Although, SnowyOwl didn’t blame the queen, her own legs were shaking from the cold and her paws were as raw as could be. 

    Clearing her throat, she licked at her lips as she looked around, it took longer for herself and the queen to catch up with the rest of SkyClan but once they did, she noticed they were not alone. There stood before them the entire clan of ShadowClan, soaked and looking just as miserable as they stared at SkyClan was mixed emotions. Oh great, StarClan.. She thought silently, sticking to the queens side as she looked towards the forms of Blazestar and Hornetstar, her anxiety causing her pelt to bristle, even with all the rain. 

    Hareflight [Mel]

    It had been a long trek, and it was evident from the state of the entire Clan. At the beginning of the journey Harepaw had eagerly been helping those around her, and asking if anyone required assistance. She had continued this throughout their travelling, however, as they went her questions got less eager, and her eyes seemed distant when she spoke. By the time Hornetstar had finally called for a rest, Harepaw was stumbling over the ground, her paws trailing a mixture of blood and mud as they dragged across the earth. She stopped abruptly as those around her did, her gaze focusing in and out as she gazed at her leader, doing her best to pay attention to what he said. Her gaze snapped to the side as her mentor moved to make his own announcement.

    She listened patiently to what he had to say, and watched as he approached her, though neither her expression, nor her posture had changed. Her gaze seemed distant, though a few moments after he began to speak, her gaze fixed to his own and she seemed to grasp what he was saying. She softened as he dragged his tongue over her head, though her body swayed slightly.

    No- No. I’m… I’m fine, you don’t have to worry. I’ll be fine, I can- I can come with you.” Her voice was soft as she gazed up at him, and although she seemed exhausted, she was ready to help.

    The apprentice did not flinch as another voice rang out, and simply glanced as Saplingskies shifted to move protectively in front of her. Even after he moved away from her, the only sign of her listening was her eyes dragging towards the other Clan, and her ears flicking towards the two leaders.


    Snappingfox ~ ShadowClan Warrior

    The dark red warrior was keeping pace with his family, silently moving along. His head was pointed down slightly, trying to keep the little kit dangling in his jaws as dry as possible. It was ironic, really. He was a large tom carrying the tiniest she-kit in the litter. Normally, he would find the situation humorous… but there was nothing funny about evacuation. Rosekit was mewing pitifully as she hung from her older brother’s maw, causing the tom’s heart to break in two. If StarClan had anything to do with this storm, they were cruel beings, forcing a clan with such young kits out of their home and into the mountains. He sighed tiredly, his gaze floating to the rest of the family. They were all tired. He slowed his pace a bit to walk beside his mother. “Lean on me,” He mewed around his sibling’s fur, pressing his shoulder against Briarfeather to coax her into following his instructions. He knew she needed his support. Briarfeather looked up at her son thankfully and did as she was told, but said nothing. Snappingfox understood. The trip had been harder on her than any cat else in the family.

    Soon, the clan came to a stop. Snappingfox quietly followed his parents and siblings to a suitable shelter, set Rosekit at their mother’s belly, nodded to his father and sister, then went to join the rest of the clan. He quietly listened to Hornetsar speak, the rose to his paws. “I will accompany you up the mountain, Hornetstar.” The young warrior stepped forward, determination burning in his fiery gaze. He knew the trek could be dangerous, but helping to find a suitable shelter for his family and clan was a cause Snappingfox was willing to die for. 

    However, a voice caught the red tom’s attention, he turned just in time to see another clan beginning to fill in the empty space that was left in the clearing. SkyClan. Snappingfox growled, hackles raising as one SkyClan warrior got too close to him for comfort. He spat, which caused the stranger to back off and give him some space. It was clear the young tom was not happy about the intrusion and the number of strangers that were near him.


    Skunkpaw found himself constantly searching through the crowd of Shadowclan, though he was unsure himself just who he was searching for, anyone and everyone at this point. The black and white pelted tom has been traveling alongside the healers, helping out his close friends in the voyage with all the herbs, constantly checking on the multi colored apprentice to make sure she was okay, his pace slowing to allow the molly to lean onto his hefty frame for support whenever she need. Skunkpaw remained silent on their journey, for once not being able to find the right words to say to cheer anyone up, he felt useless.

    Upon reaching their destination Skunkpaw left whatever he was carrying with Saplingskies, slipping away to find his mentor. He went the whole trip without checking in with Smokewisp, she had enough to worry about he didn’t want her to worry about him as well. Her grey pelt floated into his eye sight, Skunkpaw felt at ease at the sight of her, he was proud of how much his trainer had accomplished, his large frame brushing up against her in greeting, “Don’t push yourself too hard.” He whispered to the molly, Skunkpaw had been known to overwork himself a trait he developed from watching Smokewisp. “I’m going to stay with Harepaw, you know in case she needs me.” In truth Skunkpaw could feel the sharp pain developing in his chest growing worse, he didn’t want to push it even more by running around after prey.

    Slowly dragging himself back to the medicine cats his eyes locked onto the apprentice, standing beside her when Saplingskies called to her. His golden eyes rolled at Harepaws answer “I’m Fine”, huffing Skunkpaw answered for the she cat, “Harepaw needs to rest, I can take her place in gathering herbs.” Skunkpaws special relationship with the medicine cats was something he used to his advantage often, he wasn’t afraid to say wha needed to be said to either of them, especially Saplingskies, since he had spent most of his kit hood with the tom. I’m sure one to talk I probably shouldn’t be out either but I’ll be okay I probably need to just walk it off.


    The golden tom had to keep from willing his eyes too hard, for fear of becoming light-headed, when his apprentice, Roachpaw, padded up to him and offered to join his patrol. Hornetstar wanted to tell the young tom no, but had a feeling that would just cause an argument. Instead he grunted softly at the apprentice, deciding to let him come along and see just how long that plucky attitude lasted. Of course he wasn’t about to let Roachpaw die, but hopefully this little excursion would put the idiot in place. Why did he assign himself such a hard cat to mentor, again?

    When Snappingfox padded up and offered to join the patrol, he was only marginally relieved. Though the red tom was a warrior, he was still young and lacking much experience. So, it would appear as if Hornetstar was going to have do to a lot of paw-holding and kit-sitting on this outing. He didn’t trust Snappingfox and Roachpaw to get along one bit.

    Deciding one more volunteer, a warrior specifically, would be good for this patrol, he opened his mouth to call out for one. Then ended up slamming it closed with a clack as an orange feline emerged from the trees, calling his name. He would recognize the new SkyClan leader from anywhere, her appearance haunting familiar to Sunnystar, but herself far from anything like her predecessor. Even now, it made his belly curdle with unnamed emotions. His face was carefully blank, though a twitching muscle in his clenched jaw was obvious to those nearby. Offering support to SkyClan was the last thing they needed to be doing right now. But he couldn’t turn them away without causing a scene, perhaps even a fight.

    “Blazestar,” he ground out in response at last, scrambling to gather his thoughts and what he wanted to say. “Is that your way of asking if your Clan may seek refuge with mine?” It obvious was, but he wanted to hear it out loud. He wanted everyone present to hear the SkyClan leader asking ShadowClan for help, a clear power play. Everyone here was going to know, if any of them survived this trail, that Blazestar, and SkyClan, owed Hornetsar, and ShadowClan, a greet debt. A very great debt.



    Blazestar suddenly felt very self-conscious as all of ShadowClan turned their attention towards SkyClan. She fell silent as Hornetstar looked at her blankly, the only indication of his feelings being the small twitching in his lip. “Yes, we would like to seek refuge with you,” she responded hesitantly, “but I promise you won’t need to hunt for us or take care of us in any way. SkyClan can take care of itself, but it’s not easy for us to do that when our camp and territory are destroyed.” The ginger molly’s voice intensified as she recalled the situation that led her to seek refuge in the first place. Being careful not to show her hostility too much, she Hornetstar’s gaze head-on, keeping her face calm to show that his subtle threats wouldn’t make her back down.

    Blazestar knew that Hornetstar was less-than-friendly, but there was something different about this encounter. It felt like he was hiding something. Did I make the right choice coming here? She thought worriedly, starting to doubt her decision to get ShadowClan’s help in the first place. They were the closest and safest option, but maybe I should’ve chosen somewhere else. Blazestar snapped out of her thoughts and pulled herself back into the present. There was one thing that mattered at the moment, and it was dealing with ShadowClan’s lovely leader.

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    Firebird ~Skyclan Deputy

    His tufted ears pinning slightly against his skull at the sudden attention drawn to them as they got closer to the Shadowclan felines, not to mention Hornetstar calling out their leader and reasoning for entering their territory uninvited. Scrunching up his face in irritation at Hornetstar’s tone towards his leader. It took everything in the large Maine Coon not to snap at the golden tom, clenching his jaw to smoother his words. Turning his head ever so slightly to eye Blazestar in the corner of his ember eye, studying her posture. It was easy for the observant tom to notice her unease and hesitation when dealing with the emotionless mask of the Shadowclan Leader. Sighing softly under his breath as he shifts his position, inwardly debating with himself on if he should stay back or lend wordless support.

    Feeling his tense muscles flexing within his Swift movements, his jaw locking even more to bare with the dull ache of his body as it tried to resist his movements. Firebird’s large dark ginger paws caked in layers of mud varying from dry to wet, lightly pressed against the muddled earth. He was glad that his thick pelt covered his quivering form from the bitterness of the ice rain and the wind that continuously brushes against his soaked fur. Though his stance remained steady as he padded onward, he could feel his pads cracking, and he wasn’t sure if it was just the dry mud or due to the pressure or having worn out the pads of his paws through traveling. Coming to stand along side Blazestar as he wasn’t going to let her stand by herself before Shadowclan. Squinting his dark orange eyes, ignoring the rain streaming down his sharp features as he looks down at Hornetstar.

    Remaining completely silent as Firebird knew it was not his place to speak out, at least not yet. He could not promise that he would be able to keep his mouth shut forever but he had enough respect to Blazestar to know that she could handle Hornetstar until she gave any indications that he needed to step in. Blinking as he is snapped out of his thoughts as Blazestar’s voice rings throughout the stillness of the air, despite the continuous down poor. He couldn’t help but let a small smirk tug at the corner of his lips as Blaze definitely held her own. Casually he flicks her on her side gently as a little sign that she was doing what was best for her clan.


    Roachpaw ~ Shadowclan Apprentice 

    To say that Roachpaw was surprised would be an understatement. Hornetstar willingly let him tag along on the shelter patrol? Was he feeling okay? Did he have an alternative motive? Only time would tell for the young tom. Pursing his lips slightly as he eyes his mentor in slight suspicion before his attention is drawn to Snappingfox. Grunting in mild displeasure at the newly made warrior volunteering as well. ‘What a pleasure’ he thought sarcastically as he knew that he would be butting heads with the slightly older tom. Tilting his head as he eyes Hollowflame for a brief moment as the older warrior volunteers as well, it would seem the storm was not doing him well as the feline looked worn down. Shifting from paw to paw to keep his body from staying still, hating the coldness that was sinking into his bones causing a chill that he wasn’t sure would ever leave. Blinking his sunflower yellow eyes rapidly as he tried to avoid water entering his gaze.

    His soaked glossy black pelt rising along his shoulder blades and spine as Blazestar approaches. He couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose in distaste at the Skyclanners as he didn’t see a reason for them being here, Shadowclan had enough on their plate without adding another clan onto it. Plus Roachpaw couldn’t help but notice how withdrawn, hungry, and exhausted they all were and wondered if they would even last long on their own not that he truly cared. Shivering at Hornetstar’s tone, snapping his head in his general direction in surprise as he had been too busy within his own mind to process what was going on around him.

    Even though Roachpaw would never admit it out loud, he admires Hornetstar. Not for being a good leader but for the way he carries himself and how he can say just a few simple words and have a impact. Whether that be negative or positive was up to the recipient. Tension in the air became so thick that he could have sworn that he could cut it with his claws, but even then would be too much work for the worn out feline. All he could do now was sit back and enjoy the show, and what an entertaining show it is going to be.


    Applepaw 🍎 Skyclan Apprentice

    She had never traveled so far from camp before. The birch trees of her homeland were far away now, left behind with their dens and nests. Now everywhere she looked were thick nettled pines and long wicked shadows every which way. Of course the situation wasn’t ideal in anyway, the change was a bit exciting! She would have been bursting with questions all throughout the trip had it not been the scruff of kitten fur between her teeth, so her outbursts have been on a record low. Still, while she couldn’t be vocal, that didn’t stop the tabby from nudging shoulders or exchanging glances with Foxpaw as he toted the kit’s littermate. She didn’t know the tom very well, only recalling his apprenticeship ceremony not long ago, but she welcomed having a sort of buddy on this journey!

    She followed after Blazestar and the others into the mountains. As much as she wanted to peek around Shadowclan’s camp, there was no time to dawdle as their leader was off again to find the other clan. Applepaw was so relieved when Blazestar found the end of the trail, the rough terrain wearing on her paw pads and jaw feeling sore from hefting the kit all around the territories. She entered a few paces ahead of her mentor Snowyowl and not far away from the older apprentice she met before, Juniperpaw.

    Applepaw didn’t know who this Hornetstar was but already she had a bone to pick with him! Her pelt prickled at the Shadowclan cats scrutinizing looks. Seriously?! After everything they went through today – all the rain, all the traveling, just all of it – was it too much to ask for some kindness? Applepaw didn’t understand it at all but glared back at a Shadowclan apprentice. Better thank Starclan I have to carry this kit or you’d be in trouble, she thought, flattening her ears.

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