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    With a sigh he allowed his eyes to flutter closed for a moment, gathering up the energy to make the jump back down from the rock, before doing just that. He stumbled on the landing a bit, managing to quickly play it off though. A wave of light-headedness assaulted him, stomach threatening to puke up what little bile it had. Hoping he didn’t look as queasy as he felt, that his carefully blank “leader face” was still in place, he headed towards the other ranks.

    Clearly having moved on or willfully forgotten the drama that had happened before, down in the forest, he turned to Saplingskies and SaffrongazeHarepaw visible in his peripheral. “How are we doing on herbs? I’m not certain what we’ll be able to find up here in the mountains,” he commented, a worried frown slipping onto his muzzle. Now that they were in a dry, relatively warm cave he expected all the sick to start getting better. But, as he mentioned before, he hoped this close proximity didn’t help sickness spread faster. He didn’t know about Blazestar, but he wanted to be aware of the herb situation even if he wasn’t a medicine cat. If they ran out of herbs, hysteria might start to spread, and he wanted to be able to squash such a chance before it could even start.

    The golden tom had just turned to Blazestar, Firebird, and Smokewisp, when a commotion at the cave entrance sounded out. Instantly he was turning towards the call of his name, the tone setting his fur bristling and hackles rising. Seeing the blooded Wisteriaflower, he felt his heart sink. There was no doubt RiverClan was here to seek shelter as well. In order to get here though, they would have had to cut through ThunderClan. Did this mean ThunderClan was on the way, missing, perished? Hornetstar felt his blood pressure shoot through the rough with the overwhelming wave of stress that swamped him, light-headed once more. Blinking furiously, he managed to make his vision stop swimming.

    “Wisteriaflower,” he greeted at last, unaware of her leader status yet. He stepped past the ring the ShadowClan and SkyClan high ranks had made, taking in the few RiverClan cats that were standing in the cave entrance. This was only half of RiverClan, at the most! What had happened to the rest of them? He glanced back at Blazestar, surprisingly wondering and caring about what she thought of this situation. It was tempting to brush her off and take control of the situation, ensure ShadowClan’s safety and survival, but he was tired and hungry. So hungry. He should’ve followed his sister’s advice and ate something. Remembering they weren’t in ShadowClan territory and he couldn’t tell either Clan to get out, he felt frustration bubble up. “Come in then, don’t stand there getting more wet,” he snapped at the RiverClan cats. “Saplingskies, what can you do for Wisteriaflower’s head?”


    Fawncrest – RiverClan

    A pang of concern shot through Fawncrest as they arrived to ShadowClan— or what should have been ShadowClan— only to find the camp flooded by the rising waters, nary a cat in sight, but pushed onwards as Wisteriastar led the way excitedly up the mountains. Hope bubbled up in the silver-and-black she-cat’s chest, and she found herself bounding after her clan leader. The ground underfoot was soft and slippery from the rain, and in one misjudged leap, Fawncrest’s foreleg slipped uncomfortably and she found herself crashing down through the mud, skidding forward on her chest with her forepaw splayed awkwardly beneath her.

    Grimacing at her own clumsiness, she rose to a sitting position and gave her chest fur a few swift licks, praying to StarClan that the rest of RiverClan had been too preoccupied looking toward the mountainlands to take any notice. Before anyone could say anything, she quickly stood back up, biting back a cry as pain shot through her foreleg. Not now, she gritted her teeth and ambled forward, If I ignore it, it’ll go away.

    Fawncrest froze in horror as panicked yowls shot through the air, turning to see Sorrelpaw struggling against the river’s current. A moment later, Wisteriastar cried out a command that barely registered in the warrior’s mind before a flash of calico fur flew through the air, plunging into the water. Fawncrest’s mind was a blur of panic as she watched the cats struggle, exhausted from the journey. Her ears flattened in fear against her skull and she limped down across the river to try to keep them in her sights. It seemed that Sorrelpaw would be safe, and yet once more a yowl broke out and Fawncrest’s eyes snapped back up to see a branch cracking right above the RiverClan leader.

    A scream broke from her throat as the branch crashed down upon Wisteriastar. She charged down to where the calico she-cat lay, ignoring the pain shooting through her leg with each step, and finally neared the leader along with the rest of her clanmates. Blood splattered across the ground and had stained Wisteriastar’s coat red. Her throat ached and she was left speechless even as the calico stood once more and pressed onwards. Her ears perked forward and she lifted her head to see both ShadowClan and SkyClan inside the cave ahead. So SkyClan was effected too, Fawncrest noted, shuffling her paws.

    At Hornetstar’s irritable command, Fawncrest limped into the cave, settling herself down towards the edge. Relief flowed through her to be finally out of the rain, but she was determined to stay as far away from the ShadowClan and SkyClan cats as she could. She shook herself off before lifting her forepaw gingerly from the ground, relief flooding through her to finally be able to rest it.


    Honeysplash – Skyclan Warrior

    “Oh, I suppose you’re right,” Honeysplah looked down, his golden fur a muddied mess. He chuckled softly as he shook his head. “I’ve been too exhausted to notice anything, really.” His aches and pains had dulled from exhaustion, and even the gnawing hunger pains had ebbed. He was desperately in need of food, as he hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. But, there was always another hungry mouth to feed.

    Despite is numbness, SnowyOwl’s gentle lick felt like the fresh rays of dawn. His ears flushed red, embarrassed. His eyes went wide as he peered at her, unsure of how to react. It was a simple gesture of care, but it meant the world to him. He’d flirted with many a she-cat, feeling as if relationships were nothing more than a game. But something about her was different and it set his heart on fire.

    He blinked, realizing he’d probably been staring for far too long. “Have you eaten?” He asked, giving her an inquisitive look. “I-I believe I’ll be okay for a while longer but … “ He shuffled his paws with apprehension. This was a bold move, considering how they had treated each other for the past two moons. “I could grab something share, if you’d like-

    He paused as an all too familiar scent wafted into the cave. “Starclan, you’ve got to be kidding me,” he mewed as he turned towards the mouth of the cave. A small group of cats stood silhouetted before the cave’s entrance. His whiskers drew back in annoyance. “Yet another clan forced from their home,” he mewed dryly. “And, more mouths to feed. I doubt Blazestar and Hornetstar will be happy about this. Though, their group looks a little small doesn’t it? Where’s the rest of their clan?


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy


    Smokewisp’s whiskers drew back as she concentrated on her work.. Securing and distributing bedding was no easy task. Typically, this would be a job for apprentices. But given their circumstances she’d rather personally check and secure each nest. Damp or overly dirty bedding could make their sick cats worse. She had shoved together a pile of dried leaves and moss which loomed towards the back of the cave. ‘This is probably enough for the ill cats,’ she thought as she stepped back to observe her work. ‘Maybe enough for the queens and elders as well, if we’re lucky. I’ll need help to distribute it.

    Her ears swiveled, picking up on Hornetstar’s deeply resonate voice. Her whiskers twitched with amusement as she silently wondered if he was aware of how far his voice carried. It worked to her advantage, of course. She wanted to know what was being said, even if it was just Hornetstar’s gruffly barked questions. She had been excused, but she still felt a need to support him.  If he needed her she’d be there within a heartbeat.

    The scent of blood crossed her nose, shortly followed by the scent of Riverclan. Her hackles raised with alarm. ‘Seriously, this must be a joke’ she thought, growling lightly. She turned, fur bristling as she approached the high ranks were keenly focused on the cave’s mouth. Within moments Wisteriaflower appeared, followed by her clanmates. She huffed a sigh of annoyance. Hornetstar had already begun to snap at them. And honestly, she couldn’t blame him. As soon as they thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse Riverclan had to show up. “Greetings,” she mewed tersely. “Seems we’re all having terrible luck.


    Snowyowl ~ SkyClan Warrior

    She nodded faintly when he looked down at the state of his fur, which honestly wasn’t in the best of condition from the mud and rain of the mountain, but her fur also wasn’t in the best condition either. Her usually white fur was stained to almost a dusty white from the dirt and mud. “Everyone’s exhausted.. but don’t push yourself too hard or you will get sick.” She warned in a gentle voice, since the tomcat seemed to be in a better mood towards her, she decided to use a gentle tone so he wouldn’t become offended. Chin tilting slightly as the much smaller feline gazed up at his handsome face, her expression soft and warm. 

    Snowyowl examined his expression curiously, he seemed pleasantly surprised about the lick she had given him to his cheek, causing her smile to grow softly as her ears lifted the moment he spoke. Her eyes widening in surprise when he asked if she had eaten, casually asking her if she would like to share something with him. Although with the way his paws were shuffling against the cave floor, she could tell that he was nervous to do so. And he should.. he’s been a real badger. She thought silently to herself, whiskers twitching with amusement as she gave his cheek another lick. “Yes, I would love to share something with you.” She meowed with a nod, giving him a smile as she felt her heart warm with satisfaction. 

    Bright yellow eyes silently followed Honeysplash’s gaze as he turned his head in order to peer towards the new group of cats that were entering the cave mouth, the scent of RiverClan slowly filtering through the cave and grabbing her scent glands, of course her clanmate was always better at scenting than she was. Glancing towards Honeysplash, she listened calmly to his dislike but her whiskers twitched in amusement once more. “That is true.. but also more cats to hunt so our brave warriors don’t have to exhaust themselves.” She hinted at, her head giving his shoulder a gently head butt as she watched the small group of RiverClan shuffle into the cave, silently nodding to Honeysplash when he voiced his thoughts, her stomach growling gently. 


    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice

    Lungs were burning as the wild flowing water kept dragging her down, no matter how hard her back legs pushed against the current, her foretoes barely grazing the surface of the swollen river. Eyes wide under the murky water as she could just see the lighter layer of the water, calling out to her greedily as her body desired the air she was lacking. All she could hear was the pounding of her heart in her ears and the loud roar of the river, mouth agap as her body finally gave in to suck in the water around her as if she could breathe it. Lungs filling with water, her throat constricting with the feeling before her vision started to fail, Black shadows slowly creeping into her vision from the corner of her eyes. Eye lids falling to cover her pumpkin colored eyes, body jerking once before she went limp and the world went black, even the pounding in her ears began to fade. 

    Sorrelpaw didn’t even know when Wisteriastar had pulled her up to the surface, her senses numb. Even when she was dragged upon land and her mothers larger paws dig into her ribs in order to palpitate her heart and get her lungs twitching in order to cough up the water she ingested. Moments went by before her body jerked painfully, her facial features twisting with pain before the overwhelming need to spit up overcame her senses as she craved to breathe. Heaving, she sat up swiftly and turned her head as the nasty tasting water rushed from her lungs, coughing loudly as her eyes watered from the pain in her chest. Breathing in deep gulps, she turned her head to see her mothers concerned expression, but it was more of a leader concerned for their clanmate than the look of a frantic mother. 

    Exhausted from the ordeal, she laid on her side panting for a moment before she heard the shouts and yells of her clanmates standing above them on the ridge, chin tilting as she looked over her shoulder in time to see the large branch flying in their direction to directly slam into her mother. Simply in shock, her eyes widened considerably as she watched the calico she-cat drop to the ground like a dead bird, blood dripping from her wounds as she laid there silently. “Wisteriastar…?” Sorrelpaw asked in a soft voice, ears pinned back fully against her small head as she awaited her mother to groan or twitch. 

    Nothing. Wisteriastar didn’t even twitch for what seemed like minutes, Sorrelpaw could only stare at her mothers lifeless body. She had never seen a dead cat, let alone see someone die right in front of her. She visibly jumped when Wisteriastar twitched and gasped for air, letting her chin tilt for a moment as her eyes flickered over her mothers face, it was clear the older she-cat didn’t know exactly where she was. “Are you okay..” She questioned in a small voice, although Wisteriastar was already saying that she was alright and starting to stand up to walk towards her clanmates, leaving Sorrelpaw stunned in silence as she laid there for a moment, slight annoyance pricking at her pelt. “I’m alright too, thanks for saving me.” She mumbled under her breathe, slowly pushing herself into a standing position as she followed her mother up the ridge and the clan to where ShadowClan were hiding. 

    Hareflight [Mel]

    – Harepaw | ShadowClan Medicine Apprentice-

    Harepaw had been entirely prepared to make Saplingskies rest – her mentor was exhausted, and if he was going to be able to help others, he needed to look after himself. However, at the shout of Hornetstar’s name, the apprentice turned. As soon as she saw RiverClan approaching – at least what seemed to be left of the Clan – she knew this wouldn’t be plausible. Even with another medicine cat on their paws, there were just too many injured or sick cats to look after, and none of them would have time to rest until they had at least ensured the sickness wouldn’t become an epidemic. The molly’s head swivelled as Hornetstar spoke to Saplingskies. As much as she wanted to do what she could to help her mentor, she was well aware that he could handle himself. In fact, he might be better off working without her in the way – Saffrongaze would be a good help if he needed it. Wisteriaflower would be in good paws.

    She took a deep breath, feeling a frown tug at her lips. With so many injured cats, where could she even start? Her first instinct was to help those in her Clan – particularly to check up on Skunkpaw – but the longer they stayed here, the more the lines between Clans blurred, and she knew her duty wasn’t only to ShadowClan, not right now. So, Harepaw decided that the easiest course of action was to go to the nearest cat, and work her way from there. Without waiting for instruction from Hornetstar, the calico feline trotted to someone who had settled down at the edge of the cave, someone from RiverClan. She was a silver she-cat, and seemed to be favouring one of her forepaws.

    H-Hello,” Harepaw uttered, cursing her stammer in a time where she needed to get words out quickly. “I’m Harepaw. Uh- ShadowClan’s medicine cat a-apprentice. Your paw.” She gestured toward the lifted forepaw. “I can- I can help.” The best Harepaw could do was to hope that she wouldn’t receive much resistance. What they needed now was to look after cats, as efficiently and quickly as they could. “What’s your name?


    Saplingskies flicked his tail in acknowledgment of Harepaw’s concerns “I’ll be fine, Harepaw!” He insisted briskly, despite his aching everything. “I promise I’ll rest once everyone is settled and we’ve checked over all these sick and injured cats. Our clanmates, including SkyClan for now, are my first priority.” Saplingskies turned his attention to Hornetstar, ear flicking as the leader asked about the herbs. “Thankfully, with what we found, and what both clans already had, we should have plenty if we manage our resources carefully.” He reported, curling his tail around his paws. He started to say more, but the commotion at the front of the cave forced him into silence.

    He quickly rose to his paws, following Hornetstar to see what was happening. The sight of RiverClan made the young medicine cat freeze. He could just feel his blood pressure rising. Hopefully Fishtail had brought herbs as an offering, he wasn’t sure if they had enough for the sick and injured RiverClan cats as well. He couldn’t spot Fishtail in the crowd. Maybe he had fallen behind helping a sick queen or elder? It was then that he noticed the RiverClan deputy looked more red than usual… and it suddenly struck him that she had a terrible head wound. “Oh stars, Wisteriaflower! What happened?!” He squawked,  quickly padding up to examine her closer. “Please, come with me to the back of the cave. I’ll get you fixed up right away, I imagine that it hurts terribly!” The blinked, looking around the group of RiverClan cats once more. Rainstar wasn’t around either… “Um.. Wh- Where are Fishtail and Rainstar?” He asked nervously, feeling his stomach slowly sink. He feared he already knew the answer, just by the state of Wisteriaflower’s clanmates. There were so few of them, and they all seemed much more demoralized than SkyClan and ShadowClan… Had most of the clan been wiped out by this awful storm?


    Saffrongaze sat and sighed, waiting to hear what Hornetstar had to say but the calling of the yellow-pelted leader caught her attention and tired azure eyes whipped over to the Riverclan deputy, Wisteriaflower, her folded ears pricking. She immediately recognized and sensed blood from her. She stood on her paws, wincing but still pushed forward. But, Saplingskies’ question did make her pause. Scanning over the Riverclan cats, She watched as Harepaw took action to begin healing and she joined the apprentice’s side, escorting the rest of Riverclan inside where they could settle down and rest, and even share food they managed to hunt over the trip. She’d watch the Riverclan leader every now and again, mildly concern. Rainstar and Fishtail were gone, no doubt that the storm had claimed their lives. She didn’t wait for Saplingskies to begin tending to the sick and injured, as his paws were on Wisteriaflower. She began with those with a terrible cough, giving them Feaverfew and Tansy, using the herbs wisely and ensuring she’d have enough to treat each cat.



    The hefty toms body was warm from the tips of his ears to the end of his black and white striped tail, partly due to illness but mostly because his body laid weakly on another cat, a Skyclanner at that, just the thought of having to get help from another clan sat poorly with the apprentice. His golden eyes glancing at the smokey grey molly, “I’m sorry Smokewisp, I just wanted to help” His words shaky as he fought the pain that tinged his chest. Losing the fight with his eye lids Skunkpaw accepted his fate and rest as the others helped carry him to back. 

    Eyes blinking open weakly as they reached the current makeshift camp the two clans called home for now, relief washed over the tom, he could rest and check on Harepaw again. “I’m fine Firebird.” He announced as he relieved the other of his weight, a small thanks tossed in his direction. Skunkpaw was still wobbly on his paws and definitely wasn’t feeling well but he only had one thing on his mind. He brushed against his mentor softly, simply taking the prey he caught from her without a word, he couldn’t find the words to speak, he felt her down and made the patrol return early-It was all his fault. 

    The sight of the sight of the small calico rushing to his side warmed the tom cat, the small prey he caught specially for her clamp loosely in his jaws. He didn’t protest Harepaws request to go join the sick cats he just didn’t have the fighting spirit to. Setting his catch down away from the other felines, he gave Harepaw a fragile shoulder bump, trying to reassure her that he would be just fine. “I’ll rest here for now.” He promised, not wanting to cause anymore trouble for the clans, “But promise me you’ll eat when you return.” His eyes looked softly at the calico molly before finding a small to be alone, which was hard with so many cats, to just sit and think. 



    The remaining warmth from Coppercloud’s water soaked body slipped away, and was replaced with an ice cold chill, as he watched the horrific events unfold before his emerald green eyes. His younger littermate Sorrelpaw had taken a tumble into perilous rapids, and she had nearly been swept away, and would have been too if not for their leader and their mother, Wisteriastar’s swift actions. She plunged into the churning water without a second thought to her own well being, she fought bravely against the waves, showing no fear as she swam with the might of all of Starclan, to save her kit.

    Coppercloud left his apprentice’s side, to rush along beside the water, trying to keep his eyes trained on his mother and his sister. He had half the mind to leap in after them, yet before he could work up the courage to do so, he caught sight of Wisteriastar grasping Sorrelpaw by the scruff and hauling her over and out of the waters. Although bedraggled in appearance, Sorrelpaw and Wisteriastar appeared to be otherwise fine, but then disaster struck in the form of a large log.

    It barreled down atop Wisteriastar, and left her limp and lifeless, and there was blood, so much blood sprayed everywhere. Coppercloud bounded over to his mother’s side, and stared down at her, his eyes as wide as the moon. She wasn’t moving, and her body was as still as death, it was clear to him she’d lost a life. Coppercloud”s stomach churned violently, seeing the crimson liquid stain her fur, the ground, and leak into the water. He could only think about one thing and one thing alone, what if Wisteriastar hadn’t visited Starclan to gain her nine lives before they’d gone seeking shelter? Wisteriastar would have just been Wisteriaflower and have one life, and then she would have perished here. Leaving the clan without a leader, deputy, or medicine cat.

    When Wisteriastar began to stir, Coppercloud’s dark imaginings were chased away, and he was brought back to reality. Before Coppercloud could even utter a word, Wisteriastar was already up and moving, wasting no time in getting back to their objective. Coppercloud instead, opted to help his sister, knowing that’s what his mother would expect of him. He trotted over to Sorrelpaw, “Here, lean on my side, sister I’ll help you up the ridge.” He didn’t make any remarks about what he was thinking, knowing it would only irritate his sister to hear him speak his mind.

    He wanted to tell her that perhaps if he continued to be a worried hen, he could have helped Wisteriastar and prevented her from losing one of her freshly gained lives, yet he held his tongue. Knowing that now was not the time for bitterness to be festering more than it already was, within their family. Also, he really didn’t wish to be on Sorrelpaw’s bad side, he found out what it was like over there, and he didn’t want to cross the threshold again. He’d already sampled it once, so no thanks, he’d rather not sample it a second time.

    As they finally reached the top, they beheld Shadowclan in all their miserable glory, but not only that, there were also Skyclanners as well. He could recognize a few of them from the last gathering. He came to a stop, settling down into a sit, giving his sister a sideways glance, wondering if she was truly alright. What if she caught ill because of the murky waters? Perhaps it would be best that she should see a Medicine Cat as well.

    When Horentstar’s voice rang out in response to Wisteriastar, Coppercloud realized that the Shadowclan leader addressed his mother by her former name, though it didn’t shock him. Of course, how could they know?

    “It’s Wisteriastar now,” He replied curtly to Saplingskies, of course he meant no disrespect towards the Medicine Cat, he just lacked any emotion any his voice, “Rainstar perished saving kits in the floodwater, we’ve also lost our Medicine Cat, Fishtail.” He let out a trouble sigh, shaking his head, “This storm has been most unkind to us.”

    All he wanted now was to curl up and sleep, he was exhausted, and his pelt was heavy and soaked. His entire life had been uprooted without mercy, and there was no light in the dark he could see. The light had fizzled out once they’d set paw outside of Riverclan. Coppercloud felt so numb that he couldn’t even bring himself to tears.

    He hunched over like a wilted flower, and stared down at the ground beneath his paws, like it held all the answer to life’s mysteries. His gaze intent, yet dull and dim, it was the look of a feline who had long since been defeated.




    Blazestar stood with the rest of the ranks, glancing around as Hornetstar mentioned herbs. He’s right. There really isn’t a lot up here. Her thoughts were cut off as she heard a call approaching… Only to look in the direction of the voice and see a bloodied Wisteriastar and half of a disheveled RiverClan. “Oh dear StarClan…” Blaze gasped, her stomach churning in fear.

    It was only when Coppercloud corrected Hornetstar that she felt slightly more relieved. As relieved as you can get when looking at a bloodied cat with a massive head wound. She must’ve just lost a life… Thank goodness she’s still here. The news of Rainstar and Fishtail’s death saddened the ginger molly, but she couldn’t mourn them now. The storm had taken so many lives at that point… Lives that could never be brought back. Why won’t you help us StarClan? What have we done to deserve this?


    Fawncrest – RiverClan

    The silver she-cat’s fur began to bristle as the young calico ShadowClan cat approached her, stuttering. You’ll help me?” She snorted, her ears swivelling back. “You can hardly help your own words past your tongue!” Fawncrest swished her tail, her pride burning at the thought of accepting help from the young she-cat who had called herself Harepaw. Her amber eyes peered past to where she saw Saplingskies, the SkyClan medicine cat, took to caring for Wisteriastar, and her pelt began to slowly lie flat. It seemed the ShadowClan medicine cat was also tending to the needs of her clanmates.

    Heaving a sigh, she allowed her temper to deflate. As long as everyone else was being cared for. “I suppose I have no choice if I want to be of any use,” Fawncrest conceded, lifting her paw that had begun to swell for Harepaw to inspect. “I’m Fawncrest.”


    Hickoryroot – SkyClan

    Emerging from the back of the cave with a wad of moss within his jaws, green eyes peering around to survey the newcoming RiverClan cats, although it seemed only half their Clan had arrived. One of the newcomers in particular⁠, Wisteriastar⁠— the new RiverClan leader, as Coppercloud⁠ told— seemed to be among the worst of the injured, her fur caked with blood and her head injury still seemed to bleed. After a moment’s hesitation, he swiftly padded over before placing the moss down on the ground next to Saplingskies. “Can I help at all?” Hickoryroot offered, whiskers twitching nervously. “I know a little bit about healing⁠, though I’m no medicine cat. I could fetch some cobwebs?” He hoped he wasn’t overstepping by asking, but surely they could use all the help they could get.

    His mind ran through herbs that SkyClan’s medicine cats used, trying to recall things he’d seen or overheard and committed to his memory, but he was unsure how much of his knowledge would apply in this unfamiliar territory. But surely the cave would, at least, be filled with cobwebs, and he knew the medicine cats would have brought supplies with them. Admittedly, the chance to help out with medicinal duties sparked excitement in the gray warrior, especially if it meant learning just a little bit more about herbs and their uses.


    Only after Hornetstar had allowed the RiverClan cats permission to access the cave did Wisteriastar’s exhaustion truly hang over her like a wet blanket. She was suddenly aware of how heavy her paws felt as she lifted them from the stone floor to move forward. Her orange-amber eyes moved to Saplingskies as the ShadowClan Medicine Cat scurried toward her, his words tumbling haphazardly out of his mouth at the ghastly sight of her head wound. However, before she could answer the tom, her son, Coppercloud, spoke out, informing the ranks present of what RiverClan had lost. She would have acknowledged the young warrior normally with a nod of her head, but she was afraid that if she did, she would lose consciousness again from the simple movement.

    “Rainstar has lost their final life in the flood,” She announced as assuredly as she could, with what little strength she had left, “Fishtail has also died in the flood.” Wisteriastar was aware of Blazestar’s quiet expression of sympathy for the state that RiverClan was currently in, and she gave the fellow molly-leader a grateful blink. The calico warrior settled uncomfortably on her haunches as she reserved herself to allowing Saplingskies to aid in the treatment of the mortal wound she had just suffered. “I have lost my first life,” She told him quietly, her voice hardly that of a whisper and lost in the distance from anyone else present. The amount of lives a leader had was sacred to the leader alone and, normally, was only shared with the Clan’s medicine cat. However, RiverClan was without that and Saplingskies, Saffrongaze, and Harepaw would surely keep to their code as Medicine Cats and keep such information to themselves.

    Although her concentration was certainly much less than what it normally would be, Wisteriastar was aware of another cat approaching them, muttering something about wanting to help Saplingskies. He carried the scent of SkyClan on him and seemed rather interested in helping the healers, though he himself had just said a moment ago that he was not a medicine cat himself. “Would you tend to my daughter, Sorrelpaw?” She asked, glancing towards Saffrongaze, as both Harepaw and Saplingskies were currently occupied, “She fell in the floodwaters. I’d like to make sure that she’s not in any danger of sickness.”

    Her vision swam once more and she closed her eyes tightly, fighting against the urge to lay down and sleep. If she did, she may not wake up again in the same state as before. Not to mention, she didn’t want to appear feeble in the presence of all of ShadowClan and SkyClan’s ranks present. “So how are you fairing?” Wisteriastar questioned Hornetstar and Blazestar, “Better than me, I sure hope.”


    Saplingskies’ ear flicked slight annoyance at the tone Coppercloud spoke to him in, but he would let it slide for now. Nobody was in a good mood at the moment. Hopefully it wouldn’t happen again. “My apologies, Wisteriastar. I’m sorry for the losses you and your clan have faced.” He mewed, bowing his head. Sadness tugged at his heart for Fishtail. It was always heartbreaking to lose a fellow medicine cat. The young tom closed his eyes briefly and took a deep breath, steadying himself emotionally so he could tend to the problem at hand. One thing at a time. As with all the other losses he had experienced lately, he could mourn later. Not too far away, he heard some RiverClan warrior snarl at Harepaw, which caused the medicine cat to bristle. No cat was permitted to talk to his apprentice like that! However, the situation seemed to resolve itself and the rude warrior calmed down. He would definitely be keeping an eye on her.

    When Wisteriastar quietly mentioned losing her first life, Saplingskies could only nod solemnly. “I can imagine, this wound is ghastly…” He muttered, taking a closer look at the gaping wound on the she-cat’s head. Suddenly, a warrior from SkyClan came wandering up, asking if he could help. Typically he would send a warrior away in this situation, but he needed all the help he could get. “Cobwebs would be great if you can find any…” He said, eyeing the moss Hickoryroot had dropped when he offered to help. “I’ll need a bit of this, I’ll help you collect more later in return.” He reached down and tore a bit of moss off the rest of the bundle and took it over to a place in the cave where water was leaking from a small hole in the ceiling and forming a small pool. ‘At least there’s an acceptable source of water up here…’ He thought to himself as he dipped the moss. Once it was decently saturated, he returned to Wisteriastar. “This will be cold,” he warned before gently placing it on her wound. He dabbed the gash slowly, making sure to clean off all the blood and any debris that may cause irritation. The cold water slowed the bleeding, and soon it stopped altogether.

    Once Saplingskies was satisfied, he set the bloody moss down and went to collect the basket of herbs he had collected with Saffrongaze earlier. He pulled out a small comfrey root, followed by a couple oak leaves, began chewing them up into a pulp. Once the plants were thoroughly chewed, he spat them out on a piece of bark, grabbed another bit of clean moss, and used it to apply the poultice. “The comfrey will help the wound heal, and the oak leaves will keep infection from setting in,” he explained, knowing that most cats liked to know the purpose of the plants he chewed up and spat on them. Once all of the poultice was applied, he went to the basket once more and pulled out a couple dandelion leaves “Eat these to help with any pain. Once Hickoryroot returns with the cobwebs, you’ll be all set… I’ll be right back.” He padded back to the front of the cave, to the make-shift fresh kill pile. He picked up a mouse, then returned to Wisteriastar, setting the creature down at her paws “I’m sure you must be starving…” he mewed, settling down close to her so they could speak without any cat overhearing.

    “Fishtail didn’t have an apprentice… Your clan is completely without a medicine cat?” He asked, eyes flickering with concern. “Has StarClan spoken to you about a replacement?”


    The calico warrior flinched at the chill of water that was pressed into her open wound as Saplingskies cleaned out the gash of the debris from the log that had hit her. She listened quietly as the ShadowClan medicine cat listed before her the uses of the herbs he was using on her wound that would help treat it. She flicked a tattered ear in acknowledgement, grateful to the tom for treating the knock she had received on the head with such care. When the brown tom left her and then returned with the dandelion leaves and a mouse for her to eat, she blinked gratefully at him. RiverClan surely had been lacking in prey lately due to the swelling of their river, and the fish that died out as a result. However, she knew that all prey was scarce during this time and none of them necessarily had the resources to spare. Wisteriastar lapped up the leaves as she was instructed and then garbled down the mouse in a few famished bites. “Thank you,” she expressed to him.

    When Saplingskies leaned in to her once more and quietly mentioned his concern to RiverClan’s current state of a lack of a medicine cat, Wisteriastar nodded in confirmation. “Yes, Fishtail’s loss to us is very great. Our lack of a healer in this time is detrimental.” She sighed haggardly, her tail flicking back and forth to express her agitation in the state her clan was in. “However, when I lost my first life, I received a vision from StarClan.” She told him, “They told me that the answer lays outside our borders. What do you suppose that means?” Wisteriastar glanced at Saplingskies hopefully, if anyone could decipher what a message from StarClan were to mean, perhaps a medicine cat such as himself could help.



    The fox-dung just kept piling up on top of each other, and was rapidly nearing a tipping point. A few more pieces, and… Well, he hoped the pile tipped in their favor, not on top of them. It was only understandable he was a bit grumpy with everything that just kept getting thrown at him. He couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose in the obvious beginnings of a snarl as an orange and white RiverClan tom spoke to him, green eyes hard. “This storm has been most unkind to everyone, RiverClanner. You’re lucky ShadowClan allows your Clan to stay,” he huffed, turning around with a final flick of his tail tip.

    These damn Clans, waltzing into and across ShadowClan territory to the mountains, acting like they owned the place. StarClan could bet that Hornetstar would be using the debt SkyClan now owed them, the same said about RiverClan. But not right away, of course. Not if he could help it, no. ShadowClan would be cashing in at the most inconvenient of times, just for payback. Calming himself once more, he approached Wisteriastar and Saplingskies, unaware of the important conversation they were having. “Congratulations on the promotion, Wisteriastar,” he mumbled, sounding almost callous. It certainly wasn’t what one would expect to hear at this time, condolences the most likely, but he was of the belief she needed to accept her new role and move on. Rainstar was dead. Fishtail was dead. She had a Clan to lead. “RiverClan may join us until the rain stops. I’m afraid we don’t have much to offer, except for herbs, luckily. Hunting and gathering patrols will be sent out in the morning. Get some rest tonight.”

    Gruff words, but what did one expect elsewise from Hornetstar? He gave her a nod, heading off further into the cave. Before finally turning in for his first wink of sleep in far too long, he was going to check up on his Clan.

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