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    After what seemed like forever, the patrol he had taken into the mountains found a cave suitable for both SkyClan and ShadowClan to shelter in. It was large, and had no dangers that the patrol had been able to find. But the one thing that mattered above all else? It was dry and would shelter them from the rain. Admittedly it was going to be a bit more chilly than the comfortable tunnels ShadowClan was used to living in, and certainly more so than the cozy forest SkyClan was used to, but it would do until this StarClan awful storm finally blew over. If anything, everyone would be glad to finally be dry again.

    The patrol had returned to the temporary camp the two Clans had set up on the forest floor at the base of the mountains, and Hornetstar had shared the news with Blazestar, Firebird, and Smokewisp. Naturally the three had agreed heading up to the cave would be a good idea, and so the two Clans had set off once more. This time they didn’t have to travel as far though, so the trip passed relatively quick. Once they made it to the cave Hornetstar headed over to a big rock, hopping onto it and giving out a yowl.

    “I want the queens, kits, and elders settled in first. There might be some moss or lichen deeper into the cave, so any able bodied warriors or apprentices should look into that for materials to make nests. Otherwise we’ll be sleeping on the warm, cushy cave floor. Able bodied apprentices and warriors are welcomed to hunt as well, but I suggest you get rest while you can.  It’s getting late tonight,” he paused, letting those words sink in before continuing on. “In the morning Smokewisp will send out more hunting patrols. I will converse with the other ranks -“ The golden tom glanced at the SkyClan ranks, clearly meaning all other ranks. “And see what else we think should be done tomorrow.”


    ((the pacing of RiverClan’s posts will be starting from their departure in ThunderClan first and then to their arrival in ShadowClan — in this post they have not yet arrived in SC))


    The calico feline would never admit it out loud but she was glad to be out of ThunderClan’s camp. The atmosphere in there was simply suffocating, surrounded by WindClan felines that would rather she vanish, and trapped between the confines of undergrowth left and right while they were struggling with ever-consistent rain was absolutely not a favorable condition to the RiverClan leader. Her overbearing attitude often got her in trouble with other cats, it seemed as though clan cats seemed to be entitled to respect without so much as earning it for themselves, and that was something that the born-rogue feline never quite understood personally. Wisteriastar was always the type to be a commanding presence and while she respected authority itself, she would never feebly hide her feelings towards another cat if she felt they were behaving distastefully. WindClan would probably dislike her for a while, if not her entire leadership, but they would just have to get over it. It was like water off a duck’s feathers to her.

    Another thing she quite disliked was splitting her clan in two; leaving Heronflight in ThunderClan was the wisest choice for the benefit of her clan, but she would surely feel his absence later. A leader without their deputy lacked their full force as a clan. She did, however, have her kits with her and that gave her a sense of comfort, to know that she wasn’t completely alone as she lead her clan on through ThunderClan territory in their pursuit of ShadowClan’s resting grounds. 



    Crocuspaw had been eager to leave Thunderclan. No, they weren’t hostile and no, they didn’t try to chase them off immediately, what made the tom nervous was the sheer number of felines all together. Crocuspaw also knew that other cats would need help, and their queens and elders would be fine with the shelter Thunderclan would provide-even if that shelter was temporary.

    Stepping forward, the tom ignored that weird itching in his chest as he focused on walking. It was with a loud, undignified yelp that the apprentice slipped and fell forward, the mud squelching beneath him and clinging to his fur. Scrambling back up, Crocus let out a small gagging sound as he glared at his mud covered chest.



    When Blazestar first heard the news about the cave, she was excited to finally have a place to shelter from the neverending rain. The rock in the cave would be far less comfortable to sleep on than the cozy tree she normally slept in, but it was better than sleeping outside. The storm would pass soon enough, and SkyClan would finally be leaving the company oh so welcoming Hornetstar and the rest of ShadowClan. She’d rather sleep in a camp full of fallen trees than spend more than another few days with the tom-cat that seemingly had a wasp’s nest shoved up his ass constantly. When they finally reached the cave the patrol had located earlier, she let out a sigh of relief. “Finally. No more traveling for a while,” she said thankfully. She listened to Hornetstar’s announcements patiently, oddly satisfied with the fact that she was finally being recognized as the leader she was.

    Blazestar sat waiting at the base of the rock, watching as the two clans dispersed and becan working on what needed to be done. If she hadn’t known what her clanmates looked like, she wouldn’t be able to tell the two clans apart. All the scent had been washed off of their pelts at this point, and every cat was just as malnourished as the cat next to them. It made sense that the clans would be sticking together in such a desperate time, but what would happen once the storm cleared up? Will SkyClan and ShadowClan get close enough to each other that they wouldn’t want to separate? What if one of her clanmates wanted to stay with ShadowClan, or vice versa? It was all very unlikely, but she was still worrying nonetheless.


    Saplingskies had been traveling with the sick and wounded cats from both ShadowClan and SkyClan, making sure nobody got left behind. The small brown tom was limping slightly, having jarred a hip and a shoulder helping a ShadowClan she-cat, Nightbreeze, that nearly tumbled off the side of the mountain. Some warrior was helping her walk at the moment, so he would check up on her later. It certainly was a scary situation, no cat would have been able to survive a fall from that height. ‘A fall like that would probably take all nine of a leader’s lives at once…’ He thought absently, whiskers twitching.

    Saffrongaze had taught him how to make baskets like the one she had been carrying when SkyClan first came to join up with ShadowClan. His wasn’t perfect, it honestly looked pitiful, but it worked well enough to carry the herbs he had gathered with Saffrongaze and some helpful warriors. It was quite a lucky haul. He had hoped to collect more, but he would take what he could get. What he had collected, plus what ShadowClan already had and what SkyClan had brought, there was more than enough to treat the sick cats, at least for now. That’s all he could ask for.

    Once they had all arrived to the cave, he quickly ushered his little group inside, and took a random healthy warrior aside. He wasn’t sure if they were a clanmate or not, but at this point, he didn’t care. “Please take these cats somewhere to the back of the cave, but keep them away from the kits and elders. I’ll be with them shortly.” The warrior followed his instructions without a fight, and Saplingskies was grateful for that. He’d have to remember to thank them later. With that, he went to join the other ranks, tail limply dragging the cave floor. It was obvious that the young tom was tired and sore, but he continued on with his head held high.

    He sat beside Blazestar, a sharp hiss of pain escaping him as he jarred his pulled muscles once more. He swore under his breath and shook the pain off, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself before mewing an apology to the cats around him. He didn’t even notice that his paws and tail had begun to tremble. He’d gotten used to the occasional tremors, which had started when he had gotten ill a couple moons back, so he never paid much attention to them anymore. He let out a pained sigh before looking to the SkyClan leader “Let me know if you or Firebird need anything. I’m sure Saffrongaze could use a break, and we have plenty of herbs for cracked pads and sore joints…” He mewed gently, offering the she-cat a small smile. He then turned his gaze up to Hornetstar, quietly waiting for the ornery tom to come down for the discussion.


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Smokewisp milled out, her fur standing on end. ‘Oh Skunkpaw,’ she silently despaired. Her apprentice had collapsed during the hunting patrol, his body wracked by a fit of coughing. Although embarrassing, she had asked Skyclan’s deputy to carry him back. Now, she could only wait. The clan’s medicine cats were stretched to their limits, and Skunkpaw wasn’t alone in illness. She sat silently, tail twitching with impatience as Hornetstar yowled for attention.

    Her ears flicked in acknowledgement of her leader’s orders. ‘We should have more luck hunting in the morning,’ she thought. A fresh-kill pile sat beneath the boulder Hornetstar stood upon. For a single clan it’d be a feast. But, considering the sheer quantity of hungry bellies it wouldn’t be enough. She sighed, knowing there was still a great deal of work to be done. She quietly slunk away, understanding that Hornetstar had acknowledged her haste to work.

    She began to sniff around the cave, searching for possible bedding. Dried leaves were wedged into corners throughout the cave. ‘Better than nothing,’ she mused as she dug into them. They were dry and crinkly but softer than the rocky floor. She glanced around, hoping to catch the eye of a clanmate or two. Bedding would first be distributed to the elders and kits. Then to the ill and thoroughly exhausted. Perhaps she’d be able to bring some for Skunkpaw soon.


    Honeysplash – Skyclan Warrior

    Soft pawsteps and whispering words echoed around the cave. Honeysplash shifted uncomfortably, feeling claustrophobic beneath the heavy stone ceiling. He padded forward, dropping a sparrow in the fresh-kill pile. He was so starved that he wanted to dive right in. But, he restrained himself and turned away despite his salivating maw. Hopefully this nightmare would soon be over.

    SnowyOwl’s white pelt caught his attention as he turned. His ears flushed red and he felt a sudden loss for words. ‘What is going on with me? I must be ill or mouse-brained, I’ve never felt this way about a she-cat before,’ He grimaced, desiring strongly to break the ice. He could take the silence between them no longer. He needed regain his suave persona, and this she-cat was cramping his style. He couldn’t explain it, but something about her made his words stick to his throat. “This just feels wrong, doesn’t it?” he mewed, his voice squeaking softly. ‘Gah, foxdung!’ he winced. “Feels like we’re all … uh … trapped inside of a predator’s mouth.” He mewed, gesturing towards the ceiling. Stalactites hung down, almost like giant teeth. “Anyway, I suppose we should help with getting everyone settled.” He looked around, pondering their options. There was a rather agitated smokey she-cat pawing at some leaves. She looked like she could use some help, but her scary expression was more than a little intimidating. “Maybe not the one who looks like she has bees in her fur though…” he snorted.


    Firebird ~Skyclan Deputy

    Nostrils flaring as he takes deep breaths in and out, his muscles giving a dull ache with every step the deputy took. He felt even more exhausted than when he was hunting, having to carry Skunkpaw back to the makeshift camp had been enough to knock his breath away and make his malnourished body quake under the pressure of the bulk from the apprentice. At first Firebird wanted to outright reject the absurd suggestion from Smokewisp in carrying the obviously ill young tom. He had to bite his tongue back there from snapping at the Shadowclan deputy to do it herself, what stopped him? He does not really know, in any other situation he wouldn’t give a rats ass about hurting someone’s feelings or turning someone away because they were not part of his clan, not his responsibility. Perhaps it all had to do with the predicament both Shadowclan and Skyclan were in? Whatever the reason was; he did not like it one bit.
    Masking his emotions, hiding his discomfort at the semi-deep wound that ran down his left side. The blood had long since clotted, giving the blazing tom some relief that the bleeding was under control. Of course he knew that he would have to seek medical attention, but he also knew that he was not a priority. There were many felines around him that held a higher need than his own. Jaw clenching as he bared through the stinging pain radiating from his cut, the quivering of his feathery white whiskers were the only indicators of his distress of pain. Barely sparring Hornetstar a glance as he listened to his little speech. Flicking his fluffed fiery ginger tail ever so slightly as he caught on to Hornetstar’s meaning. ‘It would seem that I and the other ranks are being summoned’ he thought. Huffing along the way as he couldn’t help but scout for his brother; Honeysplash. Furrowing his brows in mild worry as he had sent him and Snowyowl out to seek this shelter.
    Grunting in a form of relief yet displeasure as he caught sight of Honey awkwardly trying his best to patch up the coldness that had spread towards the two oblivious love birds; that had created an unforeseen distance between the two. If Firebird has truly cared he would have already smacked Honeysplash by now and tell the mouse-brain that he was letting his imaginary ego stand in his way of getting the girl. Snorting as a image that appeared in his minds eye; smacking an idiotic brother of his. ‘Oh how satisfying that would be…’ he mused before finally deciding to make his way to the other ranks that had gathered by the bottom of the rock that the golden Shadowclan leader still resided on, ‘Pfft who died and made him king?’ Firebird snickered before letting his emotionless mask slip into place.
    Nodding his head toward the fellow ranks, showing his acknowledgment before settling down on Blazestar’s other side. Sucking on his teeth to prevent a hiss escaping as he accidentally stretched the wound, causing the clotted dry blood to crack ever so slightly, letting small beads of blood trickle down his damp fur. Ignoring his side, letting his tired but observant ember eyes glance around at all the cats mingling together. It was an odd sight seeing so many together when it wasn’t a gathering. Stilling his gaze as he catches sight of Hollowflame, the Shadowclan Warrior, that had accompanied him on the hunting expedition. In a way Hollowflame had made an impression on the Skyclan Deputy. He would even go as far as to say that he held some sort of respect for the lad, though it would really kill him to say so. Just looking at the bengal caused his side to twinge as if reminding him how he received the gash in the first place.
    ‘Bastard better be grateful for saving his ass. Stupid debris’ just the thought caused a barely noticeable twitch to his lips, holding back a smirk. Turning his head slightly as he takes in the form of his leader and Saplingskies, tufted ears twitching as he eavesdrops on to their conversation. Humming as he decided that Saplingskies was not as stuck up as his leader, he could maybe tolerate him, but he also did not like kiss asses, he had yet to determine Saplingskies. With being deputy, Firebird knew that he needed to get up and help out the clans in retrieving bedding so many could sleep comfortably tonight. Yet, he could not will himself to move, to rise onto his aching and cracking paws, or to irritate his wound any further. Blinking slowly as he does his best to remain level and to fight off his hunger and exhaustion.

    Puddlepaw 💧 Riverclan Apprentice

    His pace was slower than it had been when their journey began, weary in mind and body. “They’re a pair, a duo… They’re like us, right?” Crocuspaw’s words wrapped around and around his mind as he followed his fellow apprentice to the cave. Then he had only nodded his head, unsure of how to respond. But he spent a brief moment after observing Hollystar and her mate, their closeness, and how it mirrored what he shared with the tom. They’re like us… right?

    He was pulled from his thoughts by a sudden lurch in movement from Crocuspaw, bicolor eyes widening as his companion collapsed in the muck. Puddlepaw rushed to the scene without a second thought. “Are you alright?” he asked, looking over the silver tabby. Concern was written all over his patched face, kitty brows stitched close together.



    Puddlepaw‘s two-colored eyes were the first thing Crocus thought of when he thought of his memories as a kit. Even when they were younger Crocuspaw had been attached to the prickly tom, and the tom had become more or less tolerant of the grey tom. Now that they were apprentices, that tolerance had turned into friendship-if friendship was a sharp tug and a twist in the gut every time Crocus laid eyes on Puddlepaw, that is.

    “Yeah… I’m fine…” Looking up and past his companion, the tom stood to his full height, looking at the surrounding area. “When are we-“ the tom broke off into a fit of coughing before he could finish whatever he’d planned on saying. Shaking his head vigorously, the apprentice tried again, “When are we going to reach Shadowclan?”

    Hareflight [Mel]

    Relief filled the calico she-cat as they approached the cave the patrol had found. It hadn’t been a long walk, but everyone was malnourished and tired, and although the cave would be colder than all of the cats were used to, it would at least be somewhere dry for the cats to rest. That was especially important for the sick and injured, who had been pushing themselves farther than they would have been allowed in any other situation. Now, hopefully, they could be tended to, at least without the constant rain battering their pelts.


    Through the journey Harepaw had fluttered to the sides of many of her clanmates, and those in SkyClan, aiding however she could. Mostly, however, she stayed with Skunkpaw, wondering why he hadn’t mentioned to her that he had been sick. It was him wanting to be helpful to his Clan, she supposed, or maybe fear of worrying others – the same reason she had kept quiet when she had been overwhelmed earlier. Thankfully, her rest with Briarfeather had helped her regain her energy and get her stress under control, so that she could now help those around her.


    She softly brushed sides with Skunkpaw, glancing over to him as they approached the cave. “We-We’ll be there soon. You should go to the back of the cave with the other s-sick cats.” Her brows furrowed apologetically. “I’ll be there soon to check up on you, Skunkpaw– promise.” 


    Once this was said, Harepaw made her way over to the other ranks, sitting down beside Saplingskies. Her eyes trailed to his trembling paws and tail, and she let out a soft sigh. “Saplingskies, y-you need to rest soon. Even if it’s just for a little bit.” Then her voice grew quieter and softer. “You’re work-working yourself too hard. I can check everyone over a-and start treating cats where I can.” She opened her mouth as if to say more, before seemingly deciding she had said enough, and closing her jaws, running a tongue over her maw nervously. 


    Fawncrest padded after Wisteriastar and the rest of her clan, a prickle of discomfort rising in her at the thought of leaving her friends. Tigertail had always been friendly toward her, and she’d been close to Forestmask since they were kits in the RiverClan nursery. But right now, this was where she was needed. She was torn from her thoughts as Crocuspaw began coughing behind her, turning back and eyeing him with concern, though the coughing stopped again and she tore her gaze away. Puddlepaw was there with him— they’d be alerted if the apprentice got too bad to travel.

    Aside from those she left behind in ThunderClan, Fawncrest was relieved to be out of the forestlands. Although, going to ShadowClan would mean that not only were RiverClan relying on ThunderClan, but now another. Their debt would likely not be soon forgotten, and she only hoped it would not be lorded over them in future.


    ~Coppercloud RC Warrior~

    The rain never relented, not once, as half of Riverclan trekked along towards Shadowclan territory. In fact, Coppercloud wouldn’t dare say it out loud, because the clan morale was at an all new low- but he believed the rain had only gotten heavier, and the wind had become more intense.

    At current moment, Coppercloud was right beside his mother, matching her strides, in perfect harmony. He hadn’t once wandered away from her, his unrelenting loyalty never wavering, it was one of his more desirable qualities.

    Though his heart felt like it had been shattered and ground to dust, he wouldn’t let it interfere with his duties to his clan, his clan was everything to him and more important than his personal feelings. The clan came first, always, no matter the circumstances.

    As he trotted along, he could tell that the elders, queens, kits and younger apprentices were struggling to keep up. Including his apprentice Burntpaw. He turned his gaze towards his mother.

    “Mother, I’ve noticed that many cats are struggling, I do hope you don’t mind if I leave your side for just a moment to assist them.” 

    ~Nightbreeze SC Warrior~

    Nightbreeze hobbled towards the cave, her back leg pulsing with pain, she didn’t know if it was sprained, fractured or all out broken. She’d fallen down quite a ways, and nearly lost her life when the ledge she’d landed on had given way underneath her. Thank her lucky stars that Saplingskies and a few other clan cats had the calm of mind to organize a swift rescue.

    Or else… she shuddered, and not due to the bitter chill, that settled deep into the very core of her being. She didn’t even want to imagine what would have happened, if she’d fallen such a long distance, no doubt it wouldn’t have been pleasant. Either she would’ve perished on impact, or cling to life just barely, but suffer in sheer unrelenting agony, until her body gave and she passed away. Or if she somehow survived both the fall and the aftermath, by nothing less than a miracle, she surely would be crippled for the rest of her days. Then have to retire to the elders den prematurely.

    She was certainly grateful that she’d gotten away with only a leg injury, she was incredibly luck that she hadn’t take a perilous plunge off the side of the mountain, clumsy oaf that she was. Once this fierce storm had subsided, she’d make more of an effort to carefully place her paws down on the path, so as not to slip once more while going down. When that may be, she hadn’t any idea, though she assumed she would need anywhere from a week to a moon’s rest, depending on the extent of damage to her leg.

    Nightbreeze slumped down onto the cool floor of the cave, not really having any other options, there wasn’t any nests placed down yet. She’d just have to wait for the able-bodied warriors and apprentices to go collect any dry nesting material they could find. That is, if they could even find any, in this dreary storm.

    ~Palepetal SkC Warrior~

    The trip up into the mountains had been treacherous, there had been plenty of blood chillingly close calls, with cats struggling up the mountain path. There had been many that had nearly fallen off into the abyss. Palepetal had watched on in terror as Nightbreeze, a quirky cheerful Warrior, which was rare for a Shadowclanner, plummet off the side of the path.

    Palepetal does hope she considers herself blessed, and is thanking Starclan for her fortune that she didn’t meet her untimely end, by landing upon a ledge and breaking her fall. Palepetal had been one of the warriors to help pull the shaken molly up off the ledge, and not a moment too soon, for it gave way after they’d gotten her safely back up onto the path. The Skyclan molly attempted to keep dark thoughts at bay, trying not to imagine what may have happened to the lovely black and white molly if they’d been just a moment too late.

    Palepetal could easily see any of her own family members in Nightbreeze’s position, and as such, she decided to be one of the Warriors who went out hunting to feed everyone’s starving bellies. It would keep her mind off of her dark imaginings, and give her something useful to do, so she wouldn’t feel like a burden to any of those around her.

    “I volunteer to go hunting, we’ll need as many claws and teeth as possible, if we are to hope of catching anything out in this weather. Most of the prey will have hidden themselves away. So, it’s best that we either catch prey that’s unfortunate enough to be out in the open, or find out where they’ve hidden- and drive them out.”



    It was a very long explanation on how Saffrongaze came to become a temporary guardian to a lost kit. She’d explained to Saplingskies that she had found the kit, clinging onto life and a branch in the Babbling Brook territory. She traveled alongside Briarfeather, carrying two of her kits within one basket while the other basket occupied plentiful herbs she and the Shadowclan medicine cat managed to gather during the harsh storm.

    A tired, worn molly replaced with determination, she forced herself forward. Being in Skyclan, working your paws to the bone wasn’t anything new; their camp relied on balance and climbing so she was used to laboring her paws. She couldn’t keep her mind off her kit, she called herself Speckles. ‘Sounds like a kittypet name but, no scent of it or a collar. I wonder if the storm washed it off, just like how it wiped out native scents from every single cat here. She couldn’t divide Shadowclan and Skyclan anymore but she didn’ care. She sighed in relief when they reached their destination: a mountain cavern. Finally, a roof over all these cat’s heads. She nudged forward a sick warrior to where Hornetstar ordered them then faced Saplingskies as he padded to her ranks to inform Blazestar of something then joined Hornetstar. It seemed he wanted an audience with his and Skyclan’s ranks. She sighed softly, taking a quick detour to settle Briarfeather’s kits with her and swipe a tongue over Speckles‘ head before padding to join her group, the pain within her slightly cracked paw pads becoming more intense now that she’d staying still. She winced slightly, settling down on her haunches and licking her dirty pads to add some relief to them. It made her look weak to tend to her own wounds before the sick and injured, she even winced at Firebird’s wound. She’d need to figure out a way to patch that up. Spiderwebs wouldn’t due; they’d disappear due to the soaked fur. Her peach folded ear flicked as Saplingskies mentioned that she should rest and she shook her head. “You and Harepaw rest first. We’ll take turns until we’re both well-rested. I have the herbs to start healing the sick. Unless you will help me for a while then rest. I’m fine” She insisted but her muscles burned under her fur and her body felt fatigued. She’d barely eaten anything and Saffrongaze began to feel the effects. Her forelegs trembled, and it showed as her long fur hung like lichen on a willow tree. She attempted to dry herself with a quick body shake, a shaky sigh escaping her pink lips.


    Snowyowl ~ SkyClan Warrior

    Long pink tongue was roughly licking at her snowy white fur as she tried to dry herself off at a quicker pace, licking at her fur in the wrong direction for small water droplets to drop to the stone, splattering around her figure as she tried to rid the scent of rain off of her. Faint shivers were making their way up and down her spine as the cold wind kissed at her wet skin from filtering through the cracks of the cave. Grunting slightly, she surpassed the feelings of a shiver before she licked at her lips and gave herself a quick shake, water droplets flying around her before she started licking at her chest fur. 

    Nostrils flared slightly as she drank in the sweet and soft scent of honey and rain, her scent glands craving more of the scent as it got closer and closer. Hesitantly, she stopped licking her fur and lifted her chin, striking yellow eyes spotting the ginger and white tomcat as he got closer and closer to her. His eyes on her caused her heart to skip a beat, but she kept her facial expression clear of too much emotion, although her ears were lowering to lay against her cranium. She was expecting a scowl from the tomcat, that’s how he had been addressing her for two moons now. SnowyOwl blinked is surprise as Honeysplash was actually being pleasant and trying to strike of a conversation, clearing her throat to speak. “Uh, yes. It does feel really weird.” She agreed with him, being enclosed was really a strange feeling but she was more focused on his body language and his voice. Was he nervous to speak to her? Smiling faintly she watched as he started to look around, probably so he didn’t have to look at her but he approached her. Hesitantly she glanced towards the smoky she-cat that she figured was ShadowClans Deputy. “Yes, I suppose.. although you should probably groom yourself.. your dripping wet.” She meowed with a grin. 

    Standing upright, she lowered her upper body and stretched herself out, her muscles whining in protest against the movement but in all honesty it felt good as well. Straightening up she looked up at Honeysplash his charming good looks and his scent were drawing her in, causing her eyes to appear hooded before she shifting and leaned up on her toes, her tongue gently scoring over his cheek. “You had a little bit of mud there.” She lies gently, her nose lightly against his cheek before she pulled her head back and gave him a smile. “You should eat as well.. I know you haven’t.” She meowed gently. 
    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice

    She knew why she was so sour about leaving Sootstain behind, but her mind was currently fixed on the sharp ache and throb of her paw with the cracked skin. The mud and water from the ground was causing the raw flesh to sting, but she kept a brave face on as she wasn’t prepared to look weak, especially when most of the cats in this group where her immediate family. Slowly her tongue slipped from her lips as she licked at the raw skin, eyes flickering towards CopperCloud as she noticed he was keeping a close look eye on their mother as if he were afraid she would break in two. “Honestly, Coppercloud… Wisteriastar doesn’t need you being a worry hen.” Sorrelpaw grumbled, clearly her mood hadn’t lifted since she was led away from Sootstain, her pelt prickling faintly just at the thought of the handsome grey tabby. 

    Chin tilting, water droplets were dripping off of the fur to her chin and her whiskers felt heavy from the water, a sigh leaving her lips before she looked ahead of her, keeping her pain to herself. Koipaw was just a few steps in front of her, walking beside of his mentor, the poor small Tom looked miserable from the walk and from the rain. She felt bad for her Littermate, he seemed a bit down every since their quarrel with Pantherpaw, her other litter mate who acted like they were a nuisance. Stepping down on a stone, her eyes had been looking elsewhere, the stone pricked into the raw skin of her bleeding paw, causing her to yelp in pain as she jumped slightly forwards. Her chest gently bumping into Koipaws hip, which seemed enough for his paws to slip against the wet grass and mud, his body beginning to shift towards the flood water a few feet below the ridge. 

    “Beetle dung.” She quickly gasped, knowing her brother had a keen sense of fear of the water, her claws outstretched to dig into the grass as she quickly leaned forwards, her teeth roughly digging into the back fur of Koipaw, yanking upward to pull him swiftly away from the edge of the ridge and away from the roar of the flood water. Although with her movements she had to displace her weight in order to move her brother fast enough, that her body was instantly pushed sideways. “Ah!” She gasped in surprise as her outstretched claws tried to cling to the grass and muddy ground but she found nothing to ground herself. Releasing Koipaws pelt, she felt gravity take hold as she fell three feet into the raging flood. 

    Orange eyes wide, she watched as cats leaned over the ridge line in shock and fear right before she felt the icy embrace of the swelled river, her eyes immediately closing as she was quickly surrounded with the murky water. Being a RiverClan cat, she knew how to swim, but with the current of the river being abnormally strong, her paws ached and her lungs screamed as she fought to resurface. 


    – Wisteriastar || RiverClan Leader –


    The RiverClan cats spent the rest of their day making their way to ShadowClan’s camp, their pelts soaked so through with water that it may as well have been nothing more than a wet blanket and their bones dreary with exhaustion. It was much to her dismay when they finally reached the location where ShadowClan’s camp should have been, that the river cats came across nothing but floodwater. The tunnels! Wisteriastar thought, of course the ShadowClan cats have gone. Their home is underground, there’s no way they could stay here with all this rain going on. The calico warrior momentarily cursed herself. How could she be as foolish enough not to think ahead to account this? Now she had to drag her tired clanmates all the way around the territory all over again to try and find where the ShadowClan cats had gone under the mask of rain to disguise their scent trail. 

    Regardless, she held her head high. She could not afford to let her clan become discouraged now. “Let’s keep moving.” She told them, parting her jaws and sticking her nose deep down to the soil to try and catch even the faintest clue of where they had gone. Luckily, it wasn’t scent that guided her. a few tail-lengths ahead, Wisteriastar spotted a flash of honey fur. Hurriedly, she went after it. Caught in the twigs of debris, she recognized the fur of ShadowClan’s leader, Hornetstar. She could barely make out the shapes of pawsteps in the damp soil here, collapsed under the weight of an entire clan evacuating their home. Her eyes traced them, and as she recognized where they were headed, she felt the grace of relief. The mountains! That’s where they are! The calico warrior gave a wave of her tail. “Come on!” She motioned for her warriors to follow her, excitement buzzing in her paws as though she were a carefree kit again as she followed the path the ShadowClan warriors had taken.


    They were just about there and Wisteriastar’s paws ached. Emotions akin to pity coursed through her as she thought of her clanmates suffering the same but she pushed it down. RiverClan’s cats were not weak, they wouldn’t die of sore paws, and this journey was necessary for their very survival. Surely, they understood that as well. And once they arrived at ShadowClan’s temporary nesting grounds, they would have the grace of Saplingskies and his apprentice, Harepaw, to assist their injuries from the long trek here. Her attention was diverted to her son, Coppercloud, who had loyally remained by her side this entire way here as he spoke up. “Yes, of course. You do not have to ask my permission to do so.” She told him, waving him off with her tail. 

    Wisteriastar’s determination was abruptly interrupted. Yowls of panic sounded from behind her and she whipped her head around immediately to find the source of it. Her eyes singled out the group of clustering cats near the edge of where the floodwater had carved out a new path in the ground. “Sorrelpaw’s fallen in!” She heard a cat cry, and without hesitation, the calico warrior turned and bounded straight for the edge of the newborn gorge. “Stay back!” She ordered as she delved into the fierce current. It wasn’t that she had the confidence of being the best swimmer in her clan, because she knew that she wasn’t, she wasn’t even RiverClan born. But she had one thing that her clanmates did not.

    Expendable lives. 

    And her daughter’s was at risk. 

    Against the ferocious waters, she could just barely make out Sorrelpaw’s head bobbing up and down ahead of her. She wasn’t too far away. She could make it. I can’t lose her too. Wisteriastar thought desperately. Brightfoot. Fishtail. Both drowned right before her eyes and she was powerless to save them. She wouldn’t fail Sorrelpaw too. Water invaded her mouth and choked her but she refused to let up, coughing it out viciously as her paws churned aggressively under the surface of the water. She went under once or twice, lost her view of her daughter a few times, and panic clung to her tighter than her wet, thick fur. But not for her own sake. I can’t be too late. She told herself, giving her hindlegs one last, fierce kick. 

    Wisteriastar had finally reached Sorrelpaw. Her teeth fastened gruffly in her daughter’s scruff, so hard that she feared she had broken skin, yet she refused to let go. Holding not only her weight above the water, but that of another cat, even if not yet full grown, was indeed a challenge. Her paws kicked rapidly under the harsh currents until she had managed to drag them both back to solid ground, albeit a few fox-lengths down-shore from where they had originally submerged. The rapids’ strength was simply that strong, to have carried them so far down. Wisteriastar released her daughter’s scruff and laid her gently to the ground; placing her paws to Sorrelpaw‘s chest, she gave a firm push and heartbeats later the calico feline that so closely resembled herself was coughing up the water she had swallowed and the RiverClan leader knew then that her life was no longer in danger. They had both safely escaped the floodwater. Relief and happiness fluttered in her like a butterfly. This was the first cat she had managed to save from this horrendous storm. She would get to see her daughter reach warriorship after all. 

    She waited for her daughter to clamber her way back to her paws of her own support, keeping an eye on her just in case she had collapsed again. However, she had made one grievous oversight. The warning yowl from one of her clanmates, who were now rushing down to join them, came too late. Out of the corner of her eye, Wisteriastar saw it as it was upon her; a ginormous branch, easily the size one of those two-leg river contraptions. There was no time to avoid it. She gritted her teeth, bracing herself for the impact. 


    In the blink of an eye, her world went painlessly black. 


    Her multi-colored paws were not touching solid earth. That much was evident with a simple glance down. There was no grass, no rock, or even soil where she was. Just empty space. Unlike the blackness she felt when she visited the mooncave, Wisteriastar felt a sense of foreboding in this darkness. Panic almost overcame her, until a glimmer forming ahead of her caught her attention. A small brown tom approached her, a splash of colors resembling the sun’s descent on his chest– the stars clung to his pelt. 

    “Mallowleaf!” She exclaimed, she recognized him from her leader’s ceremony. He had graced her with one of her lives. “What are you doing here?” 

    “You’ve lost your first life, Wisteriastar.” He told her gently and very directly, though there was no sadness in his voice for her loss. Instead, there was a sense of urgency to him and his words. “I do not have much time to be with you, listen closely to what I have to say.” 

    She blinked, momentarily confused, and a little surprised at how quickly all of this was happening. She hadn’t even had time to process that she had, in fact, just died, and that she was meeting once more the spirit of one of her ancient ancestors. However, Mallowleaf did not give her a spare second to ask him any questions. “Fishtail, he’s gone from your world. His paws no longer walk the same steps as yours.” Wisteriastar recoiled, shocked at the casual mention of the death of a cat so dear to her. Her jaws parted, ready to give him a lashing of words, regardless of whether or not he was a StarClan warrior, but he interrupted her before she could. “RiverClan’s lack of a medicine cat is too grave a situation for us to ignore. Wisteriastar, the cat you seek lays outside your borders. You must go in search of them and bring them back for the sake of your Clan.” 

    Wisteriastar’s jaw slacked, she was befuddled. “Outside our borders? You mean from another Clan? Mallowleaf!?” However, her question was left unanswered, as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared and she was blinded by a white light.


    With a gasp, Wisteriastar jerked awake. Momentarily, she was blinded by red, until she realized with a swipe of her paw against her face that it was her own blood that spilled over her eyes. She staggered to her paws and gave her pelt a vigorous shake, sending a splatter of water and blood onto the rocks of the shore below. Her vision blurred momentarily, and she feared that she was about to lose her second life immediately, until it came swimming back to her once more. She took a breath, steadying herself. Her head pounded fiercely, but she fought to ignore the pain. She was highly aware of her clanmates surrounding her and the worry that buzzed in the air as it came from them. 

    “I’m fine, I’m fine.” She assured them, forcing herself to stay on her paws dispute the warring head wound she had just suffered and how deeply it affected her sense of consciousness. Beyond the voices of her clanmates, she could just barely hear the hum of even more cats ahead of them. They were so close to where she was sure that ShadowClan had made their temporary camp, they couldn’t stop now just because of her injury. “We have to keep moving.” Wisteriastar told them, stubbornly pushing past her kin and friends alike and making her way up the base of the cave-rock. Blood continued to drip from her head, her paws were unstable, and her body threatened to collapse on her again, but within sight now she could see the masses of huddled cats.

    “Hornetstar!” She called out to the ShadowClan leader, blind to the stares of shock from ShadowClan, and now SkyClan, to her haphazard approach. 

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