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    Manna Moth

    “Of course I’ll help” Pinewillow gave Smokewisp a respectful dip of her head before making her way over to Pepperpatch who was still curled around the kits. “What can I do to help? Do we have a place for carrying all of these young ones?” She asked, eyes softening at the soaked balls of fur that nestled close to their mothers.

    “I could go into the forest and try and find some bark, maybe we could pull the kits on it?” She suggested hopefully. They’d all need to save their strength and taking turns pulling the kits along seemed reasonable. It had the added bonus of floating in case they needed to swim. Starclan please don’t let it get to that point. “Should we try and hunt also? I’m not sure we’d catch much but these kits will need milk more than anything.”



    Badgerpaw shoved his way through the throng of cats, searching the sea of faces for his siblings. Finally, he caught sight of Harepaw’s familiar pelt of colors.

    “Harepaw!” The tom paused when he saw Skunkpaw, giving the tom a quick study before turning to look at his sister. “Where’s Raccoonpaw?”

    As usual, Badgerpaw got straight to the point. Anyone who knew him knew he was concerned for his sister, but would always address more pressing matters before taking on more.



    The tortie slipped through the crowds easily, making his way to Briarfeather and Cloudedmoon.

    “Can I help you two?” He asked in that soft voice he always used. “It’s raining quite heavily,” he commented, trying hard to make the situation at hand sound mundane. Yeah, they always got rain for days on end. This wasn’t strange or scary at all! Perfecting the art of ignoring and acting had taken some time, and a lot of screw-ups, but Fearedjackal had always been there to help Halfblaze with his struggles.

    “We should go to Tawny- I- I mean… Smokewisp,” Halfblaze stuttered, having to remind himself that the former deputy was gone.


    Snappingfox tensed a bit when he felt some cat rub up against him, but he quickly relaxed when his eyes met the familiar pale green gaze of his sister. Cloudedmoon purred at him, and he offered her one in return, mirroring the way she had briefly nuzzled up against him. His littermate had hit quite the growth spurt during their last moon of apprenticeship, but she didn’t come anywhere close to beating him in the height category. He chuckled a bit and opened his mouth to say something, but before he could get it out, she was walking away. His tail flicked, and he made a move to follow her, but before he could take a step forward, Hollowflame intercepted him.

    “I didn’t know you had gone out as well,” The younger warrior said, eyeing the lizards his father was carrying. “I figured all the lizards had drowned already…” He mused, raising an eyebrow as his father questioned whether or not he had eaten. The truth was, Snappingfox couldn’t really remember the last time he had had a meal that was worth anything. He was hungry, tired, and sick of being soaked all the time. His whiskers twitched as Hollowflame sat the lizards down at his paws. He blinked,  then spoke.

    “Yes,” He lied, tail tip flicking. “You should take these to Cloudedmoon, her stomach was growling like a monster on the thunderpath. She was on her way to deliver some moss to mother, I think.”


    HollowFlame ~ ShadowClan Warrior 

    Pupils narrowed ever so slightly as he glanced towards his son, his back aching from the rough fall of the rain and wild winds tugging at his dark red and black spotted pelt. “Yeah.. most of the hunting party had returned but I felt like I could catch something.” He muttered, looking down at the lizards before he gave his son a half slanted grin. “I just so happened to get lucky with those two.” He smirked, but blinked in surprise when Snappingfox hesitantly looked down at the lizard before mentioning that CloudedMoon hadn’t eaten. 

    Staying rooted to the one place for a moment, he watched Snappingfox as he knew his son hadn’t eaten just yet but he wasn’t exactly in the mood to force feed the child. Snappingfox was an adult and full fledged warrior, although he did know two she-cats that would make sure Snappingfox at least ate something. “Oh, alright.” He nodded, a smirk on his face as he picked up the two lizards. HollowFlame knew that Briarfeather had already been fed, she was too important for their newborns not be fed regularly. HollowFlame himself hadn’t eaten anything since early morning, but it was his duty to make sure his family had eaten before he thought of himself. Dipping his head to Snappingfox, he made his way towards the nursery, large paws splashing through mud and water all along the way.

    Finally he lowered his big head as he wiggled his way into the makeshift nursery, not really having a substantial amount of room for the large tomcat. Pupils widening in the darkened surroundings as he looked towards CloudedMoon and Briarfeather as they busied themselves with keeping the kits warm. Halfblaze also caught his eye, dipping his head towards the tortoiseshell cat. Lowering his head, he dropped the lizards on the driest fluff of moss that he could and looked towards CloudedMoon. “Evening. Snappingfox said that you hadn’t eaten yet, even said he could hear your stomach growling.” He laughed softly at the expression his eldest daughter made, his eyes flickered towards his mate as he ran his tongue along her shoulder blade. “Evening, love.” He whispered softly before he looked down at their five squirming kits. “Oh and CloudedMoon… I believe Snappingfox hasn’t eaten yet. Give him one of those lizards for me, would you.” He meowed while his emerald green eyes were watching his newest litter. 


    Cloudedmoon ~ ShadowClan Warrior 

    Pale green eyes flickered towards the friendly face of Halfblaze as he made his way through the crowd of cats in the clearing, her eyes softening slightly for a moment as she gave him a small smile. “Actually some help would be wonderful! Do you think you could jump on top of this den and place some mud and moss on the crack in the ceiling? I couldn’t reach it.” She admitted to the tortoiseshell Tom, her brother was a lot taller than she was but she didn’t want to burden him. Ear twitching at the mention of Tawny, but she clearly ignored it for a moment before she blinked and smiled faintly. “So what’s the news? Everyone looks a bit jumbled out there.” She questioned Halfblaze, although her eyes slightly adverted as she spotted a large dark red and black spotted cat making their way towards the nursery. 

    CloudedMoon stood to the side of the nursery as her father squeezed his way in, her stomach instantly growling as her pale eyes caught sight of the yummy looking lizards that hung limply from her fathers jaws. Maneuvering her slim form around the large cat wasn’t an issue as she moved towards the lizards, using a paw to move the lizard away from her mother’s tail, instantly digging her teeth into the rubbery flesh as she began to feast upon the cold meat. Rolling her eyes at the mention of Snappingfox commenting on her growling stomach. “I will keep that in mind.” She smirked playfully, continuing to devour her lizard while the tip of her tail twitched in thought when her father mentioned that her brother possibly hadn’t eaten yet. Although her eyes were watching HollowFlame, he probably hadn’t eaten anything either. Her father was like that, leaving himself to last… Snappingfox had no idea just how much like their father he really was. 

    Finishing up the lizard, she lifted her head and looked towards HollowFlame while licking at her lips. “Well that won’t do.. I’ll be back.” She told Briarfeather, grabbing the carcass of her devoured lizard and that of the other lizard her father had brought. Slipping out of the nursery, she groaned as the rain instantly pelted against her, soaking her pelt once more as she looked around the clearing. Wasn’t hard to spot a pelt that was programmed deeply into the mind, eyes narrowing in on her Littermate as he helped out around the camp. “Snappingfox.” She meowed around the tails of the lizards, pupils narrowing. “I have an extra lizard but I’m not very hungry. Finish it for me?” She questioned with an innocent smile appearing, either way she wasn’t walking away until her brother had at least taken a bite and swallowed. 



    The tortie’s face, gentle as ever, brightened at the request. Happy to help, as he so often was, the tom crouched down, ready to jump up to the den. Turning his head, Halfblaze returned Snappingfox’s nod, trying to look away from him and his family and being unable to. What would that be like? To have someone to love like that and kits to share your love? The tom shook his head vigorously. Fearedjackal would know. Who was Halfblaze kidding? Everyone (but him) would know.

    Leaping up, the landed on the den, stumbling a bit before finding his footing. Huh, I should’ve grabbed some mud. Carefully inching along, Halfblaze studied to workings and twists of the bracken and branches that went into making the den. He could see multiple cracks, results of this endless, merciless rain. Some of the holes the tom could fix with a bit of rearranging, others he’d have to come back to with mud and more bracken.

    Finally, the tortie found an especially large hole, one in the back but nevertheless dangerous. Turning back around, the tom ambled over to the top of the entrance and leaped down. Paws landing on smooth mud, Halfblaze only had a few seconds before his paws slipped on the slick surface and he tumbled onto his side.


    Smokewisp’s muscles eased, the tension draining as Pinewillow and Finchtail readily accepted their tasks. ‘I’m glad,’ she thought to herself. ‘I suppose I’m getting better.’ Despite many moons of growth, the smokey she-cat still struggled with communication. Her terse directions were often misinterpreted as hostility. More than once she’d heard the stinging words of an offended clanmate. She frowned as old memories buzzed like a hornet nest.

    Her ears snapped forward at Finchtail’s warm praise, his voice loud despite the downpour. “Thank you,” she murmured quietly, her amber gaze meeting his. “I know I can’t replace Tawnypainter. But I’m going to do my best, for everyone.” She straightened herself, feeling lighter despite her water-laden coat. “I’ll be finishing preparations. I imagine we’ll be moving out soon. The sooner we leave, the safer our trip.” Her gaze drifted towards the dark, rolling clouds above their head. “Stay safe, I’ll be monitoring for any stragglers as we move. If there’s any trouble, I’ll be there.” Her eyes swept across the camp, where many clanmates milled out restlessly. Soon, their journey will begin.

    Hareflight [Mel]

    Harepaw – Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Harepaw’s gaze shifted back to Skunkpaw as he spoke, her multi-coloured eyes fixing on him. She offered a sigh, ears flicking back as he asked what she was thinking about. For a moment, she pursed her lips and debated what to tell him, before finally speaking. “I’m just worried. W-We obviously have to get out of here, or it could be…” She swallowed roughly. “..Really bad. But I don’t know if everyone will be able to make the journey. There’s already a sickness starting to spread, I-I can see it.” Harepaw sighed. “I just don’t want to lose anyone in an a-attempt to save them,” she said softly.

    Then, her brows furrowed as she looked him over. “Your voice s-sounded kind of raspy, are-are you–”

    However, Harepaw did not finish her question. Suddenly Badgerpaw appeared beside her, causing a wave of relief to flow through her. This only lasted a moment, because his next words made her freeze. “I-I haven’t seen him.” Her eyes widened as she looked at her brother. “We have to find him- and- and let him know we’re leaving.” Harepaw’s ears pressed back against her head as she glanced at the two toms, looking more stressed by the minute.


    Scarletflood – ShadowClan Warrior

    “Of course I will.” She replied, eyes gazing softly at her brother. If it were anyone else, Scarletflood would probably tell them to grow up and stop acting like a helpless kit. There were things to be done, after all. But she couldn’t bring herself to say any of this to Hornetstar, nor would she even try. It was clear to anyone around that he was doing the best he could with the undesirable and difficult situation.

    The rain had sucked most of the warmth from her body, but Scarletflood still pressed up against her brother’s side, pressing her head against his shoulder. “Hornet, no one will think any less of you if you eat something. You’re leading the Clan, you need your strength.” She sighed, eyes shutting as she leaned against him. “Please don’t make the Clan watch you lose a life. What you’re trying to do is noble, but please just keep those who care about you in mind.”


    This was a strange situation for Raccoonpaw. The apprentice awoke with a slight shiver, noticing the activity going around the remains of camp. His nose twitched, and he would start heading out the apprentices den. Puddles of waters had formed and his paws became soaked as he continued to walk. I need to find Harepaw and Badgerpaw, he thought as he started his search, his ears perked. After a while, he caught sight of his siblings and headed towards them.

    “Harepaw! Badgerpaw!” He called out, pushing through a group of cats and hurrying over. “W-What’s going on?” He stammered, stopping his tracks to assess the situation. He glanced over to see Skunkpaw, but then turned his attention to his siblings. Through his teeth, he mumbled, “It’s so cold here..”


    Shunkpaws brows furrowed as he listened to the Medicine trainees words, Harepaw was such a dear friend to him, it pained him to see her so stressed. The black and white tom rested his head on Harepaws, “It will be okay, Shadowclan is strong! All of us will make it through this. We have you and Saplingskies the two best medi—“ a coughing fit interrupting his speech to the calico. Skunkpaw tipping himself away from sweet Harepaw, turning away from the apprentice aiming his cough a different way. Mouse Dung Not Now! Skunkpaw stayed facing away from her, trying to catch his breath, “I’m fine Harepaw don’t worry” He managed to huff out.

    The voice of Harepaws littermate caused the toms wars to flicker, staring at the tom for a heartbeats. Racoonpaw? Skunkpaw rarely heard the names of her brothers, often too busy in the medicine den for his “check ups” Seeing the stress building in the already freaked out anxiety ball Skunkpaw took charge, “Harepaw, I can go with Saplingskies to get the herbs ready, you can go find your brother if you want. I can handle this.” Headbutting the mollys side,  Skunkpaw didn’t want to go his separate from Harepaw but not having any family himself he knew how important it was to have someone like that there.

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