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    The sun lowered slowly into the horizon, casting an orange and pink glow to the WindClan camp. The brown and green grasses turned gold like the sunlight, almost sparkling from the afternoon rain that had occurred. The moor smells rushed to Wolfstar’s nose as he stepped out of the nursery and into the clearing, his eyes bright with happiness. Just the day before, his and Goldenrose’s kits were born to the world, and they were already mewling like crazy! Thankfully, Owlbelly took over all of his duties for the day since the WindClan leader got absolutely no sleep. Unfortunately, Goldenrose had kitted during the middle of the night, keeping up a lot of the Clan from her yowls of pain. But it was a quick kitting, thankfully, and three kits were born healthy and happy.

    Wolfstar padded towards the fresh kill pile to grab something to eat, realizing it was going to be his first meal since yesterday morning. He noticed a patrol had gone out recently since there were a couple of good-looking rabbits on the top of the pile, and Wolfstar found himself grabbing the first one he saw. He carried it over to the middle of the camp, nodding his head to a couple of his Clanmates who were chatting with each other. Lowering himself down, he let out a relieving sigh, grateful to be out of that cramped nursery that smelled like sweet milk. He thought he would have been used to the smell after awhile, but he felt like it clung to his fur. He gave his pelt a couple of rasps before digging into the rabbit, biting into its neck which was the tastiest part.

    All the stresses from the Gathering a couple sunrises before had left his body the moment Wildkit, Heatherkit, and Breezekit were born. How could there be so much anxiety when three new lives with his blood came into this world? Wolfstar knew he was the age of a senior warrior, but after last night he realized he didn’t want this to be his last litter, and he had a feeling Goldenrose wouldn’t want that either. The look of happiness on her face filled him with so much joy and love.

    Still tearing into the rabbit, Wolfstar looked around with his icy blue eyes at their temporary camp. The dens were put together by tough grasses and twigs from the heather bushes surrounding them. If another storm had hit like the one that destroyed their first camp, they would even be without a temporary home. I will set up a patrol tomorrow to find our new home. It was high-time they made another move. His Clanmates were all healed with no more injuries or sicknesses keeping them from moving again, thank StarClan. I’ll have Owlbelly on the patrol with me. And Thistlepaw. He decided his deputy would pick the rest of the cats for patrol, but he wanted his own apprentice there for sure. Thistlepaw was almost ready to become a warrior, who only needed a few more sessions before his assessment.


    Snowpaw couldn’t keep still, she was too excited with the recent birth of Wildkit, Sterlingkit and Heatherkit. Three little ones that she considered her siblings. Though, she hadn’t been adopted by Goldenrose or Wolfstar, she still felt like their daughter. She’d grown close to her mentor, in a way that she could only describe as a mother-daughter relationship. Seeing as her own mother had most likely perished moons ago, she’d been left with only her siblings, cousins, and aunts and uncles and other extended family.

    It was up to her to decide who her immediate family was. That was Goldenrose and Wolfstar, with their kits, as well as Snowpaw’s own siblings. That was her immediate family now. At least in her mind, though she didn’t know how Goldenrose or Wolfstar would feel about her being their adopted daughter if she asked about it. She was closer to Goldenrose anyhow, though she and Wolfstar spoke, their relationship wasn’t quite to the father-daughter stage. But they respected each other, and cared for one another, certainly.

    Speaking of Wolfstar, she spotted him off in the distance with her sky-blue orbs, and then she realized that this presented an ample opportunity to get to know him better. She took a deep breath, and then approached Wolfstar.

    “Hello Wolfstar!” She announced her presence with confidence, she had really come far since she had become an apprentice. No longer was she a trembling apprentice, those days had long since been gone after the supposed death of her mother. She still missed her something fierce, though she took comfort in the fact that she must be in Starclan with her father and that they had been reunited.

    “That was quite something, huh? I had no idea that’s how kits were born. Are you excited? They all seem healthy.”


    Manna Moth

    Movement in the den woke him and Thistlepaw opened his eyes to see his cousin Snowpaw leave the den. Parting his jaws in a massive yawn he gave a long stretch before sitting up and grooming his pelt. Halfway through a final stroke with his tongue he realized the sun was high in the sky. I slept in! <span style=”font-family: ‘times new roman’, times;”>h</span>e realized with alarm. Rushing out of the den he bumped his head on the way out. Since when was this branch so low? He wondered. Then it occured to him he’d grown. This means I must be getting closer to my warrior assessment! He purred to himself before seeing his mentor talking with Snowpaw.

    He padded over and dipped his head in greeting then gave his cousin a friendly flick of his ears. “Congratulations again on the kits Wolfstar! They’re beautiful” he said sincerely. He’d stopped by to see them earlier and the small wriggling bundles had tried to suckle his tail before Goldenrose gently nosed them away. His whiskers twitched in amusement at the memory. “Anything I can do today to help? Does Goldenrose need any prey? I don’t mind hunting” he offered enthusiastically.


    Still tearing into the rabbit, Wolfstar’s blue eyes focused on Snowpaw as she made her way over to him, her eyes wide with excitement. Swallowing the bite of prey, he dipped his head in a greeting, whiskers twitching. Goldenrose was Snowpaw’s mentor, but their relationship had a much stronger bond. Recently, Snowpaw’s parents died, leaving the white she-cat all by herself. Knowing Goldenrose, he had a feeling she would take the little one on as a sort of adopted kit, but Wolfstar never had the time to get to the same level. At her words, Wolfstar’s eyes glimmered with amusement. “Yes, it’s a little surprising if you weren’t expecting it,” he replied. “And I’m very excited! This was the first litter of mine that I was able to watch. Nettlenose says they’re all healthy and thriving.” The WindClan leader was excited for when they opened their eyes, anticipating the colors. Would any of them of blue eyes like him?

    A quiet bang was heard from where Wolfstar and Snowpaw stood, and the WindClan leader whipped his head around to find Thistlepaw smacking his own head on the branch that hovered over the makeshift apprentice’s den. The white and gray tom couldn’t help but huff out a chuckle, giving Snowpaw a glance and a wink. “That branch doesn’t seem to like our oldest apprentice very much, does it?” He teased, waving his tail to Thistlepaw as if motioning for him to join them. When the dark brown tabby offered to help, Wolfstar smiled. He taught him well.

    “Don’t worry about a thing, Thistlepaw. Goldenrose is sleeping at the moment and I told her I would bring her a piece of prey when she woke. She had a long night.” He was happy all of his Clanmates were interested in his and Goldenrose’s kits, visiting his beautiful mate whenever they got the chance. She was very much loved in WindClan, and for that he was grateful. Wolfstar nosed the rabbit he was chewing, and nudged it towards the two apprentices, inviting them to share his prey. It wasn’t common for a leader to share prey with just apprentices, but what better way to get to know the newest generation?

    “Actually, Thistlepaw,” Wolfstar started. “I’m going to have Owlbelly settle the patrols today, and you can on any that you like. I’ll be taking today off to be with Goldenrose and the kits. However…” Wolfstar gave his apprentice a smile. “Tomorrow I will be giving you your warrior assessment.”


    Bearheart brought up the rear, although her complaints could surely be heard all the way at the front of the herd. Once it seemed as though everyone was slowing up, by default she found herself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Wolfstar, the old gray and white tom whom she’d known for quite a few moons now.

    “How is it the youth have so much energy?” Wheezed the grizzled brown tabby she-cat, even her stump of a tail limp as her tongue stuck out.

    mahon [owl]

    The large tom let out a happy sigh, a soft smile dancing on his breath. Not only had new life come to the clan but Tinyflame had said yes to being his mate. He could still feel the butterflies in his chest. Letting his gentle amber eyes watch over his clan, the tom narrowed his gaze at the sign of movement – it was Wolfstar headed towards the fresh-kill pile. Waiting for the older tom to settle down, the two-toned tom approached, noticing other felines doing the same.

    “Wolfstar,” Owlbelly greeted his leader and friend, excitement clear in his voice, “Congratulations to you and Goldenrose, I can’t wait to visit the nursery.” The large tom purred, pushing aside the thought to ask about mentoring one of his children in the future – he still had Sunpaw to worry about. “Hello Bearheart, Snowpaw, Thistlepaw. I hope you three are well” Owlbelly nodded politely, a smile on his face. “Go get some rest.” The deputy nodded along, seeing the exhaustion clear in Wolfstar’s usually powerful eyes. His eyes fell onto the others and slowly turned to the rest of the clan, “Anyone up for some patrolling?”

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    Before Thistlepaw and Snowpaw were able to reply, Bearheart and Owlbelly padded up to the group. His whiskers twitched with amusement at Bearheart’s comment, shrugging his shoulders. “Not sure, but I don’t mind it.” Wolfstar didn’t feel as old as he actually was, and his several remaining lives helped him stay younger than the rest of his Clanmates. Bearheart, however, was around the same age as he and definitely one of their most senior warriors. Wolfstar turned to his deputy, and gave him a grateful purr. “Thank you! We have two toms and a she-cat: Wildkit, Breezekit, and Heatherkit.”

    At Owlbelly’s suggestion of rest, Wolfstar couldn’t help but agree with him. He had stayed up all night to make sure Goldenrose and the kits had everything they needed and were safe, but now it was catching up to him. The WindClan leader looked down at the rabbit that was half-eaten, hoping the apprentices were going to finish it off for him. With Leafbare practically here, it was a shame to waste so much prey. But the thought of taking another bite exhausted him. Wolfstar looked at his deputy. “I think both a hunting patrol and border patrol should be taken. Our borders to be marked near the ThunderClan side.”

    He remembered the scent line was faint when he had met with Hollystar near the stream that bordered their two territories. We might be great allies with ThunderClan, but we can’t forget we’re separate.

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