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    Kass is deputy? Wolfstar couldn’t help but stare at Hollystar’s hopeful eyes. He knew she looked at him for support, but her decision seemed almost immature to the WindClan leader. Saved by the RiverClan deputy, Wolfstar perked his hears to listen to his objection, which he completely agreed with. He noticed Owlbelly stood up and gazed at him as if begging to speak, and Wolfstar dipped his head to allow it. He knew his deputy wouldn’t say anything that would harm their Clans’ relationships completely. At Owlbelly’s remarks, Wolfstar was suddenly glad he chose a wise deputy who knew what to say and when to say it.

    “Hollystar, you had to have known what kind of reaction you would get from this decision. It does look a little….odd that you chose a recent rogue to become deputy over other qualified warrior’s in your Clan. Not only that, but Kass isn’t the most level headed cat, and I can say that I know this from a personal level, not just from the outskirts. We stayed with your Clan, and…” Wolfstar looked down at the she-cat in question, narrowing his eyes slightly. “Although she was helpful, I don’t believe she has what it takes to be a leader of a Clan.” Wolfstar knew this would hurt Hollystar, especially since their Clans, and them themselves, have gone through so much. But if what if, StarClan forbid, anything had happened to the black-furred leader and Kass was in charge? All hell would break loose.

    Silent for a few moments, Wolfstar pulled his thoughts together and looked at the other leader’s. He could tell Hornetstar was absolutely livid. Please StarClan don’t let a fight break out during the Gathering. Hornetstar better remember the Warrior Code at this moment. Turning his head back to Hollystar, he sighed. “Although I don’t agree with your decision, it is no one but yours to make. I support you in whoever you choose as deputy.” Wolfstar gave Owlbelly and the rest of his Clanmates a warning glance, as if telling them to shut their mouths and say nothing more. There was nothing anyone else could do. “The only thing I ask of you is to give Kass a warrior name.” His tail flicked as he spoke those final words, not wanting to say anymore about the matter. It was what it was.

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    Kass was not offended by the off-handed greetings she received from the deputies, they were political figures of their clans and that was all. Any of them were much more replaceable than their leader counter parts. I wonder how easy it would be to remind them of that, the rogue wondered with a cruel smile, tucking her tail around her paws. She watched as the gathering began, ShadowClan’s leader, a large tom with a rumbling roar that made Kass’ chest vibrate in response. Next was Wolfstar, a tom whom Kass had learned to dislike throughout their encounters. Maybe it wasn’t him exactly, but the way he and Hollystar acted around each other. It wasn’t jealousy exactly, but Kass strongly disliked meekness, and that was exactly what the relation between their clans were. Meek. If their clans were friends, then why did they still have borders?

    As the attention switched to Hollystar, Kass couldn’t help but dip her head in respect, shoulders relaxing as her soothing voice filled her ears. The molly’s bi-colored eyes couldn’t help but flip to Peachblossom as the kid was mentioned, giving her a little supportive wink in response. The she-cat’s adolescence had been unruly in their relationship but now that the healer had begun to mellow out their conversations had quickly become more civil.

    The splotched she-cat honestly wasn’t expecting to be called out, especially not in the setting on a gathering. Letting her eyes meet Hollystar’s green ones she puffed her chest out a little more but a twitch in her whiskers attempted to convey the obvious question: are you sure about this? She opened her mouth to respond, “I… I would be honor-,” she began but was quickly cut off by an enraged Heronflight and an increasingly agitated crowd. She turned to the tom with a roll in her eyes, “Well lucky for us, your opinion doesn’t really matter here now does it, bird-brain?” she mewed with a tilt of her head. She wasn’t about to let any low life tom speak down to her in such a way. Her head turned to Wisteriastar, narrowing her eyes, “Probably should have taught him some manners before tonight huh?”

    At Owlbelly’s words the she-cat couldn’t help but whip around towards him, standing in outrage at the words leaving his lips. “Oh, I’m sorry. Is it not you and your culture that almost wiped out your entire clan in that storm?! Exactly how long did you sit in your camp crying, ‘Oh StarClan help us!’ before you actually got off your asses and crossed the border with your tails’ in between your legs?!” she hissed. “A clan with leadership that cannot endure, doesn’t deserve to exist.”

    As the WindClan leader began commenting, Kass let herself shrug off the rest of the deputies, they could be dealt with later as she leaped onto the boulder to stand before her mate and the rest of the forest. Kass stared down Wolfstar, a fire in her eyes as she took a step between her mate and the tom. “Not good enough to be leader?! Well good, I’m not trying to be.” Now practically nose to nose with the leader she snarled in his direction, muscles rippling under her pelt “Unless you’re insinuating something old timer, Hollystar has all the power to live a long life if I have anything to do with it, and so will the rest of ThunderClan.” Kass was willing to fight and die for her mate if it ever came to it. She wasn’t a leader, she was an executioner, a soldier. “Anyone else with an issue with this feel free to try your hand at me now,” The ex-fighter growled, claws sliding out, “But I promise it will not end well.”


    Wisteriastar, RiverClan leader

    The calico warrior listened quietly to the other leaders’ reports, giving her solemn respects to the losses each Clan had suffered during the storm and as well giving the respected quiet congratulations for the profits they had gained afterwords. However, once Hollystar announced Kass’s deputyship right here, right now, in front of all five Clans, Wisteriastar knew immediately that that was a bad idea. Initially born rogue herself, she knew how Clan-borne cats reacted to outsiders joining their Clan, not to mention one being named as deputy. And Kass hadn’t even been given a Clan-cat name yet. She caught the look her deputy, Heronflight, sent towards her, his eyes quietly blazing in a contained anger. She gave a flick of her tail, allowing the tom to speak his opinion out here during the gathering.

    Heronflight spoke exactly as she knew he would, and it seemed that the other cats present, for the most part, agreed with him. This didn’t surprise her, as again, she saw this chain of reactions coming. She was, however, slightly surprised at Owlbelly’s input, as she did not see the WindClan deputy as the type to be confrontational or to spur on something like this. Wisteriastar did not disagree with the two deputies. If anything, she agreed that Kass had a long way to go before she should be given any form of proper or formal authority in ThunderClan. There certainly was a clear difference between the dilute calico she-cat and the rest of the Clan cats here.

    “If you’ve all finished,” Wisteriastar began, getting to her paws and shouldering her way to the front of the high stones, “RiverClan was not unaffected by the flood,” she continued on with the Clan announcements as if there had not been a verbal argument that was beginning to bubble at the base of where the leaders stood, “We suffered many losses. Rainstar and Fishtail were among them. Otterleap and Poppyheart died as well. While we mourn their deaths, we must move on. I’ve appointed Heronflight as my deputy and, thanks to the aide of Saplingskies and Blazestar, Hickoryroot has come to RiverClan to be our new medicine cat.” She nodded to the grey-furred tabby that sat with the other Clan healers. “Additionally, we have a new apprentice– Hawkpaw is currently being trained under Creekfrost. Lastly, we have also temporarily homed ShadowClan while their camp is still undergoing floodwaters.” 

    Then, Wisteriastar stepped back once more, returning to her position among the rocks with the other leaders. It spurred a bit of irritation in the RiverClan leader when Wolfstar turned over to speak with Hollystar once more, addressing again the issue that had been brought up mere moments before her announcement. It was almost as though she hadn’t even spoken. And when Kass glared up at her, the calico warrior simply sighed and shut her eyes. Such a reaction was utterly disappointing to her. How can you expect to be respected among the Clans like that? She thought quietly, dismissing the action all together.

    Tinyflame, WindClan warrior

    The small ginger warrior smiled in a friendly light when Goldenrose turned to her and greeted her so warmly. She was pleased to see the golden-furred feline again and glad that she had seemingly recovered from the slip underground as well as she had been appearing to be. When the queen pressed her nose to her flank and quietly teased her relationship with Owlbelly, Tinyflame sheepishly flattened her ears, trying to hide the feeling of them burning. “O-oh, I…” She found herself stuttering, “You’ll be among the first to know.” She promised, her blue eyes returning to the two-toned deputy from where he sat among the other Clan ranks.

    She was surprised to find them all with ruffled pelts, shameful to admit, Tinyflame had toned out the announcements almost completely while she spoke quietly with her friend. But Owlbelly’s tone of voice certainly snapped her to attention and let her know that something was wrong very quickly. Tinyflame’s hackles rose and she protectively stepped in front of Goldenrose, ensuring that should anything physical broke out, the expecting she-cat would not be harmed.


    Hollystar was expecting a bad reaction from the crowd, but nothing like this. She figured that everycat could be civil enough at a gathering, as to not anger their ancestors. However, this was not the case. Heronflight was first, going on about all the things wrong with Kass becoming deputy, then Owlbelly. This didn’t surprise her- she knew that the two had some sort of conflict in the past. What set Hollystar over the edge, though, was Wolfstar. The molly’s hackles prickled, and she was panicking. How could everyone just turn against her all at once? Why wasn’t anyone standing up for her? The only voice she could hear in her favor was that of Kass. Suddenly, Wisteriastar spoke. Hollystar had never felt more relieved. Too much was going on for her to really focus on the Riverclan leader’s words, but she tried to listen. She was saddened to hear about the deaths of the Riverclan warriors, but her head was spinning.

    As soon as Wisteriastar had finished speaking, Kass was on the boulder, standing between herself and Wolfstar, snarling at the Windclan leader. “Kass, calm down,” she meowed gently in her ear, letting her side brush up against the other molly. Hollystar lifted her gaze to finally meet Wolfstar’s. “Thank you for trying to understand my decision. I promise we will discuss a Warrior name back at camp.” The Thunderclan leader then turned to face the crowd. “I decided to pick Kass as my deputy because out of every cat, she proved herself most during the storm. She picked up deputy duties right where Antlercreek left off, and I’m very grateful for that. I hope you will all come to respect my decision, and in the future I promise that you will all see in Kass what I see in her. There are some many positive things that she can bring to Thunderclan, and the rest of the forest for that matter,” she explained, hoping that it would be enough to calm everyone down.

    Hollystar then backed away, her gaze resting on KassPlease get off the boulder, she pleaded silently. She longed to curl up next to the calico, and be soothed by the beating of her heart, but knew this wasn’t the time or place for that. If the newly appointed deputy didn’t evacuate the boulder, more drama would take place. The black she-cat couldn’t handle any more conflict; she was already trembling with anxiety.


    Wolfstar barely heard Wisteriastar’s update on her Clan, focusing his attention on Kass who was fuming beside the deputies. When the RiverClan leader was finished, Wolfstar’s eyes widened at what happened next.

    He had expected Kass to not react well, but what he didn’t expect was the she-cat pouncing on the leaders’ boulder and getting in his face, her eyes wide and wild. Wolfstar’s claws unsheathed immediately, the hairs on his neck standing straight up, and a growl escaped his throat. The WindClan tom was not quick to anger, but Kass showed immediate disrespect by pouncing on top of the boulder where only the leader’s stood. He looked over Kass‘ shoulder at Hollystar, his eyes wide with disbelief when she pressed her side to the other she-cat’s to try and calm her down. “You allow this?” he snapped. “You would allow one of your warriors to act like this?”

    His eyes went back to Kass, stepping forward so they were merely inches apart. “And for you to disrespect our Gathering and StarClan is outrageous. I was born a rogue just like you, Kass. The difference between you and I is that I learned to respect the culture and the Warrior Code which is something you obviously lack. You have a long ways to go before anyone here would think of you as a Clan cat.” Wolfstar shot Hollystar a disagreeable look, his expression unwavering. He hated to think their friendship would be ended because of this, but he believed her decision was immature. And weak. “Get. Off. The boulder.” Wolfstar slowly said, each word sharper than the claws of a fox. It was taking so much not to attack the ThunderClan warrior. If StarClan was going to be angry about this Gathering, he didn’t want it to be because he started a fight.


    Firebird ~Skyclan Deputy

    Everything was getting out of hand, emotions were running high, and tempers were shortening by the minute at Hollystar’s unexpected and unprofessional way of introducing Kass as her deputy. His sharp features instantly hardening at her words, she was going against the warrior code. Clenching his jaw as he tried to ring in his sudden anger that was pulsating through his warm blood. It would seem that Firebird was not the only one dissatisfied with such an outcome. Turning his blazing ember gaze toward Heronflight and Owlbelly as he listened attentively to their arguments. Humming in approval as he agreed wholeheartedly. He believed that Hollystar was clouded by her affection for Kass, though he could not see how on earth that she could love Kass. Of course he had heard through the grapevines that with her life as a rogue, she had been an executioner; a soldier. Why would anyone feel comfortable with that? How could they feel civil towards the diluted multicolored she-cat? Firebird could see her as being manipulative and disrespectful towards any authority besides her love for Hollystar.

    He just did not see much of a deputy within her, at least not now, sure she could grow into the role, but had she really earned it? What made her so different than any of the warriors within Thunderclan that either been born and raised or had truly adapted to their way of life? Glaring at Kass as he observed her, he could already tell that the rogue or should he say Deputy, had no respect or regard for Starclan, and yet she was put into a position to gain power. Of course Firebird knew that he was not the most approachable feline nor was he the kindest, but he values respect and order, and he cares deeply for his clan. He felt threatened to be honest, to have such a feline with a dark and dangerous past becoming deputy? It was just absurd! Even the large Maine Coon knew how to be respectful to those with authority during situations that called for it, and yet listening to Kass boast and insult those that stated their opinions on the situation infuriated him. She was not helping herself, she was letting her rogue instincts kick in when she should have reworded her words and thought out her actions before going through with them.

    His fur rising on his shoulders and spine at what she did next. It was common sense even for a rogue to know the boulder was an object of power within the gathering. A platform that those of leadership stood, and with moments of becoming deputy; she had just disrespected everyone. His form tensing as he was itching to shove her off the boulder, but would he be any better? Firebird was just a deputy, he had no right to leap into the tall stone. Yet, listening to her was causing his patience to way thin. Not only was she on the boulder, proclaiming her affection for the Thunderclan Leader, but he noted that not once had she mentioned her dedication toward Thunderclan. It seemed that Kass only truly cared for herself and her mate. Scoffing at the leader of thunderclan’s words as she tried her best to deescalate the situation when her timely announcement was just caused all of this. He did not care one bit that she had shown her worth during the hurricane, because actions spoke louder than words. Within the time of this gathering, Firebird had come to the conclusion that yes; Kass had been helpful, but was her motive and reason in the right place?

    His eyes widening as suddenly Kass was in front of Wolfstar, showing just how much she looked down upon those that were not her beloved mate. Black rubbery hued lips pulling back in a snarl, a gruff sound bubbling within his chest. His tail twitching with infuriation to the point he could not hear Wisteriastar trying to conclude the gathering or Wolfstar’s words of demanding Kass to learn her place. All he could think of was that she had no place being up there and that as he thought before; actions speak louder than words. Plus he figured that words would not sway her, she was one that liked to take action before calmly talking things out. It was obvious with the way she was holding herself as she asked for a fight. Now he knew what he was about to do would cause the Skyclan deputy to get in trouble, heck he might even loose his position for disrespecting everyone at the gathering and even Starclan itself. Yet, he felt that if he didn’t do something now…one of the leaders would have to. Firebird would rather be seen as the rash and short tempered than have Wolfstar or any of the other leaders physically remove Kass, as the dark Leader’s quiet reassurances were not working. With no emotion in his face except the anger and hatred within his furious ember eyes, he leaped onto the boulder as well.

    The tall, broad tom gives Blazestar a semi-apologetic look before letting his gaze rest on Kass, who was still having a stare down with Wolfstar. Glaring as he glances down at a decent size stone that had once been part of the boulder. With great precision if he doesn’t say so himself, he swung his paw with such force in the direction of the stone. Watching carefully as the object projects through the air before smacking into Kass’s side with a harsh thump. “You sure know how to make a first great impression huh?” His deep voice resounded throughout the clearing at the dead silence that followed his unexpected actions. “I suspect you should learn your place. You speak that you would protect Hollystar, but what about the rest of your comrades? Or do they mean shit to you? Do you honestly think you are so much better-“ he paused as he stalks toward the she-cat. His cold gaze never leaving her form as he noted her claws gleaming in the moonlight. “That you can do whatever you please? That you can speak whenever you want? Threaten whoever you want? Seems like to me you should be put into your place. It would seem that Hollystar is giving you too much freedom with no reprimands for your actions or shall I do it for her?” he coolly states as he was now the one, inches from her face, putting respectful distance from the leaders as he made sure Kass’s focus was solely on himself.

    Yes, he could sound very hypocritical at this moment as he too stood on the boulder, but for a very different reason. Kass stood upon because of her disrespect, anger, and to project herself of higher value when threatening Wolfstar and those down below. She wanted to be in a power position to fight, to belittle those on the ground and on higher ground, to scare and intimidate those within the clearing from fighting. Firebird was not taking it, he stood upon the great boulder amongst the leaders because he knew the leaders couldn’t, nor should they, make a move on Kass. A leader attacking another feline? Within the gathering no less? Unspeakable, though Fire was willing to take the consequences for his actions, was she?  A snarl on his usually blank face, made him seem menacing. With his back turned to the leaders, his form between Kass and Wolfstar, since he had wedged himself between them carefully. Shoving her harshly as he gave her a warning to get her ass off the boulder. “Want to know what I think?” Even though his tone tilted in a questioning way, it was obvious that he didn’t give a damn on Kass’s response. He was going to get every word in before a fight that he knew would take place began. “I believe that you don’t care for the clan life. The only reason you are standing here today is because of Hollystar. What? She wouldn’t  leave her clan for you? Is that what it is?” He snarked. “Must suck to be the second choice” he jabbed with a wicked grin.

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    Peachblossom heart might lay with a Thunderclan tom but she couldn’t help feel a rush of emotions when the blue calico loosely tossed a wink her way. Adverting her gaze from Kass when she felt her ears warm up, trying to hide her emotions knowing Kass wouldn’t let her live it down. The two might have gotten off to a rough start but as the small molly matured, the sight of Kass always choked her up.

    Her short whiskers couldn’t help but twitch in annoyance as cats protested Kass’ deputyship Not like it’s their choice. Her dainty paw subtly moving to her tail, gently placing it over her constantly flicking tail tip. Small fangs appearing as the she cats jaw dropped when Kass leapt onto the boulder Kass Don’t! Worry building up in her paws as the calico warrior was in a stare down with Windclan respected leader. “This isn’t going to end well” Her tone hushed when she spotted the SkyClan deputy following Kass onto the boulder.

    Kass!” Her voice squeaked through the onslaught of insults being thrown towards Thunderclan. Hoffified at the events that followed, emotions swelling inside her tiny body. Raising to her paws the molly whipped around to address the other deputies and healers that surrounded the boulders base, “I truly apologize for Kass’ actions and for Hollystar involving the other clans by making such an announcement at this time.” Her head falling in a respectful dip. By the time as lifted her head her soft blue eyes were narrowed into slits, her voice louder for others around to hear. “But Kass has proven herself more than worthy of her new title. Hollystar didn’t make this decision alone, Kass was my top pick as well.” Trying her best to keep attention on her and not on the fight brewing atop the boulder.

    “She single pawed organized patrols to keep our food stocked and our dens nice and dry. Her outside knowledge helped us through the storm. I was often in need of much help being the only healer in Thunderclan and when need she stepped up and helped me.” Feeling pride for the calico deputy building in her, she didn’t know the exact moment when Kass worked her way into Peachblossoms almost friend group but she was glad it happened. “I respect all of your opinions but Kass is a member of Thunderclan and whether she is deputy or not is Thunderclans problem.” 

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    blazestar – skyclan leader

    While Blazestar tried not to get herself involved in the affairs of the other clans, the announcement of Kass as deputy sent a jolt of shock through her. She didn’t know much about the rouge– no, former rouge– but from her first impression, it was clear to see that she definitely thought too highly of herself, with the way she strutted around like she was the best thing to happen to ThunderClan since Thunderstar. Oh Hollystar, what were you thinking? She thought, a worried look in her eyes as she glanced over at the other molly.

    Blazestar kept her mouth shut, but the irritated flicking of her tail clearly gave away her frustration with Kass’s behavior. However, her breaking point came when the new deputy jumped into the boulder, and she snarled slightly. “Kass, you have no right to be up here.” The ginger molly said between gritted teeth, but before she could say anything else, Wisteriastar shouldered her way to the front to make RiverClan’s announcements, and she silenced herself to let her talk, giving a nod of acknowledgement when she mentioned the situation with Hickoryroot. The interruption did nothing to ease the tension though, as Wolfstar and Hollystar just started butting heads…

    And then Firebird lept onto the boulder gave her an apologetic look. “Oh dear StarClan, please don’t do this…” Blazestar whispered, olive eyes widened with worry. But alas, he went off on Kass, even going so far as to fling a stone at her. It wasn’t much and it definitely wouldn’t kill her to be smacked in the side by a small fragment of rock, but just the action was enough to finally make Blazestar snap. “Firebird! For the love of StarClan, stop it this instant- She barked out exasperatedly, but he continued, ramping up the aggression even more.

    Blazestar jumped in between the two deputies, harshly pushing Firebird out of the way. “I don’t agree with this decision either, but that is no way to act during a gathering! How can you think it’s okay to act so immaturely?!” She yelled, gazing up at him through narrowed eyes. Blaze certainly wasn’t going to intimidate him with her size; he was far bigger than her. But what she lacked in size, she made up for with her tone. She had the angry voice of a mother that was dealing out the scolding of a lifetime. “You are a deputy, my second in command, a cat that everyone looks up to, and you think it’s okay to make a fool of yourself and behave like this? Get off the boulder. Now. Her roaring voice was nearly lowered to a whisper as she uttered that final command. “We will talk when the gathering is over. Don’t think you’re going to be let off without any consequences for your behavior.”

    And with a final lash of her tail, she turned her attention towards Hollystar. “I… I apologise for my deputy’s behavior. I may not agree fully with your decision, but I trust your judgement as a leader.” Blazestar said quietly, her entire body cringing with embarrassment. I can’t believe he did that. Now I look like a mouse-brain that can’t keep her clan under control!

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    Heronflight – RiverClan Deputy

    Though Heronflight’s gaze locked onto his leader for the duration of Wisteriastar’s speech, he would admit that it was impossible not to be overwhelmed by the awarness of the tension crackling in the air, just waiting for her announcement to draw to a close. Still, he was horrified to see Firebird leap up onto the boulder himself, wedging his powerful  frame between the… rogue and the other leaders.

    Hollystar didn’t answer any of my comments, he fumed, which must only mean that his suspicions were true. Hollystar’s mate must not have gone through any of the formalities necessary for deputyship or earning her warrior name. Worse, with an attitude like that…

    An icy calmness settled over him, washing over his mind and lodging itself deeply in the groves. With this kind of behaviour, the rogue will never live to the end of Hollystar’s nine lives. Her ego drives her to burn too brightly, and she’ll wear herself out, if some-cat doesn’t have enough of her before then and drive her out. Or better.

    The sudden epiphany left little residue of the tom’s former rage in it’s wake, but that didn’t mean the situation was any less out of control. Pulling himself to his full height– and frankly looming a little over many of other warriors still seated on the ground– Heronflight looked between Wisteriastar and his clanmates. It was possible he might be need to intervene at any given moment, but for now he simply waited.

    Foxspice – RiverClan Warrior

    It would occur to her later, once she was safely home and had time to reflect on the impression that the clans’ ranks gave, that she should strive to make more improvements in herself. Observing would only get you so far– these deputies obviously walked the walk as well, and if she ever wanted a chance with a cat like that she would have to bring herself up to par. At the moment though, the realization was still several hours away.

    In the present moment, Foxspice watched the fight break out. The fur of her pelt and tail fluffed out in a mixture of shock and anxiety– alright, and a little bit of excitement, too. This didn’t just happen every moon! And Kass was pretty, and she looked even prettier when she was angry! Claws out, lips curled back in a snarl… Her pose on the rock was choice. Foxspice’s jaw dropped a little more when Firebird bounded up to confront her– the muscles that SkyClan tom sported were nothing to joke about! She could hardly believe she hadn’t been able to pick these fine specimens out of the crowd during the last gathering. Something about the anger and energy of the situation spoke to her. It was like they were in their element, and their boldness was nothing short of magnetic.

    StarClan preserve me,” she gasped, probably to Minknose, who had the misfortune of still being the closest cat to her. “Why is no one in RiverClan like that!?”


    “Is that what’s got you so riled up? That I’m on your rock?” Priorities, the she-cat’s stare only wavered from Wolfstar’s intense gaze when a rock, a pebble really, bounced off her flank. Her head spun around to Firebird, a tom she hadn’t met before. She hadn’t even noticed the tom sitting amongst them before the boulder. Kitty-brows furrowed in confusion, she let his words spin through one ear and out the other. “Who…” Her eyes traced the colors of his pelt and compared them among the other ranks. Well, he matches most of SkyClan.. Her body relaxed at the realization, letting an easy smirk fall on her lips, “Oh! Are you a deputy or something?” She wondered aloud, “Cute. I was wondering why some insignificant was trying to talk to me. Can’t you see that the grown-ups are talking?” She dismissed the tom.

    Oh but he just kept talking didn’t he? Kass was fairly certain that nothing would happen to her on this boulder more than just the old pile of bones (Wolfstar ofc) before her spitting in her face, even as she rolled her shoulders to get ready for any cat who decided to challenge her. She let the tom snarl in her face, whiskers twitching as the cats around her became more and more riled up. The only other thing her body could focus on was Hollystar shaking beside her. Kass let her tail-tip rest on her mate’s shoulder.

    A low chuckle ripped through her chest as Blazestar tried to insert herself between the two deputies, “You’re right.” she hummed with a shrug of her shoulders, “I don’t give a damn about clan life. I think you are all.. meek. I hate meek people. I think you guys think of yourselves as all high and mighty in your clans but haven’t actually faced any threats in seasons. You train for nothing. You gather for nothing. You live for nothing. You’re no more than kittypets acting like warriors! And you know what? I think you’re sitting here all riled up because you’re scared. Before I got here ThunderClan was weak and all of you know it.” Her eyes left Firebird’s to level with each leader’s. “I think you feel threatened because had Hollystar named someone else, ThunderClan would have stayed at the bottom of the food chain. But starting tonight, that will be no longer.”

    “There’s more to life than reading the stars and waiting for signs. Far too long have the cats of the forest sat on their asses while the world around them adapts. The right to be on this boulder is an earned right, but it isn’t foretold by the stars, it’s earned the same way I got up here. By seeing openings and taking chances. None of you know the things I’ve seen. The things I’ve done. And if there was anything your ancestors wanted to say about them, they would have already done something about it.”

    Kass turned so that her body was between the leaders and Firebird’s, her crooked smirk gracing her maw, “And so, with their blessing, I think invalids should stay off the boulder,” before she kicked out her hind legs and launched Firebird from the boulder.


    Firebird~ Skyclan Deputy

    His fur prickled with anger as he listens to her words, as she mocks and dismisses him as if she was the best of the best. His fiery gaze stayed trained on her smug face, he wasn’t affected by her words, just her in general. Everything about the blue calico screamed untrustworthy and her little show, proved just that. Firebird clenches his jaw as he could just imagine the scene Kass and himself were causing, a part of him wished that he had more common sense to just step down and pad away. Yet—that’s not how Firebird rolls, he would not give her that satisfaction of perceiving herself more important than anyone in the clearing. She was not worthy to call herself a deputy, to be part of Thunderclan, to stand in front of the leaders in such a degrading away. His long fluffed tail quivering as his rage continued to build, in a way he was disappointed in the leaders for not stepping up and dealing with Kass. Sure, he knew that it would look ill upon them to show such aggression toward another feline in this gathering, but hadn’t this gone far enough? Was Firebird the only one willing to stand up toward this so called deputy? If so, then so be it. In his mind he had already created a scene, had already shown aggression, gotten physical, what’s it going to hurt for a little more?

    Rolling his eyes at Peachblossom’s words, he just wished she would remain quiet as it was obvious her declaration that Kass was worthy of such position was bull shit. For all he knew Kass had already manipulated the Medicine cat, along with the Thunderclan Leader. At this rate, he wanted nothing to do with Thunderclan, or anyone who would stand for Kass. Would the leaders truly allow this to happen? To stoop so low to allow the pompous filth to remain? If so he doesn’t know how he would react, gatherings certainly would not be the same. Tensing ever so slightly as the sound of his leader, Blazestar calling out to him. Commanding him to stand down, to keep his mouth shut, and stay in his lane. Closing his eyes for a moment, he knew the best option would to heed her words, and he hoped Starclan would forgive him. Everything within him told him that standing down was not the answer, not towards someone who was just begging for a fight. Damn the gathering, there was nothing remotely civil about tonight’s encounters. Once he opened his eyes, they were cold and blank, masking any emotions he was once showing. He stumbled ever so slightly at Blazestar roughly shoving him out of the way from Kass. Ears twitching as he listens to her scorn, avoiding eye contact with her, as he knew that he was disappointing her. The only indication he gave her that he heard her warning that his actions would not go unpunished was a stiff nod. Though he felt somewhat insulted when Blazestar apologized toward Hollystar, as if he was the problem and not the one who started it all in the first place, but sure he will take all the blame.

    A snort escapes his lips at her ‘mocking and insulting words’. Without missing a beat, “Ah why thank you. Beats being like you: all talk of being a grown-up but with no actions to back-up your words.” He dismissed with a dramatic eye roll. Though his mood turned even more sour if that was possible at her proclamation of her true feelings of the clan life. Straightening his posture, muscles tensing as he now realized her intentions. Kass wanted to reform the clans, no not all, at least not yet. She was going to start with Thunderclan, she believed her way was the best way and that those who have followed the ways of Starclan were too blinded by delusions to face whatever harsh reality she proclaimed to have gone through. He didn’t give a rats ass at her ‘hard’ life, is she was going to stand there and yap about it, why not return to wherever the hell she came from? Not like many would miss her anyways. Her words were just that; words. She could try all her might to belittle them all on their way of life, but they all had a deep connection to Starclan in some way or form. It was woven in their soul, not something that could be so easily ripped away by some delusional bimbo.

    Now there was one thing that she said that stood out to the tall Maine Coon. Why hadn’t they received a sign, a message, anything from Starclan on why Kass was here? Was it meant to happen? Or was there something blocking their connection to Starclan? Had Starclan turned their backs on them all for Thunderclan accepting Kass without following the warrior code? Were they all being punished for their wrong doings for having to deal with such a feline that threatened everything they have ever known? No…he could not think like that, he could not afford to let her poisonous words seep into his blood and cloud his brain with doubt. Eyes widening as he noticed a second too late of her swift of movement. His ears burning at her sickly sweet tone before feeling her hind legs connect with his chest.

    The wind was knocked out of his lungs from the impact, his broad form stumbling over the edge. Heart pounding roughly against his rib cage in panic, but before he could befall to his distress, his claws hook onto Kass’s legs. Letting gravity do the rest as he roughly pulls her down with him. Now the drop from the boulder wasn’t at such a dangerous height that death could be an outcome, but he could have seriously been injured. It was as if time had slowed for him, his throat constricting as he tried to breathe, his gaze locked on the now falling form of Kass. Twisting his form within the air, his hooked forepaws digging into her shoulders as he turns their positions at the last minute. A harsh thud echoed, but it was not his back that made the impact. Chest heaving, breath ragged, ember eyes slitted with menace as he hovered above her. Once he regained a breath did he lower his head to whisper harshly in her ear, “Want to try that again? Deputy his tone cold, hatred lacing his words that dropped like venom. Digging his claws deeper into her shoulder blades to emphasize that he was serious, if she made one more move on him, he would not hesitate to eliminate a threat.

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    mahon [owl]

    owlbelly [windclan deputy and just tired]

    The large tom let out a quiet sigh of relief when Wisteriastar decided to step in. As the riverclan leader made her announcements, Owlbelly closed his eyes and took a deep breath, heart full of regret and sorrow.  I should have been a better father. But it was too late. It would always be too late. He searched the crowd for the rest of his kin, but his eyes only fell onto  Tinyflame who sat closely to Goldenrose. I would have been worse off without you. Hoping that the rest of the high ranks would offer the same respect the fallen felines, the windclan deputy felt a surge of anger when Kass brought the attention back to herself by jumping on top of the boulder. Baring his teeth, his narrowed amber eyes followed as the so-called thunderclan deputy approached Wolfstar. Hackles raised, the tom was ready to pounce on the boulder the moment Kass touched even a whisker on his leaders face. The tom watched as a flash of fur jumped on top of the boulder, and to his surprise, it was the skyclan deputy. Though he didn’t know much about Firebird, Owlbelly couldn’t help but feel excited about what the tom was about to say.

    “You’re very full of yourself for someone who was captured by meek felines. You’re just lucky that one of them accepted you.” The tom snapped angrily, feeling his temper growing out of his control.“Let’s face it, Kass, you just want attention, good or bad doesn’t matter. You’re a power-hungry narcissist who will manipulate and bully others until you get what you want. It’s pitiful.” He practically spat at her from down below. It was very rare for the usually calm and kind deputy to feel such a surge of emotion, but one thing the tom strongly despised was felines who showed no respect. Owlbelly let out a tired sigh, obvious exhaustion radiating off of his handsome features. His gaze was torn away when Peachblossom spoke on behalf of Kass and the tom felt his gaze soften slightly. She wants to keep the peace. Dipping his head politely at the medicine cat, he let her know that her voice was heard before turning back to the others. He also felt bad for Blazestar who seemed to have a new stressor due to Firebird’s actions. However, Owlbelly strongly believed that being uncomfortable was a result of making a change for the better. The tom blinked his amber eyes in shock at Kass’s words, not only insulting the integrity and ability of the clans but even the strength of her own clan. Turning his gaze to the Thunderclan leader, Owlbelly continued with his thoughts. “If I were you, Hollystar, I would strongly reconsider your choice. It’s obvious she has no respect for our traditions, with the way she’s acting it’s obvious she doesn’t even have respect for you. For starclan’s sake, she’s just called all of us, including thunderclan, weak. Is this the kind of deputy you want representing your clan? Is this someone you want by your side?” He wanted to reason with the thunderclan leader, but she seemed too shocked to even consider what others were saying. When the rogue spoke of their ancestors, Owlbelly stared at her in shock – she was revealing her true self in front of all the clans. Glancing up at the sky, Owlbelly wondered why there had been no interference yet. Were they agreeing with Hollystar Was Kass truly the right fight for deputy? No! They must be supporting us. They have to. She would ruin the clans.

    The tom narrowed his eyes as Kass moved between the leaders and the skyclan deputy, not trusting her next move. Leaping back in shock when Firebird was suddenly shoved from the boulder, Owlbelly immediately hissed at Kass, crouching towards a pounce but not moving yet. He didn’t want to join in on the fight despite the surging anger he felt. He was also aware of the political implications that would happen if he joined the fight – windclan and thunderclan were known allies and Owlbelly was not about to ruin that. Though at the same time, Owlbelly made no effort to stop the fight from happening. The tom stared at Firebird with interest, watching the skyclanner twist in the air and slam the feline down. Despite the two being similar in size, Owlbelly knew he would not like to meet the other deputy in battle. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy


    ‘How dull,’ Smokewisp thought as the leaders prattled on. As per usual, most of the announcements were displays of strength. It was nearly impossible to discern whether the leaders were speaking the truth or bluffing. It mattered little, clans made their own condition evident through their physical appearance. Starvation and fear were nearly impossible to hide. And, given the oncoming days of leaf-bare physical condition would be key to survival.

    Disgruntled murmurs jerked the smokey she-cat from her daydreams. ‘What did she just say?’ She looked up at Hollystar, noticing her loving gaze upon Kass. Her whiskers twitched, amused that the she-cat would pick her mate as deputy. Smokewisp couldn’t possibly imagine such a conflict of interests. On top of that, she didn’t even have a warrior name. ‘Kass-star,’ she suppressed a chuckle at the absurdity of it all. Surely she’d give the raucous she-cat a warrior name at some point. But, she was surely getting ahead of herself by choosing her deputy before providing her with a name.

    Smokewisp expected the clamor to die down. But, as the other deputies began to complain a sickening feeling twisted her stomach. ‘This is Hollystar’s decision,’ she thought. She didn’t give two mice about another clan’s business. But, at this rate it would become Shadowclan’s business. Her fur bristled with indignation as Kass clambered upon the rock and joined the leaders. “What are you doing, get back here!” Of course, it was too late and things escalated quickly. Before she could move to intervene Firebird had struck Kass, and everything went downhill from there.

    She side-stepped as Firebird and Kass tumbled onto the ground, a tussling ball of claws and teeth. She sighed, looking from Hornetstar to Owlbelly, expecting some sort of action from either of them. ‘We shouldn’t let them fight,’ she sighed. She stepped forward lightly, hoping she wouldn’t receive a scolding from Hornetstar later. “Firebird!” she hissed, her voice low. “I know you’re better than this! Let her go at once! You’re embarrassing yourself, your clan, and your leader by fighting here!” She braced herself, headbutting his shoulder roughly. She didn’t particularly care for the ginger tom. But, seeing him reduced to his was painful. “Kass might be making wild accusations, but this is uncalled for! She’s allowed to have her opinion!



    “No! St-Stop! You shouldn’t fi-fight! Not at the gathering!” Speckledpaw called out before even realizing she had, her voice shaking, as she rose to her paws.

    She was about to rush in, her muscles bound up to do so without her permission, but thankfully another feline stepped in between Kass and Firebird.

    Speckledpaw wasn’t quite certain what was going on, why Kass was speaking the way she was, or why Firebird their deputy was so keen on a fight with the she-cat.

    All she knew was that Kass wasn’t clan born, and Speckledpaw knew that she herself wasn’t clan born either, so why was everyone bristling with bitter animosity with her being named deputy.

    Speckledpaw herself had been named Medicine Cat apprentice not long after joining Skyclan. No one seemed to have any objections with her becoming Saffrongaze’s apprentice, that she knew of.

    Yet now, after seeing everyone’s disdain towards Kass, she couldn’t help but fear that some of the felines around her might think the same of her, Firebird, the deputy of Skyclan included.

    Firebird must think rather lowly of her, if he was attacking another non-clan born feline, would he attack her next? After he was finished with Kass? Speckledpaw shivered with the dark thought, her gaze flickered up towards the sky.

    She could see a faint darkness begin to swirl, she’d been briefed on all the traditions, customs and beliefs of the clans before becoming Saffrongaze’s apprentice. She knew exactly what the swirling darkness was, it was the growing displeasure of Starclan.

    “Please, you mustn’t!” She didn’t know her her demure voice was getting through to Firebird or Kass, but she had to try and help calm the situation… shouldn’t she?

    Then again she was only a newly appointed medicine cat apprentice, she hadn’t any clue if she had any room to speak in this situation. In the end, she decided it would be best for the leaders to handle the two quarreling felines.

    At least she had tried and done what she could. She was much too petite to do anything else, besides use her voice, to try and keep the peace.




    Amberdusk – Thunderclan Warrior

    There was a distaste in her jaw upon hearing that Kass was going to be the new deputy. It just didn’t seem right, knowing that Kass never had an apprentice of her own. Plus, it was almost like Hollystar was picking favorites. Her fur bristled, but she couldn’t step in. This isn’t a situation we could control. She thought. Would Starclan even accept this?

    Amberdusk paused as cats around her were either heated up or anxious. Mixed reactions from even her own clan. The last thing I rather have is a fight over Hollystar’s decision. She thought. Even if its absurd…

    Raccoonpaw – Shadowclan Apprentice

    Well this isn’t going too well. Raccoonpaw’s paws were tense as his eyes searched for Hareflight through the crowd. Surely, she thought everything was strange too, right?

    Ravenpaw – Windclan Apprentice

    Why do Gatherings become this intense?! Ravenpaw looked visibly uncomfortable by the tensions between the clans. In mere seconds, they finally came to the conclusion that maybe Hollystar‘s decision to make Kass deputy shouldn’t have been announced during a Gathering. Their paws started to stretch, the motion of claws sliding in and out in a rhythm motion. Just don’t get involved… Ravenpaw thought to himself, and of course, any of the other Windclan cats who may be feeling intense from everything.

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