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    Tinyflame, WindClan

    Due to her smaller stature, the ginger molly had to take just about twice the amount of steps her clanmates did to reach their destination in a timely manner. She was, of course, just as tired as the rest of the clans due to all of this journeying around, but she was glad that they all had something positive to look forward to– a gathering was always a nice social event to catch up with friends from other clans and she was grateful that she would be able to attend tonight. But for more reasons than one, if she were being honest… Tinyflame was grateful that she didn’t have to stray from Owlbelly’s side and that she was able to come to the gathering tonight with him. The small WindClan warrior glanced over to the deputy, who had been awfully silent since their return home. And for all the right reasons. One of his kits had died in the floods, one of the last remaining remnants of his relationship with his past RiverClan mate.

    Her heart ached for him, the sympathy she felt for his loss was almost overwhelming, as though she were experiencing a pain similar to what he was going through and yet, how could she? She was not a mother, she did not have kits of her own. How could she truly understand the pain he was feeling? When Owlbelly left his Clanmates to join the other deputies at the base of the stones, she watched him go silently, feeling somewhat unsure of what she could say to him to help him through his suffering.

    So, instead, when she spotted the golden-furred pelt of Goldenrose nearby, Tinyflame decided to accompany her. She stepped close to the queen’s side, softly brushing their flanks together. “Congratulations,” She began, motioning with a nod of her head to the molly’s swollen belly. “I’m sure that you and Wolfstar will be so happy together.” There was a tone of wistfulness in the tiny warrior’s voice, as if she herself was waiting for the day that she was able to have kits of her own. She’d be lying if she ever said that the thought had not crossed her mind, but she knew that now was not an appropriate time to be thinking like that, especially with her relationship with Owlbelly not quite being solidified just yet.


    Heronflight – RiverClan Deputy

    Ears swivelling to catch bits of different conversations, Heronflight watched his apprentice Koipaw as the younger tom went off to sit with his brother Forestmask. He was pleased that both of them had been able to come to the gathering this moon—oddly enough, he’d become much closer to them recently then he’d really anticipated. Certainly it wasn’t a problem; more like a welcome surprise. He knew he wasn’t exactly the most… comforting cat to spend time with.

    Owlbelly’s sudden leap into conversation caught him off guard, and the tall warrior blinked. He hadn’t really expected to talk with the other deputies for some reason. A bit of an oversight on his part. “Er, thank you.” He offered slowly. Like the brown warrior said, they hadn’t interacted much during their mutual stay in ThunderClan. It wasn’t that Heronflight disliked him, but he’d been so caught up in getting his clanmates fit enough to leave in good condition once their territory wasn’t flooded that he’d paid attention to little else.

    It was a relief when Owlbelly pulled Smokewisp into the conversation as well.


    Foxspice – RiverClan Warrior

    Foxspice perked up a bit when Minknose came to stand next to her. She’d been on her way to sit with Koipaw and Forestmask, but admittedly it wasn’t often that a clanmate who wasn’t her sibling came up to talk. Not that she would admit it—especially since it wasn’t something she was really aware of. Denial is a beautiful thing.

    Gaze following Minknose’s gaze to the WindClan deputy, who seemed to be starting a conversation with Heronflight and Smokewisp.  “Not at all! Are you avoiding your—are you avoiding someone?” Foxspice asked, only managing to half-catch her insensitive question.

    Shut up Foxspice, Minknose just lost her sister!

    Thankfully, Willowfur—a WindClan queen she had met while they had both been staying in ThunderClan—joined her and Minknose quickly after that. Blooming under the attention of two cats at once, a bit more of her usual, bubbly self resurfaced.

    “Willowfur, hi!” she purred, ears twitching in an excited ‘hello’ only to stoop again at the mention of her clan’s guests. Leaning in to the other she-cats conspiratorially, she whispered rather loudly, “Yeah, they give me the creeps. I was coming in from camp last night and just all these extra eyes watching me… gives me the hibigeebies.”

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    blazestar – skyclan leader

    Blazestar made her way towards the center of the Ghostly Flats to join the other clans that had arrived for the gathering. It was the first gathering she had been to since the commotion with the Tribe, and she couldn’t help but feel on edge as she stood in the area she had been standing in when she was nearly taken from her clan. Once the storm had ended, SkyClan went back to their territory from the mountains, while ShadowClan went back with RiverClan to use their camp until the flood waters had drained from the tunnels. To her surprise, the largest of the trees in SkyClan’s camp had stayed intact, and only the weakest of the woven branches forming the roof above the grove had broken. The rest of the territory and camp were in ruins though, and most of they prey had moved further inland, leaving all of them practically starved. Blaze obviously wouldn’t admit that herself to the other leaders though, even if the ribs sticking out from her fur told another story.

    A quick glance revealed that all the clans were there except for ThunderClan. All the leaders were sat on the boulder with their deputies sitting beneath them, so Blazestar headed over to join them. She leaped onto the boulder, hesitantly settling down next to the other leaders. “Greetings.” She purred, dipping her head awkwardly to the more experienced cats around her. She wasn’t entirely sure what she needed to do, so she sat quietly with her tail curled around her paws and scanned the gathering beneath her for any familiar faces.


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Ah, what is his name again?’ Smokewisp’s amber eyes narrowed as she struggled to recall the brown tom’s name. She had a terrible memory for such things, and there was a long awkward pause before she remembered. He had been speaking with Riverclan’s handsome new deputy, Heronflight. She eyed them curiously, not knowing much about them beyond typical gathering gossip.

    Greetings, Owlbelly.” She dipped her head cordially to the other deputies. Perhaps a little stiff, but friendly enough. “Shadowclan is strong and well, but we’re homesick. Fish doesn’t suit us too well,” she laughed lightly. “We’ve all suffered greatly over the past moon. I hope all the clans will have some respite before leaf-bare comes upon us.Her amber gaze roamed over the polished stone. There were some familiar faces, of course. But, it was obvious that the upper ranks of the clans had changed significantly in an extremely short period of time. A chill ran up her spine. “Some are worried that this was all punishment from Starclan. I feel that’s ridiculous, but sometimes it makes you wonder.


    What a journey the Cats of the Clans had taken. It was a long and while many had fallen, bright lights shined below. Many great things were happening as within her medicine cat group, three had earned their full names and Saffrongaze, after praying to Starclan, received an apprentice that was happily accepted into the clan as the next healer in training. She traveled beside Firebird with Speckledpaw almost right under her belly. The peach Scottie figured she was still a nervous bean around the other cats, even having fellow medicine cat friends. She hoped Speckledpaw would learn to expand out her anti-social circle. Being able to see Cloverface again and to have her accept her choice in an apprentice, it was great.

    Saffrongaze had returned back to her hippie ways, blessing everyone and thanking the Winds. She gave her apprentice’s head a swift lick as she pushed forward, even with her aching body and paws. No doubt her fellow ranks and clanmates felt the same. Glancing over once inside the clan, she spotted her medicine group, her tail lifting with joy and padding over. She also noticed Hickoryroot, a former member of her clan but Starclan had other plans for the cat; as Riverclan’s new medicine cat. However, no cat becomes a healer overnight; she figured Saplingskies would be the one to show him the ropes until Shadowclan had to return back to their home. Even Starclan could help him while he slept. Whatever the case may be, she settled with Saplingskies, Hareflight, Hickoryroot, Nettlenose and Startledcrow while Speckledpaw stayed close. She greeted them all with a joyful purr. “Blessings, everyone. I hope you lot were able to rest a tad before coming.” She mewed. She had fear within her heart since the last gathering didn’t start or end so well but she had hopes this one wouldn’t end with disaster.


    Mingling furs with fish-eaters wasn’t her cup of water and even more, having to eat that fish turned her fur even more. But, at this point in time, Shadowclan couldn’t fight against it. She let out a small sigh as she traveled, her petite paws aching from the long and hard journey, thanks to the Storm bashing them. The Gathering place was empty to her surprise, her head tilting slightly. She moved in with her group and settled down, her fur bristling as she inhaled then exhaled.

    The watched as other cats from the remaining clans came to, but not Thunderclan. She quirked a kitty-brow, wondering for a moment before licking her fur down, taking extra care of her chest fur. It was one of her key factors in being the skilled fighter she was. Her maned neck acted as a, well, mane – a lion’s mane. The point of the mane was to protect the neck of the male lion and that’s the role her plume fur played. She glanced over at a fellow clanmate, a small smile crossing her maw. She’d mentioned looking super bored. Frankly, Ivorychest could use more sleep. Her body and paws ached; she’d been one of the cats who worked hard during the storm. And grief struck her chest as her mentor of the past, Vixenblood, life was taken by said storm. She was impaled by a tree branch and they managed to exchange some words until she passed onto Starclan. While she didn’t show grief, she felt it. But, Vixenblood would scratch out her ears if she’d know Ivorychest had felt grief. She said to move on and that’s what the pearly white feminine planned to do. She patted the spot next to her, moving her plume tail so she could take that spot. “I enjoy the company, Scarletflood, thank you.” She said politely, dipping her head to the warrior. She always respected everyone in her clan (unless they did something dishonorable).


    Firebird~ Skyclan Deputy

    Tired and Numb is all the Skyclan Deputy felt as he follows silently after his leader, padding next to Saffrongaze and her newly acquired apprentice. It had been a rough couple of weeks for all the clans with the hurricane that had disrupted their normal and acquaint lives. Huffing softly under his breath at the faint twinge in his side from a wound he acquired during a hunting expedition near the mountains, a wound that could leave a permanent scar on his left side. His dull ember eyes flicker around, taking in the forms of his clanmates. It was obvious that many were suffering from the impact the weather had caused them, food was sparse within the Skyclan Territories. Though Firebird had been trying his best with organizing hunting patrols left and right, most of the time he would accompany every single one to help provide for his struggling clan. The fiery Maine Coon would never admit it but he was exhausted; physically and mentally. He wasn’t feeling for this gathering as all he wanted to do was sleep, but he knew that there was no way for him to wiggle his way out of such a event, he was deputy after all.

    Closing his eyes for a brief moment as he enjoyed the cool brisk air against his fluffy pelt, ruffling his different tones ginger fur. His paws aches with every step as they got closer and closer to their destination. Their surroundings seems eerily with the faint glow of the full moon being their only source of light through the forest. Yet, he couldn’t feel more calm and content than he had been in a long time. At this moment he was not the deputy, but just any other feline traveling towards the clearing that hosted their gathering events. He had no responsibilities as for tonight, but he was still keeping an eye out for his fellow felines. Looking over his shoulder every now and then to make sure no one was falling behind during their trek. Ears perking up in interest at the chattering that was becoming more prominent as Skyclan approached. He had been to many gatherings and did not expect this one to be any different as the last one was interesting enough to last a lifetime.

    Flicking his fluffed tail side to side as he quietly slips into the clearing. Briefly glancing around as he takes in the other felines from Riverclan and Shadowclan. Acknowledging them and the other leaders for a brief moment before his attention was drawn to the other ranks that gathered under the large stone. Frowning as he notices Hickoryroot, former Skyclan Warrior now Riverclan Medicine Cat, he did not know what to make of the predicament as in a way he felt that Hickoryroot betrayed his birth clan by walking away to join the clan of fish. Of course Firebird did not voice his thoughts as he knew that many would think ill of his opinion, sure he knew that Starclan had chosen Hickoryroot, but did not mean he felt a sting of betrayal. Peeling his gaze away from the Medicine cats before making his way toward the other deputies; Smokewisp and Heronflight. Nodding his head with respect, “Hello” he muttered, his voice gruff though he held no displeasure just plain indifference. Settling down with ease next to the Shadowclan Deputy, letting his gaze flicker over the many cats that swarmed the clearing, it always amazed him seeing so many joined together for a night of celebration and to mingle with one another with little to no tensions between them.

    Eyeing his brother; Honeysplash and rolling his eyes as he notices that his smitten brother was indeed near Snowyowl. Huffing in slight amusement before scanning for his apprentice; Juniperpaw, narrowing his eyes before catching sight of the dark apprentice. His apprentice had been doing well lately and had been a great help during the many hunting and boarder patrols that Firebird had been organizing. His apprentice was definitely growing into a fine warrior, it wouldn’t be long until Juniperpaw finally received his Warrior name and even though Firebird would never say it, but he was proud of him. Smiling briefly, barely noticed before shifting his large form. Wrapping his tail over his paws as he quietly awaits for the gathering to officially begin.


    The moon was already high in the sky when Hollystar came up on the Ghostly Flats. Thunderclan had been running late to the gathering because of some leftover debris, causing them to have to take an alternative route to the gathering place. She waited by the edge of the area, then, making sure her clan was all behind her, made her way into the clearing. 

    The Thunderclan leader paced towards the Smooth Boulder to join the other clan leaders. She jumped up, landing swiftly next to her friend Wolfstar. “Hello, Wolfstar. I hope all is well with your clan and you’re settled back into your camp,” she greeted. Hollystar then looked towards the other leaders. “Sorry we’re a little late. There was lot of debris in the territory still, and had to find a different way around,” she explained, and dipped her head towards the other cats. “I hope all of you are well after the storm.” She wasn’t sure what else to say, so the molly just smiled towards them, then turned to face out to the cats gathered below them. 



    The small molly took her place behind Hollystar as she lead the clan to the gathering. Trying her best to keep pace with the taller she cat. Upon reaching the Ghostly Flat the medicine cage separated from her clan, weaving her way throughout the crowd, muttering small “I’m sorry” to those she pushed passed. Edgar to see her fellow healers, well mostly just Hareflight, but Startledcrow too just a lot less than Hareflight. Thunderclan has always been on time for the gathering assuring Peach the perfect spot next to Hareflight, but due to the alternate route taken they seemed to be the last ones there. Her soft blue eyes narrowing as she noticed a particular tom sitting in her spot. Huffing she waddled her way over to the much taller tom, “Excuse me Startledcrow but that’s my spot” While she was now a full medicine cat it didn’t mean she could have a more playful side with close friends.

    Upon hearing the refusal from the tom cat a smirk emerged on Peaches creamy muzzle, she was going to sit next to Hareflight whether ole grumpy liked it or not. Sitting obnoxiously close to the lad Peach pushed against him like a kit trying to annoy a littermate, trying to make him uncomfortable enough to move, while also completely ignoring his presence as she looked around Startledcrow to speak with Hareflight, “Our first gathering as full fledge medicine cats. How exciting!” She purred. It had taken the emotional she cat a lot longer to get her name than it should have but she could finally hold her head high and confidently tell the world she was Peachblossom, the Thunderclan Medicine Cat.

    Knowing the newly named Specklepaw would probably be nervous the molly offered her nothing more than a sweet, reassuring smile. The new comer in the sleuth of medicine cats was Hickoryroot, a feline that was unfamiliar to her, head tilting as she spoke up to the tom, “I’m Peachblossom, Thunderclans Medicine Cat, You?” Her words were tight to the point, not knowing how much time she’d have before the leaders began speaking.


    Most cats would be excited to be chosen to go to the gatherings, they always saw it as such an honor and normally the ginger tom would to. Things were different this time around he had himself a pretty lil lass waiting on him back in Thunderclan camp and all he could think about was getting back home to her. Alas the tom still had to make an appearance, he was an honorable warrior of Thunderclan who was training a real gem of a future warrior it was only right for him to be there.

    Of course being the love stricken tom he was Foxnose was going to follow Hiddenferrets wishes, hearing her voice in his head, “Enjoy yourself and try to make some new friends” Sighing the muscular tom followed her orders and found himself a nice group of warriors from other clans to watch the gathering with, offering small hellos here and there. 


    The hoard of ThunderClan cats climbing to slope of the Ghostly Flats was soon followed by a lone she-cat bringing up the rear, bi-colored eyes shifting about to ensure no clan cat of hers got lost in the hike. Part of her wasn’t sure what her place was amongst these soft clan cats, but the late night hushed tones of Hollystar had requested such, and so she decided to suck it up and attend. Besides, it wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy the attention, the open looks of aghast in her direction. 

    In hindsight, ThunderClan’s resident rogue could have probably looked better, her grey and oranger splotched fur long and curled around the ends, knots forming around her chest area, ungroomed and unruly the way she always looked. There was something in her stance that conveyed the importance of her existence, even if such importance existed only in her own head. Her change in position had initially been a means to calm her mates’ nerves once Antlercreek stepped down, a deputy-less clan was a bad thing apparently, so Kass had worldlessly picked up some of the slack. It’d been hard to demand that sort of attention in the beginning but the forest cats were slowly but surely coming around. She wasn’t a deputy, but she was surely the closest thing to it. Regality suited her, but being someone’s second did not spark joy within her chest, even if it were to be Hollystar’s

    The long-furred rogue veered off to the right, making sure that she could spot Hawkpaw amongst the others. She wasn’t sure how many gatherings the tom had attended in his few short moons of living, but a quick twitch of her whiskers let her attempt to communicate the importance of a night like the one ahead. 

    Kass’ gait slowed as she neared the base of the boulder, eyes squinting and mouth falling into an easy smirk as she approached the other deputies. She dipped her head lazily, “Evening boys,” she greeted Owlbelly, Heronflight, and Firebird with a rasp in her accent. Bi-colored eyes rounded onto Smokewisp with a raised kitty-brow, “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Who is this?” She asked, voice lowered and smooth in a soft purr. Fresh meat it seemed. 

    Gazing up the boulder Kass couldn’t help but eye the other leaders as well, all seemingly tired. Old and tired. Well, except Hollystar of course, who looked radiant among the other leaders. ThunderClan had defeated the storm in stride and it showed right on their pelts. If their eyes were to meet she’d probably cast a wink her way, her heart twitching as she did so. 



    Wolfstar was grateful Goldenrose beamed back up at him as if she could read his mind and understand he needed the comfort. He felt lucky to have someone so loving and gentle, yet strong and a brave warrior. He couldn’t help but purr and blink gratefully to her, suddenly feeling stronger than when he had padded in the gathering place. Turning his gaze, he watched SkyClan enter the camp with Blazestar and Firebird leading them in before their leader jumped to sit beside Hornetstar. Wolfstar dipped his head, tail tip twitching at her short greeting and murmuring his hello. Not long after, ThunderClan arrived and Hollystar bounded up the smooth boulder directly beside Wolfstar, and he gave her a warm smile.

    Hollystar and Wolfstar were no doubt the closest Clans in the territories. Even after living amongst each other, he was happy their Clans still held that friendship without having any spats or distrust. The WindClan leader made sure his warriors did their part while staying with ThunderClan, not wanting Hollystar to believe he hadn’t been grateful. At her comment, he hesitated before answering. “I’ll fill everyone in once we start the Gathering.” Not wanting to have to say it twice, he preferred to tell everyone their camp was completely destroyed in front of all five Clans. 

    Underneath the smooth boulder, Wolfstar caught the movement of Startledcrow leaving the sides of the rest of the medicine cats, and he watched curiously. However, when he noticed the medicine cat apprentice looked up to check if Wolfstar was watching him, he quickly looked away. What was he up to? After waiting a few moments, Wolfstar looked back down and, with sudden anger bubbling in his chest, watched Startledcrow press against his own daughter as if they were mates. He made sure he didn’t react, not wanting Hollystar and Wisteriastar, who were standing on either side of him, to notice as well. 

    Well since we’re all here and everyone’s had a chance to converse with the other Clans, shall we start?” Clearing his throat, he swiveled his head around to look at all four Clan leaders expectantly, knowing they were all itching to begin as well. He glanced at Hornetstar, eyeing the honey-colored tom curiously. Wolfstar was interested to hear what the ShadowClan leader had to announce considering they were living with RiverClan in the moment, and he looked like he was about to jump out at every RiverClan cat to claw them to death. Heaving in a large breath, Wolfstar yowled out the starting call to all of their Clanmates. “The Gathering will now begin!” Once he was finished, and everyone was quiet, he leaned back to have another leader go first, trying very hard not to glare at StartledcrowSuch an immature thing to do at a Gathering as a medicine cat!




    Willowfur couldn’t help but let out a rumble of laughter at Foxspice’s reaction to her comment. “Hopefully they don’t stay too long then! I can’t imagine the nightmares you’re having. ShadowClan cat’s are exactly the most comforting of cats to be around.” Her whiskers twitched with amusement, suddenly hoping no ShadowClan cat overheard her. Looking at Minknose, Willowfur flicked her tail as a greeting to the other she-cat and her mouth opened to say something else, but was instantly distracted at the feel of someone’s flank against her own. She looked at Startledcrow with surprised widened eyes. He had a loving expression planted directly on her, and his tongue rasped against her cheek. Did he suddenly get bees in his brain? 

    However, she couldn’t help but feel melted at his words, his deep voice flowing through her ears and mind like sweet honey. Her green eyes glimmered and she smiled at him, a purr building up in her throat. “No, but I love hearing it from you,” she whispered back. Willowfur suddenly felt several eyes on them and she looked up at the smooth boulder where Wolfstar was staring at her and Startledcrow, his expression unreadable. Oh no. Stepping to the side away from Startledcrow, she looked at the tom she so badly loved and wanted with a painful expression, her eyebrows furrowing inwards. “Great. He knows now, Startledcrow. I didn’t want him to find out this way.” Even though her words were sharp, it was only caused by sadness. It was alright for a medicine cat to have a mate, but it was highly against the rules for a medicine cat apprentice to have kits without having a fully trained apprentice of their own. Willowfur wasn’t far into her pregnancy yet, which made it easy to hide, but she knew that in the next half-moon their Clanmates would start questioning them. What were they to say? 

    At Wolfstar’s yowl, Willowfur turned around and padded towards where the rest of their Clanmates were without saying goodbye. Not only does Wolfstar know, but now other Clan’s will know! Minknose and Foxspice were there when Startledcrow padded up to her, and Foxspice was one of the most gossipy cats in all five Clans. Spotting Tinyflame, Willowfur sat beside the she-cat without a word, wrapping her tail around her body and staring up at the leaders, her heart heavy with dismay.

    mahon [owl]


    Owl By Akaiitori Dd8yrhx-150 by voluntcruor

    The tom couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward around the other deputy’s, noticing how all the ranks have changed drastically over the past few moons. The large tom could tell that Heronflight wasn’t fully comfortable and decided not to press on the conversation, turning to Smokewisp who seemed much more willing to talk.

    “Fish has never suited me as well.” The tom joked playfully, though there was a glint of sorrow in his deep amber eyes as he thought of the past. Trying his best to focus on the conversation, Owlbelly nodded along to her words. “Shadowclan has always been resilient.” All the clans were. Glancing up at the clear sky, the fluffy deputy shrugged his shoulders. “We can never know what our ancestors are planning.” 

    “Hello, Firebird. I hope all is well. Owlbelly greeted politely but chose not to delve too deep into conversation with the gruff-looking tom. However, his mood quickly turned sour at the arrival of the thunderclan deputy. “Hello, Kass.” The tom greeted stiffly, it was difficult to keep his friendly and polite mood around someone who he did not like nor respect. The sudden, booming voice of his leader rang through the clearing, causing Owlbelly to glance up to the leaders. Time to start, thank Starclan.


    Flesh Begin To Crawl By Ghrobi-dakca4v by voluntcruor

    “You don’t need to apologize.” The tall tom murmured, feeling oddly comforted by having the pretty apprentice by his side. Letting out a quiet breath, the tom watched the diverse group of felines that had gathered under the moon. Raising a brow at her words, the tom gave her a jokingly serious look before softening into one of humour. “Oh, I did? Maybe you were smelling yourself.” It wasn’t true, though. Her scent comforted him greatly. After a moment of silence and glancing around, the tom looked back at his companion only to see her staring right back at him, “Enjoying the view?” The warrior smirked, a soft chuckle escaping his lips. 

    Turning his attention as they spoke of the leaders, the tom furrowed his brows. “You think they’re good looking?” Sootstain’s tone of voice betrayed his emotions momentarily, a mix of shock and what seemed like a sliver of jealousy. Catching himself almost immediately, the grey tabby shrugged his shoulders. “Aren’t they a bit old for your taste?” The tom joked, gently nudging Sorrelpaw, careful not to hit her injured shoulder. At her question, the tom nodded softly. “I’m doing… okay. I think. We’ve been so crowded recently I think I’ve gotten used to it. You being here helps.” At the sound of the leaders starting the gathering, the tom brought his attention to the boulder.


    Untitled Drawing By Voluntcruor-dacdz1d by voluntcruor

    She blinked in surprise when Foxspice spoke, certainly not expecting those words. “Do you think I am?” Minknose raised a kitty brow, keeping a serious expression before softening to a smile. The riverclan warrior understood the sensitivity of the topic and didn’t blame Foxspice for the inappropriate question. Some cats are just a bit more awkward than others. “I’m not ashamed.” There was a heaviness to her words that would take hours to unpack, but thankfully they only had a few minutes alone before Willowfur approached them.

    “Hello, Willowfur. The pretty she-cat purred a greeting. It seemed as if the queen was going to respond but was suddenly interrupted by a new face. Watching as Startledcrow walked up to Willowfur, Minknose furrowed her brows in a mix of shock and confusion. Glancing at Foxspice, the she-cat realized that they had meant to keep their relationship a secret. “Oh! So, uh, Foxspice, are you excited for the gathering?” Great… not inconspicuous at all… Thankfully, the voice of the windclan leader broke through to begin the gathering. Giving Willowfur a glance full of pity, the she-cat settled down beside her clanmate and watched silently as the leaders began to speak.

    Hareflight [Mel]

    Hareflight – ShadowClan Medicine Cat

    Hareflight grinned at the back-and-forth banter her medicine cat friends had begun. They had been through such dark times recently, it was refreshing to see others light at heart – even if it was the two of them arguing over who would sit next to her. A purr bubbled up in her throat as she watched this, her whiskers twitching in amusement. As she watched the two, she noticed Skunkpaw approach through the crowd, and she grinned. “S-Skunk-” She started, but hesitated as he brushed right past her without a word, the only signal that he saw her being a flick of his tail. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she watched him greet Saplingskies and then leave. Her ears lowered back slightly, her voice going soft. “Oh… Okay then..” For a moment, she gazed distractedly after her friend, before Peachblossom’s voice brought her back to the current time. She had to focus now. This was a gathering – she was representing ShadowClan, her actions were bigger than just herself. Still, Hareflight couldn’t help but wonder if she’d done something to earn his coldness.

    Letting out a breath, she let her worries fall, and offered a smile to Peachblossom. “I-I know! Isn’t it e-exciting? Peachblossom is such a nice- a nice name, and it suits you so well!” She purred gently, bumping her shoulder against her friend’s. However, she didn’t have time to say much more before Wolfstar announced they were starting the gathering. The calico spared one last glance at Skunkpaw, before sighing and fixing her attention on the leaders, a feeling of confused guilt bubbling up inside her heart.


    Scarletflood – ShadowClan Warrior

    Scarletflood sat, her golden gaze fixing on Ivorychest as she looked her over, seemingly trying to figure out what was wrong. It was a few moments until she recalled that Vixenblood – one of the cats who had perished during this StarClan awful storm – had been Ivorychest’s mentor. Silently, she cursed herself for not remembering sooner – she had been so caught up in worrying about Hornetstar, and her own near-death occurances during the storm, that she had forgot to think of other’s losses. For a moment, the russet warrior only gazed at her, silently fumbling for words. She hadn’t really spoken to Ivorychest before, and now she wasn’t sure what to say. She had never been the most sentimental cat; her brother was the only cat she ever really checked in on as he was her only living relative, and she didn’t have what she would consider any friends. This made things a bit awkward for Scarletflood as she sat in silence, trying to find appropriate words.

    Finally, after an eternity of silence, she simply said, “How are you holding up?” It was a pitiful attempt, if Scarletflood was honest, but it was the best she could do. She had endless possibilities of things she could say, and somehow very few of them seemed quite right. It probably would have been easier to get up and walk away, forget proper social interaction, and ignore everyone else in proper Scarletflood fashion. But they had all been through so much, and some cats didn’t have someone to lean on like Scarletflood had with her brother. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt, just this one time, to try to listen to someone else. She heard Wolfstar’s yowl, but her gaze was still fixed on the maned molly, and ears were fixed towards her, giving her notice that she had her attention if she wanted to say anything.



    Once the golden tom had settled, it seemed he did his absolute best to ignore everything going on around him except for what his warriors and apprentices were doing. Ever since the chaos of the flood had settled down as much as possible, for ShadowClan at the moment, he had taken to watching his Clanmates even more like a hawk. He knew they were all perfectly capable of caring for themselves, that’s what made his Clan so strong after all, but he just couldn’t stop worrying about them all and make himself relax. Hopefully, once they made it back into their territory and settled into a new camp, he’d be able to take a moment and just breathe.

    He glanced at each of the leaders from the corner of his eye as the rest of them slowly trickled in with their Clans, turning away with a scowl as Hollystar immediately buddied up to Wolfstar. Hornetstar would bet his one of his remaining lives that Wisteriastar had been forced to separate her Clan because of the other two leaders. Truthfully, he never would have stood for that. He would have driven himself crazy with worry, even if he knew Smokewisp would have been more than capable of looking over half of the Clan while he watched the other half.

    Making eye contact with Wolfstar, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose in obvious disdain. Thought when the white and grey leader called for the Gathering to begin, he was relieved. The sooner they got this show on the road, hopefully the sooner they could leave. Even if he had to return to RiverClan camp, Hornetstar would rather be there than here. “Well ShadowClan will go first then,” he huffed, getting to his paws and stepping up to the end of the ledge the leaders were sat on.

    “Before the storm, Tawnypainter went missing and Smokewisp was appointed deputy in his place. Another warrior, Cloudstripe, also went missing. He leaves behind two apprentice, Redpaw and Fallowpaw, who show much promise. During the storm ShadowClan moved to the mountains, where we also sheltered SkyClan and RiverClan.” He glanced to Blazestar as he spoke, silently reminding her of the debt he thought she now owed him and his Clan. “Our camp is stilled flooded, so we’re sheltering with RiverClan until we decide upon what to do. On a happy note, we welcome Hareflight as a fullfledged medicine cat tonight,” he finished, managing a small smile down at the mentioned she-cat.

    Of course he left out bits and pieces, like Pinekit’s death, but he didn’t think that was something other Clans deserved to know about. The raising and care of kits was a sole Clan’s responsibility and treasure, until those kits became apprentices and old enough to mingle with other Clans. Therefore, the loss of a kit was a sole Clan’s to mourn over. With a nod, he moved back from the ledge and resumed his seat, somewhat lost to the shadows.


    Amberdusk – Thunderclan Warrior

    Thunderclan had been dealing with a lot over the past few sunrises. Of course, Amberdusk was exhausted from crowded activity when Windclan was staying with her clan. Likewise, she didn’t mind it, but once the storm passed, it was all over. Amberdusk padded over with her fellow clanmates, realizing that Thunderclan was the last one to make it. She glanced over at her leader Hollystar and then hurried over to find a cat to talk to for the time being.

    Raccoonpaw – Shadowclan Apprentice

    Raccoonpaw glanced nervously as Hareflight left to join the rest of the medicine cats, then glanced around the area for any familiar faces.

    Ravenpaw – Windclan Apprentice

    As Willowfur approached the apprentice, a wave of relief hit them. At least she’s doing okay. They thought, as she whispered in their ear to converse. Ravenpaw slowly nodded, with their mentor giving them a small lick before heading off. Willowfur seemed like she was in a daze lately. It must have been because of the storm. Ravenpaw took a look around to see if they were any apprentices to talk to. The area was already crowded, so it made things very difficult.

    After a few minutes of walking around, Ravenpaw found themselves feeling almost confused and alone. The apprentice sat down again, glancing over to see where Willowfur was. It was a small gaze, but they were able to notice right away that she was talking to Startledcrow, as if they were close friends or something. However, Ravenpaw glanced away, not thinking too much about it. At least she can interact with others fine.

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