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The Blind Crow (Startled and Peach)

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    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    Dread was weighing down his heart, lips pressing together as the young tomcat stared across the ThunderClan border, he already knew what was happening to him… but for some reason he felt like it needed to be confirmed. Maybe he was wrong. Just maybe. His left eye was already blind, missing the pupil from birth. He had always been blind in that eye, the coloring was a brilliant blue and lacked the milky hue that many blind eyes held, didn’t have to, there was no pupil. However, it was his right eye that had been giving him issues as of late, becoming blurry one moment and clear the next, but now he was unable to get his eyesight to clear. Startledcrow knew he was going blind but he didn’t want it to be so, how would he be able to serve his clan if he couldn’t see? The dark black stripe along his pelt was standing upright with unease, causing his whiskers to pull back against his cheeks. Perhaps this was a reason why Willowfur had decided to seek out the comfort of another male, he was no longer of use to anyone. The thought stung his heart and he cleared his throat as his large paws finally stepped over the ThunderClan border marker. Peachblossom. I need to speak with Peachblossom. He decided silently and wordlessly.

    ThunderClan territory wasn’t completely unknown to him, but he found himself squinting nonetheless as he walked. The ground itself was fuzzy to gaze upon and while he could still make out the shapes of things, the details were unknown to him and his depth perception was all but blown to bits. He felt like a newborn learning how to wobble. “Who are you, traspasser?” A young voice caught him by surprise, ears perking up as he turned his chin towards the holder of the voice, squinting as he gazed upon the form of a young black and brown tomcat, the fuzz surrounding his form indicated he was a very young apprentice. “Startledcrow, WindClan medicine cat.” He snorted, causing the apprentice to lift an eyebrow as his aggressive behavior simmered down slightly. Medicine cats were the only ones allowed to cross borders peacefully, even he knew that. “Who are you?” Startledcrow asked, his head cocking to the side. He didn’t know this young apprentice. “Spiderpaw.” The black and brown apprentice announced, his orange and yellow gaze narrowed with suspicion before a massive black and white tomcat soon followed after the young apprentice, pale yellow eyes landing upon Startledcrow with an eyebrow lifted. This seasoned warrior knew exactly who this grey tabby was, a loud grunt leaving his throat. “Hello, Snarlingbadger.” Startledcrow greeted, he didn’t need his sight to know who that grunt belonged to. “I am here to see Peachblossom.” Startledcrow announced, causing Snarlingbadger to grunt once more as his mate’s name was spoken. “Mmhhhhmm.” Snarlingbadger grunted loudly, using his snout to prod at Spiderpaw’s shoulder blade. “Okay, okay.” Spiderpaw mumbled softly as he flashed the warrior a dark look, but he didn’t dare argue with Snarlingbadger as he stepped forward. “Come on, Startledcrow. I’ll take ya.” Spiderpaw mumbled, while Snarlingbadger snorted softly at the apprentice’s unwillingness before he cleared his throat. Startledcrow dipped his head towards the massive warrior before he began to follow after Spiderpaw, his expression amused. “I see that you are learning Snarlingbadgers language.” Startledcrow hummed softly while the young tomcat shrugged his shoulder. “It’s not hard to learn and he talks a little but.. I think it hurts him to talk too much.” Spiderpaw said truthfully, not really putting too much thought into it.

    Startledcrow and Spiderpaw walked for a little ways, slowly and carefully much to the young tomcats demise. The sound of felines talking caught Startledcrow’s attention, causing him to lift his chin up a bit higher. He was a tall feline, with the build and grace of a WindClanner, a light layer of lean muscle covered his bones, which meant he stuck out like a sore thumb against the brawny creatures of ThunderClan. However, most felines knew who he was from the gatherings, simply arching their brows and mumbling to one another in question. Nosy shits. He thought to himself, snorting softly before Spiderpaw led him towards the medicine cat den. “Here it is, Startledcrow. Peachblossom doesn’t seem to be in there though.” The young tom announced with furrowed brows as he peered inside the den, looking for the terrifying tiny molly. “No matter, I will wait for her. Thank you, Spiderpaw.” Startledcrow blinked and smiled briefly before tucking in his chin and stepping into the den, the familiar scent of herbs wafting through his scent glands. Would he be able to continue his duties as a medicine cat..? Nervous energy pricked at his pelt as he slowly sat down, closing his eyes.

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