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That Cloud Looks Like a Frog (Mellow/Ashen)

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    The cream-brown tom strolled out of the warriors den and his green eyes squinted a bit once he noticed the sun was out. Another day, another early morning. Honestly, the mornings were still evil and always will be. His eyes scanned throughout the clearing to look for his brother, Juncoberry, but he seemed to be missing which meant he was out on patrol or his deputy duties..  Or whatever he does in his spare time, he didn’t want to ask in risk of annoying him. The two brothers were working on their relationship still, it was a slow and steady process but the two were still learning more about each other which Mellowfrost liked.

    In the last couple of days, besides doing his duties he had been attempting to make friends.. Yes, Mellowfrost, the player and sometimes dramatic man-child wanted a proper friend that he didn’t sleep with. He attempted making friends with Speckledstorm, as she came to the clan a couple of moons ago and she probably was in need of friends.. But it seemed like every time he approached her, she glared at him enough to make him get up and leave, and the tom knew right away she was very grumpy and anti-social.. After that, Mellowfrost would sit with her and speak about his day towards her, and his feelings with even about his thoughts about events happening around Shadowclan.

    At the start, the golden-black and white she-cat would get up and leave after a couple of moments but in the recent times, she actually stayed and listened. It wasn’t until he saw Juncoberry was starting to speak to her as well and she would speak to him as well, or they would sit together in silence.. Then it the tom that his brother was helping the quiet she-cat come more out of her shell.. It seemed like now Speckledstorm also enjoyed listening to Mellowfrost speak, as she now came to him and sat with him as she listened to whatever he spoke about.

    Juncoberry was out doing something and Mellowfrost wasn’t going to risk getting his pelt ripped off by a sleeping Speckledstorm. So he went towards the edge of the clearing and just flopped on his back and looked at the sky. He wasn’t due for a patrol until later and once he got up, he would go out hunting and go find his brother. But right now, he just wanted to wanted to go cloud watching until his peace and quiet would get ruined by someone telling him to stop laying around or a bunch of kits saw he was laying there daydreaming and they would pile on him. Either way, he was going to enjoy the moment until something happened.

    Shadowclan warrior

    The cold crisp air cut through the early dawn morning, soft chirps in the distance could be heard all around. It had felt as if the night had slinked away a little too quickly for the molly as she begrudgingly pushed her way out of her nest, her ears flattening against her head as she made her way around her slumbering peers. The one thing she hated about being a warrior was being tasked to do things late in the evening and having to wake up rather early to attend the dawn patrol. By no means was she complaining she was glad to be kept busy and having the ability to prove herself to be a good warrior despite her rather small size. More often than not the molly had come off as a young apprentice, cursed with the genes of being so small the molly had felt like she had to prove herself to be a good warrior.

    When Ashenrain had finally returned later that morning she couldn’t help but drag her tail behind her tiredness capturing her small frame. The patrol wasn’t bad by no means, everything had gone rather smoothly. No troubles with the neighboring clan let alone any unwanted visitors was no where to be seen. She had managed to catch some prey to come back with which had excited her. A few sparrows hung loosely from her maw as she had made her way towards the pile to deposit her treasures before taking a seat her fur fluffing up slightly as her gaze shifted around the clearing the clan had well awoken by the time the patrol had returned which made her slightly happy but was slightly hesitate to go up to anyone to chat with at first. Her hues landed on the cream brown feline that had taken position in the outskirts of the clearing.

    Clearing her throat the molly marched her way towards the tom her tail slightly twitching, in all honesty she felt like she was about to regret going up to anyone. Maybe she should pretend to go back out and find a place to nap? All before she could second guess herself she had stopped right in front of the tom, any second doubt dispelling before she could do anything about it. Dipping her head the gray lavender feline dipped their head in greeting. “Good afternoon dear, how are you this lovely afternoon?” She softly said her voice coming off very light and fluff as she spoke. All she hoped was that the tom wouldn’t be rude about her bothering him. It had appeared that they were obviously alone and not another soul nearby them so she had assumed it was fine for her to go over.

    Taking a seat Ashenrain had let her gaze lay to rest on the tom her tail wrapping around her paws neatly as she focused her gaze on them hear ears slightly flickering as she awaited for their response. A part of her hoped that this would be swift and the tom would shoo her away but another part just craved for some form of interaction that wasn’t negative in any shape way or form. Vibrant blue hues flickered to the side as she let her thoughts capture her for a mere moment before finally returning to the tom slightly egging them  to say something.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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