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    Brindlefire crouched at the water’s edge, her vivid amber eyes gleaming like two shards of topaz as she monitored the swirling waves. Her eyes were wide and alert, fully focused as they darted back and forth for any sign of movement beneath the water. The calico molly’s hackles were raised and each delicate white paw stood poised and ready, claws unsheathed. Although Brindlefire had once been a kittypet, she was the furthest thing from inept. A shadow moved beneath the waves and there was an explosion of colour and sound as the she-cat plunged her paw beneath the water’s surface at lightning speed, her claws sinking into fish’s body like hooks. A sound of pure triumph and satisfaction burst from the warrior’s lips in the form of an ecstatic ‘yes!‘ and she dipped down to bite into her flailing catch, dragging it to the surface with ease. After casting a cursory glance behind herself, Brindlefire backed away from the stream and set the still-squirming prey down upon the grass. 

    ‘Thank you, Starclan, for this catch,’ Brindlefire murmured softly before putting a swift end to fish’s life. Although she loved to hunt and she felt proud of her skillful fishing abilities, she would never disrespect a creature’s life.

    This was her first catch of the day and although the fish was of a decent size, Brindlefire planned on catching a few more before the day was through. Catching fish was immensely fun, but she found it was also a good way to de-stress. She loved the water, whether she was swimming or hunting in it, and it gave her a sense of freedom that she had once lacked. Indeed, no amount of love from the twolegs could compare to the feelings of peace and freedom that she felt when she was out here, hunting. 

    Although she enjoyed the hunt, she also enjoyed the sun. Following her prayer to Starclan, Brindlefire sat down and began to lick her paws, reaching up to clean her face and ears. It was a lovely day, so why not enjoy it? A little bit of sunbathing never hurt anybody, and she still had plenty of time to hunt more fish and return the kills to the camp. 

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