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    sunleaf // sunpaw sunkit
    i must stay conscious
    through the madness and chaos
    48 moons – warrior apprentice kit
    female – greygender
    o ye of so little faith
    don’t doubt it // don’t doubt it
    of average height with a sturdy, though not exactly buff, build and short, sleek fur that’s a mix of sandy gold to brown with a dash of orange. tail is dipped in ebony and eyes a brilliant amber, almost gold, hue.
    victory is in your veins
    you know it // you know it
    if there were a way to physically describe ‘perfect’, you’d have sunleaf. she is levelheaded, diplomatic, and determined. in everything she does she will apply herself and work herself to the bone to do something well, nay, perfectly. sunleaf is not the type to settle for less than greatness and makes no point in hiding this fact, accumulating as many insults as she has praise for her ambitious spirit. to everyone she always has it together, the steadfast warrior who’s clawed her way to where she is now, a respected warrior of her clan, but underneath her veneer of complete control lies a storm. sunleaf is almost always one heartbeat away from a breakdown and despite having years to move past her need to be admired she continues to strive to be looked at, admired, praised. “as a product of greatness it is my job to be great” has always been sunleaf’s motto and how she’s lived her life thus far, it’s also why she believes others in her clan should strive to be flawless. sunleaf is the most hard to please cat you may meet, and doesn’t fork over compliments unless they are earned through blood, sweat, and tears (lots, and lots of tears). sunleaf is stern and to some comes off as cold, but never rude, as that would go against her policy of always treating others with politeness and respect. sunleaf is loyal and will not back down if she sets her mind to something.
    and you will not negotiate 
    just fight it // just fight it
    slatestar x spottedfish ;; summerbreeze (sister)
    greysexual // monogamous // panromantic
    {history tba}
    {combat • 9} || {strategy • 8}
    {hunting • 10} ||
    {tracking • 7}
    {speed/agility • 8} ||
    {endurance • 6}
    {teamwork • 6} || {leadership • 10}
    courier new – 10pt – ff9d00
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    briarfrost and darktorrent are both Sunleaf’s former apprentices

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