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    It was bright and early in the morning, the dawn patrol had just been sent out and Tinyflame was up and on her paws before anyone could say ‘mouse’. The small warrior had a big day ahead of her, it would be her first training session with Thistlepaw, Wolfstar’s apprentice, who she was taking on temporarily until their leader regained his strength after losing two lives simultaneously. While she was out, she figured that she would also take Robinpaw with her, her own apprentice had a moon or so more experience, and having his company would be beneficial not only to her but to Thistlepaw as well. 

    The ginger she-cat headed towards the apprentice’s den and stuck her head inside. “Robinpaw! Thistlepaw! Get out here, it’s time for training!” She waited until the pair had joined her before she told them, “Okay, Thistlepaw. Today is your first day of training. I hope your ready, we’re going straight to the overgrown log.” Then she turned to look at Robinpaw, “I’m counting on you to help him out if he needs an example or two. You have more experience than he does, so I’m trusting you to help me guide him.” Tinyflame and Robinpaw had not been paired together for long, but she had quickly grown fond of the young tom’s readiness to learn and quick thinking. “Alright then, if you’re ready, let’s head out.”

    She beckoned the apprentices with a flick of her tail and headed off out of the camp entrance and into WindClan territory. Tinyflame knew that Thistlepaw had been out of camp several times already, whether with his mentor or of his own accord, so she did not point out any specifics of the territory to him. Showing him the territory was not her priority today anyway, she wanted to focus on battle training first, to see what the young tom was capable of. It wasn’t long before the shape of the overgrown log came into view, the giant bark looming over most of a small clearing, surrounded in soft moss and grass. 

    “Today, we’re starting off with the basics of battle training. Let’s start with something easy– the front paw swipe. Robinpaw, please show an example for Thistlepaw.” Tinyflame flicked her ear, encouraging the white and ginger apprentice forward.

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