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    Nimble black paws danced across the moist soil of Shadowclan territory, emerald eyes flickering to and fro. Behind the molly walked a scarred red bengal, both smelling of the forest and their clan’s signature scent. The sleek furred warrior paused and gracefully fell into a crouch, tail raised and erect as she signaled for the other to stop. After a moment had passed and the perceived rustle of grass Rose thought she’d heard had stopped the warrior straightened back up. 

    “Stay alert,” Roseshadow ordered in a soft voice. Snappingfox and she had gone out for a stroll, or rather, Rose had been heading out and saw a young tom doing nothing and decided to drag him along. She was grateful for the younger warrior now, as her muscles still ached from the battle and the cut along her lower back was beginning to sting with her continuous movement. If they did happen to run into trouble, Roseshadow at least had another fighter at her side.

    “I could’ve sworn I heard something…” She growled quietly. “You stay down here and tell me if you hear or smell anything, I’m going for a bird’s eye view.” Without saying a word more, Roseshadow pulled herself up onto the branches of the nearest tree, gripping the rough bark with needle sharp claws. Swiftly ascending to a high branch the Shadowclanner crept out onto the limb, scanning the forest below for signs of intruders. She tilted her head towards what looked to be movement up ahead of where Snappingfox was.

    Roseshadow had no particular urge to run into trouble, in fact, she hoped the rustling ferns were from some form of prey. Unlikely, since the ferns moved too much for it to be a simple rodent or frog but a girl was allowed to dream. Rose was still bitter over her brief encounter on the battle field with Hollystar, and especially bitter over her brief tussle with the Windclan deputy, Desertrose so really, facing a new threat wasn’t what she’d consider ideal in that moment. She was wholly prepared to defend her clan despite the lingering tendrils of exhaustion but continued to pray that she wouldn’t have to deal with strangers in her territory. After another fleeting look around the feline shimmied down the tree and ambled over towards Snappingfox. “Find anything?” She inquired, speaking softly in the peaceful air that hung around them. Even the frogs had stopped their usual croaking and the birds their chirping, all hanging onto the other worldly silence as it wrapped itself around the whole of the forest.

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    Water droplets dripped from Sebastian’s pelt with every step he took deeper and deeper into the unknown territory, aggravated and embarrassed through their trek into the squishy marsh. He hadn’t meant to fall into the river- and certainly not face first. And yet it seemed that the universe wanted to make it all but impossible for him to win some small amount of affection from his travel companion. His ears were hot and pale eyes were low as he tried to not think about the most embarrassing fall of his life. 

    He’d insisted he’d go first in crossing the river, maybe it was because he was still high off the pride he felt in spotting the lull in the river where the water was more rocks than it was water, or maybe he was just eager to prove he wasn’t such an invalid to the pretty she-cat. Either way, his arrogance was what won out when he strode ahead and carefully perched himself over the rocky bottom, the tops of the rocks smooth and slick from erosion. “If you lose your balance I’ll be right here,” he had mewed, casting a glance back at Skylar with an encouraging grin. Maybe in a past life he’d been the leader of his own trio. Maybe he could have been in this life had it not been for his accident. 

    Sebastian carried on with the task, making idle chit chat from an earned confidence since they’d started their journey. Life away from home felt liberating, for the first time in a long time he felt like he could breathe properly. More than half way across he tossed another look over his shoulder, “See? We’ll find her in no time!” He exclaimed, taking a blind step into a sink hold in the river, falling face first into the water and becoming soaked with resulting splash. Like a fish out of water he retched his arm out of the hole and floundered his way to the bank quickly, collapsing with a huff. “I almost died!”

    Now immensely embarrassed, and more than a little uncomfortable, the brown coated tom absolutely refused to make eye contact with his traveling companion. “Lets hope we don’t find her anywhere near here, all this mud would end up making her cranky.” he grumbled, cranky himself. He opened his mouth, instantly regretting it once he tasted the salty air- wait, what was that he smelled?

    The tactician stopped still, turning to Skylar, “Do you smell that? There’s something else out here.”



    This whole trip was starting to get quite ridiculous, if she was being honest with herself. If it were anyone but Kass that they were looking for, she would have called it quits as soon as they got stuck in the rain in a pile of trash that first evening. Sebastian was honestly a terrible travel companion. Not only because of his clumsiness, but also his seeming inability to shut up. If he wasn’t sucking up to her, he was bemoaning Kass. If he wasn’t bemoaning Kass, he was trying to fill the silence with pointless small talk. They had lived and ate together ever since their squad was formed, it seemed like. There was nothing left to talk about that they didn’t know about each other already – at least not the important personal things that were un-shareable no matter the circumstances.

    For the umpteenth time, Skylar found herself sighing and rolling her eyes, giving the soaking wet Sebastian a wide berth so he didn’t accidentally get her mostly-clean pelt any dirtier. It was hard staying pristine with all this mud present, but at least she didn’t look like a drowned rat, unlike others. “Let’s hope we do, so we can get home,” she groused, just barely refraining from snapping. She’d take a muddy, grouchy Kass over Sebastian right at that m- No, anytime, actually.

    “It smells disgusting,” she hissed in disdain, nose wrinkling as she paused with a paw raised. Was it a predator, sitting in the bushes drooling as it watched them, its next meal? Skylar hoped not. She really didn’t feel like getting into any altercations right at that moment. “Shadow, Seb,” she mumbled, dropping into a crouch as she slithered along. Staying in one place wasn’t an option, but sneaking past the possible danger certainly was.

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