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    male   ♠   stormkit   ♠   he/him/his

    — moons • riverclan • kit




    [mentor] • [apprentice]



    blizzardbreeze × obsidian

    frostedkit • cinderkit • quietkit




    [current mate/past mate] ♥ [kits]

    [bisexual] • [demiromantic] • [monogamous- willing to have a poly ship]


    [current love interest] ∧ [past love interest(s)]





    smells like poppies and lavender

    small, sturdily-built tom with thick, smooth grey fur 

    darker tabby markings with a white muzzle, tail tip, and paws

    stormy eyes- seemingly silver in color, with flecks of blue & green




    adaptable // tenacious :: storm slips easily in and out of situations, and he has no problems with rolling with the punches. however, he can just as quickly be stubborn as a mule- an immovable force, if you will.

    outgoing // intelligent :: despite his lot in life, storm manages to be a bold, confident young tom. his bright mind is never lacking creativity, and he’s always happy to share his ideas with others.

    reckless // fanatical :: for all his intellect and awareness, storm is ridiculously careless and impulsive. when absorbed in a goal or a plan, storm pursue with such overzealousness that it’s almost manic.

    trustworthy // patient :: storm may be prickly and sharp-tongued, wrapped up in a veneer of haughtiness, he’s actually very trustworthy. his patience is another surprising thing because of its persistence.

    arrogant // possessive :: whether this is intentional or not, storm has a habit of speaking arrogantly. his pride is definitely his greatest fault, but he makes up for it when he can. also: don’t touch his things- final warning.

    following’s not really my style

    • beliefs  
      • starclan – 08/10
      • love – 05/10
      • killing – a disgusting practice
      • fighting – avoid if possible
      • lying/stealingmeh, rather not 
    • misc 
      • .


    [history starts now]


    – song from by ; OC designed by me ; times new roman 8pt 808080

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Forums Character Creation Create a Cat storm // riverclan