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Spilling the Tea

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    Feeling the shared body heat wafting from the slumbering bodies surrounding her nest, the Siamese molly shuffled. It was odd to be sleeping around so many others but surely she’d get used to it with time. Then again it could be she couldn’t get comfortable with the growing lives moving around inside her. Milky wasn’t prepared for the consequences of getting involved with a tom cat, a low irritating growl rumbling from her, tired with being tired she hulled herself to her paws. She could feel the aches and pain rippling throughout her body, she didn’t know if she could handle this…not alone anyways. Scanning the warriors den for someone who might offer her some wise words of advice, her eyes seem to seek out the only felines she could call friends. The black and white pelt of her three legged mentor coming into sight first, Frostburn, sighing softly at the thought. She had to tell her, there was no choice since Molly was training her, it’d be reckless to not inform her of Milkys growing condition. “Frostburn.” Her voice was hushed as she prodded the warrior with her nose, “I need you. Meet me outside?” With that out of the way she seeked out another, her old denmate and one she would consider her best friend. Trying her hardest to dodge the sleeping warriors, only hitting a few with her tail along the way. “Brightspark, I really need to talk to you.” Giving the groggy warrior a moment to process her rude awakening Milky made her way out of the warriors den. 


    The change in temperature was amazing, the den was so warm from all the others crowding it, yet the outside offered a nice cooling breeze. Soaking up the refreshing change the molly breathed in slowly, a soft smile making its way onto her dusty colored muzzle. Milky was nervous to tell her friends the news, it was normally an exciting time for mollies, but Milky didn’t feel excited. It was hard knowing she’d bring life into a world where their father only cared for his clan, putting her below them all. Truthfully she could get away with not telling anyone, yes she looked bigger but she heard the whispers about her putting on ‘kittypet’ weight from all the house cat food. She wanted to keep it a secret, but what would she do when the time finally came? She could hide her pregnancy but she could hide full on kittens. Her gaze turned to the mollies, sniffling as she fought back any tears, “I’m sorry for waking you up, but…” Her voice trailed off, something inside her trying to stop her from saying any more. No she had to, it was too hard she needed help, she needed support.  Swallowing hard Milky took a moment to gather her thoughts once more. Her eyes staring at her friends, glancing between the two every so often. 


    “I’m pregnant.”


    Brightspark of SkyClan was dreaming peaceably of her paramour. Burying her face in that sweet fur, bodies intertwining in perfect bliss until a voice entered her mind. Wait, what was Milky doing here? It’d been awhile since she’d had an amaorous dream about her kittypet friend, not that she’d turn one away however. But as she rose through the levels of consciousness she came to realize the voice was coming from the waking world. Reluctantly, she allowed herself to be wrest from slumber.


    She felt a flood of curiosity in place of her drowsiness as the three of them exited the den of sleeping Warriors. Outside the summer air was tepid and calm. Brightspark took a moment to enjoy the stars before focusing on what Milky had to say.


    “Pregnant?” She echoed, as if she had no earthly clue what the word even meant. “Well I’ll be a squirrel’s uncle! Who’s the lucky one?” She purred, though part of her sensed this was not entirely good news based on how Milky had chosen to dispense it. Still, when were new lives ever a bad thing?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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