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    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice 

    He breathed in deeply from his nose, chin pointed away from his mentor as he glared at the walls of the old cabin so he had an excuse to calm down. Thistlepaw’s Voice was always echoing in his mind when his temper started to take control. Remember to breathe deeply, in and out. Maybe think about that calm place near the tree line and the moor? Slowly Startledpaw released the breath that was taking refuge in his lungs, slowly turning his head in order for his bright blue eyes to glare at the gently cream striped face of Nettlenose. “You aren’t making my life worse, just incredibly difficult.” He muttered sourly, his eyebrows still taunt and his eyes hard but his jaw was loosing as he tried to calm his inner fire. 

    “Beneficial to me… or to you?” He questioned after a moment, his bright aqua orbs were searching her face questioningly before he shifted slightly so he was closer to the hare. If Nettlenose wasn’t going to make good use to the fresh-kill then he certainly would. Lowering his head he took a bite out of the hare, roughly chewing at the meat as he took his anger out on the mouthful. Slowly he looked back towards Nettlenose and grunted. “I’ll give it one shot. If I don’t like it, I will not do it again. Order or not.” He told her, eyebrow arching as he dared her to argue with him. His temper was quenched for now but he was still on the edge. Confrontation was not his strong suit. 


    Nettlenose tried not to let the angry way that her apprentice reacted affect her, ignoring the slight tightening in her chest as he gazed upon her with such cold eyes. It was hard for her to see others upset with her, as she only had the intention of bettering the situation, but she knew his feelings had to be taken into account as well. The medicine cat looked away from his bitter glare, her emerald eyes troubled as they flickered down to her paws.  She wasn’t sure how else to convince Startledpaw that this could be beneficial for not just her, but the both of them, and of course Wolfstar as well. She would simply have to leave it alone for now, and not push anything else onto the tom.

    I appreciate that.” The cream striped molly said, forcing a soft smile on her lips, her body shifting so she seemed at east. It didn’t do her any good to seem unsettled in front of her apprentice, it would be a poor example otherwise. Though, her appetite still seemed diminished. Quite quickly, her mind began racing for a change of subject, not wanting to leave the tom in a sour mood for the rest of the day. 

    …I think the weather will be starting to cool soon.” Nettlenose said softly, her focus switching upwards to the gently swaying leaves upon the trees. “It will be my favorite time of year soon, when the air turns crisp…Though more of our clanmates will be getting sick as the temperature drops. Are you ready for some new challenges?

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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