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    ~ Name ~


    | Skykit, Skychaser |


    ~ Meaning of Name ~

    Sky – Mostly because of his pale white and silver bengal colored pelt.


    Chaser – Because of his inability to give up.


    ~ Gender ~



    ~ Birthday ~

    March 22, 2020

    | 10 moons |


    ~ Sexuality ~



    ~ Voice Reference ~

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt 




    ~ Allegiance ~



    ~ Rank ~



    ~ Mentor ~

    | Leopardleg (RPed by Feared) |


    ~ Apprentice ~





    ~ Scent ~

    Forest rain


    ~ Skills ~


    Climbing trees 



    ~ Personality ~

    | Skypaw is a very adventurous, rebellious, and caring young tom. At first, Skypaw can be stoic and guarded, but as time goes on, he will begin to open up, and at the end of his training, he will become a much more open, confident and happier young warrior. Skypaw is also very brave, selfless, strong-willed, independent, and loyal to his friends. He is also friendly and willing to help strangers, especially if they are injured or lost. He is also very intelligent for an apprentice of his age. He is also pragmatic and logical, more than others give him credit for.


    Despite his great intelligence and pragmatism, he can do very stupid and reckless things, such as speaking out and pushing around other apprentices as a way to lash out because of the bullying he endures daily, which causes him to get into trouble with Juncoberry. Regardless of his reckless side, Skypaw can be very cautious and serious if the situation presented itself. He is also fun-loving, jokey, sarcastic, mischievous, charismatic, and very dreamy. He likes playing around with Sootpaw but he can get annoyed with that brother of his sometimes, and the same can be said for Emberpaw, who gets on his nerves fairly often, especially when she talks too much or touches him too much. He is also usually honest, yet quite private, and hardly ever lies; he only lies if he feels that he really has to. Skypaw can also be very sweet, innocent and polite, and cares greatly for his family and will protect and defend them from anything and anyone. At times he is also very forgiving.


    Ultimately, even with his few flaws and his bad-boy exterior, Skypaw has got a heart of gold and refuses to embrace the typical greedy and ruthless traits of his birth father. |


    ~ Appearance ~

    | Skypaw is a tall and broad boned lad with a silvery-white base coat that he inherits from his great grandfather, Whiteleopard, on Hollowflame’s side. Dark charcoal grey and silver lined spots and stripes decorate his pelt, marking him as a white bengal. His eyes are like chips of winter ice, a pale arctic blue and gleaming with life. It is believed that he will grow taller than his own grandfather, Hollowflame. |




    ~ Parents ~

    | Father – Smokebelly (NPC) |

    | Mother – Cloudedmoon (RPed by Feared) |


    ~ Siblings ~

    | Littermate ~ Brother: Sootpaw (RPed by Shy) |

    | Littermate ~ Sister: Emberpaw (RPed by Pheebs) |


    ~ Grandparents ~

    | Smokebelly’s father ~ Shadowhawk (NPC) |

    | Smokebelly’s mother ~ Petaltooth (NPC) |


    | Cloudedmoon’s father ~ Hollowflame (RPed by Feared) |

    | Cloudedmoon’s mother ~ Briarfeather (RPed by Sol) |


    ~ Uncles ~

    | Cloudedmoon’s Older Half Brother – Saplingskies, former ShadowClan Medicine Cat (RPed by Sol) |

    | Cloudedmoon’s Littermate – Snappingfox (RPed by Sol) |

    | Cloudedmoon’s Younger Brother – CrimsonMoon (RPed by Peach) |

    |Cloudedmoon’s Younger Brother – Dustyfrog (RPed by Roach) |


    ~ Aunts ~

    | Cloudedmoon’s Littermate ~ Blazemoon (Deceased, killed by a badger) |

    | Cloudedmoon’s Younger Sister -Firelotus (RPed by Feared) |

    | Cloudedmoon’s Younger Sister – Roseshine (RPed by Feared) |

    | Cloudedmoon’s Younger Sister – Bramble… (RPed by Relic) |


    ~ Cousins from Snappingfox and Ash ~

    | Female – Ashpaw (Ashwhisper) RPed by… |

    | Male – Fadedpaw (Fadedflame) RPed by…. |

    |Female – Foxpaw (Foxfeather) RPed by … |

    | Male – Jaypaw (Jayleap) RPed by … |


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