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    Firestar ~Skyclan Leader 

    He knew what he was doing would result in Hornetstar losing a life, but he had been careful to not make the wounds severe enough to cost him anymore. Keeping pressure on the other’s throat in the perfect position to where his fangs would not pierce flesh. Grunting as the Shadowclan leader soon became frantic as he felt his life slipping from his grasp. Slight guilt sank into the bottom of his stomach as the golden feline soon goes limp. Releasing his hold as he rises fully to his height. In the mix of the struggle between the two leaders; he hadn’t noticed Smokewisp’s attempt to disrupt him until spotting his brother keeping the Shadowclan deputy at bay. His jaw cramping from its locked position, moving his jaw side to side to release the tension. His hard gaze flickering downwards at the sudden gasp escaping the other’s lips. Quickly he backtracks, stumbling slightly as the confused newly revived tom shoves him.

    Suddenly all his senses came rushing at him at once. His ears twitching at the sounds of continuous battle echos within his mind. Taking a deep breath as his clouded gaze refocuses once more of the obvious disheveled form of the once overly well put together leader. The two leaders continue to stare at one another, several fox lengths apart. Firestar kept his lips firmly pressed together as he waits for a counter attack; anything really from Hornetstar. It was a waiting game between the two now.



    The fluffy orange tom hissed furiously as he felt claws connect with his side, cursing his lack of speed. That would be something he’d need to work on with his mentor, if he managed to survive this battle. He was mostly certain he’d survive this fight, but a part of him would always be slightly pessimistic, he supposed. Growing up surrounded by so much fighting and death wasn’t good for a kit’s psyche. Who would have guessed?

    He panicked briefly as the darker pelted tom somehow hid himself behind a spray of snow, though it wasn’t long before the ShadowClan cat appeared again, this time aiming to take Foxpaw down by jumping on him. The younger tom was definitely surprised by the other’s bold move, but not worried. No, not worried at all, as he easily managed to keep his footing. He stumbled a bit, but stayed righted through sheer force, only rolling with Roachpaw when the older tom started tilting to the side. Obviously he was aiming to crush the other under his superior weight, wriggling around and going for the pin when he had the chance. A front paw slashed wildly, without holding back any strength, as he aimed to draw any blood he could. Pain was always a nice distraction, if one hadn’t taught their brain how to ignore it yet.


    He was still admittedly reeling from the loss of that life, grasping at the memory of the cat he had seen in StarClan. Of course he remember receiving every one of his lives, but he failed to see how forgiveness had anything to do with this situation. It was… It was – The golden leader drew in as deep a breath as he could with his throat aching like it was now, hateful green gaze never wavering on Firestar’s form. “ENOUGH!” He commanded over the sounds of battle, chest heaving as he finally glanced around him. His heart stuttered a bit to see Smokewisp taking on a much larger tom, but it settled when he noticed she was relatively unscathed. “Enough, stop fighting,” he ordered, clearly not his own group but also the SkyClan cats.

    Then his gaze swung back to the other leader, once satisfied the fighting had stopped, the tip of his tail twitching before he was unable to keep his paws still. Even though breathing hurt and moving would make him need more oxygen, he took to slowly pacing, clearly thinking something over as he glanced once more at everyone who was at this border ambush. All of this because of them, and how they had acted… Hornetstar wasn’t so foolish as to realize his actions had sparked the beginnings of this clash, but Firestar had been just as at fault, for planning this ambush. What if someone would have died here today, squabbling over something so… So tiny in the grand scheme of things. He hadn’t been looking for a battle between ShadowClan and SkyClan, but his emotions had got the better of him, and that’s almost the exact scenario that happened.

    Naturally he was sour he had lost a life to the other leader, but now he knew what needed to be done. “I… Apologize,” he mumbled so softly that Firestar himself could barely hear. He wanted everyone present to witness this. “But I believed, at the time, my actions were justified. Looking back, I was very foolish. How did you not strike me in your camp?” The leader snorted, wincing as his throat protested. If Firestar had dared to waltz into ShadowClan like that, Hornetstar would have made him leave hurting. The same had almost happened when Wolfstar did that, after all, on a far more friendly visit. “I realize now that strong arming you into an alliance was a miscalculation on my part. F-Forgive me.” That almost physically hurt to choke out. “Can we perhaps go about this the correct way now, or are the chances completely ruined?”


    Firestar ~Skyclan Leader

    This was certainly not what he was expecting. Blinking in slight surprise as Hornetstar raises his voice, his tone screaming authority that commands attention. Hearing scuffling of battles coming to a halt as all eyes land on the two leaders. Now Firestar was having a hard time believing that the golden leader was levelheaded enough to not retaliate against him for taking one of his lives. Biting his lower lip as he regards him silently, his ember gaze staying locked on the other’s green, dislike apparent as they stared one another down. His guilt rising as he faintly hears the hoarse tone of his voice as he muffles out an apology. Quirking an eyebrow as he eyes him skeptically as he listens to what he has to say. The wound on his leg had already clotted up with dry blood, he could still feel the throbbing every time he shifted his form. The sun’s rays had long since fallen, darkness coating their surroundings except for the dim moonlight peeking through the barren trees.

    He had to lean forward at catch what the other was saying. To say he was dumbfounded was an understatement, as he had originally expected malice not one apologizing for his actions earlier. Firestar could tell that it certainly took a lot out of the Shadowclanner to openly say those words. It struck a cord within the Skyclan leader, it showed him that Hornetstar wasn’t just the type of leader to demand and take, but one to also see errors in his ways and try to make amends even when one had shown violence. Firestar knew that he too needed to apologize for his violent and impulsive behavior in attacking the other feline. He had wanted to teach him that Skyclan was not the type to so quickly obey demands, that just because one owes a favor did not mean the other could blatantly demand without consequences. Yet; now it seemed that he went too far; as usual for the Maine Coon.

    ”It was hard to not knock that smug look off your face…” he half joked in referring to when he had first entered his camp. “I-“ he pauses as he gives a half smile, shuffling awkwardly as he hates what he had to say next. “I am at fault as well…” he hums as his gaze flickers to the other felines around them, wincing as he spots a dark Shadowclan feline bleeding harshly on his face. Wincing as he could tell it would leave a scar upon the younger tom. “I reacted when I should have talked it out instead. I too believed what I was doing at the time was the best solution” Firestar reveals, stiffly making his way closer to the golden leader. Grinning as he found amusement that it pained Hornet just as much as it pained him to apologize and to forgive. “I suppose we can now talk things out in a more civilized manner” he breezily replies.

    Glancing over at Honeysplash, Darkbird, and lastly a slightly wounded Foxpaw. “I want you all to return and make sure Foxpaw goes to the medicine cat den to be treated” he orders, with everything that’s happened; he knew it was for the best if he sent them back. After all; he still wouldn’t blame Hornetstar for killing him as he did take one of his lives.


    Roachpaw ~Shadowclan Apprentice 

    Panic struck him once he realized that Foxpaw was more stockier than he had once anticipated. His light form barely knocked the ginger feline off balance. Instead he felt Foxpaw lean downwards, causing him to teeter to the side. “Hmph” a pained grunt escapes him as he lands roughly against the cold ground. It certainly took his breath away, his sunflower yellow eyes widening as he knew that now was not the time to lay about as every moment was precious. He tried scrambling to his feet, but for some reason his mind would not transfer the message to his body. With his movements being sluggish; he had no time to block the oncoming attack. Foxpaw’s mad strike rang true, everything seemed to stop for Roach. He could even feel and hear Fox’s unsheathed law cut the air swiftly.

    Breath hitching as all he felt was searing hot pain. No scream escapes him as he was too busy trying to breathe as he feels the sharp dagger-like claws rake against the left side of his face. He barely managed to move away to avoid his ear being torn, but his left eye wasn’t so lucky. Three deep gashes ran along the left of his face; starting to the temple down to his chin. Roach could feel blood gushing from his wounds, rolling into his side in order to put distance between them. Chest rapidly moving up and down as he gasps through the pain. Trying his best to hide his panic as his sight had blurred in his left eye. Roachpaw couldn’t tell if it was because of the blood or a more permanent issue.

    Groaning softly to himself; his sleek black fur bristling, back arching in a defensive position. A threatening growl rumbling through his chest as he was about ready to pounce into action once more. To show the Skyclanner what he could truly do. Yet the commanding thundering roar of his leader caused him to halt in his tracks.  His tall form trembling as it tries to compensate for the burning pain as well as for the blood loss. The ground below him becoming stained with his blood as it trickles down his face onto the ground. ‘Is it over? What’s going on?’ He inwardly thought, turning his head so he could focus more easily on the form of Hornetstar and Firestar.


    Honeysplash – Skyclan Warrior

    As if you’re not the same,” Honeysplash sneered at Smokewisp, narrowly dodging her outstretched paws. Although her expression was curled with a fearsome snarl, her eyes indicated a deeper frantic desperation. ‘She’s already too late.’  He lunged forward, taking initiative. Firestar wasn’t done with their ‘guest’ yet. He would hold off Smokewisp for as long as Firestar needed to finish the job.

    They exchanged a flurry of blows, resulting in a pair of deep lacerations across his cheek. He swore under his breath, trying to shake the blood from his eyes. Where he had strength, she had agility.

    Hornetstar’s choked yowl interrupted their battle, as he commanded for the fighting to end. He glanced over his shoulder, hesitating. Perhaps it was another one of his tricks. However, Firestar seemed to have relaxed despite the blood dripping from his wounds.

    He grunted, shoving his way past the Shadowclan deputy as he made his way towards Foxpaw. He wasn’t quite sure what happened, and was even more surprised over Hornetstar’s sudden forgiveness. He’d gripe to Firestar later. “Come on then,” he mewed quietly. He continued to blink, trying to clear the red haze from his eyes. He cast a final glance over his shoulder, making sure Shadowclan’s patrol also backed away.

    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Smokewisp stepped lightly, sizing up the honey-colored tom. He had an air of cockiness about him that caused her lips to curl. “We could’ve avoided this,” she hissed. Thunderclan was plenty of trouble, they didn’t need Skyclan joining them.

    Her amber eyes peered past Honeysplash, eyeing Hornetstar’s limp form. Life suddenly rushed into him, and he tossed his attack aside. She felt a rush of relief, but also some trepidation. “A life lost,” she muttered aloud, a twinge of panic causing her stomach to churn. She narrowly dodged an angered strike from her opponent. She hissed, annoyed at his insistence as she lashed out. She caught his flesh just above the eyes, scratching deeply and blinding her opponent.

    Hornetstar’s yowl interrupted her, as she began to lunge towards her staggered foe. She backed away hesitantly, not quite sure what Hornetstar was planning. Firestar had taken one of his lives. One of his precious, limited lives! She couldn’t quite understand how he was forgiving the ginger buffoon. But, she’d listen. She backed away, quickly checking on Hyenaflower and Roachpaw’s conditions.

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