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    Hareflight [Mel]

    Dreamfeather didn’t mope – she was a carefree, cheerful cat – and yet there was no other way to describe the way her behaviour had been for the last moon. It was, at least to her, understandable. Suffering a major concussion, finding out your mate had given up on you, and then your Clan being thrown into a war all within a moon (or two? She still struggled with the timespan) was a lot to deal with for anyone. 

    It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do more. Of course she did. However, she had been restricted to camp by Peachblossom for so long, and by the time she was allowed out… The motivation wasn’t there. Dreamfeather had been actively avoiding patrols when she could, and although she tried to build up the energy to go out and hunt, she struggled with it. Now was one of those times. 

    This time, Dreamfeather was trying a new method. If she thought too much about it, she found herself getting overwhelmed and dizzy, so this time she just wouldn’t think about it. Head down, the orange tabby made quick paw-steps towards the exit of the camp, eyes to the ground as she tried to force herself out. This proved to be a bad idea.

    She felt her body slam into a figure, emerald eyes snapping up, mouth already stammering out apologies. “Oh- Oh stars, I’m so sorry. I didn’t even- Well, of course I didn’t see you there but… Are you, uh, okay?” Dreamfeather’s fluffy tail curled around her body, blinking her green eyes. 


    ~O A K P A T H~

    The bright sky slightly darkened when it turned to dusk, and the golden sunlight changed to a deep indigo that spread across the tops of the oak trees. A small wind brought the scent of their WindClan neighbors, the heather flowers being a welcome and fresh smell. Dusk was around the time that most of the day patrols would be returning, and the ThunderClan warrior’s that weren’t chosen for the night border patrol would be settling down around the fresh kill pile chewing on their last meal for the day. However, one of the warrior’s was settled closer to the entrance, the bones of his eaten squirrel stacked neatly in a pile at his paws. It was Oakpath, and his large brown coat blended in well with the bramble entrance he stood in front of. His green eyes were closed as he rasped his tongue lightly across a battle wound on his foreleg, wincing when he suddenly went over it too harshly with his sharp tongue. The pain faded after awhile and he continued on, making sure to keep it clean like the medicine cat informed him to do. 

    The sounds of his conversing Clanmate’s was unusually calming to him. He wasn’t much of a social butterfly, which was why he stayed so far back, but he felt comfortable being in the back knowing that he and his Clanmate’s were safe as of now. Oakpath’s eyes were still closed when suddenly someone bumped into him and his eyes snapped open to see Dreamfeather’s apologetic face. He looked down at the wound on his foreleg and blinked back up to the she-cat. “Yes, I’m fine,” he answered her. His head tilted to the side as he looked curiously at her face, which was forlorn and overwhelmed. “I guess the real question is are you okay? You look a little…off.” Being a little older than her, she wasn’t one of the few cats he found himself communicating with, but she was well known in their Clan for being cheery and peppy. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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