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    Honeysplash hunkered down next to SnowyOwl as the landslide passed, leaving behind a sludgy trail of mud and plant debris. He looked over at her with wide-eyes, his breath coming in ragged gasps. “Y-You okay?” He slowly straightened himself, still hesitant to move. “That was a bit rougher than I meant, I’m sorry,” he apologized, offering to let SnowyOwl lean on him. He craned his neck, looking to see where the rest of the patrol had ended up. Although wide-eyed and terrified everyone was accounted for. He gave a sigh of relief. Of course he didn’t particularly care for the Shadowclan cats, but dying by landslide would be a terrible way to go. “We should get out of here,” he mewed to the others, his nerves causing his voice to rattle. “It might happen again if we stay here for too long.


    Snappingfox growled, tail fluffing up defensively. He was in no mood for Scarletflood’s attitude, and he definitely did not want to hear Roachpaw’s sass. “Whatever,” He mewed coldly, eyes narrowing. “I don’t recall speaking to you, Roachpaw, but please, continue believing everything anyone says is a jab directed at you.” The red warrior rolled his orange eyes, briefly flexing his claws. He absently wondered if StarClan would forgive if he were to knock Roachpaw off a cliff when nobody was looking. He would never do that, of course, but it sure was tempting.

    Suddenly, he felt the ground shift. His eyes widened as he heard Hornetstar’s frantic yowl and saw the wave of mud coming right for the patrol. He gasped, quickly making a jump for a ledge. He frantically tried to pull himself up, only for the rocks to come loose and fall, sending the red and black tom back down into the path of the landslide. He landed on his side in the slippery mud, cursing as he quickly tried to get back to his paws. However, his attemps to stand only pushed him back further, closer to the edge. He let out a wail of horror as he felt his back paws go over. ‘Oh no, oh StarClan please no! Not now! Not like this!’ He prayed, panic rising in him further as the mud got closer and he hung over the edge by his front paws, holding on for dear life. Gathering what remained of his strength, he managed to pull himself back up by the grace of StarClan. He wasn’t going to die today. He wouldn’t let himself die on this StarClan damned mountain. He managed to leap to safety just in time, barely missing the mud as it rushed past. He stood on his solitary rock, quivering as the reality that he almost just plummeted to his death set in. How he longed for the safety of ShadowClan’s underground, precarious-ledge-free camp.


    Snowyowl ~ SkyClan Warrior

    Snowyowl looked around her with wide eyes, the mud was making its way down the mountain side with incredible speed as it ripped small saplings from their short rooted homes and dislodged rocks from the sheer weight of the mud. Looking towards Honeysplash as he spoke, seeking relieved that he was alright enough to speak, while she felt like her throat was convulsing from the sheer shock of the events. Lips parting as she was about to answer the honey color Tom, a soft smile rising along her lips before she noticed what what happening just over Honeysplash’s broad shoulders, seeing one of the rude ShadowClan cats being dragged by the mud and hanging half way over the edge. 

    Lips parting and eyes widening, Snowyowl felt her white fur standing on end with shock and fear for the tomcat. “Oh! Oh it’s… it’s Snapping…. Snapping-something!” She gasped, moving forwards as she seemed like she wanted to rush out and help the tomcat, but the rushing mud was keeping her in place. Eyes wide before she watched the bengal Tom climb his way back up from the ledge before jumping onto a steady looking rock. Soft sigh of relief left her lips, she didn’t much like the Tom but to witness any cat falling to their death in such a manner. 

    Head turning for her wild yellow eyes to gaze at Honeysplash, shaking her head slowly as she took the opportunity to lean against the tomcat, pressing her nose into his fur and breathing in his sweet scent in order to calm herself. “No. No I am not alright.” She mutters softly, having to take a few deep breathes in order to calm herself. SnowyOwl knew she was a warrior, but she had never been put into this sort of a position before and she would be lying if she wasn’t a little shaken up. “Okay… okay.” SnowyOwl whispered softly, her breathing ragged but slowing down as she lifted her head up from his shoulder blade, bracing herself and finding her courage as the mud slide was starting to slow down. “Leaving… is that safe?” SnowyOwl asked, her voice sounding small while her ears laid flat against her head. She certainly didn’t want to leave the over hang, her eyes glancing over at Snappingfox here and there to make sure that he was still standing and not being pulled under. 



    She wasn’t coming. His sister was obviously frozen in fear. He knew there was no way they’d make it to safety in time if he went back to help her, but he also knew he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he continued onto safety and left her there. The golden tom was fully prepared to turn around and go get her, though he didn’t need to when she started moving at last. A fire having been lit underneath her, they made it to safety at the same time. He whirled about to check on the rest of the patrol, relieved to see Roachpaw had made it so safety as well. Admittedly, he hadn’t even thought to check on his apprentice.

    Then he felt his heart sink as he caught sight of Snappingfox, trying desperately to pull himself up to safety on a ledge but ultimately failing. Hornetstar knew there would be absolutely no way he’d be able to try and save the young warrior in time. Luckily, Snappingfox found the strength to save himself. The ShadowClan leader released a breath he didn’t know he had been holding, carefully picking his way down back closer to the group. “Obviously we need to move on,” he snorted as Honeysplash, sarcastic in the face of his emotions as always. “Not only because that very well could happen again, but because that is a cave up there. I got a better look from where I took refuge from the mudslide.” He pointed further up the mountain with his tail tip once more, wanting to at least check out the cave before returning to gather the rest of ShadowClan and SkyClan.

    “You hurt your paw,” he stated, turning to his sister. “Snappingfox, please remain here and keep Scarletflood company. I don’t want her making her paw worse, and I don’t want her stuck sitting her by herself, at the mercy of any predators.” He turned to the younger warrior, a look asking him to keep Hornetstar’s sister safe shining in the depths of his eyes before quickly disappearing. “Roachpaw, SkyClan cats, let’s go check out the cave and then go get our Clans.” With a firm nod, the golden tom whirled about and led the way up the mountain.

    Luckily the cave checked out just fine, rather spacious and empty, but dry and out of the wind. It would due until the rain had stopped and water levels receded once more. Carefully he led the two SkyClan warriors and his apprentice back down the mountain, stopping momentarily to allow Scarletflood and Snappingfox to rejoin the patrol before carrying on. When at last they made it back to the soft forest floor, he went to report his findings to the rest of the high ranks and the Clans were mobilized to start heading up the mountain, to their temporary shelter.

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