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    It had all begun a while ago, Nightbreeze had begun feeling quite out of sorts. She wasn’t too keen if it was on account of her health, which hadn’t always been the greatest since kithood – or if she was just tired which was also another possibility. But that didn’t explain the curious happenings going on with her, she wouldn’t feel nauseated or that her stomach had grown larger. It wasn’t as if she was eating more than usual, she was eating her fair share of prey like everyone else. Also it didn’t explain the odd sensations she’d feel her abdomen, it was like something was moving inside of it. She wasn’t aware of it, but inside of her she was harboring precious little lives. 

    Seeing as this was Nightbreeze’s first time expecting, it was no wonder she didn’t know what was going on with her. She’d been meaning to talk to Saplingskies, her mate, or to his apprentice Hareflight about her mysterious symptoms. Yet, every time she attempted to do so, she’d grow cold paws and back out. Fear swirling about in her chest, too concerned to find out what was actually going on, because what if she was taking ill with a mysterious sickness? What if it had no cure? What if it was going to spirit her away to Starclan?

    Yet after all this fear and anxiety, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to know what was going on. It was much better knowing, than not knowing, and to be swallowed up by trepidation. So finally, she was going to put an end to this unease. She was ready to discover what was going on, and she was going to face it, no matter what it was.

    “Saplingskies, dearest, are you in here?” She called out in a whisper, as her gaze adjusted to the darkness of the den. “If not… then are you here, perhaps…Hareflight?”



    Saplingskies was working at the back of the den, quietly putting together little packages of herbs. It was neater than just having all the herbs in easy to destroy piles, and made it much easier to grab what he needed. he wasn’t sure how long he had been at the monotonous task, but his back was beginning to hurt due to a long period of bad posture. He had been stressed to the max lately, so the mindless task of wrapping different herbs in leaves was putting him at ease… at least somewhat. The little tom was absolutely exhausted, to the point where it was becoming obvious to his most oblivious clanmates. He just wanted to lay down and sleep for a few seasons.

    The medicine cat was shaken from his thoughts when a voice sounded from behind, clearly belonging to his beloved Nightbreeze. A sinking feeling immediately set into his stomach as he realized he hadn’t really spent any real time with her the past moon. So many things had been pulling him away lately, from training the newest RiverClan medicine cat, to tending the wounds warriors had been earning in border skirmishes, which seemed to be happening a lot lately. On top of all that was the matter of Hornetstar and Wisteriastar’s forbidden kits. Oh, the mere thought was enough to give him a pounding headache. He’d only been around Nightbreeze long enough to offer her a meal, or briefly rub his body against her as a quick show of affection before running off to see to whatever needed his attention at the moment.

    “I’m back here, love!” He replied, quickly standing up and stepping into the light so she could see him. “Is everything alright? You look troubled.” He asked, concern in his voice as he tilted his head at her. She looked… different. He just couldn’t put his paw on why just yet. He breathed deeply as she approached, taking in her scent. Something about it was off, causing the tom to squint a bit. “Hm… could you lay down in a nest for me, dear?” His tone was casual as he gestured to one of the patient nests with his tail. He wasn’t about to get his hopes up, but he felt his heart skip a bit. He was a medicine cat, after all, and had experienced that scent change before. But he needed to examine her to be sure.


    A spark of nerves danced up and down Nightbreeze’s spine, she could feel the fur bristle along it ever so slightly, not out of any malice but rather of distress. When Saplingskies addressed her calling, she didn’t know what to expect. Though certainly she hadn’t thought he’d ask her to lie down immediately for examination. She perked her ears up, shuffling her paws, her deep blue gaze glistening with a mix of curiosity and a slight flicker of unease. The black as night she-warrior tried to smile, though it was crooked and quivering, “Ah, is it that obvious there is something amiss with me, my dear?”

    A soft, light and shaky chuckle rumbled in her throat, followed with a breathy sigh. Nightbreeze sauntered over to one of the many unoccupied nests and allowed herself to sink down into it. The softness and warmth of the nest only slightly soothing her, bringing her some form of comfort. Her gaze never left Saplingskies, she hadn’t seen much of him lately and she’d been rather lonely, and missed him quite terribly. Yet she knew his work was vital to the clan, and she respected his duties, and wouldn’t get in the way of them. Or of any duties that required him to go beyond their borders, if he was needed. 

    And he had been needed in Riverclan, to help train a new medicine cat, the poor Clan had lost so much, including two of their Medicine Cats on such short notice and they hadn’t anyone to take their place. So Saplingskies rose to the occasion and had left to go train another cat in the ways of medicine. Not that Nightbreeze knew whom that cat would be, she hadn’t any clue, she supposed the next gathering she attended she would find out.

    “Well I suppose that… lately I’ve noticed some strange happenings with myself.” She admitted, staring down at her stomach, which was one of the most captivating point of interest to her. “I don’t mean to alarm, but I’ve been quite out of sorts. Some nausea here and there, I’m quite achy at times, and my stomach seems to be increasing in size. Though I swear I haven’t taken more than my fair share of prey.”



    Saplingskies could sense his mate’s nervousness as she moved towards a nest. He followed close behind, gently rasping his tongue over her forehead once she was settled. “Worry not, love. This won’t take very long at all, I promise. You have nothing to fear when I’m around,” he cooed, pressing his muzzle to her cheek for a moment before pulling away and sitting down. He listened intently, trying his best to keep a calm, straight face as she described her symptoms. However, that got harder and harder as she continued to speak. Inside, he was hopping around like an ecstatic kit on the morning of their apprentice ceremony. He couldn’t help the excited glint in his eye and the smile forming on his maw.

    “Well, you’ve answered all the questions I was going to ask you already, so there’s just one thing I need to do. May I press on your stomach here?” He asked, hovering his paw over her abdomen. Sure, she was his mate, but he had been raised to never touch a she-cat without permission… especially a pregnant she-cat, even if she didn’t know she was pregnant. Once she had given consent, he offered her a smile and just barely rested his paw on her belly. “Now, when I press down there may be some mild discomfort, but it should not hurt, alright? If it hurts, I need you to tell me immediately.” After confirming that she understood, the tom pressed down, tears of joy beginning to form in his eyes as his suspicions were confirmed. He kept his composure for the time being, not wanting to frighten her as he continued press down, counting the kits that were growing inside her.

    “Well, my beloved… I am happy to announce that you aren’t sick, but you’ll have to go off warrior duties for a while… and pick out a nest in the nursery,” he grinned joyously, giving her a few moments to process the information before pressing his muzzle into her neck.  “Oh Nightbreeze, you’ve made me the happiest tom alive!” he purred, nuzzling the she-cat lovingly and covering her face in gentle licks. They had talked about possibly having kits one day, but he never imagined it would happen so soon! He loved the little furballs already, and hoped his beautiful mate was just as overjoyed as he was.


    Nightbreeze didn’t need to ponder long, on the reason why she felt an aura of excitement expanding around her mate, for her life changed forever with a single sentence. Her deep blue eyes widened, and shimmered with light, her orbs resembled that of the night sky with shimmering stars in them. It took a few moments for her mate’s words to seep into her head and infiltrate it, to settle down and register.

    However once the words had done so, the warrior to be queen’s maw opened up in utter surprise, she couldn’t find her voice for a few seconds as the words replayed over and over in her head. Then the fuzz of shock was swiftly washed away by a surge of pure joy. The emotion of shock in her eyes shifted to one of bliss and awe, as her maw pulled upward in a joyous grin.

    “Oh! Oh! So that’s what this is? Truly? We are to be parents?” She spoke, her voice gushing with elation and wonder, warmth spreading all over her body from her ear tips to her tail tip and down to her toes. She wondered if this warmth was what motherly love for one’s kits felt like. She assumed it must be, for she found no other explanation for it. Adoringly soft purrs rumbled within her as she returned her mate’s affectionate gestures, bestowing licks and nuzzles all over his face. “Oh this is just… this is just wonderful! Saplingskies, we’re going to have kits!” 

    Her voice quivered with overwhelming joy, she was so overcome with a plethora of new emotions, she just didn’t know quite what to do with herself. Other than purr and think about how she was going to be a mother, and how Saplingskies was going to be a father. Starclan had given them a blessing, and she would cherish her kits, every single one of them with all the love she had to give. “How many did you feel in there, dear? Oh, I cannot wait to meet them! My mind is racing, I cannot help but wonder what they’ll be like once they’re here.”



    Saplingskies sighed adoringly and joined Nightbreeze in the nest, gently curling his long, feathery tail over her stomach so he could feel the kits move while they relaxed together. He hadn’t felt this at peace in a while now, and he just wanted to take it all in. Surely a tom was entitled to quiet time with his pregnant mate. The medicine cat’s whiskers twitched when his beloved asked how many kits were growing inside her.

    “I counted at least three, but there could be four or even five,” he purred, using his paw to lovingly smooth some fur on her shoulder. “I don’t like to count birds before they hatch, but if I had to guess based on your, um… growth, I would say four,” he mewed, nodding in satisfaction with his answer as he snuggled a bit closer to his beloved.

    “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, voice full of love and adoration. “Our kits will be wonderful, Nightbreeze. Beautiful and strong, just like their mother. I can’t wait to meet them…” The medicine cat closed his eyes, loud, warm purrs escaping him as he bonded with his family.

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