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    FearedJackal ~ ShadowClan Warrior

    The rain had finally stopped falling in such strong patterns, small drizzles would happen here and there. The ground already becoming a bit firmer as the large black tomcat walked across the makeshift clearing that had been made in the mountains for the cats of ShadowClan, SkyClan and half of RiverClan. After a long day of hunting for the three clans, FearedJackal had been successful in bringing back a few pieces of fresh-kill back, a small hare laying in his jaws. Pupils narrowing slightly as his dark blue eyes landed on the dilute tortoiseshell that was laying in a small nest, although her head seemed to be hanging down in a distressed fashion. 

    He had been with Softshimmer and Briarfeather as those queens were quite involved with raising his own kits after their mother had passed away. From those two chatter boxes he had overheard that Pepperpatch had seemed rather upset today, and although he didn’t catch why… he felt like something to eat would cheer her up. Slowly he walked over to the pretty she-cat, making his foot falls noisy so she was alert to the fact that someone was making their way towards her. Nostrils flared slightly with a strange scent that seemed to hanging around Pepperpatch, it tickled his scent glands. The smell wasn’t exactly awful, almost had a softness to it and a memory clung to the scent, death. Frowning around the rabbit in his mouth, he lowered his body to drop the rabbit near Pepperpatch’s nest. “Uh.. Pepperpatch are you okay?” He questioned, large ears laying back gently against his head as he got closer to the she-cat, nostrils flared as he breathed in her sweet and gentle scent, although the scent of death did seem to radiate around her.

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