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    It was a bright and sunny day, cloud coverage was minimal, the heat levels were low and humidity was almost non-existent. Wisteriaflower took a deep breath, enjoying the feel of the sun on her fur, as it was warm and comforting today rather than sweltering and overwhelming. Birdsong rang, bug chatter echoed, and the Clan’s murmuring was as active as ever. It was a beautiful, beautiful day and it had RiverClan’s ranks in a good and positive mood. The deputy had been locked in conversation with their leader, Rainstar, all morning after sending out the dawn patrol and the first hunt of the day and it had been decided. Today was the perfect day to distract the clan from their tensions with the tribe. It wasn’t something that was as big of an announcement that required the summons from their leader but rather something smaller to boost the spirits of the clan. Wisteriaflower scanned the camp clearing and beckoned forth their senior warriors. “Do me a favor and fetch your clanmates, will you?” She had asked of them. 

    The calico feline sat patiently beneath the highrock of the clearing, her thick tail wrapped neatly over her paws as she waited a few moments for her clanmates to slip out of their dens and join each other in the clearing. Once they had all arrived, she stood to her paws. “Cats of RiverClan!” She called, “Today, we will be holding a fishing competition! Every cat old enough to catch their own prey is encouraged to participate. This is not a test of anyone’s skills but rather a time for us to spend together as a Clan, to have enjoyment with one another as we catch fish and share tongues as clanmates.” Wisteriaflower gave a pause, waiting for the murmurs of the cats gathered to settle before she continued, “There will be a set of two winners; one who catches the most, and one who holds the largest catch. These two cats will have first pick of the fresh-kill pile when we return to camp tonight. However! Keep in mind that this is a friendly competition. Cheer one another on and do your best!” 

    “With that in mind, let us head to the fishing stones!” With a beckon of her tail, and Rainstar at her side, the pair lead the Clan out of camp and to the stones. It had taken them but a bit of a trek to reach from camp to the fishing stones of RiverClan territory, but once they were there, Wisteriaflower waited for her clanmates to settle by the river before she announced, “Begin!”



    Mistwhisper had been lying in her den trying to escape the relentless heat, her eyes just about to close for a nap, before a head poked itself into the den, summoning her to the camp clearing. She grumbled under her breath before standing up, stretching her back, and making her way over. She immediately noticed Wisteriaflower sitting upon the Highrock, and tilted her head in curiosity. What’s the matter? Is something important happening? The grey feline thought to herself, sitting beneath the rock and waiting for further news.

    The announcement of a fishing competition came as a surprise to her, and her mood immediately lifted from hesitant to excited. The implication that it was supposed to be a social event wasn’t exactly exciting to Mistwhisper, but the competition aspect of it sure was. It was a chance to show off her skills and help the clan at the same time… And no one said that she was required to talk to anyone.  So as Wisteriaflower jumped off the high rock and started to lead the clan to the Fishing Stones, she followed close behind.

    Once they settled down besides the river, Mist waited for the cue to begin before crouching besides the water, ensuring that her shadow wouldn’t hover over the water and alert any fish to her presence. She narrowed her green eyes in concentration as she awaited a fish to come close to her, and once one came within reach of her front legs, she rapidly stuck her limb out with claws extended, hooking her claws into her prey before dragging it out of the water and finishing it off with a killing bite. One down… However many left to go, the she cat thought as she placed her catch beside her and returned her gaze to the river.


    Forestmask had already been in the camp clearing, lounging about and watching others as they came and went on their business. He had spotted his mother earlier, but had chose to leave her alone for the time being because even she needed some alone time every once in a while. When her familiar voice rang out though, calling RiverClan together to hold a fishing competition, he perked right up. The brown tabby got to his paws quickly, green eyes lighting up with excitement as he listened to the deputy speak.

    “Oh heck yeah!” He cheered as those who had gathered left the camp, hot on his mother’s and leader’s tails as they led the way to the Fishing Stones. It wasn’t so much the competition part that intrigued him, but instead the possibility to show off to some she-cats. His personal life, outside family, had become quite stagnant lately. It was pleasing to see some ladies in the mix.

    At long last they arrived at their destination. He stepped up to the water’s edge, mindful of his shadow, before scanning it at Wisteriaflower’s cry to begin. Nothing caught his eye at first, before a dart of silver flashed by. Instantly his paw shot out, hooking the fish out of the water and sending it flying onto the bank in a graceful arch. Water flew everywhere in the process, but he paid it no mind as it landed on his tabby coat. Forestmask glanced over to see Mistwhisper had caught a fish as well, bright smile lighting up his features. “Awesome catch, Misty! Think you can do it again?”

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