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    A long and over exaggerated sigh glided pass the parted maw of Shadowclan Warrior, Ratshadow. The scruffy, bedraggled, and always with an unsightly mug only a mother could love- or perhaps a cat not sound of mind- the tom begrudgingly staggered out of the warriors den. His mood could be compared to that of a stormy sky, dark, bleak and just an all around downer of spirits. Ratshadow was one prickly tom-cat.

    Not made for socialization or the upkeep of friends. The only ones that seemingly could handle this brooding tom were his family members, and even then, he still hardly had much to do with them. Aside from his brother, Roachwing, whom he shared a deep bond with that no one could ever comprehend.

    Ratshadow’s mood shifted from gloom and doom to high spirits while around his brother. Though it wasn’t clear right off the get go, his demeaner did morph considerably. Even if he seemed to speak curly and barbed-like towards Roachwing, he was actually quite content.

    Today was one of his off-days. Due to the stress between the clans, Ratshadow’s mood had plummeted to its lowest of lows. All this drama and tragedy was exhausting, he honestly just wished the entire forest would shut up and leave him be for five minutes. But that was too much to ask for, apparently. Starclan help him, he didn’t know how much more he could handle before he fell to pieces.

    With a huff, the tom plopped down onto his hindquarters and began to groom his coarse and mostly unkempt fur. Not to any fault of his own, he was just born with this unruly fur, or rather mostly lack-there of. It was a miracle that he even survived in the cooler seasons. But he was nothing if not a fighter.



    WE DONT DO RULES HERE. | Blurred lights, Vision photography ...


    ‘Finally! Fresh air’ he hums in pure contempt as he clumsily sneaks out of the medicine cat den, looking over his left shoulder as he tries to make sure Hareflight hadn’t notice his lame attempt to break free. Huffing in relief as his signature boyish grin appears on his scarred features, it was hard for Roach, but he was slowly trying his best to adapt to his new loss of sight. During the day was not so bad as the light helped him differentiate between shapes on his right side, his pale clouded yellow eye flickers aimlessly every once in a while as he tries to find an object to focus on. The tall lanky dark tom was thankful that his sight was not totally impaired, as his left eye was still fully functioning. At least now he could tell others which side was truly his good side. Snorting at the lame thought before glancing around the semi quiet clearing. Biting his lower lip as for a moment he searches for his best friend; Skunkbreeze, but quickly shakes the thought away as he knew that the large black and white tom would be angry with him for ignoring his attempts to talk.


    No one seemed to understand that the usual lively and mischievous tom needed some time to come to terms that everything would no longer be the same, at least for him. Yes, Roachwing was thankful to be alive at all as Foxpaw’s swing had rung true when cutting into his flesh. Wincing at the painful memory, his scarred skin stinging as a reminder of the events over a moon ago. Just when Roachwing was about to slip into the shadows, to head out of camp did he smell a familiar scent. A musky odor filtrates through his nostrils as he abruptly turns in the direction of his brother; Ratshadow. Pale sunflower and cloudy yellow eyes brightening before changing direction, wanting to see his brother, to make sure all was well. Roach knew that his younger brother could have horrid mood swings, often socially distancing himself from everyone around him. It would often take days for the rugged brute to come out of it and join the land of the living.


    He could feel the tension rolling off his brother in waves, but decided not to mention the obvious elephant in the room, as he knew such comments would not be taken lightly from Ratshadow. Plastering a smile on his lips as he plops ungracefully next to him, letting his slim shoulder knock into Rat’s coarse one. “Why such a long face? Miss me?” he teases as he playfully bats his eyelashes over at his sibling. One would not believe that Roachwing is actually older than Ratshadow, with how childish the obsidian colored tom could be. “Thank Starclan! It feels nice to be out of that stuffy den” he groans, tilting his cranium backwards, letting the sun warm his face in the process. Keeping his eyes closed as he enjoys the light flickering over his features, shadows casting over his dark fur, giving him an even more peaceful appearance as he simply enjoys the summer air. “I am pretty sure I officially smell like moss and odd smelling herbs. See sniff me!” he complains as he purposely leans against him, not caring in the slightest if it bothered him.


    Sobering up as he pulls away from Ratshadow as he takes a good long look at him, arching a brow in a silent way to prompt the splotchy grey and brown tom to contribute to the one-sided conversation. At the moment, Roach was craving interaction and companionship that he could only find in his brother.


    Tigerprowl- Shadowclan Warrior

    The tiger pelted Shadowclan tom grumbled to himself, as he once again attempted to remove the thorn from his paw. Earlier in the day Tigerprowl had been vigorously pushing himself, and he now regretted it. Even though ultimately, the tom had gained some experience, he had felt as if he had lost some too. But he inwardly scolded himself, like a kit, and vowed to train again later. Even if he wasn’t the best, Tigerprowl was always one to strive to be the best, and work hard. Finally with a grunt, and a sharp tug, the warrior managed to dislodge the thorn, giving a satisfied huff. Thank Starclan. He thought inwardly.

    Quickly licking his small wound, Tigerprowl wasn’t bothered or didn’t mind about the fact that it could get infected. Once he had finished, his spirits in a slightly better mood, the tom rose to his paws, pausing to glance around camp. He wasn’t bored, but he would much rather stay in camp for the time being. Instead of embarrassing himself again. But once again, Tigerprowl felt the familiar feeling of loneliness. His sister was the one he hung out the most. Fawnstorm was close to him, actually the closest in the whole clan, as she would help him, in many ways. His temper, for one. His sibling was always the first to switch the negative tone to positive. While he himself found it hard to do that, Fawnstorm knew him inside and out. Before Tigerprowl changed his mind, he promptly stepped forward from the shadows he was in, and dipping his head in an aware manner.

    From the corner of his eye, the Shadowclan warrior spotted two figures together slightly to his left, but ahead of him. While the sun warmed his pelt as he paused there, Tigerprowl recalled the two toms, Roachwing, and Ratshadow. Brothers. Even though normally he might have not wanted to talk, the warrior never had a good chance to get to know them, and he had always viewed them as nice toms. Shrugging his powerful shoulders, Tigerprowl made his way over, smoothing his fur mentally. ‘Don’t be gruff.’ He heard his sister’s comment in his head, causing him to grin a bit. Really, every day he was glad he had a sister like Fawnstorm.

    Once the tiger coated warrior approached the brothers, he dipped his head again, once they finished speaking. “Ratshadow, Roachwing.” He greeted politely, flicking his ears. Even though he had felt cross earlier, Tgerprowl took in Ratshadow’s recognizable troubled demeanor. He bit his tongue in asking what the matter was, because from first hand, sometimes that didn’t help. The tom idly wondered if he had anything in common with his two clanmates. Yet to find out. He mused mentally, with a twitch of his whiskers.

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