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    ~Coppercloud of RC, RC’s depressed cloud boi~

    Coppercloud trotted back into camp, with two medium sized fish dangling from their fins, clutched in his jaws. The flood waters had yet to fully recede, and thus it gave Riverclanners ample opportunity to catch larger fish than usual. Though despite going about his warrior duties, his heart just wasn’t in it. His heart was elsewhere, wandering and seeking what he couldn’t have. Once he made his way to the ever growing fresh-kill pile, he deposited both fish on top, and then he proceeded to grab up a fish that was downgraded a few sizes from the ones he’d left.

    He moseyed away with the pitifully small scaled creature, and settled down in a patch of grass, away from his clanmates. He sunk down onto his belly, and began to nibble at the fish, he didn’t intend on actually eating it, though he knew it would be a waste if he did not. So he knew he’d have to consume it eventually, but for now, he just needed a distraction to keep himself numb from all the tragedy that had occurred around him as of late.

    The tom’s heart was split in two, and he didn’t know if it would ever completely mend, but surely in time it would fuse back together. Perhaps not fully, but enough so that he didn’t feel as though a dark cloud was looming over him, and that raindrops were constantly falling down upon his head. Yes, raindrops keep falling on his head, but still he knew that it would pass. He just had to hold out until then… whenever THEN is.



    Rainysky nudged his way out of the Warriors den, shivering as icy moisture that had collected at the mouth dripped down his back when disturbed. The whole day was a miserable bitter gray worthy of the name Leafbare. The pretty silver tabby tom stood for a moment as though unsure what to do with his awkward self, when he spotted one of his denmates with whom he’d never had any quarrels. No words of friendship either- but they were still Clanmates, brothers in arms who would have eachothers backs in a war. And Rainysky knew that the other tom had suffered a loss.

    He approached him quietly, lingering for a moment like a pale ghost as he worked out just what to say. running through a catalogue of icecreakers varying in levels of appropriatey.

    “Seems like the storm blew out all the good catches, hm? Perhaps we’ll have to learn to huntsquirrels like ThunderClan.” He mused with a weak smile. Well, that could’ve been better…


    The dark brown tabby had been lingering at the edge of camp, dozing on and off as he enjoyed a patch of sunshine on a rare piece of completely dry ground. Though the floodwaters were receding, dry ground could still be hard to find. Either it was soaked, damp, or still on its way to drying up, and even if he was a RiverClan camp, he wanted to be dry just a moment. Seeing his brother though, everything else was forgotten as he perked up and studied the orange and white tom.

    Coppercloud had certainly looked better before in his life, but Forestmask was pleased to see he was active enough to at least get out and catch some prey. If he was struggling to even get out of his nest, that was when the warrior would start worrying profusely about his brother. He was going to head over, but paused when he saw Rainysky approaching, deciding whether he should just stay where he was and keep a lazy eye on the situation, or catch up with his brother after their time apart.

    Family far more important than lazing about alone, he rose with a stretch and trotted over. “Don’t even joke about those nasty things, Rainysky! I had far too many while stayin’ with ThunderClan.” he huffed playfully, rolling his eyes. With a purr he brushed his shoulder against his brother’s settling down close. “Good catch, Cop. How’re ya doin’ today?”


    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”color: #808000;”>Hickoryroot</span></p>
    Hickoryroot had been crouched down just outside the medicine cat’s den, taking slow bites of a fish he’d picked off the pile. Fish still didn’t taste quite right to the former SkyClan tom, and with each bite he found himself furrowing his brows before willing himself to swallow. Fish weren’t so bad, truthfully, but it was strange to be eating them in the middle of the Clan he’d grown up with being made fun of for exactly what he was doing now. He was dragged from his thoughts as Coppercloud entered the camp with two fish hanging from his teeth, and Hickoryroot found his gaze following the tom. He’d worked hard to memorize his new Clanmates by their names and scents, and he had been unable to ignore the sadness practically radiating off the warrior with every breath.

    Not long after Coppercloud settled down, two other cats had padded up to join him— Rainysky and Forestmask, he believed— and with a twitch of his whiskers Hickoryroot brought himself to stand and hesitantly approached the group, hoping his presence wouldn’t be unwelcomed. Although RiverClan had been in need of a medicine cat, he doubted every cat was ready to accept him as one of RiverClan.

    He kept a further distance than the other two toms had, sitting back on his haunches before beginning to speak, forcing his voice not to waver. <span style=”color: #808000;”>”If you ever do want to convert to hunting squirrels, I’d be happy to teach you all a thing or two,”</span> he joked, knowing that squirrels to RiverClan were like fish to SkyClan. Not that he could begin to imagine. He still craved the taste of squirrel, but he didn’t regret his decision.


    Coppercloud hadn’t been expecting anyone to trot on up to him, especially seeing as his very presence was draining, he was rather gloomy at the moment. This gloominess did not go unnoticed by his clanmates, all of whom kept him and a reasonable distance. That wasn’t to say they weren’t concerned for him, no it was quite the opposite, they all were. They all just had their own reasons for staying away, which didn’t bother Coppercloud in the slightest.

    In fact he found it very liberating to be left alone, if anything else, it was peaceful and quiet. Though, even he had to admit that he missed having contact with his clanmates, he hadn’t spoken much since they’d returned to camp. Not even to his best friend Frostedshell, whom had tried many times to engage in conversation with him, only to be met with dismissive nods and curt responses. He’d have to apologize to her later, and thank her for her commendable attempts.

    So, imagine his curiosity and surprise when Rainysky came over to him, trying to start up a conversation. His ears perked up, as he abandoned his pursuit of nibbling upon the small fish, clutched between his paws. He opened his mouth, fully intending to respond, when a voice he knew well caught his attention. His gaze flickered over to his brother, Forestmask, whom promptly brushed his shoulder upon his own in a gesture of comfort.

    “There’s plenty of fish around, you just have to know where to look, and how long to wait for them.” He replied, his voice curt, but retaining a certain a mount of softness that hadn’t been there for a couple of sunrises.

    “Thank you, Forestmask… I’m better than I was.” He hesitated, but only because he wasn’t certain how to phrase how he was feeling. When he realized he’d hesitated he added, “Truly, I am. Or atleast I believe…?”

    He trailed off, not because he was finished speaking, but because a scent caught his attention. It was Riverclan, yet also Skyclan as well, the faint scent lingered in the air, all mixed in with a plethora of herbs. Coppercloud didn’t need to hear Hickoryroot’s voice before he knew who it was. His gaze shifted over to the former Skyclan tom, and he gave him a pointed stare. The new medicine cat of Riverclan, the one whom had replaced Fishtail, his stomach churned at the sight of the tom. He could feel the fur on the back of his spine begin to rise, yet he kept himself composed. It wasn’t the fact that Hickoryroot came from another clan, it was because he was now standing as Riverclan’s Medicine Cat, that caused Coppercloud such distress.

    Fishtail should be the one standing before him and speaking, not this cat, whom could barely even call themself a Medicine Cat.

    “No thanks, you can keep the squirrels.” He mumbled, managing to keep his voice from outwardly sounding hostile or disrespectful, he was impressed with himself. Despite how hollow and bitter he was feeling, he was also feeling something else as well.

    A certain calmness had crept up on him this morning, though he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why. The low spark of annoyance that flickered to life, when Hickoryroot inserted himself into the conversation, fizzled out just as soon as it ignited. The fur along his spine no longer felt like it was going to rise.

    Rejecting Hickoryroot’s offer of teaching them how to hunt squirrels came to him easier than he had expected. This only confirmed to himself that he was on some subconscious level, trying to keep himself from being bitter at Hickoryroot for something that wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t treat him with harshness, that wouldn’t do at all. He was only doing what Starclan had intended for him, surely? So who was Coppercloud to object to the will of Starclan?



    Rainysky stiffened slightly as without warning a small crowd of toms- fairly easy on the eyes- had gathered. The younger Warrior tensed as though preparing to run, but he knew at this juncture that would be unwise and draw negative attention. Still, he was well practiced at remaining silent enough until he had faded from everyone’s consciousness and could safely slip away.


    “I think they taste nice.” He mumbled, barely audible.

    He glanced up as a new face- Hickoryroot joined them. He felt confused for a heartbeat until he recollected the events that had led to them having yet another new healer. Rainysky had to admit he was even a touch skeptical that the reach of their ancestors- or, supposed reach, they had only hearsay- had extended so far beyond what they would sanely be willing to trust. Had there not been a single RiverClan cat who could do the job? Far from xenophobic himself, Rainysky knew of many others who complained far more loudly. Grayfang in particular was probably tossing and turning in his nest, a notion that moved Rainysky from indifferent to endorsement- anything his father hated so much had to be right. He tried a weak, welcoming smile toward Hickoryroot.


    “W-we should all t-t-try to learn from eachother.” He managed weakly, ears burning. He was dreadful in crowds, he hadn’t stuttered since he was an apprentice but every so often it came out.


    He eyed the brothers with almost a shade of envy lurking behind the lens of his seaglass eyes.

    “It’s g-good to keep busy after…l-loss.” He wondered if bringing it up was a bad move- he could only treat the mourning tom how he would want to be treated. And when his sister had died, the thing he hated most was how no cat would talk about what happened. Like she’d never existed at all. “W-we’re all…h-h-here for you.” He added, looking between himself and the other toms.

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