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    quietpaw  quiethawk  quietkit

     december 08 40 moons

    male he/him/his

    ace-sex hetero-rom

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    windclan warrior ▹ apprentice, kit




    art by me and i’d appreciate it if you don’t claim or use the piece

     lean and muscular but makes up for it in height, being taller than most windclanners eyes are a vivid yellow base coat is a greyish off white with gradually darkening fur that goes from greyish brown to a darker top coat. marbled, dark tabby stripes. 

    + reserved, driven, observant, paternal, strategic +

    – impatient, ambitious, morally ambiguous, sharp-tongued, volatile

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    offense | ●●●●● ●●●●○ defense

    tracking | ●●●●● ●●●● hunting

    speed/agility | ●● ●●○○○ endurance

    leadership | ●●●●○ ●○○ sociability

    intelligence | ●●●●○ ●●● teamwork

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    parents stormbird ▹ bio mom (deceased) | howlstrike ▹ bio father (open for adoption)

    siblings cedarwind, weepingblossom ▹ littermates (open for adoption) 

    mate/crush open

    kits n/a

    other relatives n/a

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡


    it was a horrible leafbare when quietkit, cedarkit, and weepingkit came into the world. his mother, stormbird had died minutes after they were born, leaving howlstrike to name them and raise them. taking note of the first born’s soft whimpering, howl named him quietkit, the second born was built strong like his father and was therefore named cedarkit. the last, unlike the first, cried loudly, her wails sounding like weeping-hence her name.

    as they grew up quietkit became the leader of their little triumvate, the caesar out of the three. while his name was quietkit, the tom was anything but. social, though he became friends with only a few cats, and slowly craving more and more attention, quietkit managed to drag his siblings into every scheme and plan he made. once they became apprentices their inseparable trio began to drift apart, with cedarpaw becoming more and more secretive and weepingpaw more and more angry (at their father, mainly, since he practically disowned them after they became apprentices) quietpaw was left to get into trouble alone. It’d be impossible to list every horrible thing he did as an apprentice, despite that quietpaw shaped up to be a strong fighter and an excellent tracker. his ambitions grew and he realized he wanted to be deputy, if not deputy then he’d settle for being the best warrior in all the clans. this goal remains the same even now, after earning his name for his composure, ferocity, and grace and becoming quiethawk.

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡

    other stuff here

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    quietpaw quiethawk quietkit

    Quiethawk’s apprentice is Nightpaw


    additional skills: stealth, speed, good sense of smell, sharp hearing, skilled at hitting fast and killing his prey with clean bites

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