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    The previous day had definitely been eventful to say the least. Saplingskies had been out on a completely normal walk with his sister, an expecting queen, only for the two cats to be attacked by a dog. The little tom took it upon himself to protect Cloudedmoon and her unborn kits, but ended up badly injured himself. He was alive, and he still had all his appendages, so he was grateful. Cats of ShadowClan had been instructed to seek Hareflight for medical attention and let Saplingskies rest. StarClan knew he needed it. He was sleeping peacefully in his nest, tail curled tightly around himself.

    He was more than content to sleep all day, but sharp stinging jolted him awake. His poppy seeds from last night were wearing off, leaving him victim to waves of agony. He groaned softly in pain, eyes fluttering open. “…Hareflight?” He mewed, searching the den for his apprentice. Her nest was empty, she was gone to do her morning chores. He sighed, looking out into the morning light shining through the entrance to his den. He wasn’t able to stand on his own yet, so hopefully someone would be around soon. Even if it was Hornetstar, he wouldn’t really care. He just wanted someone capable of assisting him.


    Soft and dainty pawsteps sounded off gently, as a feline approached the Medicine Cat’s den. Whoever was coming to visit, was obviously rather dainty on their paws, now this could have been a number of felines in Shadowclan Camp.

    However, the owner of the light steps turned out to be the sweet-hearted molly- Nightbreeze. The very same clanmate that Saplingskies had once saved not too long ago during the great storm.

    Within her maw she carried with her some freshly caught prey she had hunted down. Nightbreeze had come to hear of Saplingskies dreadful encounter with a canine, and it tugged at her heartstrings to know he was lying in his den, curled up and probably suffering through some not so pleasant pains.

    Ever since Saplingskies had risked his very own life to save hers, Nightbreeze was unable to keep the tom-cat out of her thoughts. He always seemed to pop up whenever she wasn’t doing her duties.

    She trotted up to his side and gently place the fresh-kill down in front of him.

    “Hello Saplingskies,” She meowed gently, her voice filled to the brim with sweet tenderness, “I do hope you’re not hurting too badly.” It was clear in her deep cobalt orbs that she was rather concerned for his wellbeing.

    “I heard from some clanmates you were injured. So I decided to come check in on you, and give you some fresh-kill. To help you keep your strength up. It’s the least I can do for the one who saved my life.”


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