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    my name is pyro (not really, but that’s what i like going by online) and i’m 20 yrs old. i’m currently a fulltime college student so life can get a bit hectic at some times, but i’ve always stuck with rping. i joined kugyay in the ’09-’10 era, and went by a lot of names. and by a lot, i mean a lot. eagletalon was my first kugyay oc. my most notable ocs after that might be mahoganysplash [tc], cottonkit/patch [tc], polarice [sc], vulturecry [rc], sunpaw/chaser [skc], and black death [rogue/vipers army] – just to name a few of many. i also rped on byrniel the few yrs it was open, where i went by oatfrost [skc meddie], vulturecry [rc again], dogthorn [sc], and lastly spidergaze [sc meddie].

    besides rping, i enjoy watching select tv shows, reading comics and fanfiction, listening to music, and cuddling my dog. i have plans for vet school, so as of now my job is helping a university professor with their research project and i plan to get some volunteer hrs in this summer at a clinic.

    want to get to know me better, talk about our characters, or have a question? shoot me a DM here, on discord, or on dA!

    discord: pyro-mutt#2306

    dA: h0rney-mutt


    hornetstar ….. 01
    forestmask ….. 02
    stagthroat ….. 03
    foxpaw ….. 04
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    leader of shadowclan

    “perhaps a cutesy little quote? oh, who am i kidding. a cutesy quote for this butthole? hilarious!

    [current rps]

    the great flood [clan meeting/group event – open]

    the mountains [group event – open]

    gotta get one up for the mountain patrol yo


    [previous rps]

    left behind on the old site [rip]


    sunnystar – boyfriend – deceased

    the previous skyclan leader, before blazestar, that hornetstar had slowly been falling for. however, before much of a romance could blossom between them, sunnystar passed away. hornetstar is still filled with regret and loss, dwelling on what-ifs when he has the time.

    tawnypainter – friend – deceased

    his previous deputy, hornetstar misses his old friend dearly. they were never extremely close, but they worked together well.

    saplingskies – frienemy – alive

    one cat, the shadowclan medicine cat, that has yet to cease rubbing hornetstar the wrong way. he wishes he could get along with his own medicine cat, but doesn’t see that happening at the moment – if ever. though he’s never said it aloud and his actions prove otherwise, he’s grateful saplingskies keeps the clan healthy and alive.

    harepaw – acquaintance – alive

    saplingskies’ apprentice, hornetstar holds great respect for her and how she handled the situation when her mentor had to leave camp for a moon due to falling victim to an unknown sickness. he sees great potential in her.

    smokewisp – friend – alive

    his newly appointed deputy, hornetstar sees great potential in her as well. though she might be rough around the edges right now, he knows she’ll make a good successor and is proud of how she’s shaping out already.

    scarletflood – sister/confidante – alive

    his sister, and a cat he would trust his life to without any hesitation. she is the only one, as of now, he will completely open up to. they can communicate with a simple glance, and he’ll always treasure the easy understanding between them.

    [looking for]

    nothing as of right now, honestly


    warrior of riverclan

    “all i want to do is look out for my family, whatever it takes.“

    [current rps]

    que pasa, lil’ sis? [sorrelpaw]

    forest + wist [wisteriastar]

    riverclan fishing competition [clan event – open]

    our only hope [rc/tc/wc group event – open]

    [previous rps]

    do as i do [pantherpaw]

    catching up [wisteriastar, foxspice]

    the squall [hurricane event]


    wisteriastar – mother – alive

    part of his family, his very cherished mother, forestmask would do anything for his leader, wisteriastar. he’ll always be there for her, through thick and thin. anytime she needs someone to lean on, you can bet he’ll offer his shoulder.

    foxspice – sister – alive

    his dramatic sister, forestmask loves her dearly. her energy is infectious, even if she can be a bit over the top at times. even if he has to do the most ridiculous thing to keep her happy, he would.

    coppercloud – brother – alive

    they don’t spend very much time together, an error forestmask wants to rectify as soon as possible. after the clan’s loss of fishtail, a dear friend of coppercloud’s, forestmask is worried for his brother.

    pantherpaw – brother/apprentice – alive

    feeling alienated from his own family, forestmask always does his best to assure pantherpaw he is very loved by his family and will always have a place in it. this causes him to worry endlessly about his younger brother, now apprentice. a bit on the serious side, forestmask tries to put a smile on his brother’s face whenever possible.

    sorrelpaw – sister – alive

    forestmask doesn’t play favorites, but he does enjoy sorrelpaw’s company whenever they can manage to find the spare time to hang out together. she likes his jokes and teasing ways, and is always willing to spare him a smile, which in turn puts a smile on his face. or perhaps it’s because of her ridiculously large ears?

    [looking for]

    nothing as of right now, honestly

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