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Putting on airs.

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    Summer’s warm breath trickled longly into the healer’s den, though the breeze that carried it was very lackadaisical indeed. More of a gentle sigh than a sharp exhale, it hardly threatened to stir the countless stacks of delicate dried herbs that Rainysky had assembled before him. He had finally decided that he could no longer leave th stores as they were, which was as they had been when their last owner had died. There’d been such a revolving door of tenants in the Medicine Cat den that it was wholly unclear just whose work he had been preserving, but all the same Rainysky had felt prior to this moment that some respect was due to them. If for no other reason than to entice any inhabiting spirits to watch over him, and prevent him from meeting the same untimely fate they had.



    He was absorbed in his work to the point that he only took note of another’s presence when their solid form blocked the afternoon sun.


    “B-Briarfrost!” He stammered, social anxiety re-igniting in response to the sudden interaction with another being. Briafrost was as any cat with eyes could see, beautiful, for lack of more eloquent vocabulary. Though he demure looks had never stirred anything in Rainysky, he was still morbidly awkward around someone so conventionally attractive.


    “H-how can I help you?” His pale eyes darted all over her body, searching for a wound to explain her presence in his messy den.


    Briarfrost casually strolled into the medicine cat den, her thick, silky fur flowing calmingly in the soft summer’s breeze. She had been out hunting and suddenly remembered why she preferred fishing as a pesky thorn had gotten itself lodged deep between the pads of her paws, making it painful to even take a step. Though each time her left paw was placed on the ground send a sharp twang of pain up her leg, she refused to let it take away from her elegance and continued to walk with confidence and purpose.

    As she entered the shadowy den, her pale, emerald eyes quickly fell upon Rainysky. She gave him a warm smile and giggled politely at his obvious awkwardness “Oh, Rainysky, so good to see you again. Though I do wish it was under better circumstances” In response to the healer’s question, Briarfrost presented her front left paw to him, “Oh just a thorn, though I was having difficulty pulling it out so I was hoping you could help me. I also didn’t want it to get infected”


    The thin tom cat gave an open shrug.

    “You’re welcome to drop by anytime, hurt or not.” He said plainly, a tremor still haunting the undertone of his voice. He did manage at least not to stammer too much this time around. The shock was wearing off.

    “I-if you could ahead and lie down so I can get a good look.” He flicked his tail at the patients nest, waiting patiently until she did so at which pint he approached her calmly and gingerly lifted the afflicted appendage with his own slender white paw.

    It was not  pretty sight. Rainyky could not disguise his repulsion at the huge thorn protruding from her pawpad, nor the clear signs of infection including but not limited to an offensive odor. Illness and neglected wounds were his least favorite, he was discovering. His favorite were preventive measures, or the occasional and unavoidable daily wounds brought to him immediately before they had a chance to fester. Still, he was their healer for every need much as he wished he had someone else who could handle the less…clean jobs.

    I guess I’ll take an apprentice someday. If this job’s curse spares me.

    He thought mildly, turning away to fetch the herbs for her paw. As of now he had none of the hallmarks that would indicate any immediate need for a trainee under him. Even if he weren’t extremely inexperienced, he was young and fit and had no current desire to have kits. The concept of the latter was laughable. Him, a father? He’d sooner make a better Clan Leader.


    “Alrighty.” He mewed bracingly, settling back down before Briarfrost with a bundle of leaves hooked on one claw. “I-I’m going to take it out now, I’ll be putting some medicine on it that might sting. But your cut has some infection, so we’ll need to clean it up.”

    And with that he bent forward and secured his teeth around the offending object. He pulled it out with one fluid motion, spitting it out to the side, shaking his tongue out in disgust. As quickly as he could, he pressed the poultice to the wound site, holding pressure on it to staunch any bleeding.

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