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Possible Mate For Honeyblossom

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    I’ve been having a desire to ship lately, and just decided to choose Honeyblossom randomly, as the cat I want to have up for romance.

    Honeyblossom is Biromantic and Bisexual, so you can come at her with a tom or a molly.


    To learn more about Honeyblossom click here: Honeyblossom 


    I like my ships to happen somewhat naturally. It’s not a grantee that I’ll feel a spark of something there between your cat and Honeyblossom.


    So please if I don’t end up feeling it between Honeyblossom and your cat, don’t feel discouraged.

    It’s not because I don’t like your character or you. I just feel like them and Honey would be better off friends.


    With that being said, let’s plan some shipping! WOOOOH!



    I’d be happy to see if Quiethawk and Honey are compatible!

    Quiet is, just a warning, super ambitious and lowkey mean. Like he’s sweet and sociable and affectionate with those he loves and cats in Windclan, but he’s hostile towards outsiders and craves control. He doesn’t like feeling helpless especially after his siblings began to drift away from him and his father all but disowned him. He feels the need for control. I feel like Honey’s sweet temper and personality will really help him, but they may have a rocky relationship that could either end horrifically or beautifully. Also, since Honey severely lacks confidence, I can see Quiethawk, who is full of confidence, would likely support and encourage her (because he has a super soft and sweet side).

    Quiet is 40 moons old

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums WindClan WindClan Find-It Possible Mate For Honeyblossom