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    month april

    all bbys are a moon older cuz I’m too lazy to do math, all ages go up every moon regardless of birthday. “Won’t your weird aging system cause issues for you?” ye probs


    ripplekit 4 moons


    quiethawk 41 moons

    falconpaw 9 moons


    russ 30 moons


    moonberry 35 moons


    morningpaw 7 moons

    fawnkit 5 moons



    ⟡ if i can’t find a way, i’ll make a way ⟡

    swanpaw ⚘ swanpath ⚘ swankit
    july 06 ⚘ 48 moons
    female ⚘ she/her/hers
    homo-sex ⚘ homo-rom ⚘ polyamorous
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    riverclan warrior ▹ queen, apprentice, kit
    mentor —

    art by me and i’d appreciate it if you don’t claim or use the piece

    ⚘ surprisingly slim for a riverclanner with short, smooth fur | eyes are a deep green with spots that are pure gold in color (caked heterochromia, it’s lovely) | soft, creamy white fur | has two small scars at the corner of her left eye and a scar across her nose. Swan has deep scars at her throats which very well could’ve been fatal, has multiple deep gashes and cuts on the back of her head, long scar crossing from one shoulder across her back to the other shoulder, NEW(2020) scar from her left jaw going up and through her eye. corneal laceration over said eye. ⚘ 

    + selfless, protective, loyal, confident, clever +
    * has a can-do, won’t take shit sort of attitude. Also: she will power walk right over you if she has to so really, don’t get in her way •
    – stubborn, impulsive, sharp-tongued, blunt –
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    offense | ●●●●● | ●●●○○ | defense
    tracking | ●●○○ | ●●●●○ | hunting
    speed/agility | ●●●●● | ●●●●○ | endurance
    leadership | ●●●●○ | ●●●●● | sociability
    intelligence | ●●●●○ | ●●●●○ | teamwork
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    parents NPC ▹ bio mom (deceased) | egretstrike ▹ bio father (open)
    siblings n/a
    mate/crush pikebite open to others ▹ flinthawk (NPC)
    kits sleekfeather (adoptive son)
    other relatives n/a
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    Swankit was born into the world alone, her mother a mystery to her as she soon died a mere two weeks after her birth. Swankit’s father spent little to no time with her, too busy carrying out warrior duties and focusing on anything but the kit that looked like a carbon copy of himself. Swankit grew up lonely and without parental guidance was foolish and reckless. It was a miracle she survived to become a warrior. One day she woke up and realized everyone around her seemed to be in love or wanting to find love, or they had kits already. Swanpath felt as though it were her duty as a Riverclanner and a loyal warrior to find a suitable mate and bear kits. Too bad her father never cared enough to warn her that some toms weren’t going to be sweet smiles and romantic gestures.


    TW – ABUSE
    Flinthawk was volatile and angry but Swanpath paid no mind to the warning signs, too busy preparing for her first litter. She didn’t love him, didn’t know what to do in the relationship, but tried her best. Flinthawk always looked down on her as she felt the pressure of not being good enough. Swanpath spent moons repressing “bad traits” for the sake of her mate, often receiving strikes to the back of her head for every mistake and failure to do as told. When Swanpath was pregnant she was certain it would fix all the issues she and Flinthawk had, but fate had different ideas. Swanpath took after her mother and didn’t kit easily, her kits dying in a miscarriage and leaving both Flint and Swan in pain. To say Flint was angry was an understatement, he nearly killed her in his rage. It was only because of her father, Egretstrike, that she didn’t die at Flinthawk’s claws.


    Rainstar banished Flint for his violent temper, but the damage had been done. A few sunrises later Sleekkit arrived and Swan, desperate for comfort and a kit to love, took him and raised him.

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    – Wary of toms (especially angry ones)
    – Reminds Sleekfeater often that she never would’ve changed a thing in her or his life because it brought him to her
    – She still gets nervous around angry toms that are larger than her, but she’s no longer terrified of them
    – Swan will legitimately beat our a** if you bully her son
    – She hates cuddling but won’t hesitate to cuddle her son or loved ones if they need it
    – Egretstrik and Swanpath are slowly beginning to bond, making up for the lost time. She’s still bitter tho and wouldn’t trust Egretstrike around her son

    ⟡ i’ve been through hell and i don’t plan on going back ⟡

    times new roman font #339966 10pt

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    N O T     A L L     W O U N D S     A R E     V I S I B L E

    tallpaw ⚘ talloak ⚘ tallkit
    november 19 ⚘ 17 moons
    male ⚘ he/him/his
    gray-sex ⚘ pan-rom
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    skyclan warrior ▹ apprentice, kit
    mentor —

    art by me and i’d appreciate it if you don’t claim or use the piece

    ⚘ huge, muscular, and covered in messy, thick fur- what more can you ask for? | eyes are a fiery amber | base coat is a creamy brown with gradually darkening fur that goes from brown to a darker top coat. Has dark tabby stripes located on his face and tail with some on his shoulders.  ⚘

    + fearless, patient, compassionate, affectionate, devoted +
    – nervous, depressed (at times), insecure, stubborn –
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    offense | ●●●●● | ●●●●● | defense
    tracking | ●●●○○ | ●●●●○ | hunting
    speed/agility | ●●○○○ | ●●●●● | endurance
    leadership | ●●○○○ | ●●●●● | sociability
    intelligence | ●●●●○ | ●●●●● | teamwork
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    parents npc ▹ bio mom (deceased) | cedarflight ▹ bio father (deceased)
    siblings n/a
    mate/crush open
    kits n/a
    other relatives n/a
    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    Tallkit was the single survivor of his litter and a very social kitten. He loved others and typically others loved him. His mother died after birthing him but tallkit and his father, cedarflight, were extremely close. Even when he became tallpaw and had a mentor Cedarflight was usually the one mentoring him and was the one to yeah Tallpaw how to climb. As he grew up Tallpaw became known as that tom who was obsessed to a weird degree with trees. Some cats believed it was because he’d come to connect trees and climbing to his beloved father, who passed away quietly after being sick for many moons with reoccurring green cough, while others saw a tom who just loved his home.

    Talloak recently fell from a tree escaping a fox with Mapletoes, he has cuts in his stomach, on his flanks and back, and bites and cuts on his neck.

    ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡ ⚘ ⟡
    – thinks trees have souls, but aren’t conscious in the way cats are
    – Terrified of foxes and things that look like foxes
    – Nervous when up too high
    – Able to scale trees faster than anything and can leap from branch to the branches of other trees
    – LOVES to cuddle, even more so after his traumatic event
    – A tad too dependent on some cats (mapletoes, darkbird, maybe foxpaw to name a few)
    – Poly boi

    “Autumn whispered to the wind, ‘I fall; but always rise again.’” 

    book antiqua #808080 10pt

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    echoshine   ◊   echopaw • echokit

    fluid  •  he/him/they/them/ze/zir

    echo of his brothers; forever does he shine brightly

    august 06 •  22 moons

    panromantic  •  demi

    pictures are evil, message me if you want Echo’s ref

    she was incandescently beautiful

    slim and tall with soft, silvery-white fur and bright lavender eyes

    painted in blue-tinted greys and littered with dark grey markings highlighted by silver stripes

    and beauty was the least of her

    quiet and nonconfrontational with a heart of gold and glass

    wise beyond their years, burdened with titanium chains

    laughing, bubbling, bright 

    shadowclan home is where i’ll stay

    warrior apprentice kit

    open mentor

    open apprentice

    nature’s first green is gold

    her hardest hue to hold

    echokit was last to come out, unnoticed by his mother- his coming nothing more than an echo of earlier pain. preceded by his brothers, yewkit and palekit and born to duskwatcher and ravenshadow 

    her early leaf’s a flower

    but only so an hour

    played with his brothers, spoke with his father, tucked in by his mother

    then leaf subsides to leaf

    so eden sank to grief

    father succumb to illness, his mother soon after. palekit clung on by a thread, and though he recovered inside his light was dead. new names were received, yewpaw, palepaw, echopaw– but the pain will never cease

    trained by rippedthroat and time brought to echo a semblance of peace

    so dawn goes down to day

    always angry, always strong, yewfire is a roaring blaze. silver-tongued and blessed with charm, palestreak hides away from harm. not quite present, not quite gone, echoshine, the fainthearted and naive.

    nothing gold can stay

    love has yet to find him

    doesn’t have any heirs

    ⬦⬦⬥⬥⬥ fighting hunting ⬥⬥⬥⬥⬦

    ⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦ climbing swimming ⬥⬥⬥⬥⬦

    ⬦⬥⬥⬥⬥ speed/agility endurance ⬥⬥⬦⬦⬦

    ⬦⬥⬥⬥⬥ intelligence leaderships ⬥⬦⬦⬦⬦

    ⬦⬥⬥⬥⬥ sociability teamwork ⬥⬥⬥⬥⬥

    likes walking, swimming, playing, stories, speaking to the stars

    dislikes violence, storms, dishonorable acts, anger, heights

    tends to speak to themself, nicknames everyone, count stars, cuddle

    and is an insomniac, has night terrors and nightmares


    it’s your heart of   G O L D   and   S T A R D U S T   soul that makes you beautiful

    book antiqua 10pt 999999

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    rosepaw 🌹ROSESHADOW 🌹rosekit

    november 10 • 31 moons
    she/her/hers • female

    shadowclan • warrior

    mentor (open) • apprentice (open)

    slim, delicate figure with a thin tail and lean muscled limbs, she holds herself with dignity and pride
    short, smooth black fur with a small patch of reddish orange fur on her lower back (giving her the name “rose”); received a long scar during the Battle when she briefly battled with hollystar, the scar obscures the orange fur on her lower back
    large emerald hued eyes

    + clever, compassionate, responsible, faithful +
    • regal, tolerant, observant, disciplines •
    – ruthless, bull-headed, outspoken –

    offense | ●●●●● | ○●●●● | defense
    tracking | ●●●●○ | ●●●●○ | hunting
    speed/agility | ●●●●● | ●●●○○ | endurance
    stealth | ●●●●● | ○●●●● | climbing
    leadership | ●●●●○ | ●●●○○ | sociability
    intelligence | ●●●●● | ●●●●○ | teamwork

    asexual • polyamorous • demiromantic (female preference)
    <love interests available>
    <open to adopting kits>

    hollystar (mother: unbeknownst to her)
    dawn [formerly dawnpelt] (father: deceased)
    briarstep (littermate: also unbeknownst to her)

    { rose’s earlier memories involved her father, dawn, and another vague figure. she and this figure had been placed somewhere… it was small and smelled like sunlight, dirt, and the sweet scent of tree sap. rose remembers her father twisting around and running off and she remembers tumbling after him on small paws, wailing pitifully. he had stopped, turned, and stared with the faintest touch of heart break in his eyes, not that rose knew what heartbreak was her age, and had gently carried her away from that small place.

    from then on they stuck together. there was never a boring day, and rose met so many cats! one with a blue collar and a wide smile, another with a pink scar over their eye and a soft voice, that weird one with the leather collar and the short tail…. but it wouldn’t be until later that rose would realise life hadn’t been easy. her father returned from every hunt battered and bruised, but always with food. when something caught her interest dawn always did his best to retrieve it, risking dogs, fellow rogue, and the unforgiving feet of two legs.

    when she realised what her father was hiding at the ripe young age of 8 moons she vowed to start caring for her father for a change. she trained herself to wake up earlier than her father, which meant the sky was still dark and the night air still whisking in cold air, and through trial as error rose learned to fight. when her father fell ill rose was heartbroken, but she had made a promise and never once strayed from his side. when dawn died rose carried him to a nearby patch of woods, recalling the days when dawn would regale her with tales of his “warrior days”. while there she caught the scent of forest cats and followed it, she trailed them a great length before trying to introduce herself. rose was attacked on sight. however, she fought back and gave it all she got until they backed off, once they had she requested that they allow her into the clan. after a couple moons she was accepted, earning the name roseshadow for her stealthiness. }

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    Кофе ♥Minkblossom

    coffee ¤ appearance; sweet tempered

    male × he/him/his


    27 moons × march 30

    ♠ kittypet » shadowclan

    kittypet » warrior

    ♦ (open) mentor » (closed) apprentice

    smells vaguely like his namesake with a touch of vodka

    tall and skinny, given his being an Oriental Shorthair Havana brown cat, with his structure appearing fragile despite lean muscle ♦ covered with short, coarse, dark brown fur ♦ has vivid sea-green eyes with a delicate head crowned with large ears

    coffee is self-assured and sweet-tempered, ready to encourage others and assist those around him, going so far as to jeopardize his own health. he doesn’t wholly understand how to only do a little bit at a time, oftentimes leaping headfirst and taking on more than he’s able to. coffee is nervous during tense situations and becomes easily angered if he’s stressed out, which happens when he takes on too much. he bends over backward for others without hesitation and is not above lying if he thinks it will help another’s emotional wellbeing. coffee is unsure of himself when he isn’t solving other cats’ problems, and will start looking for problems to solve, nitpicking at anything and everything and generally becoming an annoyance. he hates violence but if the only answer is to fight he will give it all he’s got, but not before trying to avoid it.

    Koфe (Coffee) was found on the streets, left to die and unlikely to survive. The man who found him was a large twoleg named Isaak who, after spotting the little pile of bones, picked him up in his hand (that’s how small and thin he was) and brought him to his home. Coffee grew up in that home, familiar with the sweet aroma of his namesake and the bitter stink of clear liquid Isaak would drink. Over time Isaak brought more animals in, some left, others were adopted, and more stayed. Coffee quickly grew used to the newcomers, forming bonds akin to friendship with some of them. There was a tiny bird named Aннa who made her home in a silver cage above Coffee’s nest, Дaшa (Dasha) was an elderly German Shepherd that kept Coffee warm during freezing winters, and Lucas was the twoleg kit that Isaak had adopted. This was Coffee’s family for at least a year before he began to get curious, poking around outside and finally braving his yard’s fence. Over time he grew bolder, exploring nearby forests and parks. During one of his explorations, Coffee encountered trouble in the form of two huge, angry foxes that chased him deep within a swampy territory. Coffee’s agility and endurance paid off, but he didn’t stop running until he was deep in the forest- and very much lost. It was there that he met Smokewisp and was offered a metaphorical olive branch, becoming Minkblossom and training to be a Shadowclan warrior.

    mother // unknown | unknown \\ father

    brother(s) // unknown | unknown \\ sister(s)

    mate // open | open \\ love interest

    kit(s) // n/a

    ⧼3/5⧽ offense | defense ⧼5/5⧽

    ⧼3/5⧽ tracking | hunting ⧼5/5⧽

    ⧼4/5⧽ swimming | climbing ⧼4/5⧽

    ⧼5/5⧽ speed/agility | endurance ⧼3.5/5⧽

    ⧼4/5⧽ sociability | teamwork ⧼3.5/5⧽

    ⧼2/5⧽ leadership | intelligence ⧼3/5⧽

    – prefers to be called Coffee and will introduce himself as such

    – heteroflexible – basically what someone is if they’re “mostly straight”, aka there’s some wiggle room

    – he does have a guilt complex

    – Coffee has no idea why the clans are so against each other, personal tension set aside they all seem interesting and nice

    – loves the smell of wet grass, the swamps, clean air, and mud (not all together)

    – Coffee has a soft spot for birds and won’t eat them, he doesn’t judge others for eating them but he does cringe if he has to watch

    – see I was 100% ready to give Coff a voice actor- then I decided not to.

    georgia 10 pt 00e874

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    stormpaw | STORMFEATHER | stormkit

    january 20 • 17 moons
    he/him/his • male

    thunderclan • warrior – apprentice – kit

    mentor (open) • apprentice (open)


    smells like moss and heavy like the moments after a heavy rain

    towers over most with broad shoulders and a well muscled body hidden underneath thick, tangled grey fur

    large leaf green eyes

    at first sight storm is the ideal warrior, large and strong but with enough brains to know when to hold his tongue and enough brawn to hold his own in a fight. however he’d really rather play and socialize, enjoying quiet, gentle company rather than battle- but he knows his duties and is proud to fulfill them. storm had a tendencies to try and mold himself into whatever others expect him to be, becoming stern and quiet when he’d prefer to be open and sweet. storm will speak out if he’s provoked or feels compelled to support someone who he’s given his loyalty to.

    + compassionate, brave, faithful +
    • stern, tolerant, levelheaded •
    – insecure, cautious, outspoken –

    offense | ●●●●● | ○●●●● | defense
    tracking | ●○○○○ | ●●●○○ | hunting
    speed/agility | ●○○○○ | ●●●●● | endurance
    stealth | ●●●○○ | ○●●●● | climbing
    leadership | ●●○○○ | ●●●○○ | sociability
    intelligence | ●●●○○ | ●●●●○ | teamwork

    heterosexual • monogamous • heteroromantic 
    <love interests available>
    <unavailabe for kits>

    npc parents

    npc littermates

    { born a week apart sunkit and stormkit became fast friends, the latter goofy and sweet and the former far more serious, but they managed to get along well. as they grew up stormkit felt the pressure to be tougher and stronger, beginning to hide behind a mask of seriousness and masking his “soft” traits with all the toughness expected of him. when they became apprentice sunpaw and stormpaw trained and worked together, both equally hardworking and eager to prove their worth. their greatest achievement was when they were given their names, sunleopard and stormfeather. }

    • loves flowers
    • enjoys early mornings and their smell
    • physical affections makes stormfeather feel awkward, but he loves it a lot
    • blood makes him nervous, especially other’s blood
    • absolutely loves to nap in sunlight, because he loves warmth despite his already thick coat
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    because i always make an updated list for my confused self





    SHADOW 2

    coffee/minkblossom (soon to join)


    WIND 3




    RIVER 3



    eclipsekit (not yet born)

    SKY 2





    ———   ———   ———


    thunderclan – fawn & kass 

    windclan – open

    skyclan – moon & rook

    riverclan – phoebe/ripple & heron

    shadowclan – tawny + echo + hare

    shadowclan/windclandesert, evening, falcon, shade, brook, tiny VS hornet, raven, scarlet, russ

    skyclan/thunderclan – mink x morning



    UPDATE 05.13.20



    Ripplekit (Phoebe) 5 moons

    Swanpath 47 moons

    Eclipsekit – coming soon  0 moons


    Falconpaw 10 moons

    Quiethawk 42 moons

    Tawnypaw 8 moons

    Hazelspirit 67 moons


    Minkblossom (Coffee) – coming soon 26 moons

    Echoshine 21 moons

    Roseshadow 30 moons


    Morningpaw 7 moons

    Fawnkit 6 moons

    Stormfeather 16 moons


    Moonberry 36 moons

    Talloak 18 moons


    Deceased (no longer ages)

    Russetstorm 30 moons 

    ● ● ●   ⚬  ● ● ●   ♤ ● ● ●  ⚬   ● ● ●

    S T A T S

    does not include deceased characters

    ♂ 6

    ♀ 5

    other 2

    ♡ nope ➤ falconpaw, moonberry, echoshine, and swanpath are all open for romantic relationships, just let me know (Discord: Pheebs 7640 or DM) and everyone else is open for friendships or other relationships 

    Currently using in RP




    Falconpaw ***


    Swanpath ***

    Tawnypaw ***



    Stormfeather ***

    Roseshadow ***

    ● ●   ⚬  ● ● ●   ♤ ● ● ●  ⚬   ● ● ●

    In the Making

    no one

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    i want adventure in the great wide somewhere

    hazelspirit // wish

    68 moons • october 12

    demigirl // she/her – they/them

    has a vaguely sweet smell mixed with the light scent of flowers

    hazel is tall and slender with soft, smooth fur and a large bushy tail. their eyes are a blazing, fiery orange that has the faintest touch of red in certain lighting. they have no known scars or disabilities.

    positive // dauntless, unflappable, genial

    neutral // gregarious, perceptive, patient

    negative // unquestioning, amoral, spontaneous

    at first sight hazel is a sweet, unassuming molly who easily melts into the sea of fellow windclanners. upon closer inspection you’d find an enthusiastic risk-taker who really needs to consider her actions before, well, acting on them. she is amoral in the sense that the code is basically lost on her and while she understands things like stealing and murder are bad, she still isn’t against doing either if it would help her achieve a goal (whether that goal is to further herself, protect others, provide for her clan, etc.) hazelspirit can be naive, questioning things only when it becomes so glaringly obvious that there’s no way for her not to realize something’s up. but all in all she’s a loyal, steadfast, even-tempered molly who gets along with practically everyone.


    windclan // kittypet

    (mentor) • (open for an apprentice)


    hunting // combat

    speed/agility // endurance

    swimming // climbing

    teamwork // leadership


    hazelspirit was born wish, daughter of milky and sister to cocoa and mo. as a kit she’d been the youngest and skinniest, but she was always a favorite of her mother’s. milky had named wish with the hope that she’d be the kit to stay and wouldn’t be taken away by twolegs… as fate would have it, that’s exactly what happened! unfortunately, wish had to watch as her brother, mo, was taken and her sister, cocoa, fell ill to an unknown disease. these two losses had left her rather lonely as a kit and most of her time was spent exploring the inside of her twoleg den and the small backyard outside of her den. milky would later join cocoa in death when wish turned 12 moons old and by now she’d interacted a bit with the kittypet next door. she and her neighbor gradually became extremely close, and life was great. wish’s owners had aged a bit and now there kits had kits, so wish’s life certainly was busy. wish didn’t question her life, was simply content to exist and follow the pattern life had set for her. she still yearned for something new, something exciting, but that itch eventually became meek and soft. it came about that on a regular day, just like every other, wish had been sunbathing to escape the crowded house after the grandkits had arrived and her friend dropped by. wish wholly suspected nothing, waiting for the usual bland chat they often had that made her days brighter. that didn’t happen. instead her friend said they’d come to say goodbye, telling wish that he was leaving to journey to the “clans”. wish wasn’t too eager to hear that and immediately insisted on joining him… which led to her and her friend joining windclan and earning the names hazelspirit, for her adventurous and friendly spirit, and darkwolf. just because she’d been quick to follow dark didn’t mean hazel didn’t have regrets, for nearly half a year she would find herself sitting up and questioning her life choices. other days the urge to go back to her pampered life became so strong they were almost undeniable, almost. in the end she stuck with clan life and has stayed in the clans for at least two years, content and far happier than she could’ve been lying around in a cramped twoleg’s den. <

    androphile // attracted to masculinity; sex not specified 

    no mate darkwolf (future) 

    no kits

    –   •   ♥   •   –

    ~ loves competitions

    ~ big on cuddling (though they’re so slim its like cuddling a stick with a big bush of fur at the end)

    ~ definitely allows kits to hide under their tail for hide and seek (or to avoid trouble)

    ~ probably has caught prey on another clan’s border (whether purposeful or not is up to you)

    ~ best friend is darkwolf, if you insult him- prepare to get the whooping of a life time

    ~ loves sunbathing, some days they will just walk straight out of camp and head to a hill (yes, a certain hill not just any random one) and bathe in light for hours

    beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart

    • art lined, colored, designed by me – symbol #bfa388
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    the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

    tawnyhope // tawnypaw // tawnykit

    9 moons • september 12

    male // he/him/his


    smells strongly of sage and chamomile

    tawny is average height with a fairly well built body, but greatly lacking in lean legs (a trademark of windclanners). he’s covered in thick, unruly fur that easy gets tangled and is usually cleaned three times a day just to keep it looking presentable. tawny has a brilliant yellow and green eye, right yellow and left green. 

    positive // gregarious, driven, selfless

    neutral // kind, perceptive, patient

    negative // withdrawn, impulsive, reckless

    tawny is a friendly tom with enough confidence to present himself well. however, he is a huge liar. he lies constantly. you can ask him if he’s okay and he will lie by smiling and saying “yes”, call it a personality quirk if you will. he’s withdrawn when it comes to talking about his own personal issues, being far more interested in others. tawny is selfless to the point of dangerous (for himself, anyway) and while he’s usually a perceptive and strategic tom that likes to plan things out, he will throw caution to the wind when it comes to those closest to him.



    (darkwolf) • (no apprentice)


    hunting // combat

    speed/agility // endurance

    swimming // climbing

    teamwork // leadership

    tawnykit was born four moons after his brother and sister, umberkit and poppykit. early on tawnykit’s mother, hickorycloud, made the decision to leave windclan and head back to her clan of origin, thunderclan. tawnykit’s father, emberwind, fought tooth and claw to keep tawnykit in windclan. after his siblings and mother left (he was three moons by then) tawnykit grew restless and lonely, bonding with an older kit, formerly known as goldenkit before his name was changed to swoopingkit. emberwind did his best to bond with tawnykit but his high standards and tendency to emotionally detach himself from others made tawnykit’s and his relationship awkward and stressed. tawnykit eventually earned his apprentice name, tawnypaw, and was assigned darkwolf as his mentor. when he became an apprentice emberwind came up to him, telling tawnypaw there was something important he needed to know. emberwind brought tawnypaw to the thunderclan border, introducing him to hickorycloud, umberpaw and poppypaw. while hickorycloud and emberwind often argue and occasionally threaten violence, the reason for their separation being their warring tempers, they both agreed it was important that the kits knew they had siblings in other clans. they may not always agree, but on this ember and hickory certainly did. tawnypaw has since been training to become what his clanmates need him to be, hitting road blocks along the way all while trying to ignore his feelings of apprehension, guilt, and exhaustion. perhaps some real friends who saw past his facade could help…

    bisexual • poly (he’ll settle for monogamous, too) • biromantic

    no mate 

    no kits

    –   •   ♥   •   –

    ~ sunshowers are his favorite

    ~ a huge goof but has moments of outstanding wisdom

    ~ originally wanted to be a medicine cat, but only because he fiercely wanted to be needed

    ~ calls swoop “goldie”

    love others so radically they wonder why

    • art lined, colored, designed by me – comic sans ms #993300
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    duskpaw // dusk

    7 moons • december 7

    greygender // he/him – they/them

    smells like cinnamon

    dusk has thick, curly fur covering a short and toned body. he has a nice bushy tail that’s a brilliant variation of dark orange to light gold. other parts of his body are blue-grey. dusk has faint tabby markings on his body. his eyes are a brilliant turquoise blue with hints of sea-green.

    positive // daring, selfless, faithful, playful

    neutral // gregarious, quick-witted, ambitious 

    negative // spontaneous, ill-tempered, stubborn, obsessive

    dusk has no big issues befriending others, it’s when his short temper and loose tongue are triggered that problems start arising. as a kit he really didn’t have a parental figure, so he missed certain things kits learn. like… manners, being forgiving, sharing, playing nice with others- and the like. it’s because of this that dusk is reckless, (overly) assertive, and stubborn to the point of ridiculousness. however he’s the most loyal, most giving tom you will ever meet, and should you earn his trust his temper and fire will immediately envelop you and he will do what he cans to protect and support you.


    skyclan // kittypet

    (foxtongue) • (no apprentice)


    hunting // combat

    speed/agility // endurance

    swimming // climbing

    teamwork // leadership

    Duskpaw was born a kittypet, his parents were Gray and Dawn, his sister was named Daisy. Being kittypets, Gray and Dawn knew exactly what would happen to their children. Well, they didn’t like it. So, a couple moons after their birth the two decided to leave their collars and strike out as loners with their two month old kits. During the winter the father searched tirelessly for food and in a moment of blind desperation he did what no cat should ever do. He stole from a hungry fox. The rabbit he’s found never made it to the mouths of his loved ones as Gray fell victim to a fox’s jaws, abandoning Dawn and her kits to the world. For another month or so they traveled, weary and exhausted but soldiering on. Death came for Dawn in the thunderpath when she raced to push Daisy out of the way of an oncoming car, and getting struck in the process, For a few days Daisy and Dusk travelled, alone and starving, until a loner found then and promptly dropped them off at the SkyClan border. As fate would have it a patrol discovered them only hours later and from then on they were SkyClanners. They were old enough to not need milk and were distrustful of everyone, the two kit clinging to one another. Do, they were given and nest and little to no supervision from the queens that resides in the Nursery. They only recently received their apprentice names, and Duskpaw is buzzing with excitement to be an apprentice. He’s a bit unsure about that Foxtongue guy, though… 

    androphile // attracted to masculinity; sex not specified 

    no mate 

    no kits

    –   •   ♥   •   –

    ~ loves competitions

    ~ he and his sister still share a nest, their days wandering as young kits and only having each other in the Nursery left some habits 

    ~ cuddling is one of the aforementioned habits

    ~ he could be a fantastic hunter if he wasn’t so impatient 

    ~ tried to be perfect. obsessively so.

    • art colored and designed by me – Terminal #33cccc
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    smokeriver • smokeshadow


    133 moons – january 23

    female // she•her•hers

    demisexual – biromantic

    riverclan • shadowclan

    elder // queen warrior apprentice kit

    hawkstrike • flinthawk (former apprentice) and duskwatcher (former apprentice)

    smells earthy and warm

    Smokeriver was once a tall and well muscled molly in her youth, in her old age she’s far skinner and tends to lean down as though she carries a weight no one can see or carry but her. She has dark brown-grey points and vivid green eyes that haven’t lost their spark.

    Smokeriver is the very picture of a nightmare for an apprentice, she is irritable and hates everything and thinks everything could’ve been better if you just “did it this way… no not like that, like this!!!” However it’s all an illusion, truthfully she couldn’t care less about most things. Smokeriver was a jokester as a young she-cat and that has yet to change. She can be bull headed though but she’s never snapped at anyone and tries to advise those she sees that are struggling.

    Crowhunter (former mate)

    Ravenwatcher, Fogkit, Badgerkit (kits//all male)

    Smokeriver’s life was boring and perfect. She had trained hard and earned the name Smokeshadow, she was a fierce fighter and very few cats didn’t know her. It was just Smoke’s luck, then, that she fell head over heels in love with a rom named Crowhunter… a Windclanner. This didn’t seem like a problem at the time but she would realize later just how big a problem is was. When Smoke became pregnant she was over the moon, and full of anxiety but let’s ignore that, and wanted to tell Crow immediately. She waited, though, so as to surprise him. Once her kits were born all but three were stillborn, which while it saddened Smoke she still had hope. A few days later two of her kits died and around that time her relationship with Crowhunter was revealed. Smokeriver was forced to leave and she hoped to find shelter in Windclan, but was turned away. Smoke was ready to give up and become a rogue when her friend, the Riverclanner Spottedfish, offered her a place in Riverclan. Smoke was quick to respond, but as she was leaving she left Ravenkit in Shadowclan because even with everything happening she still adored Shadowclan, and didn’t want that taken from her son. For the years following Smoke earned a new name, a new apprentice, and a new life but she never would forget what she had to let go.

    Smokeriver was ravenshadow’s mother and echoshine, yewfire, and palestreak’s grandmother. She mentored Flinthawk (Riverclan NPC) who was mates with Swanpath who is (or will be) mate to Pikebite and who adopted Sleekfeather

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    dustsong // dustpaw, dustkit 

    49 moons • may 14

    female // she/her/hers

    Dustsong is, at first glance, a mischieveous and good humored molly who cares little for rules and regulations. While that is true to an extent, Dust is not just that. She’s also very maternal, fiercely loyal, and filled with fierce, fiery passion. Others also tend to assume Dustsong isn’t as intelligent as she really is but those few will quickly be proven wrong. Despite her lack of ambition, when Dust does have a goal in mind she works tirelessly to achieve it. However, Dust would rather support others and it’s what she’s good at. She’s also good at calling others out when she sees something amiss, and Dust has absolutely no qualms about doing so. If she doesn’t agree with someone they will know fairly quickly. Dust doesn’t really like people pleasers and would much rather have the messy truth than a well formulated lie. Dustsong isn’t exactly tactless, she knows when to hold her tongue, but if she’s encouraged enough she can quickly reveal herself to be strong willed and sharp tongued. 



    (snowberry) • (open for apprentice)

    [out of 10]

    10 hunting // combat 9

    8 speed/agility // endurance 8

    0 swimming // climbing 10

    5 teamwork // leadership 8

    Dustkit was raised wrapped tightly in her parents’ love and had a fun loving brother who she often pranked. Then again they pranked each other, it was kind of their thing. Dustkit’s parents came from a long line of rogues and loners on both sides, but Dustkit and Sandkit never learned about this as kits. No, they were wholly convinced they were born and raised, pureblooded SkyClanners. Pebbleflight, their father, was quick to encourage them to grow up passionate, stoking the flames and building their determination (read: obstinance) while Sandblossom, their mother, indulged their love of stories by regaling them with tales of SkyClanners long past. With this sort of upbringing it came as no surprise that the pair of siblings would become almost obsessively devoted to their clan, because despite their roots they were grown in SkyClan just like any other.

    As an apprentice Dustpaw was rebellious and not a single cat was spared from her antics. The amount of times she and her brother got sent to the elders den truly was insurmountable. However, Sandpaw grew tired of being marked as a troublemaker and began to focus his energies elsewhere. Being ignored by her brother, Dustpaw was quick to befriend fellow troublemaker Firepaw. But like her brother before her Dust became much more mature as she went on in her apprenticeship. Dustpaw earned her name finally, after multiple threats to extend her apprenticeship, and became Dustsong. She definitely mellowed out as a warrior, becoming close again with her brother, now known as Sandgorse. Dustsong and Firepaw remained close friends, even as he became a warrior. One without a filter, that is… with her newfound “maturity” and preexisting inability to deal with bullshit Dustsong often acts as Fire’s “filter”. When she isn’t doing that she’s playing with kits or picking on apprentices. But in the rare case you need her, Dustsong is a mentor and mother to those looking for comfort. sandgorse was mated to (NPC) who then left the family, leaving sand with his one surviving kit, a tom named beekit (up for adoption). Dustsong often acts as a pseudo-mom/aunt to the kit and the two trade off on caring for Bee

    pansexual // attracted to all

    no mate 

    no kits

    –   •   ♥   •   –

    ~ loves pranks

    ~ Scottish accent (think Merida)

    ~ stupid jokes are her forte 

    ~ likes to greet her friends by tackling them or “gently” shoving them

    ~ surprisingly very sentimental and enjoys keeping little objects to commemorate a time or remember a certain cat, etc.

    ~ her strange accent almost definitely intensifies with her emotional level

    ~ loves her clan. a lot. think American patriotism, but with SkyClan

    • art colored and designed by me but the lineart isn’t mine – Times New Roman #ff6f00
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    « do more than just exist »
    R O B I N
    robinpaw › robinkit
    for their pelt
    6 moons – thunderclan
    they/he – fluid (typically male)
    palefawn – no apprentice
    robin is on the larger side and surprisingly well built for his age. a thick coat of fur covers his entire body, all a grey-brown shade marked with dark brown tabby markings. they have areas of rusty orange  and creamy off-white. robin’s eyes are a brilliant gold that turn to a shining yellow in light and dark liquid gold in the shade.
    ♥  ♥  ♥
    robinpaw is enthusiastic and passionate, bursting with confidence and self-assurance. at times this comes across as arrogance but beyond that robin is a genial tom who is, at times, too reckless and too blunt. rob does his best in everything he does and perhaps over time he will mature to a point where he is actually able to finish a task without getting bored, sidetracked, or frustrated. robin is adventurous, inquisitive, and rebellious but bends easily under peer pressure and constantly feels the need to reassert his superiority. robin is fairly lazy unless he’s given a goal to work towards, he is also fiercely protective, possessive in some cases, of those he cares about and will defend to his end. sometimes, though, his loyalty is misplaced and can do more harm to himself than good. also: due to his upbringing, robin is often trying to show off and gain praise from others, his parents in particular.
    ♥  ♥  ♥
    dovesong (ma) × russetfrost (pa)  ::  burningskies (older half sister)
    ∅   robin was born robinkit to dovesong and russetfrost, named for their pelt. robinkit’s other siblings had died at birth, their mother having already lost a litter in the past it came as no surprise that she lost all but one this litter, as well. robinkit was raised with very few rules, the few limits he had were to be the best, don’t shame the family, and hang out with that “lilykit” from the next nest over. robinkit fought for approval and jumped at the chance to earn his parents’ praise, going to great lengths that occasionally (read: often) lead to disaster. when robinkit was told to play with lilykit he would bend over backwards to get the other, much quieter kit to interact with him. it took a few moons but over time lilykit and robinkit formed a solid friendship, growing up together and later earning their apprentice names together. now robinpaw and lilypaw, the pair are rarely seen apart, robinpaw often acting like a shorter, buffer shadow behind lily’s tall and lean figure. while they haven’t realized it, much of the clan already knows the warring families have plans to encourage the pair to become mates, hopefully binding the two respectable families into a sort of “super” family. 
    n/a ⌋ • ⌈ past love interest(s) ⌋
    ♥   ♥   ♥
    S K I L L S       out of 10
    {combat • 5}   ||   {strategy • 0.5}
    {hunting • 5}   ||   {tracking • 7}
    {intelligence • 6}   ||   {strength • 8}
    {speed/agility • 3}   ||   {endurance • 9}
    {teamwork • 3}   ||    {leadership • 8}
    ⌈ times new roman • 10 pt • bf5804 and 6b533f ⌋
    ¬ headshot drawn by PB-draws (me), full body colored by PB-draws & lineart is OAT’s —

    A D D I T I O N A LI N F O

    › voice reference :: alberto rosende

    › robinpaw often wonders what it would be like to have siblings

    › robin never had someone to call family as a kit and if asked, he will say he’s an orphan as a “joke” (unless one or both of his parents are nearby)

    › additional skills – diplomacy, climbing, caring for kits & elders, moss ball champion (undefeated UwU), tackling, singing

    › wants to learn to swim

    › feels a lot of admiration for nature and enjoys walks in the territory

    › wouldn’t mind exploring other territories beyond theirs

    › robin’s parents were in an arranged relationship but romantically they care very little for the other

    › robinpaw gets his arrogance from his mother and energy from his father

    › loves watching beetles and other bugs

    › collects weird objects he finds on walks, will occasionally give one of his “treasures” to lilypaw or palefawn



    from parents // none

    from mentor // none

    from lily // tbd

    parents // ma & pa, mother & father

    mentor // none

    lily // lil’ lily (ironic), pinetree (height), bones (slim figure)


    theme song(s)

    his song // pretender by AJR   –   suggestions open

    lily & robin // count on me by Bruno Mars   –   night changes by One Direction (platonic)   –   turning out by AJR

    parents & robin // be somebody by BANNERS 



    failure // being forgotten // isolation // being hated // snakes (creepy af)


    lazy (without a goal) // commitment (can start tasks, hard time finishing them) // possessiveness // loyalty (loyalty is often misplaced)


    role model(s)

    kickass women

    dreams & ambitions

    making his parents proud // having a (functional) family // becoming the best fighter in all the Clans // catching a fish // catching a bird


    G O A L S

    › have robin realize he’s gay (9-12 moons?)

    › have robin become less reliant on praise from his parents (maybe find a pseudo parent or sibling :: 12-20ish moons)

    › get robin into some type of fight where he gets scars

    › have him get mistaken for being in a straight relationship with lily (or anyone) and then completely rolling with it for kicks and giggles

    ————————   ♠   ————————

    sunleaf // sunpaw sunkit
    i must stay conscious
    through the madness and chaos
    48 moons – warrior apprentice kit
    female – greygender
    o ye of so little faith
    don’t doubt it // don’t doubt it
    of average height with a sturdy, though not exactly buff, build and short, sleek fur that’s a mix of sandy gold to brown with a dash of orange. tail is dipped in ebony and eyes a brilliant amber, almost gold, hue.
    victory is in your veins
    you know it // you know it
    if there were a way to physically describe ‘perfect’, you’d have sunleaf. she is levelheaded, diplomatic, and determined. in everything she does she will apply herself and work herself to the bone to do something well, nay, perfectly. sunleaf is not the type to settle for less than greatness and makes no point in hiding this fact, accumulating as many insults as she has praise for her ambitious spirit. to everyone she always has it together, the steadfast warrior who’s clawed her way to where she is now, a respected warrior of her clan, but underneath her veneer of complete control lies a storm. sunleaf is almost always one heartbeat away from a breakdown and despite having years to move past her need to be admired she continues to strive to be looked at, admired, praised. “as a product of greatness it is my job to be great” has always been sunleaf’s motto and how she’s lived her life thus far, it’s also why she believes others in her clan should strive to be flawless. sunleaf is the most hard to please cat you may meet, and doesn’t fork over compliments unless they are earned through blood, sweat, and tears (lots, and lots of tears). sunleaf is stern and to some comes off as cold, but never rude, as that would go against her policy of always treating others with politeness and respect. sunleaf is loyal and will not back down if she sets her mind to something.
    and you will not negotiate 
    just fight it // just fight it
    slatestar x spottedfish ;; summerbreeze (sister)
    greysexual // monogamous // panromantic
    {history tba}
    {combat • 9} || {strategy • 8}
    {hunting • 10} ||
    {tracking • 7}
    {speed/agility • 8} ||
    {endurance • 6}
    {teamwork • 6} || {leadership • 10}
    courier new – 10pt – ff9d00
    ————————   ♠   ————————
    «the best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up»
    P U D D I N G
    for their pelt color, named by former owners
    9 moons – rogue/loner kittypet
    they/he – greygender
    pudding is on the small side but has the possibility to reach roughly average height for a tom. he’s a creamy furred tom with splashes of chocolate and tawny brown fur, his eyes a mismatched pair of golden amber and sea green.
    ♥  ♥  ♥
    pudding is strange in that he’s so childishly naive and optimistic that it becomes hard to determine if he’s really as bubbly as he seems. pudding believes in second chances, and thirds, and fourths, and- well, you get the idea. he would talk your ear off if you let him and finds it hard to follow orders, not because he tries to be rebellious but more because he doesn’t listen. pudding is adventurous and curious, always needing to understand things and growing restless when burdened with an unanswered question. pudding doesn’t like bullies and is the type of idiot to go barreling head first into a situation that could end him beaten and bruised, yet he’ll still manage to come out smiling. despite the fact that pudding isn’t the brightest intellectually, he is the most empathetic and in many ways the bravest when it comes to facing issues. 
    ♥  ♥  ♥
    tiger (adoptive dad) bearheart (eventual pseudo mom) || names of bio parents unknown (called mother “momma”)
    i don’t ‘member much about being a house kitty, i jus’ remember that there was this big ole bowl that had this food stuff that tasted like pebbles n’ dirt. momma said our people had places to be an’ that’s why we got left behind. momma said we had to be loners but i didn’t know nothin’ about being a loner… we walked a lot and i didn’t like that none but momma said i gotta be tough so i just kept on walkin’. couple o’ moons ago, i think i was turning seven moons, momma said she hadta go look for some mice. i think she got lost, she was gone for so long, the sun had started to the set and i went searchin’ for her. it took a long time and i thought i was gonna be alone for a long time more but then i met tiger! he’s real cool, sorta scary but he’s real sweet once ya really know ‘im. he and his gang, they ain’t mean and stuff, are my family now, i guess. he says i oughta stop wanderin’ off before i get myself killed but i don’t think that’d happen. i miss my momma, but tiger says i gotta stop lookin’ for her, i don’t know why but he says i just gotta. i miss momma’s face, she was a real pretty brown kitty with big  golden eyes. i tell tiger and the crew how much i miss her a lot, but sometimes… well, sometimes i don’t. idunno… she didn’t hug me none and she was always swattin’ me for stuff i did wrong, but she was family and sometimes she’d even let me sleep beside her if nights got real rough. but i’m livin’ a good life right now, tiger and the crew taught me how to catch food but they haven’t taught me how ta fight yet, which is okay, i don’t like fightin’. i think i have to learn ta fight though, ‘else i’ll get myself in a sit-chew-ation and get myself hurt in a bad way. i got lotsa things to learn but that’s ‘aight, too, i like learnin’.
    ⌈ love interest ⌋ • ⌈ past love interest ⌋
    ⌈ kits ⌋
    ♥   ♥   ♥
    S K I L L S       out of 10
    {combat • 0}   ||   {strategy • 2}
    {hunting • 7}   ||   {tracking • 8.5}
    {speed/agility • 5}   ||   {endurance • 9}
    {teamwork • 10}   ||    {leadership • 0}
    courier new • 10 pt • 734320 
    art drawn by PB-draws (me)
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