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overcast evenings (drizzle/saffron)

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    drizzlepaw ♂

    D R I Z Z L E P A W — apprentice of skyclan ☁️

    Silver clouds hung low in the congested pale pelt of the noon sky, casting the ground below in dull, downcast hues. Today was quiet, and cold, only a few birds within earshot sang to raise the despondent forest spirits. In the place of the usual ambiance, a loud Leaf-fall breeze whipped through the sparsely-coated trees, sending them rattling from the bitter cold. Drizzlepaw chuckled to himself, believing that even the trees were shivering from the chill. 

    His gentle pawsteps pattered through the old discarded leaves that mottled the camp’s ground in golden and red hues. Despite the cold shock to the forest, it had been a busy day for the young tom, tending to the Clan’s most sacred members, elders, mothers and their kits, ensuring their comfort in shielding from the blasted cold air — replacing bedding, tending to ticks, fetching the freshest of kill. He did so with a smile, hoping that a little bit of kindness would add warmth to their day. Technically speaking, the tom-cat had done all of his tasks assigned to him for the day, yet there was a creeping feeling that he had forgotten something, or someone. His sight fixed on the gaping mouth of the tree hollow that homed Saffrongaze.

    Admittedly, the tom cat had never directly spoke to the molly, yet always carried a peculiar interest in her field of work. The pale-coated she-cat always had her paws busy whether tending to a clanmate or mentoring her reclusive apprentice. Drizzlepaw understood, while he was incredibly polite and eager to serve those around him with utmost grace and attentiveness, the young tom was still far from being comfortable with any cat besides Owlpaw. He questioned if Speckledpaw had any siblings, or any special cat for that matter. Realizing he was staring blankly at the den in thought, the apprentice quickly shook his head and grabbed a spare squirrel from the fresh-kill pile before making his way to the maw of the hollow. 

    Umf- Fraffongaze? The tom meowed in a shy greeting, his mouth full. He placed his gift to her down and smiled cheerfully, eyes shut and tail raised high. “I-I brought this for you. How are you holding up today? Keeping warm?” He gave a friendly chirp to the molly, hoping to strike a conversation with her. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums SkyClan SkyClan Camp SkyClan Medicine Den overcast evenings (drizzle/saffron)