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    Set to the south of the Clans, the Outskirts is a place where Loners, Rogues, and Kittypets roam. A lawless, and oftentimes dangerous location, all felines should be wary of others they happen to stumble across…

    ▸Past the borders of ShadowClan, their beloved pine forest continues, but has grown thicker in many areas. The constant fog and little sunlight create a perfect environment for some of the more.. wild cats to make camps or wander about. Mice scurry on the forest floor, and half rotten leaves litter the ground. Clan cats tend to stay far away from this part of the forest.

    ▸Perhaps the making of a park was once thought about here. Now, this massive clearing in the heart of the Misty Forest is overgrown with vines and bushes of wild berries and flowers. A log pile is stacked neatly off to the side, now rotting in some places, but sturdy in most. Sunlight filters through the leaves, creating nice sunny spots perfect for sunbathing.

    Many loners and rogues gather here for a quiet nap, or a chat with others. The occasional clan cat is known to make an appearance, but for the most part they stay away, leaving the shady bits of the forest to the outsiders.

    ▸A small port town overrun with Two-Legs and their kittypets. The town is located south of the clans, down-shore from RiverClan and SkyClan, and past the massive forest that half belongs to ShadowClan, and the loners and rogues who roam there. Ships frequently dock here as a rest-stop, and occasionally the kittypets and loners will do trade with the nautical cats.

    The town has plenty of alleyways, nooks, and crannies for cats to roam. Most of the families living here are fairly poor, but the town is known for taking incredible care of their feline companions.

    ▸The beach near the town changes drastically throughout the year. Overrun with two-legs and dogs in the warmer months, cats can often be found a ways back from the water, near a shack-like snack bar. Here, they collect fallen scraps of food from Styrofoam plates as meals. In the cooler months, this place is nearly abandoned. Many loners and rogues find small fish to eat from the shallow water, until the surface of the sea eventually freezes over.

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