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    The bold calico was surprised that the first feline to address her directly out of the bunch was not Wolfstar, or Hollystar, but rather, a she-cat she had not met before. The way that the molly carried herself was different than she was used to and how she spoke was that clearly of one lacking manners– a personality trait that Wisteriastar did not care much for; there was an additional lingering scent to this cat, one she had recognized in herself in a previous stage of her life. This cat is not Clan-born. As the feline across from her flashed her a grin and a wink and then turned back to the ThunderClan leader, RiverClan’s representative noticed how she had spoken with a quiet authority and how close she was with the black-furred leader. It was at this moment that she realized that she hadn’t seen Antlercreek since her arrival. “Who are you?” She questioned Kass, her words blunt and direct. There was no hint of aggression or her previous agitation but there was also no room for playing around in the RiverClan leader. 

    It was now, however, that her attention was reverted to a smaller, younger feline weaving their way through the camp and the ranks huddled in its center, running their mouth a mile a minute, it seemed. It was here that she recognized Peachpaw, ThunderClan’s medicine cat apprentice whom she had seen at the last gathering. When the cream-furred she-cat came to her directly, acknowledged her, and offered to tend to their ill, Wisteriastar nodded gratefully. “Please do. Thank you, Peachpaw.” After the young feline scurried off again, the calico’s attention returned to the other two leaders present.

    Her head dipped in response to their words of remorse pending the loss her clan had suffered, but she quickly snapped back alert once Hollystar mentioned that they likely wouldn’t have the resources to hold all of them– this wasn’t necessarily a shock to her really, she knew realistically this entire time, the moment she set eyes on WindClan’s presence, that not all of them would be able to stay and that a choice had to be made from ThunderClan’s leader. When Wolfstar began to plead with them, Wisteriastar audibly sighed, unable to keep herself in check at the agitation that had been bubbling inside of her during this entire conversation. It was clear to her from the get-go that Hollystar would choose to shelter WindClan over RiverClan, after all, the two clans had a budding relationship previously from their leaders, while she as a new position of authority in her clan held no grounds with any of them. And when the black-furred leader suggested that she ask ShadowClan, the decision was all the more clarified to her. She didn’t see the reason why a leader would lower their pride to beg from another clan when it was so obvious that they would be the first choice anyway. 

    Regardless, she was not the type to make things more difficult than they had to be. And instead of groveling like Wolfstar, she valued her pride. “Very well. We will seek ShadowClan’s assistance. However, I will request that I am able to leave at least half of my Clan with you, as I doubt that they are completely unaffected by this storm, they may also find it difficult to hold an entire clan as well as their own. Heronflight will stay and keep eye over the cats I leave with you and I will take the rest of my clan to Hornetstar in his territories. Is this reasonable enough for the both of you?” 


    Snowpaw of WC
    Snowpaw gave her mentor an incredulous stare, she gaze at the heavily pregnant she-cat, looking her over very carefully. Goldenrose was bedraggled, roughed up, her fur sticking up every which way, eyes dull with exhaustion and her breathing uneven with exertion. None of that was in any way fine, certainly not at all, and Snowpaw was going to make certain that Goldenrose was honest about how she was feeling. 

    Snowpaw could handle it, she wasn’t a scared little kit anymore, crying out for her mother that wasn’t there. She was older now, and she’d come to terms that life was full of uncertainties and the unknown. There was no use cowering like a leaf about to be ripped off of a tree branch right before the first Leaf-Bare snow. She shook her head at Goldenrose’s words, though she didn’t pull away from Goldenrose when she began to groom the mud and grime off of her. She nestled herself up closer to her mentor, hoping that she’d offer some warmth and comfort to her.

    “You know it’s okay to not be okay, right?” She whispered, giving her mentor’s cheek a lick, returning the favor of removing the mud from her fur. “You don’t have to pretend it doesn’t get to you, not around me. It’s okay to feel pain, it’s normal.” The young white and silver molly would know all about pain, seeing as her father and mother had both went to walk with Starclan. She’d tried to push down the agony of their deaths for so long, yet Goldenrose had taught her that it was okay to let it all out.

    “You can tell me if it hurts, Goldenrose.”

    Coppercloud of RC
    Coppercloud literally had to drag himself all the way from Riverclan to Thunderclan. It had been quite the arduous trek for him and his aching heart. Everything else he was numb to, he didn’t even pay much attention to his cracked and bleeding paw pads. He hadn’t even realized that they were stringing in discomfort, the only sensation he felt was pins and needles. He settled down into a sit besides his brother Forestmask and leaned up against him. He sought out whatever comfort he could find at the moment. So many things had gone horribly wrong, firs they’d lost their leader, then Brightfoot, then their medicine cat Fishtail, and then their very own home.

    He couldn’t imagine what Starclan was thinking as they watched down upon them, he turned to bury his face against Forestmask’s shoulder. The world going dark as he closed his eyes, trying to understand why Starclan wouldn’t intervene with the destruction that raged around them all. Surely they wouldn’t let this continue without offering the clans some respite?

    Had they done something that brought their wrath down upon them in the form of this fierce gale? His thoughts swirled and scattered, and he was unable to bring any explanation for this up to the surface of his mind. He just didn’t understand why this was all happening, and why Starclan was allowing it to do so.



    Heronflight – RiverClan

    *Edit note: Heronflight is going to have followed Wisteriastar into the camp in any further posts after all since there’s a bit of confusion around this and the change would make the rp flow better. I haven’t edited the original post to avoid any further confusion*

    Though he kept silent– it wasn’t his place to speak right now, any more than it was this crass, offending molly’s– Heronflight’s ears flipped back against his skull as the she-cat who had been eating with Hollystar made light of him. Irritation swelled in his chest at her behaviour– the haunty way she carried herself and the apparent disregard for basic courtesy. Did Hollystar usually allow her clanmates to behave in such a base manner?

    Knowing that the molly would certainly pick up on his annoyance– he wanted her to, but they all knew any real retaliation on his part was impossible given the circumstances– Heronflight kept his cool gaze firmly between the leaders as they began to discuss what would happen. His sour mood was soothed slightly when the Thunderclan medicine cat hurried off to check on the new arrivals. At the very least, even if they were turned away, everyone would get one last medical checkup.

    And it did sound like they would be the ones sent off. He had been expecting it, really, and it surprised him considerably when Wisteriastar requested that he stay here, with half of the clan. His green eyes darted to her immediately, though he continued to hold his tongue, working the idea over in his mind. Hollystar would have to accept, of course, but as much as the idea displeased him he could admit that some of their clan were too weary to continue the journey into the mountains to shelter with ShadowClan.



    Tremble slowly made her way out of the Elder’s den, her gait a slow, careful waddle. It took a few minutes, but she finally reached her sister’s mate’s side.


    Plopping down, Trembleroot tossed Kass a friendly grin before turning to take in the scene before her. Two clans were currently stationed in their camp, their cats looking worse for wear, which really wasn’t too surprising considering the severity of the weather. Glancing to the highranks, the dark grey and white molly took note of Rainstar’s absence. She hadn’t gotten here in time to hear the story involving Rainstar, but after a few minutes of sitting and listening she was able to scrap together enough of an idea to know the former Riverclanner had moved on.


    Yellow gaze flicking back and forth between all the cats gathered, she found her attention focused on Wolfstar. Kits? More? Smiling slightly, Trembleroot made an attempt to stand up, only to slip and just barely catch herself. Legs visibly shaking, the molly twisted her head to look up at Kass.


    “Hey, Kass, could you tell Holly I’ll be off trying to help Peachpaw?” Trembleroot wouldn’t say she was friends with Kass, but she’d gotten past the ‘I don’t trust you’ stage and had come to accept the other she-cat as a new part of her life. Tremble made a note to spend more time with Kass, seeing as she was her sister’s mate and Tremble needed to make a better attempt at being friendly with her.

    Stiffly walking in small, shaky steps to stand at the medicine cat apprentice’s side, the dark grey she-cat smiled. “Can I help you, Peachpaw?” Trembleroot despised the Elders Den and the heavy smell of moss and old cat that left her clawing at her nest in frustration. If she just had the full strength of her limbs, which was slowly being stolen from her, Tremble might be able to hunt, fix dens, and more. But, no, this is what Starclan dealt her. However, the elder would do all she could to assist those that she could.


    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Ravenpaw and Aspenpaw came to view as he noticed the two apprentices were taking care of the elders, helping them to relax their weary bones from the weather that was relentlessly pounding against them all. Tail held high as the dark grey striped feline made his way towards the two apprentices, his head tilted just right so his good eye was getting a good look at the two younger felines, his blue eye bright. “How is everything over here, Ravenpaw and Aspenpaw?” He questioned while moving along the elders to sniff at their pelts and to give their sore and bloodied paws a check. Nothing a little rest and once they were out of the rain and mud, some cleaning wouldn’t fix. The walk they had endured wasn’t easy, even his own paws were sore and more than likely cracked from all the rain and mud he had trampled through. Although, he couldn’t afford to think of himself at the moment, he was too busy with the thought of his clanmates in mind. 

    Ears standing upright instantly as soon as he heard his name being called out, head turning as he recognized the voice. Peachpaw. He had never really spoken too much with the she-cat, but at the gatherings in which the medicine cats held, she never could stay quiet for long. Chin tilting as he watched her curiously for a moment as she spoke, allowing her a faint nod as he quietly appreciated her helping. RiverClan was also a concern for him, they looked worse then his most of clanmates appeared and they were literally bred for the water. “Thank you, Peachpaw!” He called back out to the she-cat, his blind blurred blue eye facing his clanmates as he cleared his throat to speak up. “Anyone who is too sick to travel or has a sickly kit, please join Goldenrose and I will be with you in a moment!” He called out, tail lashing as he looked towards the white and ginger queen as she threw him a look. Regardless if their clan was rejected to stay within ThunderClan, it was very clear to him that Goldenrose could not continue with the journey of the clan. He would have to stay behind to care for her before she became ill. 

    Grunting, the young Tom helped a young apprentice join Golderose, licking at his small ears to keep him calm. His ears were warm and his eyes were glassy, expressing that he was becoming ill. “Goldenrose, keep him tucked in against your chest. He may feel hot, but he’s actually freezing.” Startledpaw explained you the confused queen, right now Goosepaw needed warmth and feverfew to cut through his rising temperature. Head turning as he gazed towards Peachpaw, she had mentioned he could use some of her stock if needed, but he still felt guilty about raiding her herb supplies. Eyebrows furrowing as he silently made up his mind, the apprentice would only grow sicker with time. “Keep him warm, Goldenrose, I’ll be right back.” He instructed the queen, while he hurried towards the entrance of the ThunderClan camp. 

    Pupils narrowing as he caught sight of Wolfstar, Hollystar, and Wisteriaflower speaking to one another. Although, he didn’t have time to make due of their conversation, instead the tall dark grey tabby hurried in the direction of which his nose took him. Thunderclans Medicine cat den. Lowering his head, the tomcat rushed into the den as he sniffed at the air, ears laying flat against his head as he began to look through her stores. “Feverfew… Feverfew..” He kept whispering to himself, pupils narrowing as he sought out daisy like flower, although it was truly the leaves he was after. Panic started to weigh down his chest, although his keen sense of smell finally picked up the faintly sweet stench of the feverfew. “Oh, thank StarClan.” He meowed out loud in relief, quickly picking up the feverfew and hurrying out of the den. 

    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Queen 

    She was silently grateful for Snowpaw’s help, closing her eyes for a brief moment when the white and silver molly moved closer to offer her some warmth and to clean some of the mud that had made its way onto her own face. “I suppose I am a bit messy.” She meowed with amusement, grunting as she shifted, causing a small hiss of pain to slip through her lips from the sharp ache that radiated along the few ribs that were still healing from their rough bruising. Green eyes coming to view once more as she looked towards Snowpaw as she spoke, ears laying flat against her head for a brief moment. She didn’t like to admit when she was in pain or feeling weak, but her apprentice was more of a daughter to her and had grown these past few moons. 

    Sighing softly; she didn’t realize that she was leaning into Snowpaw as she greatly enjoyed the warmth that was radiating from the apprentice. “I know, Snowpaw. I’m.. just in pain from the walk.” She explained in a soft voice, slowly regaining her breath before she took in a deep breath from her nostrils. Ears lifting upright when she heard Startledpaw shout out to their Clanmates, pupils narrowing as he named her as the beacon for the sickly cats. Although, she glared at the medicine cat apprentice, she also knew he wasn’t wrong. Sighing softly, she looked around her as she saw a few cats heading her way, giving them smiles and assuring them that they could cuddle close for warmth. Despite how weak she felt, a worried expression soon overtook her facial features when she spotted Startledpaw bringing a sick Goosepaw over to her. As soon as he was gently laid at her chest, she didn’t have to touch him to feel the heat scorching from his pelt. “I will.” She meowed to Startledpaw, eyebrow lifting when he rushed into the ThunderClan camp. “Snowpaw, keep the other cats warm and make sure everyone is okay.” She instructed her apprentice, chin lowering as she tenderly tucked the grey and white apprentice closer to her chest, the wee thing was shivering. At just six moons the young apprentice wasn’t that much older than a kit. Frowning, she instantly began to run her tongue the wrong way against his fur in order to warm him up. 


    Ravenpaw perked their ears as Startledpaw approached the group of elders. “I think we didn’t have too much trouble back there.” They replied. “I think some of them are just tired from the trip.”

    One of the cats Ravenpaw was concerned about was Snowpaw, who was helping Goldenrose during the trip. Curious, Ravenpaw watched as the apprentice was instructed to leave her mentor’s side, and toward other Windclan cats. Ravenpaw sighed deeply, flattening their ears as they let their gaze lay on her. Back then, Snowpaw was around when tragedy struck in the clan, and she comforted the grieving apprentice as a small kit. Now, she’s comforting other cats, making sure everyone was okay. Ravenpaw’s jaw became a small smile, as if despite everything, she was hopeful.


    Snowpaw wasn’t one to argue with anyone, especially her mentor, yet she didn’t feel like she should leave her side. Though she swallowed back a retort of disagreement and instead dipped her head to Goldenrose, never able to go against her wishes.

    “Yes Goldenrose, you just keep warm too, alright? Also if you need anything at all let me know, I’ll tell Wolfstar for you. She lapped at her mentor’s fur one last time, getting rid of the mud upon her muzzle, and then she gave her shoulder a soft nuzzle. Her gaze landed on Goosepaw, whom was trembling without control, “You get warm too, Goosepaw.” She pressed her forehead to his cheek, a silent promise of her support.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright.” She mewled softly, before pulling away from her mentor and the apprentice, she turned and her gaze connected with Ravenpaw’s, she flicked her ears, and then gave them a small smile back, before she trotted on over, a small skip to her step. Not even this squall could fizzle out the flickering hope, and faith she held within her, that the storm would end and that the sun would rise again.

    She settled into a sit besides Ravenpaw, “Hello, Ravenpaw, you cold?”




    The trek from RiverClan territory to ThunderClan camp had been grueling, and a few times he thought not everybody would be making it. But RiverClan was strong, even in the face of adversity, and they had managed to make this trip without any loss. Though he had been travelling with Coppercloud and Foxspice, two of his many siblings, he had been keeping an eye on everyone else when at all possible. So when they finally made it to ThunderClan, even if WindClan was obviously attempting to seek shelter with the forest Clan as well, the brown tabby couldn’t help but sigh in relief. For just a moment, while all the leaders and deputies and medicine cats conversed and his Clan was at a rest, he could rest himself without worrying about everyone else.

    He snorted as his sister spoke up, giving his pelt a good shake like a dog, even if it was pointless. Not a second later he was dripping wet once more, pelt clinging to him like a leech. At least he wasn’t the only one this miserable. And though he did look miserable, eyes squinted against the onslaught of rain and head ducked down between his shoulders, he somehow still managed to keep a sunny smile on his face. “A RiverClanner, in a tree? That’d be hilarious! Even if everywhere is flooding, and they tell ya to find high ground during a flood, I don’t think that’s the type of high ground we should be seeking out,” he chuckled, gently bumping his own shoulder against hers. “Personally? Though I feel like a drowned rat, at least everyone can see my muscles now!” Dramatically he struck a pose, twirling in the mud and splattering a bit up, as he struck another pose with a dashing grin on his lips.

    With a sigh he finally sat down though, whiskers twitching off some stray water droplets as he glanced about. “WindClan look even worse than us, naturally skinny as they are,” he commented quietly, leaning into Coppercloud as his brother sat down and snuggled in close. For right now, he’d offer whatever support and comfort any of his siblings needed. It hurt his heart to see all of them suffering like this.


    This storm…it was unlike anything that Nettlenose had ever seen before, in her many moons. The short-legged she-cat trudged in behind her father, her thick pelt leaned against Owlbelly and her pearly teeth clamped around what precious herbs she had brought along. Already, she seemed quite worn from the journey. Not much of a pro in the physical activity category, the march over to Thunderclan’s camp against the feirce winds and rain had been a challenge for the stocky molly, but she had endured at the sight of the deputy that struggled at her side and the overall spirit of her clan, who seemed determined as a whole not to allow this storm to best them.

    As they entered the camp, her tired gaze shifted to the soaked figure of her father, who still held his head high as he announced their arrival. She reminded herself to have strength as he did, and lifted her own head a bit more. Upon his command, she followed after him to approach Hollystar, nodding her head to Startledpaw, her apprentice who was doing so tremendously well in his role. She would have time to show pride over him later, once the chaos had passed for a bit. That would be awhile from now though. The she-cat paused as they came before  Wisteriastar, and her internal questioning of where Rainstar had gone was sorrowfully placed upon the death of the former leader. Nettlenose dipped her head, respectfully so, and listened further to what the ranks had to say regarding things.

    Her emerald gaze caught sight of Peachpaw as her papery ears caught wind of her name being called, softening at the sight of the familiar feline and the kindness she expelled as she offered their herb supply to be used at their need. The fluffy cream tabbied molly stepped back after things were talked out and discussed, turning her head to Wolfstar. “I need to go and assist Startledpaw and Peachpaw now.” She agreed, talking softly through the herbs that crowded her mouth. “If you need me Wolfstar, please let me know…” Dismissing herself, the medicine cat nodded to the leaders before turning and trotting with hurry to the other two medicine cats.

    Startledpaw, Peachpaw, fill me in if you would.” Nettlenose mewed as she approached the two, her tired eyes gaining an alert sheen as she placed the herbs at her paws. She saw Startledpaw, running out of the medicine cat den with a sense of duty, his muzzle crammed with feverfew. Someone had a fever then, which was to be expected after such weather, and it seemed Goldenrose was doing her best to help in the situation as well. Her  paws warmed at the sight of how the clan came together, leading her forth to stand by the queen’s side.

    Gently, the she-cat leaned down and pressed her nose to Goosepaw’s side. Warm, abnormally so, his body quivering with the radiating shivers that terrorized with a fever. Startledpaw had done well to diagnose that symptom already. “Are these all that need immediate attention or are more coming still?” The medicine cat asked, looking up for confirmation and scanning the crowd of gathered cats with injuries as she tried to catch up with the situation.



    Too impatient to wait for Peachpaw‘s response, the elder waddled her way to the Windclanners, Goldenrose in particular. Tremble didn’t know her, but she’d heard her name a few times and heard cats describe her, and she looked-well… Haggard didn’t completely fit. But it was close enough for now.

    “Hello, I’m Trembleroot.” The Thunderclanner meowed, voice neutral and expression flat. However, there was a faint flicker of concern that lit up the she-cat’s amber gaze which rest heavily on the Windclan queen.

    “You look like you could use a nice sunbath,” Trembleroot joked, “I’m afraid all we have is rain.” The joke was a bit strained, as she was naturally uncomfortable around different cats not of her own clan. Still, it was an attempt, and any cat could see that the crippled feline wanted to help.

    mahon [owl]


    Owl By Akaiitori Dd8yrhx-150 by voluntcruor

    “I’m sorry for your loss, Rainstar was well respected by everyone. Fishtail was very talented as well.” The tom dipped his head in respect, unable to fully express the same amount of sorrow the riverclanners were dealing with. Taking a deep and shaky breath, the handsome warrior nodded softly to himself in an attempt to prepare himself for the worst. Death was something that they would have to deal with, yet it was always something that Owlbelly feared the most – losing someone. He closed his eyes for a moment, picturing those he cared about and prayed to Starclan that they would all be okay.

    The tom glanced up as he heard the voice of the rogue he had once met, someone he believed was a prisoner of Thunderclan but turned out to be much closer to their leader than expected. He personally found her disrespectful and frankly, rather annoying but would never share those feelings out loud. Owlbelly scrunched his nose in obvious disgust when Kass sent him a wink, not being subtle about his distaste for the she-cat. “We wouldn’t dare intrude on your private affairs.” The large tom responded, a tight and almost passive-aggressive tone to his otherwise polite voice. He strongly disliked how easily Thunderclan allowed someone like Kass to stay, but it wasn’t his place to express this. 

    His light amber eyes widened in surprise when Wolfstar began to plead with Hollystar, shocked that the powerful and prideful leader would allow himself to be seen in such a vulnerable way. Despite this though, Owlbelly did not blame him – they were all desperate. Sometimes, strength came in the ability to admit defeat. The tom knew that Wolfstar cared deeply for Windclan and would never let his own pride get in the way of the needs of the clan. “You know we would do the same for you.” Owlbelly chimed in, ignoring Wisteriastars’ audible sigh that he couldn’t help but feel was inappropriate. 


    Flesh Begin To Crawl By Ghrobi-dakca4v by voluntcruor

    The young warrior followed Sorrelpaw through the territory, watching over her with a shy eye. He couldn’t lie that he felt a little bit uncomfortable with how close they had gotten in such a short amount of time, but still couldn’t help but want to be close to her. Watching as the pretty apprentice expressed a bit of pain, Sootstain walked closer towards her with a concerned gaze. “Are you okay?” He asked, amber eyes glancing at her foot that seemed to be causing her discomfort. Sorrelpaw was strong and wasn’t the type to admit weakness very often, but Sootstain knew that this was an unfamiliar situation for her and he wanted to be there to support her. “We’re almost at Thunderclan, hang in there.” 

    Almost immediately, the clan came to a stop and he saw the two remaining high ranks slip away into the thunderclan camp. Turning to Sorrelpaw, he frowned as he saw her bloodied paw and brought his muzzle close to her forehead in order to give her a comforting lick. Pausing for a moment, the handsome tom looked around and noticed that both windclan and thunderclan’s medicine cat apprentice’s were treating those who were injured. “Do you want to go see if one of the medicine cats will help you?”


    Untitled Drawing By Voluntcruor-dacdz1d by voluntcruor

    The usually cheerful she-cat could barely speak as she walked with her brother, Stagthroat. The two had come across the lifeless body of their sister, Poppyheart, and grief had overcome her. Even when she closed her eyes, Minknose could picture the pretty molly lying dead. Poppyheart! Starclan, why?  The she-cat and Stagthroat were unable to retrieve her body because of the flood, and guilt was starting to become one of the dominant emotions she was currently experiencing. The warrior had injured her hind-leg during the flood and was limping slowly with the rest of her clan and she couldn’t think properly due to the fact that she was starving. Most warriors hadn’t been eating so that the queens, kits, and elders had at least a little bit of prey. 

    When Riverclan finally came to a halt, Minknose noticed that another clan had arrived before them – Windclan. It seemed as if they had only just arrived because the winclan ranks were still speaking to each other. Her greenish-blue eyes watched as the windclan high ranks entered the Thunderclan camp, her gaze narrowing in on the deputy. “He looks sick.” Minknose murmured to Stagthroat, knowing that he’d understand that she was talking about their father. “We should tell him what happened.” The molly sighed, glancing up at her taller brother. The two of them had the same colouring as their father, so did the rest of their siblings. But not Poppyheart. Poppyheart had dark ginger and white fur, and everyone told their sister that she looked just like their mother. None of them would ever know for themselves if that was true or not. 

    Ears perking at the sound of an announcement, Minknose let out a sigh. “Mind keeping me company as I get this fixed?” She asked her brother, glancing at her injured hind leg. Not spending too much time waiting for her response. “Hi, you’re Peachpaw, right? If you aren’t busy with anyone else I’d love to be able to walk properly.” Minknose tried to make a joke out of it, but couldn’t force out even a small laugh. “Or if you have anything for shock? That would be nice. For him too, please.” The feline murmured, nodding towards Stagthroat sadly.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, geneva; color: #000080;”>Ravenpaw snapped out of their daze, as Snowpaw approached and sat down with them. Dreamy eyes, Ravenpaw gazed at the she-cat, almost forgetting that she asked him a question. “O-Oh. Um..” Their paws trembled. “I’m a bit cold.” They replied with a flushed face. “I-I’m been helping the elders through the storm.”
    <p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-family: ‘trebuchet ms’, geneva; color: #000080;”>They slowly pressed their body against Snowpaw, shivering slightly. “I’m exhausted.” They mumbled, looking at Snowpaw as they started to identify some of her features. “I need a nap.” Their eyes closed, the apprentice sighing deeply.</span></p>



    Unlike most of his Clanmates, the brown tom had never really cared for water before now. Now though? Now he’d be happy if he never saw another drop of water for moons. His pelt was soaked and his paws ached. He couldn’t even remember what sleeping in a dry nest was like, for StarClan’s sake! All of this rain was downright maddening. And now they had to go off and spend time with ThunderClan, which apparently WindClan had thought of as well. Just perfect.

    He scowled as Minknose mentioned their father, amber gaze narrowing on the tom entering ThunderClan camp before he focused back on his sister. After ensuring his apprentice, Crocuspaw, had a travel buddy, he had decided to travel with his sister. Now he was regretting it. Of course she would be worried about Owlbelly, and think he deserved to know about what happened to Poppyheart. Well, Stagthroat thought not. Or at least he wouldn’t be talking to his father. Minknose was welcome to, by herself. “Everyone looks sick, Minknose,” he grunted, mentally taking a calming breath as he turned his back on ThunderClan’s camp.

    “I don’t want any herbs. Especially from a ThunderClan cat.” The brown tom turned his nose up, clearly set on his decision. “Now get your useless leg fixed so we can join the rest of RiverClan in resting. I bet Wolfstar-loving Hollystar will turn us away without even batting an eyelash. Best be ready to travel more,” he stated, venom in his voice as he spoke about Wolfstar and Hollystar and their StarClan forsaken Clans. Truthfully he could hardly stand RiverClan on good days. But ThunderClan, and especially WindClan? They could rot in the Dark Forest.



    Small whiskers twitched in annoyance as the she cat asked to help but didn’t await her instructions, whatever eyes rolling as she had more important matters to tend to. Peachpaw has grown accustom to working on her own but reported to Nettlenose as they wished, happy to be working along side others again. “I have a Riverclanner with a wounded leg and has asked for something for shock as well. I haven’t had a proper look at the leg but I may need help binding it later.” Referring the Minknose. Her blue gaze danced across the two clans, “I don’t know what Hollystar will decide but for now I think we should move the ill away from the other cats as you both know sickness travels fast in these conditions. We need to limit the cats who come in contact with them.” Not wanting it to spread to any of her clans mates either. Her gaze fell upon the kits huddle next to queens, “I may be able to have some of our warriors create a temporary shelter out here, nothing big but at least to keep the most vulnerable a little dryer.” Looking to Nettlenose for her opinion in the matter. Luckily for the clans Peachpaw could easily be seen as a hoarder of sorts often having way more herbs than logically needed, poppy seeds being a very common herbs to come across. “I should have enough for most of them” her voice hushed as she spoke to herself. 

    Peachpaw was on a mission, disappearing and reappearing next to the medicine cats was if she had been teleport but this time with a cluster of herbs joining her, “I figured we might need quite a bit for shock and stress feel free to use as many as you please, I kept a small bit back on my den for Thunderclan.” Offering the healers a small smile before trotting over to Minknose, “Take these, and I’ll have a look at that leg of yours.” Motioning for the Riverclanner to lay down, poking and prodding at her leg once she had done so, “Well good news is nothings broken, it’s just a little swollen which is why you’re limping and looks like you might have injured it at some point.” The rain had been beneficial in some cases, it created an abundance of moss, presoaked, trying her best to clean the dried up blood from the Molly’s leg before wrapping it in cobwebs to prevent any future bleeding, “Stay off it for a bit and try to prop it up on a tree root or rock. If the swelling doesn’t go down in a bit I’ll give you something for that as well.” Peachpaw missed having a mentor to work with but the bird was also just fine on her own. Guess I didn’t need their help after all! Proud of herself she made her way back to the other medicine cats, ready for any other patients. 


    As the other leaders spoke, Hollystar shifted nervously. The leader glanced  She couldn’t just turn these helpless cats away. Wolfstar seemed extremely desperate, and she wondered the extent to which his clan was suffering. Wisteriastar was making it seem like her clan might be a bit healthier, and have a better chance on making it to Shadowclan. However, she didn’t want the Riverclan leader to think that she was favoring Windclan because of her bond with Wolfstar. Hollystar heaved an uneasy sigh.
    “You are both welcomed to rest in my camp for at least a few sunrises, but everycat is going to have to work hard to make sure the fresh kill pile stays full,” she meowed. The leader dipped her head towards Wisteriastar. “If you are able to bring half your clan to Shadowclan, I feel like we would all have a better chance if the clans are utilizing all the land that possibly has prey left on it.” She looked toward the two leaders, hoping that this offer would suffice. “If you need to stay longer than a few sunrises we will work something out,” she added.

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