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    Hawkbite was out patrolling solo. Ever since things had calmed down (well, for him at least, the forest was a different story) the young tomcat found deep enjoyment just spending time on the territories. A trip back to the city had awoken a true appreciation for the softness and beauty of nature. Though he was no stranger to its darker sides.

    The tumultuous gathering was a reminder that even Clan cats had their problems. It gave him a headache, his wounds were only just healing and yet some cats wanted another war? Why couldn’t they let alone how Thunderclan wished to live? He huffed sharply, nostrils expelling a small cloud of icy vapors that dissipated into the crisp pre-spring air. Snow was loosening, though the vestiges of newleaf were slow to stir.

    He caught a glimpse of thatched fur in the clearing just ahead. It was across the border, so he stopped where the scent markers ended to peer across, hoping it was what he thought it was. Ah- yes!

    “Lostpaw! Ugh, I hate having to call you that. Either I’m giving you a nickname, with your permission of course, or I’m going to call everyone ELSE by the most insulting descriptor i can think of.” He rolled his eyes.

    “Starting with Firestar, I’m thinking….My ego is tall but my tomhood is small? Too long maybe?”


    Lostpaw had just made a pretty good kill, and she was rather proud of herself. A nice, fat squirrel dangled from her jaws as she limped through the forest, humming softly to herself as she went along. It was a bit cold, but thanks to her long, thick fur, she didn’t really mind. She hadn’t even realized how close she was to the border until a voice called out to her. Her black and white pelt fluffed up in surprise and she dropped the squirrel, quickly turning to face the voice. To her relief, it was a friendly face.

    “Oh, hello Hawkbite!” She mewed, dipping her head in greeting as she moved a bit closer to the border “Sorry, you surprised me,” she apologized sheepishly, whiskers twitching as he mentioned hating having to call her by her name. “Heh, yeah, imagine having to introduce yourself by it,” She sighed, hunching her shoulders a bit. She was glad that at least a few other cats agreed that the name was distasteful. Her ears perked as he mentioned giving her a nickname, and she nodded in agreement. “Oh, be my guest. A few of the nicer cats in SkyClan have given me nicknames!” She purred, giggling at the name he suggested for Firestar.

    “That’s not too far off, I’m sure,” She mewed, smirking. “I’m just tired of his attitude. It’s like my mere existence is offensive to him or something, y’know? You should’ve seen how the brute acted when his warriors brought me before him. The whole ordeal was humiliating.” She growled softly, shaking her head. “It’s not like I chose to lose my leg…”


    “He’s probably just jealous you’re likable and he isn’t.” The black tom rolled his eyes again. “Don’t know if you’d come to the forest yet, but he tried to throw Kass off the highrock at a gathering once.”

    “And I wasn’t joking when I said you’d be welcome in ThunderClan- Hollystar is a pretty fair Leader.” He meowed, glancing back at her. The expression of hurt on her face made his chest twinge angrily- how could Firestar be allowed to get away with targeting a cat who’d done nothing wrong? He knew it wasn’t his Clan, but he had half a mind to call the orange Leader out himself. If nobody else was going to do it.

    “Do you mind if I ask…how it happened? When I saw you I knew you must be from the human world like me.” Hawkbite sat down, peering curiously at the place where a leg had once been. It looked clean, like it had never even existed there in the first place. Human handiwork was almost mystical in a way.

    “Er, twolegs I mean, don’t the Clans have weird words for stuff?” He laughed, shaking his head.

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