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    I’m sorry Rainysky. I’ll be back I promise. A blanket of peaceful night wrapping the tom, the soft crunches of leaves mingling with the songs of crickets. His starch white pelt standing out against the darkened features of night, ginger splotched tinted by the shadows. “Go speak with Hornetstar.” His mother’s words ringing in his ears, Shadowclan Huh? It did make sense to him since Shadowclan was their closest ally and surely his mother would feel more comfortable knowing he was safe in the paws of an alliance rather than off wondering the dangers alone. Travel wise it would have been smarter to make his way to Skyclan, even if they’re allies it could still cause problems if he was found on their land. A large sigh filled the air, his options were limited, cross through others territory, knowing his scent will stick around or wade through the river where his scent will wash away by morning. Koipetals nostrils flared as the scent of water washed into him, he was getting closer. I don’t see much of a choice, I can risk causing problems for Riverclan, Rainysky doesn’t need to be over worked with another battle” Sluggishly he slandered on towards the river. Lucky for him the waters were calm, and so long as he stayed close to the bank he should be able walk the whole way, no swimming necessary. Koipetal flinched the moment he felt the cold water lap against his paws, his breathing heavy as he waded the rest of his body into the water. Breath Koipetal you can do this. The tall tom cat hugged the bank of the river tightly, moving slowly against the gentle ripples, his pawsteps small as he made sure every paw was steady before moving on. The river he was crossing would take him through the edge of Thunderclan and Windclan, the two clans who they were constantly at war with, he’d have to be careful and travel at a faster pace once he reached them, praying to Starclan they didn’t have any wandering patrols coming through that way. 


    The scent of Thunderclan wafting around him, taking a pause to catch his breath Koipetal picked up the pace, his slow walk fading into a clusimy water trot. He didn’t worry about the noise, he was just focused on getting through their territories, knowing he was in the clear when  the musky scent of Shadowclan invaded his space. Leaping out of the water the moment he was positive he was in their territory. His body dropping to the ground, oh how he loved solid ground, he didn’t think he could handle being in the water another moment. Koipetal was ready to call it a night right where he laid but he wasn’t done yet, he had to speak to Hornetstar. Forcing himself to his paws, legs still trembling, his white paws and belly stained with mud. It felt odd traveling through another clans territory, constantly looking over his shoulder, crouching behind something at every little noise. Almost breathing a sigh of relief when he finally came across the heart of Shadowclan territory, their camp, until he remembered he couldn’t just waltz into their camp and wake Hornetstr up, it wasn’t like Riverclan where he could wake his mother up whenever he wanted. “I’ll just wait here until Sunrise.” Settling himself down by their entrance, where he planned to stay up until morning came around. 


    His eyes felt heavy, he craved sleep, he forgot how hard it was to stay up all night, he wasn’t a little apprentice anymore that’s for sure, he could easily stay up then. Though his eyes shot open when he heard the sound of grumbling warriors leaving camp for the morning patrols, jumping quickly to his paws, his voice speaking over their chatter, “I’m here to speak with Hornetstar.”His words rambling over before any of them had a chance to ask why he was there. A young warrior agrees as they lead him into the camp, trying his best to ignore the peering eyes of nosy Shadowclanners watching as he makes his way over to their leaders’ den. The warrior disappears into Hornetstars home before quickly reappearing giving him the okay to enter. Thanking the shadowclan feline Koipetal slipped into Hornetstars resting place, thankful that it guarded him from the rest of Shadowclans eyes. Clearing his throat before speaking to the intimidating leader. “Morning Hornetstar, my name is Koipetal. My mother-a I mean Wisteriastar had pointed me in your direction. I need help, I’m not the warrior I always wanted to be. When I was a kit I always imagined being a great warrior like Wisteriastar, I was over confident and eager, somewhere along the way I lost myself and I no longer feel I have the skills necessary to protect the ones I love. I need to find myself and I can’t do that in Riverclan. That’s why Ive come to Shadowclan. I wish to train here in Shadowclan, I want to become the warrior I know I can be. If you’ll have me that is.” Koipetal didn’t realize how much he was rambling on, he was too nervous to even look Hornetstar in the face when he spoke. His eyes seeking the ground, his paw tracing the dirt beneath him. What did I just do. Did I over share. Oh Starclan did I make a mistake coming here. He felt butterflies slamming around in his stomach as he silently anticipated Hornetstar throwing him out.

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