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Mirrors in the Willows (Trout & Wist)

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    The grove was filled with the rich odor of wildflowers, as the light summer’s breeze stirred amidst the heavy curtain of branches and leaves. The low, sullen murmur of bees circling monotonously about the honey-colored blossoms of marigold and dandelions, hummed gently through the air like a long-forgotten song. In the heart of this lush green paradise laid a cluster of sun-soaked stones where Troutspots lounged lazily in thought. She loved the way sweet golden rays fell softly across her thick, spotted pelt, making each dark auburn hair shimmer faintly like a candle’s flame. This was her favorite spot in the entire territory. Warm, quiet, and far from the blank, empty gaze of her shell-shocked clanmates. The war had wreaked devastation across all of the clans, tearing apart many families and bonds. In the depths of her heart, Trout felt the tempestuous torrent of fear, pity, and shame begin to pool once more. The war was over, but still, the spindly she-cat could not shake this impending sense of dread. She had been fortunate enough to be spared from the bloody ordeal, but unease and anxiety hung over her head like guillotine’s blade.

    From her mossy perch, the ruddy colored molly watched the gilded sunlight dance with the shadows across the ground, as she tried to pry her mind away from her turbulent emotions. Arching her ashen-brown back she pulled her tense frame into an awkward half-sitting, half-lying position as her long banded tail began to twitch with rigid anticipation. The fantastic flickering shadows of birds in flight drew her back to from her state of disturbed rest, reminding her of her original purpose. The time for rest was coming to a close and she would soon go back to stalking the dense undergrowth for prey. It was her duty now to help keep the fresh-kill pile supplied whilst the majority of the clan was in recovery and she had already kept them waiting.

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    Troutspots - Ivypaw - Pondstorm - Pinepaw


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    An afternoon hunt was always a good getaway time. It was breezy and partly cloudy, so the sun wasn’t too harsh today and the weather was very fair. It was quite honestly a beautiful and peaceful day out in RiverClan territory and the calico warrior couldn’t resist taking some time for herself to go on a lone hunt and relax. StarClan knows she needed a break after the circumstances that happened in the Great Battle of the Five Clans. She had caught a shrew and a vole so far, her stomach was full and she felt rather content. She knew that she didn’t have the time to necessarily take a break and take a nap out in the open of RiverClan territory all by her lonesome, but a leader could dream, couldn’t she?

    However, as she approached the willow grove, she noticed that the beautifully dappled clearing wasn’t exactly unoccupied. Laying in the sun was another RiverClan warrior– one in which she recognized to be Troutspots. The two of them never really got along well previously, or well, Wisteriastar avoided her as if the other feline had Greencough. The tortoiseshell she-cat had been born and raised in RiverClan, but Wisteriastar knew where she originated from– after all, they shared the same upcoming. Or… Sort of. Troutspots never really had to be exposed to the rogues that she personally had, for her father took her away from there and raised her in RiverClan since she was a kit. The calico warrior hadn’t been so lucky. She escaped much later and joined RiverClan as an apprentice. Sometimes, she wondered if it were a coincidence that they both ended up in RiverClan or if it were intentional to some degree. 

    But she supposed that was neither here nor there. It wasn’t Troutspots’ fault that Wisteriastar had gotten the short end of the stick in terms of where they were born, but one thing about the molly did make her cautious. It was her attitude, how snarky and short-tempered she was and how prone to aggression she could be outside the norm of her fellow warriors. It reminded her of those rogues and it made her want to barrel down hard on her to keep her under proper wraps. With that connection in mind, the RiverClan leader stepped forward and approached the warrior, glancing at her from the side as she questioned, “I’m surprised that you have the spare time in the day to lay around in the sun. Have you finished your duties so early?”

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