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    ~S E E D P A W~

    Sunlight filtered through the pine-nettle canopy, sending patches of golden yellow to dance sporadically on the forest floor. Several birds chirped in the leaves, and it was easy to hear them bouncing from one branch to another, their wings fluttering and claws clicking. A small apprentice weaved her way through the tree trunks and shrubs as she made her way towards the tunnel system. The light patches warmed her tan-colored coat every time she passed through them, making the dark ginger spots along her spine lighten as well. The ground was bouncy underneath Seedpaw’s paws as padded through the territory and then jumped over a fallen branch. She had yet to have muscles that rippled underneath her coat with each pounce, but that would soon change after a few more lessons with her harsher mentor. While several of the apprentice’s would have groaned over having such a strict mentor, Seedpaw relished in it. She liked being challenged and competitive, because she knew it only made her stronger. 

    Maybe my parents would be proud of me, she thought, her eyebrows furrowing as the images of Dirtbelly and Yellowpelt crossed her mind. Their deaths were not quick, no thanks to the random bout of greencough that took them when she was still young, and it was hard for her to see her sweet mother and strong father wilting away in the medicine den. Seedpaw shook her head to push thoughts of them away, continuing her trot to where she would meet with her mentor. Seedpaw slowed down as she got there, her eyes moving and ears swiveling back and forth to catch any sight or sound of the older she-cat but she found nothing. It’s unusual that Roseshadow isn’t here first. Seedpaw hesitantly lowered her haunches and sat on the ground, her tail tip flicking casually behind her. 

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