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    mahon [owl]

    The sun had begun to set, engulfed by the night sky only to leave behind vibrant shades of orange, pink, and violet. While clouds were scattered in the sky, there was no sign of rain and a sense of relief washed over the tom. The past few weeks had been far too stressful; he had to deal with not only a terrible time with greencough but also a flood that ruined their home, the disaster of the gathering, and the loss of one of his daughters. Sadness and loss weighed over his shoulders, but Owlbelly still had hope. He was learning to deal with stress, but most of all he had someone by his side that cared for him unconditionally.  Even thinking of Tinyflame brought a gentle smile to his face. Glancing up to the dark side of the sky, he could see stars peeking through the clouds – two beside each other twinkling brighter than the others. Nodding to himself, the large tom pushed himself to his paws. It’s time. 

    Searching for the small ginger and white she-cat, Owlbelly nodded to his clanmates absent-mindedly, focused solely on the mission at hand. When he finally found her, the older tom smiled softly. “Tinyflame. Let’s go on a walk?” Waiting for the molly to get up, they walked side by side away from the others, and Owlbelly made an effort to stay close to her.  “Goldenrose had her kits. Have you gone to see them? I might ask Wolfstar to train one of them, Sunpaw should be done training soon.” Trying to gather his thoughts was turning out to be a bit harder. Slowing down his steps, the tom let out a deep breath before motioning with his tail that the two should sit. “I actually brought you out here for a reason,” he started, nervously shifting his paws. “It’s been a rough few moons, with the flood and my greencough, and… Poppyheart… but the entire time you were there beside me making sure I don’t push myself too hard. You’ve been a light in the shadow for me and every time I see you my heart swells. Starclan I could go on for hours about how I feel about you, but frankly, I don’t have the patience to wait much longer. I haven’t felt this way in so long.” Owlbelly paused for a moment, amber eyes observing her with caution. The love he felt for Tinyflame was different than the love he felt for Poppytail, but it was still just as strong. He knew in his heart that he and Tinyflame were meant to be together.

    “What I’m trying to say is that I’m in love with you and I want the whole world to know. Tinyflame, will you do me the honour of being my mate?”

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    Tinyflame had been resting in a languid manner with her fellow clanmates in the temporary and very much makeshift WindClan camp. Having their home lost during the flood had been a cause for worry for not only her, but everyone else as well, that she felt a bit of anxiety when it came to thinking of what the future would hold for them. But such a thought process was interrupted when her name had been called, and by a familiar voice she knew quite well. She turned her head around quickly, and at the very sight of Owlbelly, she felt a calm reassurance overcome her. Suddenly, her past worries didn’t matter anymore as she got to her paws and joined the WindClan deputy out of camp.

    When he brought up Goldenrose’s kitting, the small ginger warrior smiled brightly. “Yes, I have! I’m glad to see her doing so well after her fall through the earth a moon ago. She’s healthy and her kits are healthy, I’m sure Wolfstar couldn’t be happier,” at his mention of taking another apprentice, Tinyflame nodded in agreement. “You’re a great mentor. They’d be lucky to have you.” 

    What came next in their conversation had taken her a bit off guard. Despite the clear pull the two of them had been feeling towards one another for quite some time, she had always had an underlying sense of doubt that he would never come to feel for her what she felt for him. There had always been this concern of his past mate and his kits, that she just simply hadn’t the confidence they would ever get past those things as a couple, no matter how fiercely she loved Owlbelly. His confession had wiped all of that away and Tinyflame broke out in a purr of complete and total bliss. “Thank you,” She blurted out without thinking, grateful for the reciprocated feelings she had finally been able to receive from him. “Of course I will. I’ve loved you for a long time, Owlbelly.”

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