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Listen To The Stars Saffron and Speckles Rp {{Closed}}

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    Speckles had been moved away from the other kits, after determining she’d developed a slight cough. She was now in her own nest, stuffed to the brim with the warmest and softest material that could be located. At current moment, she was tossing and turning, letting out soft little whimpers.

    Deep within her slumbering, the kit was trailing through a field of emerald green grass. The sky above was a deep sapphire blue, and within the sky, bright stars shimmered in an ethereal manner. She could feel, see, taste, and scent everything around her. The air smelled so pure and clean, and it was warm and inviting. Speckles’s paws moved on their own accord, as she continued across the large field. A thin layer of mist stretched out beyond her, as she moved along, she could see many set of lights peering out at her from within the mist.

    Two sets each, of about a dozen or so lights, maybe even more than that. All of them watching her, glinting at her curiously, tracking her every paw step. Though for some reason, Speckles didn’t feel fearful of them, in fact she was more intrigued by them if anything else. She moved towards the dazzling lights, closer and closer, until finally she came to a stop, right in front of felines made of stars. They all smiled serenely at her, dipping their heads to her, as though welcoming her.

    Speckles tilted her head, wondering who these beings of shimmering lights were before her, they felt familiar somehow, as if she’d seen them once before. Yet, despite trying to recall where she’d seen them, she came up blank each time. She opened her maw and asked them who they were, and why they walked her dream. They spoke nary a word, instead they beckoned her forward. Just as before, Speckles was on the move, without any control over where she placed her pawsteps. She followed the starry beings, as they tread deeper and deeper into the mist.

    Once they’d gotten a few feet in, the veil of mist began to lift, and Speckles found herself at the mouth of a cave, the starry cats waiting for her just inside. Speckles made her way into the cave, and stretched before her, she saw a large body of flooded water. Within the water there was a glistening glow, unlike anything she’d ever seen before. The glow was otherworldly, the light beaming off of the surface of the water, reflecting on the ceiling of the cave above.

    The lights shimmered and danced all around ever surface of the cave, and then suddenly Speckles found herself being drawn towards the water, she felt a slight twinge of fear. However that fear was immediately chased away, when two of the starry cats she’d followed, walked besides her. Whispering at her to not be afraid, and all was as it should be. Speckles’s fear faded, and she braved the water, allowing herself to be swallowed up by the liquid. Only to find that she could walk underneath the water, and not feel wet or cold, and she could also stand at the bottom of the cave floor.

    She glanced around the water in pure unfiltered wonder, until her gaze was fixed on a glowing light, the light was pouring out of a tunnel. She felt compelled to follow the tunnel, after the starry cats vanished into it. Once she emerged on the other side of the tunnel, she stopped in her tracks, feeling breathless. A large crystal-like rock towered inside the center of the chamber surrounding her. The moon casting a silvery glow down upon it, from a large hole in the ceiling, making everything glimmer like the stars above the sky. The starry cats were awaiting her at the top of a pathway that lead up to the rock. 

    Whispers all around her told her to come forward, so she did, she padded along the path as the glow of the rock began to shine ever brighter. Once she got to the top of the rock, the starry cats instructed her to touch her nose to it, and everything would be alright. All was as it should be.

    Speckles leaned forward, and her nose touched the cool surface of the rock, and—

    Her eyes shot open, she felt a chill washing over her, and her breaths came out in labored pants. Speckles flailed within her nest, until she was able to push herself up into a sit, her eyes sweeping across the cave wildly. She didn’t know what she was doing here, or why she was here, the last thing she recalled was… was…

    Her mind was entirely blank, she couldn’t remember anything at all. Nothing except for her name…

    Where was she? What was she doing here? Trembling in the soft nest, Speckles was left with so many questions, with no answers to be had.

    What happened to the star cats, the cave, the water, the tunnel, the rock? 


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