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Like Mother Like Son[Wist/Koi]

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    To the barn…Koipetals was given very vague instructions on where his mother took up her residency but thanks to his younger years and sneaking about he had a pretty good idea of where he needed to be going. He was careful as he left Riverclan, he already had enough eyes watching him now that he was back, he didn’t need any of them questioning why he was acting shading so early in the morning. Koipetal wasn’t entirely sure if he was going in the right direction, but he could feel that he was going in the right direction.  


    The familiar scent of Riverclan wafted in his direction, sure she might have been gone for awhile but the scent of fish is hard to get out of your pelt. Not to mention there was no way he could ever forget his mothers scent. Finding himself outside of a large twoleg building, This must be the place. He wanted to just burst in, but he was hesitant, his mother was a grand warrior and she could easily attack without actually checking who it was. Life outside the clans was dangerous, it would be smart of her to attack first and ask questions later. Using his better judgment Koipetal decided to announce himself first, “Hello Mom! Its me Koipetal.!” 


    Upon hearing her greet him, he pushed through into the barn. His face dropping in shock for a moment at the sight before him. Not only was his mother here with Hornetstar, the old Shadowclan leader, but she was also round…like really round. “Wow um Hi mom. You look well…”


    W I S T E R I A S T A R

    It had been a moon or two now since the calico warrior had fled the Clans with her mate at her side. The shame and guilt the former RiverClan leader felt for turning her back on her Clan was stifled by the love and pride she felt for the tom whom had accompanied her. Ever since Troutstrike threatened the safety of her kits after she had rejected him, Wisteriastar knew that she couldn’t be placid and not act accordingly by his demands. She was not a weak warrior, anyone who knew her knew this, but she was also not naïve. She did not doubt the level of vengeance a bitter and broken-hearted warrior would succumb to, so to avoid putting those she loved at risk, the calico feline left RiverClan. She had gone to her mate first, confiding in Hornetstar of her vexation. He had surprised her by suggesting that the two of them leave the Clans together entirely. Her original intention was to leave to ShadowClan to live with him there, but it appeared that perhaps their fate lay elsewhere. 

    Since then, the couple had found a secluded barn just off Clan territory, outside the expanse of land that belonged to RiverClan. She knew that her mate may have preferred getting as far away from Clan territory as possible, but Wisteriastar could not abandon them– not as long as her kits lived there. Even while the former Clan leaders lived their new life in their warm, domestic barn, the calico feline would always feel a tug in her heart towards RiverClan. She knew that would never go away. In this particular morning, her chest heaved a content sigh. Her honey-furred mate had just brought her a morning meal and she was resting comfortably among the hay. Her swollen flank rose and fell gently with her breathing and she was just about ready to slip into sleep when a familiar scent jostled her back into alertness. 

    Hornetstar was already ahead of her, that spiky fur of his looking even harsher as he stepped protectively in front of her and readied himself to defend his nest… When Koipetal stepped into view. Upon recognizing the tom, he slackened and glanced awkwardly between his mate and her son. Wisteriastar smiled gently and moved herself to her paws, pausing to give her mate a gentle nudge on his shoulder to signify that she wanted to be alone with the RiverClan tom. Once Hornetstar had left the barn, she faced Koipetal with orange eyes softer than one would ever have been able to see during her time as leader.

    “Hello Koipetal,” She mewed, her voice tender with love as she gazed upon her son, “It’s good to see you.”


    “Hornetstar huh? He’s not bad looking.” Maybe that was an awkward thing to say to his mom, especially about her mate, internally cursing at himself. Koipetal exhaled deeply, cutting through the silence he created, “Im sorry mom. I guess it’s been so long I don’t even know how to hold a conversation with you.”  He allowed his paws to draw circles in the dirt, standing there just staring, taking in the sight of his mother moving on happily with her new family. “Oh Starclan my manners. Please mom take a seat and get comfortable, I’m sure it’s tough standing on your paws for too long.” Koipetal didn’t actually know what he was saying or if it was the appropriate time to even suggest that, he just heard others say it to pregnant mollies before. 


    Settling down across from his mother, Koipetal took the time to just glance around their set up, “Well this is a nice little place you two have going on here. I mean it’s no Riverclan but it’s still nice.” While he thought it was an odd choice as it was a twoleg made structure, even if she wasn’t his leader, he still trusted his mothers instincts. “I’m sorry for leaving Riverclan…I didn’t mean to be gone for so long but I couldn’t come home. I had to find something, it just took longer than expected. I just wish I could have been there to see you off.” His mother was the only one he told he was leaving, she was the one who suggested him taking up residence in Shadowclan. It wasn’t the life he had foreseen for himself back when he was an apprentice but life works in funny ways. “I don’t regret my decision though. I made some great friends in Shadowclan. Oxhead, an older warrior, who showed me kindness when others wouldn’t. And a funky looking apprentice, he had the strangest ginger tail, Bee-something or maybe it was Stingpaw. Heh I can’t remember it had something to do with a bug though.” Wasppaw, the Shadowclan medicine cat apprentice, was the tom in question. He had unknowingly help Koipetal reconnect with his love of the water, just by his simple motion of taking Koipetal to water deep enough to swim in. 


    “But I’m home now. Back in Riverclan. Did you know Sorrelember had kittens? That’s right and I mentor one. Leapingpaw, he is a fun little dude. Cherrypaw, Sorrelembers daughter, is the medicine cat apprentice.” Koipetal wasn’t exactly sure when Wisteriastar left buy he was going to fill her in on everything. He wanted it to be like she had never left. He loved being home in Riverclan, he loved waking up every morning to the stinky fishy pelts of his classmates. More importantly he loved waking up knowing he was with his family, even if they were a bit separated at the moment. “Also Rainysky…well I still love him. We aren’t official or anything but baby steps ya know?” Offering his mother an innocent grin, one similar to his old apprentice grin. Wisteriastar didn’t get to witness his change first hand, but he silently hoped she could still tell. His old confidence from his apprentice days were back, his head was no longer sitting at a low point and was held high. Koipetal was happy. 


    “I’m sorry that was a lot about me, I want to know when did all this happen.” Gesturing to not only the pregnant Wisteriastar but the environment around her. 

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