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    Roachpaw ~Shadowclan Apprentice 

    Arching a brow in amusement as Skunkpaw’a little sarcastic pun of words. Though he decided to not spit out any sarcastic words himself. While it seemed that Roachpaw was being careless for venturing into tunnels, but it was quite the opposite really. Roachpaw had been very articulate when maneuvering through the weakened dirt tunnels. He had used all his training and skills that he had acquired during his apprenticeship under the guide of his mentor; Hornetstar. Yes, he knew that it wasn’t the most logical idea to go in alone, but to the tall lanky tom, it was a test for himself. Roachpaw grew up exploring these tunnels, whether from sneaking out late at night with his best friend or when Hornetstar was testing his capabilities.

    Moving away from the obviously irritated Skunkpaw. His yellow gaze locked on the tall form of his uncle. Yet, he was halted from moving any further by a sharp tug from his slim tail. All amusement gone when he whirls back to stare at the tall black and white feline. Clenching his jaw as he lets the bruit let out his frustration on his sudden appearance. The obsidian tom also deduced that Skunks anger also drives from ego as he had knocked him on his ass infront of his little crew. He couldn’t contain the dramatic roll of his eyes as he was being lectured on the dangers of the tunnels. Moving in closer to whisper in Skunkpaw’s ear. “You should know better than anyone that I know what I am going within these tunnels” he huffed, clearly indicating when both would sneak about.

    Stalking away without listening any further, though with hearing Skunkpaw’s words to stay with Fearedjackal caused him to call over his shoulder. “Already doing that” he sarcastically replied. Nodding his cranium in Smokewisp’s direction, his sunflower yellow eyes gleaming with amusement as her irritated expression was because of him. His ears flitting back slightly as his gaze locks with deep royal blue. Grinning sheepishly at his uncle as he pauses a few mouse lengths away from the clearly unamused tom. “It wasn’t intentional” he softly groaned back. “You guys weren’t suppose to be here. I knew I would be found out eventually with you and Skunkpaw being here. So I decided-“ he pauses for dramatic effect. “To make a dramatic entrance” he finished with a slight shrug to his slim shoulders.

    Turning away from the older warrior, facing front as he waited for Skunkpaw to continue taking charge. Shifting his cranium slightly, letting one of his yellow eyes to land on Fearedjackal as he listens to his words, frowning as he could sense pure amusement from him. Scoffing as he stands up straight, “You and I both know he will not go easy on me. Which I don’t know why, he should love me. I give him so much entertainment to his otherwise dull life” he whispers back with a smirk. Closing his mouth quickly when he heard the voice of Skunk reassuming the patrol. Though his slender form tenses when the familiar awful stench reached his nose. His eyes widening as Smokewisp questions the smell and that it needed to be investigated. Roachpaw had come across the cause of the smell of death during his own investigation of the tunnels. Clearing his throat as he finally spoke up, “I uh wouldn’t go there if I were you…” he cautioned to Skunkpaw. He knew how sensitive his friend could be and could sense that if his friend saw what laid near the end of the tunnel would truly affect him emotionally. “It’s just a dead rat” he lied easily through his teeth, hoping it would deter them away.


    Skunkpaws yellow eyes narrows when the young tom moved closer to his ear, “I just can’t believe you snuck out without me.” He simply mutter, giving his pal a slightly hip bump as the tom moved to be beside Fearedjackel. Giving a small snort the tom cat moved on, ready to get his crew in and out of the tunnels without any further intrusions.

    His ears flattened as the stench reached the roof of his mouth, nose twitching in disgust. Hearing both his mentors and his best friends warning Skunkpaw pulled the sleuth of felines to another halt, turning to face his patrol. Silently trying to think of their next best move, he wanted to take Smokewisp and Fearedjackel to scout ahead but didn’t want to leave Redpaw and Roachpaw alone. Sighing heavily Skunkpaw finally addressed his crowd, “Fearedjackel, you and I will scout ahead. Smokewisp you and the others wait back here, on alert.” Waiting for the taller tom to catch up, sending one last glance towards the three felines, giving them a quick nod before continuing on. 

    The stench grew worse the further up the toms travel, his paws moving carefully making sure his paws were planted firmly before lifting another one. “I hope this isn’t something too bad.” He muttered quietly to his traveling companion.

    Eyes widening as the cause of the problem came into his sights, puddles of black ooze covering the tunnel floor, a large black and white car ball at its center. Tapping Fearedjackel with his paw, “What is this?” Hoping the older warrior would have some sort of explanation. Too impatient to wait for an answer his large paws padded into the substance, lifting his paw to his nose to smell, “Yuck!” He exclaimed loudly, “this stuff smells worse than me.” He added in quietly. Working his way to the clump of fur in the middle, whatever it was it was long gone. Giving it a hard shove, revealing to him what it was – A dead skunk, a very large dead skunk. 

    Swallowing hard Skunkpaw held in his urge to run away from such a thing, his mind going where any clan cats would, a bad omen. Beckoning the y’all warrior to follow as he quickly rushed towards his crew. His muzzle practically shoved into Smokewisp ear, “Can we go? I’ll explain what we found back at camp.” He plead his voice only loud enough for her ears. The black muck still stuck to his paws, the only proof of what they found. “We’re leaving.” He announced to his patrol loudly, trying to keep his cool as he lead the others back out of the den.


    Smokewisp – Shadowclan Deputy

    Smokewisp frowned, hesitant to turn back. Although they were close, the patrol wasn’t complete. She peered up at Skunkpaw, searching his eyes before nodding in agreement. “Alright, let’s turn back for now,” she conceded, ushering her apprentice onward. Whatever spooked him had thoroughly unsettled the young tom. They traveled mostly in silence until they reached the closest tunnel exit. She took a deep breath, savoring the fresh air. Despite her preparation, there had been a surprise awaiting them. She’d investigate further, once she pried her apprentice for answers.

    Skunkpaw,” she mewed, padding alongside her apprentice. The mysterious black goo clung stubbornly to his paw, overwhelming the odorous tom’s natural scent. She wriggled her nose in disgust. “Don’t forget to clean up,” she mewed, flicking his flank. “Not sure what that is, but it’s clearly some sort of two-leg stuff.” Her stomach prickled uneasily, as she silently begged Star Clan that it wasn’t poisonous. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing her apprentice because of her assessment. “What’s going on, Skunkpaw? What else did you find down there?” she whispered.

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