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    Talbot had never been a nervous tom. He always knew exactly what to say and how to say it. But… how do you tell someone that you’ve known your whole life that you’re leaving your home and will never see them again? The life of a housecat was fine for others, and the tom respected anybody who wanted to live that life, but he simply couldn’t bear it! Not with so much world out there to see! he’d wasted enough years of his life curled up in a lap. He needed something new. He needed the forest. It was all he could think about. The old grey tabby that lived across the street had been born out there, in a clan. Apparently lots of cats lived out there in those clans, and Talbot wanted in. The dark furred lykoi had been struggling with his collar since the break of dawn, and had just managed to slip out of the wretched thing. Once the scrap of fabric landed on the ground, the tom felt a weight come off his shoulders. He was free. There was just one more thing he needed to do.

    The tom carefully slunk over to the fence and jumped, perching elegantly on top as he looked into the garden below. He needed to be careful. If the humans saw him sneaking around without his collar, his plan would be ruined. Jumping down from the fence, he made his way to the cat door and stuck his head inside, searching in the dark house for his friend “Wish? You up yet?” It was still early, but the housefolk could awaken at any moment. He needed to hurry and get out of there. “Wish!” He didn’t want to yowl too loudly and risk waking up his or Wish’s humans, but it was urgent. He needed to tell her that he was leaving. He couldn’t just abandon her without a word. When the she-cat’s eyes finally glinted within the darkened kitchen, Talbot let out a sigh of relief. “Come outside,” He beckoned, stepping away from the door so she could join him in the cool morning air. He just hoped she wouldn’t cry, or try to guilt him into staying like his mother had. The last thing he needed was two she-cats making him feel awful for following his dreams. When his friend finally appeared, the tom took a deep breath.

    “We need to talk…”


    Long, fragile limbs were tucked safely beneath a slim body and wrapped up in a thick, bushy tail. All in all Wish looked like a bush of soft fur and not much else. However, when a familiar voice greeted her a pair of ears perked up from the sleeping feline, a head soon following. ‘Talbot…?’ Wish grumbled, rising to her feet slowly and walking softly in the silent den to head towards the kitchen. Leaping up onto the counter gave the molly a good view of her friend and after an initial study of the worry in his eyes she hastened to exit the den.

    “‘We need to talk’? You couldn’t be more ominous.” Wish grumbled, stretching slowly to relieve her muscles of stress. Just last night her owner’s grand-kittens had arrived and caused mass mayhem, which meant she’d gotten barely a wink of sleep, but for Talbot she’d always take time. Sitting back up the kittypet let her amber eyes dart over to study Talbot’s face which seemed to be creased with worry. Wish headed to the small garden full of pansies, tail flicking to indicate that she wanted the tom to follow.

    “Sorry if I’m a bit cranky, the grandkittens arrived and you know they always turn the den upside down.” It didn’t help that the twins had fought over Wish and the end result left her hiding beneath her owner’s bed. At some point yesterday she’d gotten her collar taken off and replaced with some sort of leather collar… It felt gross and she hated it. “One of the twins gave me this stupid collar,” Wish complained, scratching at the brilliant green band. “Enough about me, what’s up with you, Wolfie?”

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