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kindly kin [red x little]

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    mahon [owl]


    The forest was dark and quiet, giving off a mysterious aura that others would feel tense in. Redmask, however, was happily humming to himself as he paced through the tall pine woods. He felt no sense of urgency as a squirrel scuttled in front of him, practically begging to be caught. Amber gaze simply following the small animal, the handsome tom continued forward. He was supposed to be meeting up with his sister to spend some quality time with her, and so the tom decided not to get sidetracked. It had been a while since Redmask spent one on one time with Littlesage. Since the two became warriors, they found themselves seeing each other less. They managed to train a lot together but now that they didn’t need to train, they didn’t have much of a reason to spend time together. On the rare occasion that they had overlapping patrols they would catch up, but it wasn’t often.

    With a flick of his ear, the tomcat continued forward, thinking to himself. Shadowclan had closed itself off from the rest of the clans following the events of the gathering. Redmask found it a bit boring that he wouldn’t be able to see the other clanners and was tempted to bend the rules a little bit. What his clanmates didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. Glancing up at the spot he and his sister agreed to meet, Redmask purred. “Sorry I’m late, Littlesage. Was a bit busy.” His voice was smooth and smug, though not necessarily deep. The tom had a charming tone in his voice that he knew probably wouldn’t work on his kin. “How are you, my sweet sister?” The warrior questioned, settling down comfortably. 



    A small-bodied cat sat impatiently amongst the pines, her tail twitching slightly as she looked around. It had been two moons since she and her siblings had been made apprentices and two moons since she had really spent time with any of them. Of course, there was the occasional patrol or sharing of tongues, but nothing that really allowed them to catch up. And now that ShadowClan was so on edge after the gathering, they spent even less time together because of how hectic everything had been. Today was different though, and as the wind blew and the lizards scampered through the marsh, Littlesage waited. Waited for a familiar red shape to come into view.

    She wasn’t waiting for too long before Redmask approached her, charming as always. “Brother! It’s nice to see you,” Littlesage mewed, giving him a happy grin. “Things have been fine, kind of hectic though ever since that weird stuff happened at the gathering,” she answered, mind flashing back to Hornetstar’s anger at the Tribe.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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