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    this is for important RPs from the old site


    I’ve Never Met Someone Like You (Holly)


    Curiosity shone in his eyes, and at the mention of a “code”, he seemed to wince.
    “My family had their own code… What’s the Warrior Code like?” The name alone sent a chill down Haroeris’ spine, but the feeling wasn’t unpleasant and his inquisitive nature peaked out.
    “I’d love to,” he agreed firmly, his voice holding weight. But also doubt. Haroeris felt that quaking feeling of what if I mess up? What if they don’t like me? What if I can’t meet their Code? But he wanted to try, oh, the tabby so wanted to try. Ever since meeting Birchpaw, and learning a fraction about this “clan” of their, Haroeris’ mind had been fixated on Thunderclan. Heck, because of how distracted he was Haroeris had gotten into a skirmish with rogues which was why he had ended up here!


    Sadness loomed in the leader’s eyes. What had this young cat been through at such a young age of ten moons? She snapped back to reality as Haroeris spoke once more. “Oh, our apprentices start training at the age of 6 moons. Usually around 12 moons they are ready for Warriorship. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.” she explained. “Apprentices train until they excel in hunting and fighting, and until they have a complete understanding of the Warrior code.”

    The Thunderclan leader eyed the young cat. Her emerald gaze was soft. Should she offer to take in this young cat? If he was forced to train at such a young age he may already be quite experienced. It would just mean learning the ins and outs of the Code. “Birchpaw tells me you wish to join Thunderclan,” she meowed at last. “Is this true?” Hollystar watched the kitten quizzically.


    Haroeris hid a small smile at the way Hollystar seemed to struggle with the word. However, at her inquire he looked up and didn’t hide his slightly wide eyes.
    “I’m ten moons, ma’am.” Tilting his head, the tom’s eyes narrowed, expression baffled.
    “How old are your apprentices?” Haroeris had heard the term, but most of the time his family had taken their young the moment they were old enough to stand, see, and eat meat and began to train them for varying amounts of time.
    “Oh, The City is a cruel place. But my family is much worse,” Haroeris said seriously, expression serious despite the youth that hid in his countenance.


    The leader nodded. “Yes, the clans call house cats kittypets. I forget that everycat except us calls them housecats.” Hollystar watched as the young tom’s gaze dropped towards his strange collar. “Air – Loom?” she asked, pronouncing the word awkwardly. These rogues had such a strange vocabulary.

    “How many moons are you?” asked the Thunderclan leader; “You can’t be older than an Apprentice,” she stated. “How can you already have memories you want to leave behind?” she asked, tilting her small head. If this poor kitten did already have the weight of such memories, she felt bad for him.


    “Yes, ma’am, i’ll be careful.” Raising his head, the tom shifted on his feet.
    “Your kindness is appreciated,” Haroeris tried not to be bothered by how much he sounded like his mother.
    “Oh, uhm… You and Birchpaw both call house cats ‘kittypets’, I suppose that’s a clan thing?” The tom turned his curious gaze up to meet Hollystar’s before dropping his eyes.
    “They’re family heirlooms,” he explained, remembering each time he earned an heirloom. The Horus amulet was for his name, which was a variation of his father’s; the ankh was for the life he killed (Haroeris found it ironic how his aunt gave him a symbol meaning life for causing death); and the shen charm was for when Haroeris showed leadership during a skirmish between his brothers and a rival group of rogues.
    “They’re memories I can’t let go of, but would like to leave behind.” Haroeris explained quietly, bowing his head not in respect, but with a hint of sadness.


    The ebony molly’s green eyes widened and she took a step back when the young tom bowed towards her. Obviously, he was not from around here. She gave a nervous chuckle. “It’s alright,” the she-cat meowed gently, “I see now that you aren’t a threat. Just be careful where you wander- some of the other clans aren’t too keen on outsider cats in their territory. I’m not usually so open to strange cats on my land either, but things have been different lately,” Hollystar explained, thinking about Kass.

    As the young cat finally told her his name, the leader nodded. “It is nice to meet you Haroeris. You don’t have to keep bowing, I’m not that specia-” Hollystar cut herself off as she spotted the shiny metal around Haroeris’s neck. “What is that?” she asked curiously. “Is it a kitty pet collar? I’ve heard tales of the city cats, but I didn’t think they belonged to two legs.”


    At the word “leader”, Haroeris’ ears pricked up and he was quick to duck down into a bow, against the wishes of aching muscles.
    “I’msosorryforintruding, ma’am,” he blurted out, his words tumbling into a single line. If it wasn’t clear before that Haroeris was no forest cat, it was painfully clear now, with his odd mannerisms and words.
    “I’m Haroeris,” the tom responded reverently, still ducking his had even as he stood back up.
    “I come from The City,” Haroeris mewed, stepping back slightly and causing the charms around his neck to clink.
    I forgot I had those… The tabby thought, glancing down at the gleaming metal against his chest’s white fur.


    The leader stared down at the young tom. Nothing that he was not much older than a new apprentice, the leader softened her gaze. He seemed lost and confused. “Uh, yes. You’re in Thunderclan territory,” she meowed. “Birchpaw is an apprentice here. I’m Thunderclan’s leader, Hollystar.” The molly sat down to seem less threatening.

    “What’s your name?” she asked. The she-cat couldn’t remember the name that Birchpaw had told her, though she thought it started with an H. It was foreign and not easy to remember. “Where do you come from?” Hollystar asked.


    It was embarrassing how long it took for Haroeris to put two and two together when the molly walked over and began speaking. The tom didn’t bother standing up, just tilted his head up to gaze up at the older feline.
    “My apologies… Ma’am.” Standing up, the young tom sighed quietly.
    “I’m, uhm, you said Thunderclan?” Haroeris glanced around, a faint sense of curiosity lighting up his dual gaze despite the exhaustion that was there.
    “Sorry, I just-“ Haroeris turned back to face the molly, “D-Do you know, uhm, do you know Birchpaw?”


    The Thunderclan leader was out on an evening stroll. The rain had stopped for the last couple days, and she was more than happy about it. Things were finally dry and the flowers were really starting to bloom in the forest. Hollystar could feel the cool breeze flow over her body; it felt so refreshing. She decided to casually hunt. The midnight molly lifted her dainty face into the air and parted her jaws, trying to smell for prey. Instead of a mouse, a different scent filled her nostrils.

    Rogue! She thought, alarm filling her body. The Thunderclan cat crouched down, her emerald eyes scanning the area carefully. Suddenly she spotted the outsider. A young tom; perhaps it was the cat that Birchpaw was talking about. He looked injured too. “Who are you?” asked Hollystar as she approached the city cat. “Why are you in Thunderclan territory?”


    The tom dragged his paws, chest heaving as his heart raced. The pumping of his blood left a thrumming in his ears while Haroeris’ legs shook violently and his stomach rumbled like a lion.
    “Great gods, I’m tired…” He muttered, shaking his head wearily. The young tom was littered with scars, they couldn’t be more than a few days old, and had yet to clean his thick coat which smelled strongly of iron.
    Dropping down into  the safety of a large oak’s roots, the tabby felt tempted to just start crying right then and there. He was hungry, injured, still bleeding from his left hind leg, and he just wanted a break. Not to mention Haroeris missed the first friend he’d had in a long time, Birchpaw.
    Toughin’ up, a voice that sounded painfully familiar snapped at him, which only made Haroeris more tired than before.

    Hey, so I go by Junipersome things you may want to know about me:

    – I’m terrible at decision making
    (ex: I like Marvel, and DC… I like Star Trek, and Star Wars)

    – I laugh at all manner of stupid stuff

    – I am Salt Queen TM

    – I love headcanons for fandoms

    – I love romances in RPs, but have never been satisfied with matches for my OCs

    – I try to write fanfic. And fail.

    – I’m interested in disorders (genetic, mental, emotional, physical)

     I’m super self-conscious about my RPing skills (or lack thereof) so PLEASE give me advice if you think I need it (I probably do)

    I could go on… Maybe I will.

    Also, I’m open to any/all types of RP (private, group, forum, boxes, etc)

    (PM = private messaging, DM = direct messaging. I’m not sure which term to use with this site)





    this is for important RPs fromt he old site

    A FRIEND FOR THE FUTURE (Birchpaw + Haroeris)


    Ears perked with excitement, the tom offered Birchpaw another happy grin.
    “I’m guessing Hollystar is your leader?” He inquired, “Is there a reason she has the name Hollystar?” Haroeris had thought it strange, at first, that these “clan cats” changed their names. But now he understands each time they changed it, their new name had new meaning. Haroeris liked that, wanted it, too.
    “I’ve been told I look like a hawk. Have you ever seen a hawk?” Haroeris was also realizing that Clan cats were nothing like city cats, or had very little in common. In fact, if this molly was anything to go by, these Clan cats didn’t even know what a city was (which was… Pretty weird).
    “It’s scary living in the City, too.” Haroeris stood up, pacing in a small circle before responding.
    “Although, it is home… I guess…” Barely, just barely “home”.
    “Oh, uh, I mean… There are some territories like if you’re part of a family, your family might travel like mine or may stay in one place for a few moons before moving.” Scowling in bemusement, the tom chuckled.
    “But your definition of territory might be different than ours,” the former Soldier commented.
    “There are also Up Walker areas where every cat knows to avoid,” Haroeris muttered, shuddering.


    “If you joined of course we could hang out!” he tail flicked in excitement, the idea of chasing out the intruder completely forgotten. “If you want, I could ask Hollystar when I go back if you can join!”

    I wonder what name Haroeris would be given? Mused the white apprentice, staring. “Hollystar would probably give you a name based off of how you look, since none of us know you really well yet. But maybe she’d pick something about how brave you are to come live with us! It must be scary to leave the city if you haven’t lived anywhere else!”

    Perhaps he could show me around? That might be too scary, though– she’d never left Thunderclan territory after all. “Does the city have territories that outsiders can’t come in?”


    ((I updated Haroeris’ information and said that Haroeris was no longer in the Per Ankh, and I said the Per Ankh was a family organization. However, he isn’t part of it and has defected but basically has no where to go… yet))

    Prove it? Haroeris tilted his head mutely, feeling a prickling sense of worry. He’d had to prove to the Per Ankh, his own family, his loyalty and look where that got him. Self-consciously, the tom glanced at his paws and swallowed hard to loosen the tightness in his throat.
    “I’d love to join Thunderclan,” the tabby mewed excitedly, his odd eyes flickering back up to meet Birchpaw’s with honest interest gleaming in them.
    “I wouldn’t mind having a new name…” The larger feline trailed off thoughtfully, already bobbing his head slightly.
    “We would be able to hang out, wouldn’t we?” Because Haroeris truly did take a shine to Birchpaw, and dreaded the thought of going into a strange new place without at least one friend. Then again, he’d always rather liked company over loneliness no matter the circumstances.


    A smile immediately lit on her expression at the sudden declaration of amity. Maybe I could be friends with him, even if he’s not in ThunderClan? It’s not like his clan is a rival to ours!

    And yet, Haroeris made a good point; how could her clan trust a new member, born outside of the warrior code? It seemed risky to her, but looking at the other kitten’s dirty fur and imploring gaze, she felt herself that he was being honest in wanting to escape what life had given him to start with.

    “Maybe you could prove it somehow? Do you…” she hesitated, unsure if she was misreading the situation. “Do you want to join ThunderClan? You probably wouldn’t be known as Haroeris paw, but I’m sure Hollystar could pick a great name for you!”


    Haroeris stared at Birchpaw, the most prodigious expression on his face. Well… That’s one way to think about it, isn’t it? Hope… A funny word. Quaking slightly, the tom couldn’t keep his thoughts from crossing over forbidden territory. Because, what if he could have hope? What if he could escape the Soldier life he’d been dragged into? What if… But what reason did Birchpaw’s seemingly amazing clan have to take in a half starved tom like him who, despite his young age, already had blood on his paws that he couldn’t seem to wash off.
    “I-I mean… I’ve taken a lot of oaths already, and oaths are easily broken. How can you trust me?” The brown tabby tried not to come off as too desperate, but the hunger in his eyes was no longer the physical rumbling kind. No, the fire that had sparked in his gaze was one of craving and walls crumbling to reveal the pain that hid beneath.
    “Does that mean I’d be known as Haroeris’paw’, if I was a Clan cat?” The youth mumbled, more to himself than his companion. Glancing up, the duel eyed tom stared at her for a moment before a small, honest smile spread over his face.
    “I like you,” he said bluntly, in a warm, friendly way. Haroeris had only ever had one true friend, and they were gone, but when he stared at this cream furred Molly he thought he saw hope. A future. A new friend?


    Birchpaw gave him a strange look, unsure as to why he was so uncomfortable with the idea of leaving a ‘miserable’ life, as he’d put it. More powerful than misery? She wondered.

    “Of course there are things more powerful,” she nodded. “But I think that’s only because that’s what you decide? If you decided to be hopeful, that could be more powerful, too. It’s your choice I guess.”

    She would have liked to say that in Haroeris’ position, she would get herself out of a bad situation. But, here she was in her own ditch and all she was doing was wallowing instead of taking action. It’s different. What can I do? I have no power. I have no training.

    “But would your clan want a City rat?” Haroeris asked, seeming nearly… interested?

    “I don’t know,” Birchpaw admitted truthfully. “We usually chase away outsiders because they steal our prey and might be dangerous. I guess… I guess if they took the oaths like everyone else they could join? There’s a rogue in our camp right now we’re taking care of, and I know some of the other clans have let other cats join them.”

    Does Haroeris want to join ThunderClan? She wondered. That could be really great! I don’t have many friends here except Roaringpaw.

    Remembering his question about names, Birchpaw quickly explained. “It’s to show your rank. Kits get ‘kit’ as a suffix, apprentice’s get ‘paw, and when you become a warrior, your leader picks a second half to show you’ve grown up!’


    Haroeris was at a loss for words when Birchpaw spoke about this “clan” of hers, it left his soul aching and his eyes wide with clear interest. But just as quickly as his odd new sense of hope blossomed, his conscience had to remind him of the oaths he’d made. Oaths everyone in the Per Ankh made. Still, those former members managed to become kittypets, why couldn’t he become a… Warrior, was it?
    “I’d love to leave the city but… Some things are more powerful than misery,” he muttered in response, shrinking back into his thick mane of fur as though that could protect him from a twisted childhood. Haroeris had been taken from his family and assigned to the Military at just four moons, and had suffered under Drillmaster Malcom’s harsh treatment ever since.
    “But would your clan want a City rat?” Haroeris asked playfully, though his smile was half-hearted.
    Ears flattening with his confusion, the larger feline scowled. “Your… Clan members, they change their name? Why?” And what’s a “warrior” in your clan like, because it seems pretty different from a Soldier…


    Territorial thoughts slipping further from her mind as curiosity took over, Birchpaw nodded in agreement to answering Haroeris’ questions as well. She didn’t know what would be so curious about the way cats naturally lived, but she’d answer whatever she knew about.

    However, the answers this stranger was giving only brought up new questions. What was a pedegree cat? Why didn’t Haroeris leave the ‘cit-ie’ if he didn’t like it there? She would hate the idea of being a kittypet, but considering a ‘cit-ie’ was a place  full of twoleg nests, smoke, dirty cats, rats, and fighting she guesses it’s a choice of the better poison.

    Yes, that must be the case. The poor guy looked so upset as he was telling her this. Surely he was miserable with his living conditions. If he was jealous of kittypets, what other explanation could there be?

    “Why don’t you leave the city?” she asked casually. “If it’s so terrible, you could move. In my clan, everyone protects each other against starvation, and we all live together in a camp with dens to keep the rain out. No one is alone.”

    Remembering his question, she answered slowly. “I was called Birchkit when I was born, but… when I started training to become a warrior they changed my name…” she trailed off, not sure if she should tell him that her mentored disappeared. It made it sound like she’d made him abandon everyone.


    No longer having to look down at Birchpaw since he was sitting, Haroeris was able to look the pale molly in the eyes as he took in her questions and processed his answer.
    “Don’t apologize, I’m happy to answer your questions.” Smirking, the tom tilted his head, “But I gotta ask my own questions, alright?”
    Continuing on, the young Soldier paused when he realized Birchpaw really didn’t know about the City. It was… Refreshing. And weird, really, really weird.
    “A building is, uh… An up-walker’s den and place where they basically… Give things to other up-walkers and they… Work there?” Frowning fiercely, his kitty brows coming together in confusion, Haroeris studied Birchpaw with his intense stare.
    “Why do I live in the city? Because it’s where I was born, and no up-walker wants a non-pedigree cat like me.” Scowling at that thought, Haroeris was reminded of some lucky Per Ankh cats who’d been picked up by up-walkers and seen only moons later fat and content with a shiny collar on their necks. Haroeris really couldn’t see the house cat life as something he’d enjoy, but it certainly seemed that the house cats lived the lives of Pharaohs.
    Shaking himself out of his own head, the brown, scruffy furred tom couldn’t withold the laugh that slipped past at the clear look of disgust on the other’s face.
    “Because, ‘kittypets’ have it easy. They don’t have to fight over something as small as a piece of bread, they don’t have to sleep in the cold rain, they don’t have to suffer from the claws of their own kind.” Haroeris didn’t realize he was tearing at the ground in frustration until his claw tore at a stone and sent a jolt of pain in his paw. Stopping to check his paw, the tom was reassured to find that his claw was fine, though it still ached with pain.
    Returning to his conversation, Haroeris was careful to speak in a slower, faint voice.
    “House cats are fortunate that they can be provided with food, shelter, and love without ever having to lift a claw. They’re lucky that they don’t have to kill and fight to survive, and they’re lucky to not have to ever feel things like hunger, pain, or desperation.” Tensing up, the young tom was briefly reminded of the death of his best friend. Painfully reminded. In fact, the pain was still so apparent that Haroeris often found himself waking up, gasping for breath as he saw wide amber eyes staring into his own, their light fading out.
    “Uhm,” clearing his throat, Haroeris forced a smile, “So… Birchpaw, how’d you get that name?”
    Certainly, “Birchpaw” wasn’t really a rogue name, and this molly was obviously not a rogue. In fact, she seemed better groomed than… Oh, wait, she was better groomed than him. Haroeris was flustered by this realization as he glanced over his tangled fur that reeked of the city and spoke volumes of his hygiene, or lack of. It’s not as if he had much time to groom his thick fur, anyway. Soldiers with short fur were incredibly lucky, because all they had to do was make sure they didn’t have any leftover blood on them. With long furred, or thick furred, cats like Haroeris and his family, you had to be thorough, and thoroughness took time which they didn’t have.

    ((oof, sorry, this is a big post. I was just sitting in a boring bus with random strangers and thought, hey, I should write a response to this RP))


    Birchpaw eyed Haroeris as he sat down, but didn’t protest. He really should be on his way, but sitting wasn’t threatening at all, and she was curious to hear about the strange place he had come from. However, she remained standing herself, just in case. He might decide to attack her after all, or one of her clanmates might show up and get mad at her.

    The words used in the description only seemed to add to the small apprentice’s confusion. She figured by ‘up-walkers’ he meant two-legs… but what were ‘buildings’ and ‘cars’? He was already surprised that she didn’t know what a city was… but the curiosity for the unknown prompted to to ask anyway. Even if she looked stupid this time, at least she would know better afterwards.

    “Um… I’m sorry, Haroeris… but, what’s a building, and a car? …The city sounds awful, if it’s filled with smoke and rats and two-legs. Why do you live there? And…” her expression flattened as she registered the implication that cats who were lucky lived with two-legs. “Why do you call the kittypets lucky to live with two-legs?’


    “Uhm… Border?” Of course they had borders in the City, but Haroeris clearly saw that words were different for them. Whatever group Birchpaw came from, it was a lot different than his own.
    “I came from the border about a mile from here,” the tom mumbled, realizing now that he’d been away from the City and his Platoon for quite a bit of time.
    Picking a branch of blueberries, Haroeris was slow to sit down, uncertain if he was even allowed to stop walking. He had intruded, after all, and if it were one of the Per Ankh then the intruder wouldn’t have even been given blueberries. The Per Ankh would’ve just chased an intruder off and left them with bleeding cuts as a gift…
    Chewing on the blueberries, their sweet and tart flavor leaving a smile on the tom’s face, Haroeris turned to face Birchpaw.
    “A city? You-you don’t know what a city is…?” Frowning, the young Soldier leaned back to give the other another steady stare.
    “A city is full of buildings of stone, with some buildings taller than trees. It smells like smoke and cars, and rats run all over. Up-walkders live there and dogs, cats, even birds are their pets. Most cats live in alleys, some are lucky enough to have homes and up-walkers.” The dark brown Soldier explained, finishing off his blueberries and standing back up.


    (Sorry about that! I went back and modified it so Birch asks where he’s from instead.)


    I don’t think it matters if he eats a blueberry, Birchpaw thought. I’ve never seen them in Softbelly’s den, so she probably doesn’t need them for medicine. Plus, there’s lots!


    “You can have some blue berries,” Birchpaw nodded, feeling more comfortable being allowed to take charge of the situation. Padding over to the bush, she ducked her head to take a cluster of berries between her sharp teeth as well.


    “Mmm! They’re ripe, and the sun’s warmed them up,” she assessed. They didn’t taste quite as good as fresh-kill, but their unique seasonal flavour could still count as a treat. She wondered where Haroeris lived that he wasn’t able to find berries.


    “What’s a cit-ie?” asked Birchpaw after a moment, looking over to the stranger.


    (sorry, you may not have noticed, but Haroeris gave his name already)

    Unwinding his tail, though Haroeris still hunched over to look small, the tabby stepped to the side as Birchpaw approached.
    “A Warrior… Do you mean Soldier?” Haroeris inquired, somewhat confused. Terms were different for those in the Per Ankh, and “warriors” were typically just another word for a member of the Pharaoh’s military. Speaking of which, Paraoh Kamilah would probably be seething if she knew one of her own was out and about without their Platoon…
    Shaking off the thought, the tom paused by a bush of shining blue berries. Nodding his head to them, Haroeris turned to the molly-Birchpaw.
    “Could I have a blueberry? We rarely have them in the City, but I love their sweetness,” he mumbled, embarrassed.


    Pleasantly shocked that her challenge wasn’t met, Birchpaw unbent her spine slightly, though she still kept her long fur on end. This other kitten clearly wasn’t looking to fight her. “I guess it’s okay if you didn’t know.”

    Taking a cautious step forward, she continued. “I’m Birchpaw. I’m training to be a warrior here. …I’m sorry, but whoever you are, you can’t stay. Thunderclan doesn’t allow strangers to hunt in our territory.” Should she be escorting him out? That was what the warriors did to non-aggressive cats, right? To make sure that they actually left? Where was this guy from, anyway?

    “I’ll walk with you to the border, uh… which one did you come in on?”


    Blinking slowly, Haroeris’ mind was gradually pulled out of his own world as he finally met the creamy molly’s gaze.
    “I.. I-I’m sorry?” He mumbled slowly, voice carrying as he ducked his head. Haroeris had never considered himself a rogue, since the Per Ankh was such an organized group that it was easy to forget that they really were just a bunch of city cats.
    “I’m, I’m Haroeris… What’s your name?” The tabby inquired cautiously, crouching down to look small and keeping his tail tucked close. Haroeris was fairly accustomed to looking submissive, as this was the position he often took around higher ups. With this feline, however, Haroeris suspected it would be smartest to look small, if only to put the she-cat at ease.


    Only tuning in to the rustling of bushes when the other young cat was nearly on top of her, Birchpaw jumped up in fright, her long hair standing on end in a futile attempt to look larger. This apprentice is massive! She choked fearfully, eyes darting around looking for an easy escape route.

    Shamefully realizing that she couldn’t protect Thunderclan territory from this intruder, she froze in place as she wondered what she should do. D-do I try to fight him!? she thought desperately. I have no idea how! And he’s enormous! I’d never win!

    Nonetheless, shaking, she made her challenge to the invasive cat. “You’re in Thunderclan territory!” She whispered, the words barely audible despite her trying her best to sound fierce. “C-clear out! We don’t tolerate rogues in our woods!”


    “What can’t hide behind Mama so you gonna cry?” The black-furred tom’s face was set in a sneer, ears twisted back and amber eyes glinting harshly. Wincing back, Haroeris just let out an irritated huff and straightened up before stepping forward to face the other.
    “Ammon, just leave me alone, will you?” While the youth’s words were firm, his voice and stance were edged with weariness.
    “If you can’t even handle a few snappy words from your brother, how can you possibly handle your Drillmaster?” Fadil’s voice cut in as the sleek, brown-furred tom approached the two agitated brothers.
    “Too true,” yet another tom joined them, this time it was a dark brown tabby with warm green eyes.
    Fur prickling, Haroeris ducked his head to hide his embarrassed expression. It was true, wasn’t it? The argument had been petty, just Ammon mocking Haroeris (per usual) and Haroeris falling for it (also, per usual).
    Unable to handle the choking atmosphere, the tabby shook his head and raised himself up to his full height. One thing Haroeris had over all his brothers was his size, well… Height, he was still much skinnier than most, but that was for a multitude of reasons.
    “I’m going for a walk,” Haroeris said steadily, face pinched and closed off as he pushed past Fadil and Gamal.

    Staring numbly at the path of berries he’d been following, Haroeris hardly noticed how loud he was. He definitely didn’t take immediate notice of the other cat roaming about, despite the fact that they were in earshot distance from one another. When Haroeris did manage to tug his gaze from the winking berries dangling from dark branches, he couldn’t stop the noise of alarm he made when he noticed the creamy furred tabby she nearby.
    Of  course, Haroeris would’ve weighed his options if he were as bright as his brother, or maybe he’d have done some sneaky disappearing act like Gamal. Or, hey, he could just attack this stranger… But that was too much of an “Ammon thing” to do, and only the gods knew the last thing Haroeris wanted to do was something his reckless brother might.
    As the tabby was trying to wrestle with what to do, he hardly noticed the fact that he had frozen in place, his odd colored eyes fixed on the molly without quite seeing her.


    Birchpaw sulked through the prickly raspberry plants, ears and tail drooping. The clan she knew seemed to be coming apart at the seams– or at least, the little bit of the clan she had become familiar with since she started her training. Jaggedthorn was gone, Roaringpaw was busy training, and a stranger was living in the middle of their camp.

    She knew she would go back after this and keep trying to do her best, but at the moment she couldn’t help but still feel like a helpless kit who had wandered from the nursery. No, I’m allowed to be outside now, she quickly assured herself. But I should be paying more attention! I don’t know how to fight yet, so it would be bad if some-cat snuck up on me.

    Her white ears perked for a while as she continued along, but she was soon dragged back into her disquiet. “What will I do…?” she wondered to herself. “I hope Hollystar picks another mentor for me soon, or I’ll fall behind Roaringpaw.” She stopped as she began to panic slightly. “What if Roaringpaw becomes a warrior without me!?”

    Crouching, she sniffled once, doing her best not to cry. She had to be tougher. The clan wasn’t a place for softies. She would grow up and be strong and brave and this wouldn’t upset her anymore.



    So, I’m going to be redoing my Character List. Don’t know when it’ll be set up, just know that when I do set it back up there may be some characters “missing”. But that’s probably because I killed them off…. :/


    TOTAL: 16

    toms: 10

    mollies: 6



    count: 3

    • Crocuspaw ⇢ tom; busy bein a soft boi
    • Tigertail ⇢ tom; love interest is up for adoption, PM me
    • Fallowcreek ⇢ tom; should I kill him off?


    count: 3

    • Owlpaw ⇢ molly; about to make some poor decisions she’ll regret forever
    • Copperbounce ⇢ tom; i’ve decided he deserves to live and fall in love 
    • Wildspirit ⇢ molly; see, i was going to kill her… then i realized i still love her to pieces


    count: 2

    • Juniperpaw ⇢ tom; aw, look at this sweetheart. he’s gonna suffer something terrible, like a permanently damaged leg or something, because i love him and i abuse my characters.
    • Leopardstorm ⇢ molly; i had this idea for her arc, but no one seems interested so i think i’m going to kill her off… might keep her around for until the hurricane plot “blows” over XD (I’m not funny)


    count: 2

    • Halfblaze tom; i’m keeping him. but i really want a love interest for him so, if you’re interested, shoot me a quick PM 🙂
    • Badgerpaw ⇢ tom; this boy needs friends, please help


    count: 2

    • Cragpaw ⇢ tom; i basically gave up on his plot because i could never figure out how to socially interact enough to get others to rp the plot with me :p
    • Nettlefrost ⇢ molly; i think i’ve given up on getting someone to rp her love interest. if anyone has a clan cat in need of a snappy, temperamental, but really is a sweetie love interest well here’s Nettle 0_O


    count: 2

    • Blush of Setting Sun ⇢ molly; idk why i have to reiterate this, but here i go. blush’s chronic headaches do not relate to anything, she isn’t a Seer or anything, or dying from anything (that i know of), she just has chronic headaches..
    • Smoke that Rises at Dawn ⇢ tom


    count: 2

    • Javelin (“Lin”) ⇢ tom; hm. i need him to get bullied some more, maybe become more murderous and impulsive, then get a friend that’s all like: “wow, you’ve been through a lot, i’m going to adopt you and love you”
    • Moon ⇢ molly; feared, if you’re out there, i’d really like to rp crow and moon again. they were fun :3
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