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    Leader of ThunderClan

    It wasn’t often that Wildstar got time to herself, between leadership and motherhood there had been little time to slow down this Leafbare without some other disaster occurring within camp. The change of power from Hollystar to her, from herself to Sunnyheart was beginning to look a little rough. The more senior warriors and elders had begun to harshly judging every decision she made, while the younger clan members seemed to have a hard time listening to Sunnyheart the way they had listened to her in the past. It made for one hell of a headache. Still, the dilute calico was beginning to find that she didn’t necessarily mind the company of her clan mates around her, for all their quirks and weird habits. Sometimes when she was alone in her den- her kits staying in the nursery during particularly cold nights, the she-cat would find she had a hard time sleeping in the her den alone. It was too quiet, she thought.

    What little time she did get to herself she ended up gaining back on patrols. Wildstar loved patrols and often would lead them herself if she felt like she had the time. It was Sunhigh when she called the patrol, two other warriors and one of their apprentices to accompany her on the SkyClan border patrol. She’d chosen warriors who could keep up, legs itching for a good workout. Together the cats dived through the undergrowth, expertly missing large thorn bushes and other hazards that would give others trouble. When the trees began to grow large and tall the leader knew they were getting close to where she wanted to be and slowed her gait. “Woah.” She called to her patrol to signal that they were nearing their destination. 

    The fresh powdered snow under her paws groaned under her as she shifted her weight. “Its just a border patrol, so walk a length of the border and make sure everything seems in order. I’ll take the stretch this way,” she cocked her head to the right, “You guys take the rest. If you find anything let-“ she paused, mouth opening to taste the air. Her kitty-brows furrowed at the sappy smell, knowing their origin immediately. “SkyClan incoming,” she mewed for the ill-experienced apprentice with them. The cogs in her brain turned some more before a relaxed look came upon the molly’s face. “We were here first so stick to the plan, but don’t rile up SkyClan. If they say anything or try anything just come find me.” 

    The warriors seemed to take her instructions well, hyping up the apprentice between them about their first other-clan encounter. Wildstar smiled fondly at the group, rolling her eyes playfully at their antics before turning and taking off in the direction of the border she’d planned on marking.


     – S U N W A L K E R – 

    Border patrols had been in high demand in SkyClan as of late. Firestar was adamant about securing their territory after their the skirmish involving rogues and the attack that had been made on Saffrongaze. In complete transparency, Sunwalker did not care particularly in one way or the other if rogues had begun to infiltrate her Clan’s borders. They may have done harm to her clanmates, but she didn’t feel any attachment or loyalty to them nor had she been directly impacted by the scenario. At the moment, she was merely following orders and leading a patrol along the ThunderClan border to tighten their territory boundaries. Upon reaching the area of concern, Sunwalker instructed the warriors to part ways and begin to spread along the border evenly, so that their marks were placed properly where they needed to be set down. Though truth be told, the ginger warrior offered to lead border patrols along the ThunderClan side of SkyClan quite often lately, so when she detected the scent she had been seeking, she wasn’t necessarily surprised. 

    Ahead of her lingered the ThunderClan leader, Wildstar. She appeared to be preoccupied with marking the borders herself, though it was clear from the upright positioning of her ears and the alertness behind her eyes that she was aware of the approaching presence of warriors from a neighboring clan. A conversation from several sunrises ago echoed in the back of her mind. “How do I know I can trust you?” The ragged tom had asked her, baring his teeth as he snarled threateningly in her direction. “You don’t,” she had replied simply, completely unfazed by the menacing cat that towered above her. “You pay for a service that I assure you will be dealt with and that’s that.” The rogue’s expression darkened as doubt flickered in his eyes. He opened his mouth again and asked her one last question. “And if you double-cross me?” In which her response was, “If you try to kill me out of fear, you will be the first to fall. Otherwise, I suggest you sit back and let me do my job.”

    After that, no more questions were asked. And Sunwalker was left to secure her end of the deal. A deal in which none of her clanmates were aware of. In fact, none of them knew anything about the double life she lead or the occupation she sealed through the shadows. After all, her services cost more than the tail of a mouse or fleece to line her bedding at night and not many could afford to be held accountable for hiring someone to commit murder in their name. Therefore, knowledge of her true self was kept between very few and she quite preferred it that way. It made her position much easier at the end of the day. It allowed her to get close to her target without them having any clue of her intentions. 

    As she approached the invisible line of the territory boundary, Sunwalker’s thoughts raced a mile a minute of the information she had stored of the rogue-turned-leader. She knew as much as there was to know about the other feline from her informant, all the way from her sudden appearance in ThunderClan, to her attitude at a previous gathering, and even to the most current disappearance of her late mate, Hollystar. Because of this, the petite ginger molly already had an idea of how the ThunderClan leader should be approached.

    “It’s quite odd to see you so tame. Joyfully marking borders, I mean.” She commented, stopping short of a tail-length away from the border. Her blue eyes flickered playfully in Wildstar’s direction. “Oh, forgive me. Your reputation precedes you as far as SkyClan is concerned. Firestar does tend to have somewhat loud opinions.”

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