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It’s GATHERING Time (April 12)

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    Firestar ~ Skyclan Leader

    Tension seemed to be surrounding all of the clans as of recently. The air thick as fog, smothering to those that lingered too much on the emotions all around. Firestar felt the most affected by all the fear, unease, and distrust around him. A scowl remains on his muzzle as he leads his clan to the ghostly flats. The name seemed fitting for this night, silence was all that he heard. Not a single creature scurrying about, no crickets singing their nightly song, nor was there fireflies to lighten their way. A storm was brewing, not an actual storm such as the one the clans had witnessed before. No; this one would be even more chaotic and destructive. He needed to keep his clan safe, to be the leader they needed. He had no time to absorb the fear, to dwell on it as it was his duty as well as the leaders of the other clans to push through it. The large feline had made his clan head out earlier than usual, as he did not feel like running into any of the other clans along the way. Course; he had informed his clan of the sudden alliance with Shadowclan as well as Riverclan. He sensed many of his clan-mates skeptical of his decision, luckily his deputy as well as a few others remained by his side.

    Huffing softly to himself as he continues to trench on, his large paws sinking into the softened earth. Leaving his paw markings in his wake; briefly looking behind to see his clan following silently behind him. It would seem that his clan could too feel the foreboding danger that was to come. Shoving the uncertainty aside as he slips through the interwoven wooden arch way that leads to the darkened clearing. The full moons faint light seeping through the foliage of the trees. New-leaf was certainly on its way, smirking in approval that Skyclan was indeed the first to arrive. Knowing that another clan couldn’t be far behind, he flicks his tail in a fluid motion. Indicating for his clan to disperse among the clearing. The gathering would soon begin.  Without looking back he makes his way towards the large stone. His pace slowed before coming to halt altogether. Tilting his cranium upwards as he takes in how truly large the stone was.

    ‘Has it truly only been a moon since the last gathering? Since I was a deputy?’ He couldn’t help but think. Time was a fickle thing during this time, it either dragged on or slipped by before anyone could notice. It felt odd for Firestar that just a moon ago he was not permitted to step paw on this boulder. As it was a symbol of power that leaders hold. Now, the fiery Maine Coon was a leader himself. Very ironic as he had been thrown off quite rudely just a moon ago. Swallowing his hesitance away as he easily propels himself upwards. His claws scraping against the cold stone before righting himself upon the tall stone. Turning around as he allows himself a moment to take in the view before him. His clan settled below; Rookfall towards the bottom of the boulder, sitting proudly as a deputy should. ‘Let’s just get this over with’ shuffling away from the edge and settling down just in time to see Hornetstar and his clan make their entrance. His fur prickling with guilt and discomfort as just looking at the other leader reminded him of the fact he had indeed taken the life of another feline.

    Though his actions were just, that did not mean he could not feel guilt or shame in his actions. He knew that he had much to learn as a leader, but he also knew that Skyclan would no longer be one to stand idly by. Keeping his mouth shut, lips pressed tightly together as he nods stiffly towards the fellow Leader. Sitting with a perfect posture, his fluffed tail lightly wrapping around his paws as his calculative gaze eyes the felines below. One by one a new clan entered. Wisteriastar being the next followed by Hollystar, and lastly but not least; Wolfstar. Keeping up the pleasantries as he acknowledges each leader, though a slight grimace makes its way to his lips as he nods in a silent ‘hello’ to Hollystar; nothing personal except for his great dislike for her taste in mates.



    Had it really only been a moon since the last Gathering? It felt like a lifetime has passed since then, though he supposed in an ironic way, perhaps one had. Afterall, it was just a few days ago that Firestar had taken one of his lives. Truthfully Hornetstar was still a bit sour about that, glancing at the orange tabby as ShadowClan trickled in right on SkyClan’s tails, but he had also learned a lesson. Sometimes, he had to let bygones be bygones – to the best of his abilities, anyways. So as he hopped onto the Highrock next to the new leader, the golden tom gave the other a polite nod of his head in greeting. They had seen a lot of each other this moon, so he didn’t very much feel like striking up a conversation unless the other leader did.

    Soon RiverClan’s scent drifted in on the breeze, and he felt his heart beating a bit faster as he eagerly awaited a familiar face to come into view. When she did, the moonlight seeming to make her mostly white fur glow, he had to remind himself not to stare. Firestar was right there, after all. And manage not to outright stare, he did, though he kept one eye on her as she drew to the Highrock and jumped up. Seeing her nearly fall back down sent his heart racing for the wrong way, muscles begging to go to her aid even as his brain kept him in place. It was all he could do to keep from releasing a breath of relief, managing to turn it into what could easily be mistaken as a derisive snort of humor at Wisteriastar’s expense. However, he knew she would be able to see through it for what it really was.

    Green eyes slowly sliding away from the RiverClan leader, he watched the cats already milling about below, pleased to see ThunderClan and then WindClan eventually trickle in. Though a Gathering was an excuse to see his mate, he still didn’t like them and couldn’t wait to get this show on the road so he, and his Clan, could get home.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    To be quite frank, a gathering was the last thing that Wisteriastar wanted to handle right now. There had been enough going on within and outside of her Clan that had her paws full lately and she didn’t have much spare energy to deal with anything else should problems arise. She was, honestly, just plain tired. Physically and emotionally. But her stubborn and prideful persona prevented that from showing on her expression or in her body language as she led her Clan to the ghostly flats that held the gathering every full moon. To make things worse, she and her deputy, Heronflight, were not necessarily on the best of terms and this was not good for the functionality of a Clan. The exposure of her secret pregnancy to another feline was also just another weight on her shoulders that she didn’t need. All of the added stress was surely not healthy for her right now, more than it ever was.

    As RiverClan arrived at the windy clearing, the calico feline noted that they were not the first to arrive. Many shadows of cats ahead alerted her that there were at least more than one of the other Clans that had beat them to the punch of arriving first. Of course, in her current state, Wisteriastar didn’t expect to be first anyway, but she was certainly glad that they weren’t last. She passed through the crowd of huddled felines easily enough, noting the scent of SkyClan and ShadowClan on the way, and made her step up to the highrock. She was aware of the fact that trying to jump up onto such a reach could potentially be harmful, but she also knew that she couldn’t hesitate or avoid it. The RiverClan leader’s hindleg muscles tensed and within a heartbeat, she had leapt up onto the highrock. Her heart lurched up into her throat as she felt her claws skid the stone, but she had made it safely up onto the rock nonetheless, despite her ungraceful movements. 

    Blatantly ignoring her slip, Wisteriastar settled comfortably into a sitting position onto the highrock and curled her thick tail around herself. The calico warrior turned her head and gave a nod of a greeting towards Firestar and Hornetstar merely to acknowledge them. If she were being true to herself, she still didn’t like Firestar and she’d ignore him if she could, but given their current alliances, she knew that they had to behave properly for the sake of their Clans. Even if a small part of her wished that he would spontaneously burst into flames. As for Hornetstar, of course she was happy to see him, for she rarely got to see her mate as often as she wished to, but their relationship was a secret and had to remain that way. She would have to treat him as distantly as she would treat the other leaders.



    Apprehension sat heavy like a rock in Hollystar’s stomach. The forest had been peaceful for so long, but the past moon had been anything but that. The last gathering had ended with tension after the drama with Kass, and following that was the battle with Riverclan. And the death of Antlercreek, Hollystar thought solemnly. She would never forgive Wisteriastar for that! Even so, Hollystar would remain civil at the gathering. She would say hello, and be cordial with the Riverclan she-cat, but deep down, her anger would continue to burn. The Thunderclan leader only hoped that her deputy would behave during this event. 

    She watched as Riverclan filled the breezy clearing, and Hollystar looked on to see that Skyclan and Shadowclan had both arrived already. There was no sign of Windclan yet. The ebony she-cat prayed to Starclan that Wolfstar wouldn’t be long; Hollystar didn’t know how long she could awkwardly chat with the other three leaders without running out of things to say.

    “Let’s go, Thunderclan,” the molly announced, then pushed through into the gathering space. Hollystar stood proud and tall as she marched her clan in. The black cat reached the highrock, and leaped up onto the perch. “Hello,” she meowed, dipping her head towards the other leaders. “I hope you are all well.” Feeling uncomfortable, the Thunderclan she-cat looked away and sat down in her regular spot on top of the boulder, desperately awaiting Windclan’s arrival.

    As if Starclan was answering her prayers, she watched as Wolfstar pushed his way through the crowd. Relief flooded over her, and she let out a silent sigh of relief. When he jumped onto the highrock, Hollystar greeted him with a friendly smile. “Hello, Wolfstar,” she meowed. The large tom seemed off tonight; she hoped he was okay. If she didn’t have a chance tonight, Hollystar could always ask him about it tomorrow night at their meeting that they always had after the gatherings. The Thunderclan cat wrapped her tail neatly over her paws, ready to begin the gathering when every other cat was. 

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    Wolfstar ~WindClan Leader~

    WindClan waited patiently at the edge of their territory with Wolfstar in front of them, his blue eyes narrowed as he looked out to the Ghostly Flats. He watched the last of Hollystar’s warriors disappear into the windy valley and he nodded to his deputy, Desertrose, who stood to his left. “Alright, let’s go,” he instructed, stepping forward and placing his paws delicately on the brown and green grasses. He had wanted to be last on purpose. Anxiety tugged at his chest for this gathering because he knew he was going to bring up something controversial. However, he didn’t show his nervousness, wanting to look strong for his Clan. Wolfstar had held a meeting the day before on what he would be addressing, not wanting to surprise them and seem like a complete fool in front of the other four Clan’s. Even Hollystar had no idea what he would be saying.

    To his right was Goldenrose, his beautiful mate. This would be the first Gathering she attended since the birth of their last litter seven moons ago. Heatherpaw and Breezepaw were with the other apprentices in the crowd, but Wolfstar could feel the absence of their other son, Wildpaw, who was nowhere near fit to travel. I hope none of my warriors tell other Clan cats what happened to him at the mountain border…or that we fought a wildcat. The last thing he wanted was for that part of his territory to be drawn attention to.

    Once at the entrance of the Gathering place, Wolfstar pushed his way forward and entered the crowd of cats. He could tell everyone was waiting on them, and he kept his head high to show he did not care. The large tom flicked Goldenrose’s spine with his tail before he swerved away and jumped on the highrock to join the other leader’s. “Good evening,” he grunted, eyeing all of them for a moment. The last time they had all spoken was when he and Nettlenose had visited their camps to warn them of the omen she had been given. I wonder if much has happened with them since. Wolfstar looked back to the crowd of cats, ready to begin the Gathering if they were.


    Kass felt the ground beneath her start to change from the frostbitten grass to the hard sandstone floors of the Ghostly Flats. The howling in the air this time around was almost unbearable and for the first time of the current gathering the ThunderClan deputy couldn’t help but wonder to herself why they chose such a desolate wasteland to meet every full moon or so. Who did it benefit?  ‘Its the way it’s always been’ a high-pitched wistful voice said in her head, no doubt mimicking a clan-cat. The former rogue rolled her eyes at the thought, a bad taste forming in her mouth. With a glance behind both her shoulders, her bi-colored eyes swept through the crowd of ThunderClan cats to look for any stragglers veering off too soon. She offered Hawkbite a knowing look when she made eye-contact with the tom, some unspoken warning in her head that probably didn’t speak through the several cats who separated them. When she turned her head back to the flats she was startled when her legs had all but trampled Morningpaw into the ground. The deputy let out a hiss before rightly kicking the barely made apprentice into a standing position once more. “Watch where you’re going Morningpaw, you’re representing the clan tonight.” 

    At the command of Hollystar, her attention was luckily pulled elsewhere than the apprentice, and with a knock of her hip against the apprentice she and the clan plunged into the gathering space as one of the last clans to arrive. They were by no means late but the dilute calico doubted heavily that it wouldn’t be brought up in some form or another. Following her argument with Wisteriastar at the border she couldn’t help but feel that the relationship between their clans weren’t going to improve any time soon. Or of her own with the rest of the five clans even, she was reminded when she spotted the rest of the deputies. She spared them no mind, specifically placing herself as far from Heronflight as she could. She was going to be on her best behavior tonight after all, she’d promised. She glanced up at the god-forsaken rock the leaders chose to lounge upon and chuckled to herself- letting her eyes meet her mate’s in a show of some hidden joke. They’d come a long way since last gathering, huh?

    Only then did she truly notice the motley crew of healers and shamans that mirrored the deputies, letting her bi-colored pale blue and bright orange eyes pin each of them to their spots. She wasn’t sure she remembered any of their names.. or the other deputies’ names in fact. She needed to address someone that wasn’t in her own clan for appearances alone. Her eyes settled on Rainysky and a small relaxed smirk found her lips as her tongue got the better of her, “Nice to see you Rainysky, are you fairing well?” She purred into the open sky. She supposed there was a small part of her that was only hoping Heronflight would react somehow to this notice, after all his clan did seem to be rather paranoid when it came to her. However, the knowing twinkle in her eye was solely for the nervous tom.

    Hareflight [Mel]

    ~ Hareflight, ShadowClan Medicine Cat ~

    There was a rising dread in the air, and Hareflight could feel it. She could see it too. It was spreading quickly through ShadowClan, and as the other Clans gathered, it was clear that this was not something singular to her Clan. Gatherings made the calico molly nervous at the best of the times, and right now, she could feel it heavy in her stomach. Taking a deep breath, the medicine cat tried to calm her nerves before moving to meet with the other medicine cats. She gave a smile and a nod to Saffrongaze and Speckledpaw, and then to each of the healers as they approached. Bumping shoulders lightly with Peachblossom, she fixed her bi-coloured eyes on the ThunderClan healer, speaking quietly to her. “P-Peachblossom. I hope y-you’re doing well.” Hareflight’s words were formal, but there was certainly a deeper connection than just that. Having got her full name at the same time as Peachblossom and Startledcrow, there was a certain attachment she felt to the two. 

    Her gaze shifted almost subconsciously to her mentor, and she offered a tense smile to Saplingskies. More than ever Hareflight was glad they had made up from their fight. She couldn’t imagine not speaking to him still. Her whiskers twitched to him, and she settled down on her haunches, ears pricked as she listened to the conversations around her. Tensions were high between all the Clans right now, and she only hoped that a fight wouldn’t break out tonight. Please, at least not tonight, she hoped, glancing up to the sky. Once again, Hareflight sucked in a deep breath, and then let it out slowly, calming her growing nerves.

    The Deputy of Windclan

    The night sky stretched ahead as long as the journey they’d travelled when the sun was still present, soon replacing the sounds of birdsong with the symphony of crickets. The light of the full moon bared down with milky teeth, bathing everything beneath in a soft, creamy glow. Against inky blackness, it was a silvery beacon calling to them voicelessly for an annual event, pulling tired paws to the center of the territories. Feeling night’s chilly kiss against her skin, the lovely shape of Desertrose looked like a flickering flame dancing in the dark as they neared their destination; free and unfettered. She strode confidently alongside Wolfstar. With hair spun from rivulets of gold and her head held high, she waltzed on with an effortless saunter. Her eyes scanned the clearing with determination; eyes that shone like twin suns that burned furiously within each iris. This would be her first gathering as the new deputy of Windclan.


    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Warrior

    Small talk met the ears of this graceful feline as she walked delicately underneath the woven wooden arch of the clearing, the heat of the day finally disappearing as the soft white mist was just barely hovering over the ground from a nearby body of water. Pale light of the moon was leading their way, although it was like her paws knew just the right way to go. This was her first gathering that she had attended in seven moons, and honestly it felt relaxing and refreshing to be able to see the other clans once more. Although, the tightness and heaviness in the air wasn’t caused by that of the mist, she was well aware of the awkwardness between ShadowClan and SkyClan, but she wasn’t aware that RiverClan was also wrapped around the two other clans. Small paws pressed into the slightly moist dirt, the cool press of the dirt against her paw pads was soothing as her vibrant green gaze slowly flickered around the clearing as she noticed the clans seemed more than eager to start the gathering, more so than usual. Everyone’s on edge. She realized with a twitch of her ear, anxiety clawing at her chest as she glanced over her shoulder blade to see the dark grey and white pelt of Breezepaw walking beside his sister, Heatherpaw. Both young cats smiling and whispering between each other in excitement. Their first gathering.

    Swallowing her anxiety, she lifted her chin just a little higher while looking back in front of her. Rose gold and white dappled pelt was groomed sleekly, her tall and slender figure moving in time with that of her mates, keeping to his right while his deputy stayed to his left. Clearly a power play, Wolfstar was silently proving how strong WindClan was. Smiling faintly she side glanced towards her mate, eyeing his strong jaw and the determined set of his blue eyes. He truly was a handsome Tom and strong in his own ways, even if she could see the uncertainty within those deep blue eyes. She knew of the topics that would be touched today, and of the uncertainty within the other clans. But she knew he was making the right decision and she would stand with him. “Good luck, you two.” She meowed softly to Wolfstar and Desertrose, offering the she-cat a tender smile before rubbing her cheek against Wolfstar’s neck with a purr before he began to walk towards the great rock. The flick of his tail against her spine caused her smile faintly, as she knew that her mate was acknowledging her sign of affection and to stay where he could see her. She led the small band of WindClan cats to a section within the clearing, lowering herself gracefully into a sitting position as she dipped her head in greetings towards other clan cats.


    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    His chest felt tight and weighed down by his anxiety, glancing nervously towards Wolfstar for a brief moment before he gulped down the lump with his throat. “I feel suffocated.” Startledcrow muttered quietly to his mentor, Nettlenose as they walked. His left eye was a milky blue, without a pupil in sight to indicate that he was blind within that particular eye. But that couldn’t be any more wrong, Starclan was very visible through this eye and they were growing more and more restless by the day. Clearing his throat, the tall and sleek dark grey tabby tomcat walked slowly and carefully beside Nettlenose, for the past few days she had been rather quiet, which bothered him greatly. “Maybe this gathering will go a lot smoother.” He whispered softly to Nettlenose, the dark black stripes along his pelt gave him the appearance of a dark furred tiger as he grinned.

    Blue eyes caught sight of a particular pelt that he wasn’t exactly too happy to see at the gathering, pupil narrowing faintly as he gazed at Quiethawk. That particular tomcat was always disobeying his orders, but luckily for him he had already seen this happening. A tall and broad tomcat caught his attention as the dark brown tabby and white furred feline grew close to Quiethawk, soft chuckles rocking his big shoulders and causing his tail to wave with amusement. Good, keep Quiethawk amused and from injuring himself. He thought with a slight smirk, a wave of his tail expressing his silent delight as he followed Nettlenose towards the base of the great rock, where the other medicine cats were already waiting for them. “Evening Peachblossom, Hareflight.” He greeted with a grin, instantly spotting the colorful pelts of his fellow medicine cat friends. Spotting Saplingskies along with Rainysky and Saffrongaze with her apprentice Speckledpaw. “Hello, Saplingskies…. Rainysky.” He greeted, eyeing the tomcat warily for a moment before he shook his head and spoke once more. “Evening Safrrongaze and Speckledpaw.” He greeted while sitting beside Peachblossom and Hareflight, bumping their shoulders with his with a cocky grin.


    Eveningstorm ~ WindClan Warrior

    Of course, he would be set on cat sitting duty on a certain gathering that he wasn’t looking forward to. His former mate could very possibly be attending this gathering and it made the fur along his spine shift with unease. Although his dark molten amber eyes flickered towards the pelt of Quiethawk, a tomcat that was becoming a rather good friend. Even if he was more so a danger to himself than anyone else. Clearing his throat he could feel eyes upon his pelt and knew that his younger brother was indeed keeping an eye on the two cats, forcing himself to walk at a brisk pace in order to keep up with Quiethawk. “Everyone seems so gloomy.” He whispered to the Tom, his deep voice tickling the back his throat as he looked at the other felines already seated within the clearing.

    Walking throughout the clearing, he kept his eyes adverted from the ThunderClan cats, his heart racing just a tad as he found himself walking just a bit closer to Quiethawk. Subconsciously he was seeking comfort, and cleared his throat in order to cover his tracks as he gave Quiethawk a hesitant smile. “Uh, you pick where to sit.” He meowed quickly, although he found himself glancing over his shoulder hesitantly as he noticed that Wolfstar and Desertrose had already walked away from the group. Large paws pressing into the ground as he followed Quiethawk, lowering himself down into a sitting position, his eyes finding Tinyflame and he found a small smile growing on his muzzle as he offered it to her. She had been through a lot and it was nice to see her once more at a gathering, but he soon adverted his gaze to look towards the great rock. “The leaders appear… tense.” He commented, ear twitching faintly.



    keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows

     Morningpaw hurried after her clanmates, the fear of being left behind keeping her paws going as she continued to trot (well, run) alongside her clanmates. When they got to the gathering place she froze, her pale golden pelt bristling with excitement and anxiety. ‘This is it, your first gathering…’ Morningpaw wondered briefly if she’d see Minkpaw, that strange apprentice from SkyClan. He’d seemed friendly and the golden apprentice found herself missing him despite meeting in only once. 

    If mama could see me now, Morning thought to herself, biting back the rising sadness that threatened to bubble up. Not even the pain from losing her mother only a moon ago could ruin this because she was here at the gathering and bringing her mother with her. Blue eyes glanced down at the metal star resting among her curls of fur, shining brightly as moonlight blinked and reflected off of its smooth surface. You would’ve loved this. Morningpaw’s mother had told her countless times that when she became an apprentice she would go with her to her first gathering, despite being a permanent queen and preferring to stay in the Nursery. Morningpaw wanted to be angry, wanted to be upset, but all she felt was nervousness with a side of sorrow as she stepped through the crowds. “This is it.” The Thunderclanner mumbled to herself, unaware of anyone else but her own thoughts.

    The weight of someone stumbling into her brought Morningpaw back out of her thoughts, both eyes and attention being drawn to Bluefire (or Kass). Freezing, fur on end, the apprentice ducked down and bowed her head respectfully. “I’m s-so sor-orry,” she stuttered softly, tail curled close to her body. Watching the deputy leave, Morning forced her legs to move after she’d gone a few foxlengths away from Morningpaw.



    ❝The incentive to ambition is the love of power.❞ 

    ‘This is getting tiresome.’ Quiethawk was used to Startledcrow’s fussing, as well as Nettlenose’s. After all, half of his life was spent in the medicine cats den, if not because he was injured than because he needed mouse bile to clean the elders. For some reason he had a nose for trouble and lacked the caution to avoid it, but he rarely viewed it as a problem… Clearly, though, it was. At least he’d been able to go the Gathering, but had to listen to Startledcrow’s “I disapprove of this” statement before getting permission. He wasn’t limping despite his sore muscles and was more focused on studying the other clans that had arrived before Windclan, eyes narrowing at the leaders and the tension all of them seemed to have between the others. 

    “This will be fun, it’s gloomy and stressful,” the warrior muttered drily to his companion, Eveningstorm, who had crept up beside him. “Hopefully no fights will break out.” In truth, Quiethawk wouldn’t have minded, knowing that his leader was too smart to throw himself into whatever fox dung the other clans were stepping into. Quiet enjoyed a good fight but a full out war wasn’t something that piqued his interest.

    “Well, should a fight occur between our leaders, I wonder how our new deputy will handle it?” Quiethawk faced disappointment many times in his life and had honed his skills of acting. His bitterness was easily hidden by smooth words and his typical sharp smile.

    The lean warrior glanced at Eveningstorm, noting his closeness but the warm bubbling of emotions (that he ignored) stopped him from commenting on it. And if he did happen to lean closer to the larger tom’s warmth, Quiethawk could easily argue that it was cold…


    Rainysky followed dutifully behind Wisteriastar and Heronflight. The slim silver tabby seemed to be attempting to make himself as small as possible to avoid attention, indeed if he had the abilities of a chameleon or a cuttlefish he would certainly be trying to blend with his background at this moment. No one was really paying him any mind until he took his position among the other Medicine Cats, after which a low whisper arose from those who took note. Though most were not focused on this detail, there were other changes in rank to remark. 

    The RiverClan tom bit his lip as his Leader approached the highrock, they both knew in that moment that she could not shy away- though for her health, and that of her secret unborn offspring, he wished she could. All around cats were focused on the new SkyClan Leader, his new deputy and WindClan’s new Deputy as well. But Rainysky had eyes only for Wiseriastar. As she leapt, he held his breath until she was safely atop it, at which point he sent her what he hoped was an encouraging smile. His gaze drifted over to Hornetstar as well. They were probably happy to get to be near one another, even if they had to keep up appearances. Though the healer himself could not help but scrutinize the cat that she had deemed worthy of her affections.

    He realized why he’d been ensnared in this clandestine drama, someone had spoken to him. He turned to his addressee, happy to see it was Kass. Though she was unpopular from the looks around her, she’d saved his sorry butt so he made a point to beam friendily at her.

    “N-nice to s-see you too Kass!” He stammered meekly. “I’m doing quite well, thanks to you.” His tail curled, as he crouched back down into his normal stature. He was hugging closely to Saplingskies, their pelts almost brushing. He peered curiously at the other Medicine Cats,though  he knew most of their names some were too new to have sunk in just yet. He supposed that to them he was but another face in a revolving door of ill-fated tenants that held his position.

    He practically jumped out of his fur when Startledcrow spoke to him.

    “Y-you know my name.” He stated, surprised. They’d never spoken before. “Nice to see you too.” He mumbled shyly, seeing the other tom had already moved on to greet his friends with enthusiasm. It was nice to be included, but it was clear it had only been done out of politeness.


    Hawkbite was present. He caught Kass’s knowing look and was like FUCK yeah I’m dtf. His roleplayer did not have the mojo to write two posts, so this is all we get.

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    Saffrongaze walked alongside her clan as they made their way within the gathering walls. She gave her leader, Firestar, a glance before the scent of gathered cats hit her nose. She wondered how this gathering would go, considering recent events; the peach Scottie hoped nothing but good vibes. In the past, gatherings didn’t end on a good note… she gave her prayers to Starclan that it would work out this time ’round, her temper wouldn’t be able to handle another fight.

    Saffron could walk soundly, however, for she had a cat who would be able to calm her better than most. She looked toward the golden feminine and sighed a bit. “I pray this gathering ends on good terms. The clans have not been on the best of them these last couple moons.” 

    She sat within the gathering place and padded where the medicine cats were gathered, feeling hesitant but she pushed on. Dipping her head, she greeted Hareflight, Peachblossom, and Rainysky, settling near them but a respectable distance. She gave Speckledpaw’s head a slight lick before listening to the sounds of the gathering. Eventually, Startledcrow joined the mix and she waved her tail in greeting, watching as he and Hare bumped shoulders. She gave a small smile as their friendship continued then faced as the leaders gathered. Her fur bristled with uncertainty; what to come this time? Saffrongaze would just have to wait to see…


    To say Peachblossom was dreading going to the gathering was an understatement. She was not so quick to forget the bloodshed Riverclan caused in their camp, but she imagined Hollystar must have had the same inner struggles about having to sit with the feline who killed their previous deputy. So long as everyone behaves themselves surely this gathering will at least finish swiftly, though with Kass there the last thing Peachblossom would expect was for things to go peacefully. 

    Peachblossom did consider herself lucky to have an amazing support system within the other clans healers, just seeing Startledcrow and Hareflight calmed the Molly’s nerves. Even the sight of the newest addition to their little club, was he was Riverclan or not, was always a welcoming feeling for her. Being a medicine cat was more fulfilling than she ever thought it would be and seeing others joining in made it even better. She offered Rainysky a small smile before turning to her friends, “Startledcrow, Hareflight I’m so glad I get to see you again!” A purr following her words, her small head lightly bumping their shoulders when they sat down beside her. A quick tail flick in greeting to her other fellow healers, it was funny for cats she basically grew up with, aside from Speckledpaw and Rainysky, she didn’t feel particularly close to the other medicine cats. Perhaps it was best that way, she shouldnt make too many close relationships outside of Thunderclan. “Here’s to a, hopefully,  peaceful meeting.”


    SkyClan Deputy

    Tensions had been skyrocketing since the last Gathering. It seemed like every other day there was another leader that came to their camp – first Wolfstar, then Hornetstar and his Clanmates. Each time, Firestar had faced them with grace and power. Rookfall could only hope to emulate his greatness as he sat below his leader. His paws felt like lead as he traveled with his Clanmates. There was no joy for this event. During his apprenticeship, the Gathering had been a time of glee. Each cat was excited to return to the Gathering place and share tongues with cats from other Clans. Now, the aura was…prickly. On edge. The greetings were terse, if there were any at all. The Clans seemed to stick to their own rather than mingle as one. Rookfall was sad to see it. 

    The tuxedo black-and-white tom raised his eyes to Desertrose as she padded to join the deputies. It seemed he was not the only change in rank since the last Gathering. He found that he hoped that ThunderClan had finally come to their senses with Kass. The SkyClan deputy flicked the tip of his tail and dipped his head to the WindClan molly. “Good afternoon, Desertrose,” he mewed to her, his voice low and surprisingly friendly given the atmosphere. “It’s good to see you.” His pale eyes met with hers. There was little familiarity in his stance, his back straight and his fur fluffed in some places. He was nervous. It was his first Gathering as deputy, and he wasn’t sure what the correct motions were. Just as Firestar’s gaze flicked away, Rookfall tilted his face up to catch a glimpse of his flame-colored leader. It was his first Gathering as leader, yet he looked as if he could never be anywhere else.

    One day, would he look as relaxed and put together as him?

    “Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.”
    - Leafpool


    Lostpaw – SkyClan’s 3-Legged Queen

    Anxiety was tearing at Lostpaw’s stomach like the talons of an angry hawk. Being in camp was bad enough, even though her clanmates were mostly used to her missing leg, but now she was completely surrounded by strange cats from the other clans. She was positive she would be sick before the night was over. The black and white she-cat limped along, hoping to find somewhere out of the way to sit. Her whiskers twitched nervously, bright green eyes glancing around. She had no friends, and Darkbird was stuck at camp due to his injuries. She let out a heavy sigh, trying to ignore the incredulous stares she was receiving from cats who had apparently never seen a 3-legged she-cat before. Who knew one could feel so lonely despite being surrounded by other cats.

    Saplingskies – ShadowClan Medicine Cat

    Saplingskies should have been the happiest tom in the world. He was going to be a father! That was great news! But he couldn’t enjoy it. He was preoccupied. He’d been dragged into something he never wanted to be a part of, an affair between two leaders. He was sworn to secrecy, and could not tell a soul about what he was dealing with. Why it had to be Wisteriastar, a close friend, and Hornetstar, a tom he cared very little for, he had no idea. On top of all of that… Tawnypainter was back. That in and of itself brought along many conflicting emotions and thoughts. He settled in the normal medicine cat spot, dipping his head to the other medicine cats. “Evening everyone. Hope you’re all doing well,” he murmured, curling his tail around his paws. The blue-eyed tom noticed Wisteriastar slip and felt his muscles tense. He didn’t know what he would have done if she had fallen, but he was obviously prepared to do something. Thankfully it wasn’t unusual for the little tom to be hyper aware of everything and ready to help if anything happened. Thankfully the RiverClan leader caught herself, and Saplingskies could relax. He let out a little sigh of relief, humming softly as his attention shifted back to his fellow healers.

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