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    s n o w p a w

    It was cold outside, her breath coming out in soft clouds around her muzzle, ears straining to hear paw steps behind her. If someone came after them, they would be royally screwed. Sneaking out of camp in the middle of the night, and to do what? The gray and white apprentice sighed, keeping step with Edgepaw the best she could. The younger tom was already taller than her, his legs extending farther than she could manage. She knew he slowed a bit so she could keep up, and this made the Molly feel embarrassed. She didn’t speak though, perhaps because her three companions were all bickering and joking around as apprentices do. She couldn’t help feel awkward, going out of camp with three toms. They were all different ages, Eclipsepaw being the youngest, while Snowpaw and Milkpaw were the oldest. 

    Despite her age, the white and gray she-cat wasn’t entirely keen on going out of camp this late, especially with how cold it was now that the sun had dropped. The boys however looked excited, almost ready for the adventure, bounding around each other and being pesky. Darkstar would be so mad if he knew we were out here.. she thought, stealing a glance at his son. If anything happened to Eclipsepaw, the three of them would certainly never hear the end of it. 

    As they continued trudging on, Snowpaw glanced at Edgepaw, scooting a bit closer to him to absorb the warmth of his fur. “I know you want me to be adventurous, but I don’t want to get in trouble,” she whispered to her friend, hoping the other two didn’t hear her. She didn’t want to seem like a scared fish, but she wanted her warrior name. Getting in trouble could delay it another moon or two, and she was not going to let that happen. So instead of denying their pleas to go outside, Snowpaw decided she would join and be the eyes and ears of the team, making sure no other cat was following them.



    As the group was walking through the woods in the night, Edgepaw looked up at the starry sky above them and he took a deep breath for a moment before the bickering of Milkpaw and Eclipsepaw snapped him out of his thoughts and he looked back at them for a second with one of his award-winning grins “Calm down boys, we’re going on an adventure. Save the bickering if we get caught coming back into camp” The tall tom as his long tail flicked before he felt Snowpaw pressed herself towards him and he felt the heat on her and he couldn’t help but have a bit of butterflies going through his stomach, he coughed lightly as he kept walking. Keeping his pace slow for her to keep on with, he listened to her words carefully and he grinned

    “Don’t worry, we’ll be back in camp faster than a Windclan cat could run.” Edgepaw said as he looked back at Eclipsepaw, he was shocked that the younger apprentice joined them on this late night adventure, Edgepaw knew that Eclipsepaw could be a bit.. hard to talk to at times. But the younger tom seemed to be comfortable around Snowpaw. Edgepaw noticed that Cherrypaw,  Eclipse’s sister, looked a bit under the weather lately after her return from the Mooncave so it was also a reason why Eclipsepaw seemed a bit more snappier than usual.

    “You ok back there?” Edgepaw called softly towards Eclipsepaw and Milkpaw before turning to Snowpaw and he looked at her with a soft expression “If you want, I can walk you back to camp.. I won’t pressure you to do anything you don’t want” Edgepaw spoke gently before turning towards Eclipsepaw “That includes you, I know your father will take all our furs off if something happens to you, he already looks worried enough as it is with after your sister’s trip to the mooncave” Edgepaw muttered to him before turning to Milkpaw and nodded at him, he knew that the older apprentice wouldn’t leave their adventure so quickly, it was him and Edgepaw who were muttering late at night about wanting to have an adventure before they decided they would leave the camp late at night without their mentors or permission from Darkstar.


    He/Him | RiverClan | Apprentice

    He huffed at Eclipsepaw, who he had been bickering with, after Edgepaw told them to stop. He sighed. “Whatever you say, Edgypaw” he hissed under his breath. The white tom noticed how his sister Snowpaw moved closer to the tall tom and he felt his heart drop. He wanted the best for Snowpaw, but seriously, out of all the cats in the clan, Edgepaw? His sky-blue gaze moved away from the two, he felt more and more distanced from Snowpaw as she grew closer to Edgepaw, and this was supposed to be a fun adventure. He wasn’t in the mood for it. But then again, Milkpaw didn’t really ever want to come, he only came because of Snowpaw.

    Milkpaw still wasn’t quite sure what made Eclipsepaw come, really, Darkstar’s son? Was that the best choice? Probably not considering that they would all be skinned alive and then told to clean the elder’s den for three moons in a row if anything happened to Eclipsepaw. Then again, they would probably be skinned alive if they were even found out.

    He didn’t feel like talking to Eclipsepaw, or even  looking at the two apprentices in front of him, so he turned his head down and watched the ground as he padded forward. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore everyone else, and he tripped over a root. Milkpaw got up and shook himself, his pelt now burning hot  with embarrassment from making a fool of himself. The white tom finally decided to look at Edgepaw and Snowpaw again. “So” he began, “where exactly is this little adventure of ours taking us?” He asked in the most monotone voice you would have ever heard, but his facial expression made him seem actually curious about it and not just trying to direct attention away from his little fall.


    s n o w p a w

    The gray and white molly’s tail swished as Eclipsepaw turned on his heels and headed back to camp, blue eyes round with concern. Perhaps the fight with Milkpaw had put him off of their little journey, though he was the one to convince her to go! Well, him and Edgepaw. She fixed her gaze on the handsome black and gray tom, her paws feeling light. Maybe this would be refreshing. Snowpaw hoped it would break her out of her rut, stuck in a neverending loop of failure. She twitched a gray ear, pushing her thoughts away.

    “It looks like the river,” Snowpaw replied to her brother as they neared the rapids, her tail flicking to and fro. She parted her maw to scent, her belly growling a bit. “I’m hungry,” she mewed, blue eyes glittering softly. She’d gone to her nest without eating first as she didn’t bring back a morsel of fresh-kill that day. “I’m going to catch a fish, coming?” she squeaked, giggling lightly as she sprinted past Milkpaw and Edgepaw, hurtling toward the bank.

    Unfortunately, she didn’t make it there. Only a fox-length away from the black, swirling waters was a fox den, hidden in a swath of willow tree roots and packed snow. The short apprentice hadn’t seen the fox until its ginger fur and black, snapping snout was in her face. She let out a terrified shriek, scampering backward and stumbling as the angry creature sprang, landing squarely on Snowpaw. She writhed from under it, blue eyes widening as another fox crept toward her, jaws salivating. Foxes don’t eat cats, right? she wondered briefly, letting out a terrified screech. 

    “HELP ME!” 



    The black-gray tom raised an eyebrow when he heard Eclipsepaw turn and head back to the camp and he watched the young tom make his way back towards the camp and Edgepaw let out a soft sigh, he knew Eclipsepaw wasn’t much of a fan of Edge to begin with and probably the fight with Milkpaw probably discouraged the tom more. Turning to Snowpaw’s brother he narrowed his eyes, wanting to say something but he kept his mouth shut to avoid a fight with the older tom since Snowpaw was around.

    Edgepaw stopped for a moment to look at the water ahead of them and frowned, it was very quiet.. It was too quiet for his liking too and he didn’t feel exactly comfortable with a place he wasn’t familiar with. He heard the soft giggles of Snowpaw and he gave her a weak smile before he took a step forward to join her until his ears perked up and his green eyes widened when a fox suddenly appeared in front of Snowpaw, and his fur rose as she took a couple of pawsteps back and without thinking, he made a dash towards the first fox and he managed to knock it off Snowpaw but it wasn’t until the fox grabbed at the tall tom’s ear and slammed him down and pinned him down, Edgepaw managing to smack the fox in the muzzle before it snapped in his face but the fox was bigger than him so he couldn’t get the creature off him as easily and he looked to see the other fox attacking both Snowpaw and Milkpaw and his eyes widened

    “Milkpaw! Snowpaw!” He shouted before looking at fox on him and Edge’s claws went straight at the fox’s eyes and he racked his claws down the fox’s face which caused it to screech and with it’s paws, it swiped at Edge’s face and the tom hissed in pain as he felt blood flowing down his face before he froze, realizing that he used one of his father’s moves against the fox and it hit him like someone threw cold water at him that he needed to think like his father to even survive this attack. The gray-black tom with all of might he kicked the fox off of him but the fox quickly countered by snapping at his chest and threw him and he went sliding in the snow, he felt his back hitting the back of a rock and he released a hiss of anger and pain.

    Hearing the screeches of the two cats being attacked by the other fox it was like something clicked in him, with what power the tom had left he managed to get up slowly, panting as he was looking at the fox trying to figure out a plan.. To use an attack his father taught him before leaping at the fox, attempting to go straight for the kill as his jaws locked down on the fox’s neck, the creature screeching in pain as it tried to get the tom off it by swinging it’s face enough before the tom felt the familiar taste in blood and it felt like memories hit him

    ‘Go again, aim for the neck.’ 
    ‘Come now Edge, we have big plans for you..’ 
    ‘Where’s mom? What happened to her?’ 
    ‘Since you disobeyed me I’ll give you two choices. Fight and kill me, or I’ll kill you. Simple as that’ 
    ‘Goodbye, my love’ 
    ‘Are you scared?’ 

    Edgepaw’s eyes widened he was snapped back into his thoughts as he heard the fox’s loud screeching before he suddenly released the fox, watching it scramble to it’s feet and fled without it’s companion, spitting out the fox’s blood from his mouth and his own from that swipe to the face earlier, as he felt himself freeze, remembering his own father’s words.. Feeling sick that he even attempted a killing move.

    “It’s killed or be killed, only the strongest survive”

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    s n o w p a w

    It happened in an instant; the flash of red fur and snapping jaws, breath hot on her face. She stumbled backward, awkwardly trying to avoid the fox. Her blue gaze momentarily locked with Edgepaw’s before another creature lunged for him, claws outstretched and growls filling the air. She saw Milkpaw sprinting forward, his own face twisted with fear and anger; a dangerous mix. The white and gray she-cat whirled around and faced the fox, lashing at it with her claws. She sliced it’s muzzle, enraging the creature as she flattened against the earth, desperately trying to remember her battle moves. It lunged forward, though Snowpaw nimbly avoided it, paws carrying her easily in the snow.

    Unfortunately, her luck didn’t last long. The fox whipped around and thumped her head with a hefty blow, making the apprentice stagger. In her moment of weakness, the fox had leapt on top of her, snarling fiercely as it’s claws sunk into her fur. Screeching in pain, Snowpaw rolled about, trying to throw the creature off to no avail. She suddenly jumped up and slammed down on her back, groaning with the extra weight. The red creature yelped as it collided roughly with the earth, letting go of the RiverClan apprentice. She instantly made a dash for it, racing toward the nearest oak. Unfortunately for her, the fox recovered quicker than she thought and caught up with her, dragging her back by her tail. 

    Snowpaw shifted and slashed at its face, growling and hissing in agony and rage, though this time the fox didn’t budge. It leapt on her once again, tearing at her belly and hooking a claw into her lip, tearing it open with a sickening pop. Blood spurted out, decorating the white powder below with crimson streaks. Clawing at the fox’s belly, Snowpaw desperately tried to get away from it, using all of her strength and growing increasingly exhausted. No sleep and no food had impacted her reaction time, the fox landing blow after blow on her. Suddenly the fox’s weight was gone, Milkpaw’s voice echoing in her ears. Run! Without hesitating, the battered she-cat staggered away, blood dripping into her gaze and darkening her vision.

    Suddenly the earth was removed as Snowpaw plunged directly into the frigid water, legs flailing desperately. She yelped helplessly before plunging into the black rapids, appearing moments later farther down stream. “Darkstar! Milkpaw! Edgepaw! Please!” she choked out softly, her limbs growing weaker with each passing second. Her body felt numb as she collided into a stone, scrabbling desperately to hold onto it. Her claws skidded on the boulder, unable to get a grip as she threw herself toward the shore. Head bouncing off the rocky shore, Snowpaw fell unmoving onto the earth, halfway in the freezing water as it tugged at her limp legs. Blood trickled from her face and lip, left hind leg twisted in an unnatural fashion as the forest went silent.



    The small molly was twisting and turning as she heard screaming and snarls. Cherrypaw felt her breath quickened as she opened her eyes for a moment and she found herself at The Rapids. Her bi-colored eyes looking around in confusion for a moment before her eyes widened in horror in the scene in front of her. Witnessing two foxes attacking three Riverclan apprentices; Snowpaw, Milkpaw and Edgepaw. The calico felt her breathing quickening as she watched a fox maul Snowpaw, Cherrypaw trying to take a step forward but remembered.. This was just a vision.

    Watching Edgepaw being thrown to the ground but seeing he was able to barley attack back until she saw his eyes darkened before going straight at the fox. Cherrypaw saw at the corner of her eye Snowpaw attempting to escape, only to find herself going straight into the water and washing ashore. She heard Milkpaw’s screech and she turned to see the fox overpowering him and it felt like her ears were screeching when she heard Snowpaw’s cries for help

    ‘Darkstar! Milkpaw! Edgepaw! Please!’

    Cherrypaw gasped as she found herself awake, she felt like she couldn’t breath as she felt her heart coming out of her chest. Knowing that the three apprentices needed help, she ran towards her mentor’s nest and shook him awake “Rainysky, Wake up please!” She said and watched as the tom woke up, taking him a few moments before groggily looking at her before she was breathing like she saw Starclan themselves and her eyes were wide

    “Three apprentices, foxes.. They need help!” Cherrypaw said through gasps. The calico knew that she needed to wake up her father quickly but it wasn’t until she heard his voice and then her own brother’s. Turning away from her mentor and running towards the entrance of the medicine cat den, watching as her father was looking at Eclipsepaw who looked pretty nervous. The calico watched as her father began to take off at the direction of the entrance of the camp, the small molly began running after Darkstar

    “Darkstar, wait!” She began but then she saw the look her father gave her when he turned to look back at her when he saw she was starting to follow him. Cherrypaw stopped right in her track, knowing she had to think quickly at her next actions as well since Darkstar didn’t have enough time, she called out towards him at the top of her lungs to make sure that he heard her message

    “The shores! You need to check them!” She called out before her father nodded and he began to run towards the direction of The Rapids. Cherrypaw began pacing back and forth at the entrance of the camp, her eyes were wide in fear.. Even the medicine cat apprentice knew that something was extremely wrong, it was possible that not even all three of the young cats wouldn’t make it back to camp alive.


    Edgepaw watched as the fox retreated before hearing the screeches of the Milkpaw and he turned and saw that the other fox was overpowering him and watched as the fox delivered a killing blow towards Milkpaw. Edge’s green eyes widened as he charged towards the other fox, but the fox was quick enough and saw the tall tom at the corner of it’s eye and released Milkpaw to collide into Edgepaw who gasped as he was pinned straight to the ground by the fox.

    The tom knew that he had no chance to even possibly survive this, he was able to fight off one fox.. But that took out a lot of energy and not to mention the injuries he suffered from it. There was no way he would even survive a killing blow from the fox, he watched as the fox’s muzzle lowered into it was eye level with Edgepaw. But the tom didn’t have any fear in his eyes, he was taught to never let fear destroy him. He wasn’t afraid of anything but his own father.. But tonight, he was afraid that he lost Snowpaw and Milkpaw, just because of his stupid mistake.


    He knew something was seriously wrong when he heard Eclipsepaw’s shakey voice frantically trying to wake him up. The young tom never wanted him for anything. Darkstar quickly rose to his paws, mumbling for Sorrelember, who was now wide awake as well, to go back to sleep as he followed his step-son out of the den. The leader’s eyes widened as the smaller tom explained what was going on, a flurry of emotions filling Darkstar’s chest. More foxes. How many foxes would he have to deal with in his lifetimes? As he turned to bolt from camp, Cherrypaw tried to follow, but the glare he shot her stopped her in her tracks. He would not allow her to put herself at risk.

    When he was an apprentice, an outsider that previously lived in a twoleg’s barn joined RiverClan. The cat told him about the existence of hens; fat, defenseless birds the twolegs raised for food. She told him that a stray dog got into the henhouse one night and massacred them all, leaving a horrific, bloody scene behind. He’d never been able to imagine such a sight… but now he could. The snow was red, there were scraps of fur everywhere… it was awful. It appeared that one fox had already run off, but there was one still towering over Edgepaw. For one brief, spite-filled moment, Darkstar considered letting the fox do whatever it wanted to the apprentice. Edgepaw was the cause of all this, after all. But, as angry as he was, he could not bring himself to do it. Simply letting an apprentice die when he could do something to help was not in his nature. He was firm, not cold-hearted. Without a second to spare, Darkstar rammed into the fox’s side, knocking it away from Edgepaw and diverting it’s attention to himself. The red beast was already injured from fighting the apprentice, and the appearance of a larger, more fierce opponent clearly threw it off. Darkstar pounced, hooking his claws into the fox’s face and tearing at it’s fur, hissing and spitting all the while. After a few moments of relentless, strong attacks, the fox decided that it wasn’t worth it and shook the RiverClan leader off before turning tail and running.

    Once the fox was gone, Darkstar surveyed the area. He could see Milkpaw, just barely breathing, laying crumpled in the snow. Edgepaw, in shock, but alive. “Where’s-“ Before he could finish, he saw his apprentice, laying limp on the bank, her hind end in the freezing river. “Snowpaw!” He gasped, rushing over to fish the little she-cat out. She was alive, but barely. He carried her over to Milkpaw and sat her down just long enough to pull the young tom up onto his back. Before he bent down to pick Snowpaw back up, he cast a hard, icy glare at Edgepaw. “Back to camp. Now. I hope you’re proud of yourself.” He growled coldly, gently lifting Snowpaw up and turning in the direction of camp. He didn’t even check to make sure Edgepaw was following.

    Soon, they passed the threshold of RiverClan camp. Milkpaw had stopped breathing a long time ago. Cherrypaw tried to take Snowpaw from him, even tried to argue with him, but some harsher-than-intended words quickly silenced the young she-cat. Now was not the time for such foolishness. Snowpaw was in dire condition, and Milkpaw needed to be prepped for vigil. The whole clan was awake now, and they all wanted to know what had happened…

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