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    mahon [owl]


    Owlbelly shifted his paws impatiently, amber eyes flickering from clanmate to clanmate. Wolfstar and the others still had yet to return from their patrol to thunderclan and the large brown tom couldn’t help but feel anxious. Glancing up at the sky, he noticed that it still was far from night-time and the leaders’ words echoed in his mind. The fresh-kill pile is running low. With a soft grunt, the tom pushed himself off the ground. A large hunting patrol would be a good idea. Get as much prey as we can. Owlbelly paused his thoughts to look around at who he should bring. Good warriors, those who are more likely to catch something. Best to leave apprentices behind with a few warriors just in case. With a soft, almost gentle sigh, the deputy made his way to the clearing and waited for a moment to catch the attention of his clanmates. 

    “While Wolfstar is gone I want to go on a hunting patrol. It’s going to be a long one, we won’t be coming back until everyone has caught something.” Owlbelly paused for a moment, furrowing his brows. Tinyflame, definitely. Having decided on who to bring, the tom announced it. “Tinyflame, Lakewind, Goldenrose, Bouncyheart. Let’s go.” The handsome tom motioned with his head for the group of talented warriors to follow him out of camp. Before leaving, the two-toned tom glanced at a warrior by the entrance and murmured under his breath. “Watch over Startledpaw and Thistlepaw and make sure no apprentice leaves unsupervised. It is too soon to lose another.” And with that, the tom lead the group out.



    ♥ Bouncyheart ♥

    Bouncyheart’s ears swiveled as she peered up from her grooming session when she heard her name being called from across the camp. Her conversation with Palefog was curt. She flicked her tail and stood up on her four legs. A hunting patrol? So late in the evening? She bowed her head  apologetically to Palefog, hoping he would understand her departure, before trotting over to where Owlbelly beckoned the gathering of the hunting patrol. Will they be successful tonight? The evening sun was still gleaming through the the camp. They had to be quick before the prey nestled down for the night. It’s going to be a long one. Everyone has to be successful. “Greetings, Owlbelly!” the she-cat called out to the WindClan deputy. She nodded her heads towards him and stood next to his as they waited for the other warriors to assemble before following the patrol out into their open territory.

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    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Warrior 

    Bright green eyes swiveled around to where the short and slender feline was peering curiously towards Owlbelly as he called out her name for a hunting patrol, hesitating slightly for a moment as her eyes flickered towards that of the camp’s opening as she had been anticipating the WindClan patrol that had traveled to ThunderClan to waltz right through the worn down opening of the cabin. Slowly a deep sigh slipped from her flared nostrils, she was worried for her mate, they should have been back by now, but she supposed that she should make herself useful to keep her mind off of things. Picking herself up from the sitting position, she began to make her way over towards Owlbelly and the other felines that were beginning to join the deputy for the hunting party. All of the felines were female, probably because they would be smaller and quicker in order to hunt the most difficult of prey. Tongue running over her lips as the white and rose gold patched she-cat stood beside of Bouncyheart as she gave a friendly smile. “Evening, Bouncyheart. Seems like a lovely evening for a hunt.” She muttered softly, although her brightly colored eyes seemed worried, although not for the hunt. 

    Clearing her throat, she looked towards Owlbelly and gave him a respectful dip of her head for a moment as she greeted the deputy. “Evening, Owlbelly.” She greeted, ear twitching slightly for a moment when he went on about how they would be out until everyone had caught something, causing her whiskers to twitch with annoyance. Just wonderful. Goldenrose was usually more than willing to hunt all day, but she was anxious for her mate to return. Glancing towards TinyFlame she had noticed that Owlbelly and the tiny she-cat seemed to be getting closer and closer, which made her smile. TinyFlame and Eveningstorm seemed to always be attached to one another’s hip, but lately the two cats had been avoiding one another. So it was nice to see that TinyFlame was making other friends and it was nice to see Owlbelly at ease with the she-cats presence. She dipped her head towards Lakewind once she joined them, moving after Owlbelly, not really listening to what he said to the warriors guarding the exit of the cabin, her delicate paws lowering her body into the grass from the dry wooden platform within the cabin.  


    The wane of the sun was beginning to waver, at this time of day, the prey would be returning to the moors from their holes after they had successfully spent the worst of the heat hiding out in the depths of shade. It made sense to Tinyflame for Owlbelly to be calling a hunting patrol right about now, though it seemed as if her Clanmates had something else on their mind. Yet again, the small ginger warrior found herself sympathizing with them. Wolfstar and the patrol sent out to ThunderClan were still not back. It struck her as odd, even for a search patrol. Surely, if there were traces of a body to be found, it would come to a quick conclusion would it not? She took a glance to the warriors that had been summoned on the patrol with her, noting that their leader’s mate was joining them. Perhaps Owlbelly had requested her specifically to accompany them to distract her from her worries.

    However, she too felt relief in getting out of camp and going out into the territory. It certainly was better than sitting around and waiting for news in which they weren’t sure what kind they would be receiving. A good distraction from the anxieties, Tinyflame kept close to Owlbelly’s side as they ventured out to WindClan’s expanse– however conscious she was of not staying too close to the deputy. She was not a senior warrior, unlike Goldenrose and Lakewind. In fact, she had only been a warrior of perhaps less than a season. Surely it was not of her place to hog the Clan deputy’s attention. So, while she preferred to stay in the two-tone tom’s company, Tinyflame made a mental note that she needed to be sure to give him some space of his own, and not to step on the toes of their Clanmates. 


    Having only been lounging at the edge of camp when the patrol was called, the white and grey striped warrior quickly got to his feet and padded across the clearing to his gathering clanmates. The day had been long– likely more so for others than himself, but Sparkpaw’s training was certainly demanding. As he arrived to stand with the others heading out, he felt vaguely aware of the tension the others seemed to be carrying.

    Ah, well, I suppose there’s been a lot going on recently? he mused. Having been to the gathering himself, he had also experienced the rush of ghostly voices, and could only assume that perhaps this was what had the others walking on the tips of their toes. Not being the absolute sharpest carrot himself, he allowed the thought to pass as he began to look forward to a bit of friendly competition in the hunt. With a group this large, it would be easy to bring down larger prey and use some of the more organized tactics that were often neglected in solo expeditions.

    With a smooth nod in return to Goldenrose, and a slightly deeper nod to Owlbelly, the fluffy tom fell into stride beside them.

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